Image courtesy of Golden Retriever
Image courtesy of Golden Retriever

5 Best Bones for Golden Retriever Puppies

Taking care of the Golden Retriever puppies and adult dogs don’t only mean providing them with appropriate feeding and grooming. This also means that you have to basically spend time with by playing. Actually, the Golden Retriever always wants to be entertained even when they are still a puppy. Some chew toys and the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies may be helpful tools to give them the fun that they need.

Benebone Stick Dog Chew
Nylabone Chew Treats Puppy
N-Bone All Natural Puppy Treats
WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Bone
Nylabone Puppy Ring Bone

We reviewed here 5 of the dog bones available in the market. Moreover, we also have here the reasons why bones and other chew toys are important for dogs and puppies like the Golden Retriever. In case, you are still undecided, we have here some buying considerations to filter down your choice.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Bones for Golden Retriever Puppies?

The best bones for Golden Retriever puppies must possess some important features. Here are the things to look for when you choose a dog bone for your little Goldies:

* Durability

The best bones for Golden Retriever puppies should be sturdy and generally durable to avoid its chance to splinter once your dog chews on them. Eventually, this may also lead to more complicated health issues especially if he swallows small pieces of it. It is generally important to look for bones that are sturdy enough and come directly from real animals. Moreover, you may also consider looking for synthetic bones from nylon or other durable materials.

* Dog’s Size

Generally, small dog breeds have a different need for the bones compared to the large ones. Also, the puppies have other best bones for Golden Retriever puppies’ requirements as they need to maneuver them within their tiny mouths. Most of the available dog bones in the market have sizes that can fit into their needs. It is actually better not to choose a dog bone that is basically small for your dog or puppy because it might be a potential source of choking hazard. It is actually better to go for a bigger size if you’re in doubt.

* Nutrition

The best bones for Golden Retriever puppies can be a healthy treat for the dog. Always bear in mind that the natural ones contain more nutrients compared to the synthetic type as the previous is made out of real animals. Aside from that, the natural bones might also have marrow in it which fills the dog bone with concentrated vitamins and minerals.

* Flavor

Basically, the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies vary. Some of them come with no flavoring but others have flavors that any dogs may like. Usually, the most common flavors of the bones include beef, chicken, and bacon.

The flavors generally attract the puppy to return back to the bone to chew instead of the different household items that are not as yummy as those bones. Generally, it is the bones with natural flavorings that always have the healthiest options.

* Natural ingredients

It is basically the best for the pups to give them the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies that do not have any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, flavors, and colorings. Dog bones that do not contain those substances are generally lower in calories and provide more nutritional content for the little Goldies.

List of the Best Bones for Golden Retriever Puppies

OUR TOP PICK: Benebone Stick Dog Chew
best bones for golden retriever puppies

Product Name: Benebone Stick Dog Chew

Product Description: The first on our list of the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies is the Benebone Stick Dog Chew which is generally tougher compared than the real sticks. The flavor of this dog bones comes from real maple wood in which can basically upgrade the chewing and fetching game of your little Goldies. The Benebone Stick Dog Chew is a long-lasting and durable chew with neon colors. Moreover, this dog bone is basically hard so make sure that your pup has strong teeth. However, it is important to check with your vet if you are in doubt.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Chew proof
  • Value for money

Product Features

  • Really easy to grab and hold to have a good chew on the move
  • Can give better chewing experience compared to real sticks
  • Tougher and long-lasting dog chew
  • Infused with real maple wood flavors
  • Made from the USA


  • With a patented curved wishbone style
  • Flavor is really enjoyable
  • Safe to leave on the dog crate for unsupervised chewing


  • Very hard
  • The shape is not good


Nylabone Chew Treats Puppy

best bones for golden retriever puppies

Generally, the Nylabone Chew Treats Puppy is an edible treat that preferable better than the rubber chews. For Golden Retriever puppies which have a weight of up to 15 lbs, a small-sized dog bone is better. The dog bone of medium size is actually good for dogs that have a weight of until 25 lbs. Moreover, Nylabone Chew Treats Puppy comes in a variety of flavors including the Lamb & Apple, Turkey & Sweet Potato, and Wild Turkey.

This one of the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies contains DHA fatty acids that support in the promotion of eye and brain health. Aside from that, this dog bone