4 Essential Grooming Tools For Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers needed grooming care regularly. They have thicker coats and they shed moderately. Attending to some grooming needs is the best thing you can do for your dog. Not only it will make them stay healthy and blooming, but it also means that you care deeply for them. Also, you don’t need to bring them to a pet grooming salon to learn some basic grooming skills so you can save enough and leave the bigger grooming needs to the salon. These grooming tools for golden retrievers is what you should consider buying.

This article will review some of the essential grooming tools for your golden retriever so they can look beautiful and healthy. Also, it’s not that difficult to groom them especially the basic.

De-Shedding Tool
Dog Shampoo
Nail Trimmer
Dog Towel

Why you need to groom your golden retriever

Eliminate discomfort

Grooming your golden retriever even if it’s just basic like brushing, cleaning ears, and nail clippings can greatly alleviate discomfort. Because all serious problems start with small and with regular grooming and bathing them every 2-3 months it prevents any buildup of ticks or ear mites residing o their ears. Also, not only it eliminates discomforts it makes your dog’s coat healthy and spreads their natural oil around not to mention preventing any matting on longer coats. Most of all, it makes them comfortable, and replenish their coat and skin.

Your golden retriever will smell and look awesome

Don’t let your dog’s hair become scruffy.  Without any maintenance or even just grooming care once in a while your dog will look, well, disorganize and untidy because you haven’t taken care of them. Chances are, your dog’s skin might acquire dry skin. Brushing your dog even twice a week will not just make them comfortable but also good look and even smells good because the dirt and other elements are removed regularly.

You will become more familiar with your dog’s body

One of the great importance of grooming is that you will become completely aware of your dog’s body. With the regular grooming your dog gets, you will be able to see marks on the skin, abnormalities, and even unusual forms. This will help you to investigate and identify if becomes a problem. That said, you are able to detect early any signs of infections or diseases that are starting to form. With that in mind, your dog’s overall health can be improved better because your chances of finding any irregularities are high.

Reduces the amount of excessive shedding

Some dogs shed a lot like the golden retrievers wherein they really shed profusely especially when it’s spring and fall. Giving them the proper amount of grooming needs will help reduce their excessive shedding. Also, you might want to do it more often especially in those mentioned seasons. Moreover, there’s nothing better prevention than to regularly groom your dog regardless of coat and skin type. You can also call for help if your dog needs major grooming needs.

Prevents ear infections

While you are tending your golden retriever with basic grooming, you are likely to find any unusual objects surrounding your dog’s ears. This is an excellent opportunity to detect some ear mites that might reside in your dog’s ear causing ear infection if left unnoticed. Have your dog’s ear be cleaned also regularly to prevent any ear infections which can cause odor smell if you didn’t take any initiative early on.

Essentials grooming tools for golden retrievers

You don’t need to buy a professional grooming set when you only need a handful of grooming tools. If you are going to make a career out of grooming, so be it. Well, of course, most of us don’t have spare time to do that, that’s why we often send our little best friend to pet groomers. But it’s best if you have these essential tools for grooming just for basic needs.

Dog combs and brushes

You will need combs and brushes for your dogs. Also, you need to buy combs or brushes that are suited to the dog’s coat type. Brushes and combs are one of the basic and essential grooming tools to have. They keep your dog’s hair in good condition and removes excess hair. What’s greater is that your dog will be looking good than before if you brush them regularly.

Dog shampoos

This is actually obvious and common sense. You need dog shampoo. Not your shampoo or the baby’s shampoo as a substitute. Moreover, when you are choosing a shampoo, always look for soap-free shampoo, all-natural, or oatmeal shampoo because these typically have mild chemical elements that are good for your dog’s bathing experience

Nail trimmers

Nail trimmers can be difficult for most dog owners and can be stressful to dogs and they may have the tendency to bite you if it hurts. You must learn how to do it and choose the right tools to mend and ease the entire process. You can also ask for tip and tricks from your local pet groomer if you don’t know-how. Trimming the dog’s nails should be done when you hear any nails hitting the ground.

Drying supplies

Dogs will also need mitts and a dry towel. Invest in these supplies because they are crucial to their bath time needs. Furthermore, choose a microfiber towel so your dog is easily dry. You may also want to use a dog hair dryer for a more quick dry process although you will need to increase your budget in this one.

Coat spray

You will need some coat spray for your dogs. Coat spray brigs moisture and revitalize the dog’s skin into a healthy and strong built. This prevents any incoming infections or allergies. This is highly effective for thick coat dogs like a golden retriever. A mist of coat spray will make your dog’s hair look shiny and cleaner.


OUR TOP PICK: Furminator De-Shedding Tool

Product Description: Ditch your standard dog brush and invest in this innovative de-shedding tool especially for large dogs who shed profusely. FURminator deShedding Tool has this new and innovative features that quickly remove unwanted hair from your dog. Golden retrievers will love these tools. This is designed by a professional groomer which is designed to de-shed the client's undercoat and eventually become a big hit and an effective tool for most dog owners. Made from a stainless steel edge which makes this efficient and great in performance. Furminator is popular and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers. What's more amazing that this tool comes in many variants so there's so much to choose from depending on your dog's intensity of shedding.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Effectivity
  • Design
  • Value for Money


Overall, highly recommended this product. It’s more effective than any ordinary brush and greatly removes any excess hair which blocks the distribution of natural oil among the dog’s overall body. This is a brilliant brush.


Easy to use
Very effective
Simple to maintain


high price point


Hylyt Dog Shampoo

Hylyt shampoo offers more than your ordinary dog shampoo. Formulated with soap-free, hypoallergenic, and gentle to the dog’s skin. This shampoo helps moisturize and helps keep the dog’s coat and skin stay healthy and shiny.

One of the key highlights of this dog shampoo is that this is good for golden retrievers that have allergies. The shampoo has mild chemical elements and has a feature that hydrates the skin and has adequate proteins to balance their ph level. If your golden retriever has skin conditions, this is what’s good for your dog.

All in all, your dog will surely love this Hylyt shampoo as it highlights dogs with a skin condition. It has a nice coconut scent which feels like the smell of nature. What’s more, it has rich lathering formula and soap-free. This product is a must-have grooming tool for golden retrievers.

  • Mild scent
  • Easy to rinse
  • Moisturizes skin
  • None so far

Safari Nail Trimmer

The dog also needs a trimmer nail. Long nails for dogs can be unsettling and can become dangerous to themselves. They can have skin irritation and they might have wound from excessive scratching because their nail is long.

You will need a reliable and professional-grade trimmer like the Safari Nail Trimmer. This will undoubtedly do the job. If you don’t know how to trim your dog’s nails. Mr. Google can help you with that. But first, you will need a great quality trimmer like this one in order to trim your dog’s nails with precision and clean.

Overall, this tool has been tried and tested by pet groomers and this has gained good feedbacks because of the precision and clean trim it gives. Your dog will be grateful enough if you buy one of these. More importantly, you should have these basic grooming tools for golden retrievers. It’s nice to have them trim once in a while.

  • Professional grade
  • Affordable
  • Efficient trimming
  • Easy to use
  • None so far


Imagine a robe that functions as a towel. There’s an amazing and ingenious invention like the Snuggle Dog Towel. You don’t have to wipe which consumes energy. What you need is to place them completely until your dog is dry. This towel act as mini insulation in order to prevent your dog from catching a cold and protects any furniture or carpet from a wet dog.

This towel is made with 400gsm microfiber which effectively absorbs water from the dog. Also, the design is superb and luxurious. This is completely adjustable depending on the size of your dog.

Snuggly dog towel has two color option to pick from and has many sizes for different breed classification. For an affordable price, your dog will have one of its greatest bath times.

Overall this is definitely something to buy for your dog grooming needs. This provides a more effective towel than the average. Your dog will also look luxurious. One of the best highlights of this product is the adjustable feature which is good for any dog size.

  • Cute
  • Microfiber feature
  • No bad reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Do golden retrievers need their hair cut?

They needed some hair trimming but not to the full extent of haircut. You can trim your golden retriever and they needed to be cut normally on the tail, feet, ears, and neck. what you only need is to maintain the appropriate hair length but not to overdo it. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can just head to pet groomers or read some websites and Youtube videos.

Are Golden Retrievers easy grooming?

Yes. They belong to the medium-length coat. They have shiny hair as well. Generally, golden retrievers are easy-going and very kind so you don’t have any problem grooming them. Golden retrievers just needed an adequate amount of grooming need like nail trimming, brushing their hairs, and cleaning the ears. Beyond that, golden retrievers don’t need anything else.

How often do golden retrievers need to be groomed?

You should groom them at least once a month. That is, depending on the activity and how active they are. Usually, golden retrievers are active dogs and they love the outdoors and any activity that involves high energy. Give them a bath at least every one to two months but have them brush so their excess hair would be removed regularly.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the essential grooming tools for golden retrievers, now is the time to buy some and groom them if you haven’t groom them for a while. Also, if you don’t know what you are doing you should ask right away from the professionals be it vets or pet groomers. This will help you to understand the basics of grooming needs and to do it on your own. Remember, give them the best tender loving care support so they would enjoy their dog live with you.

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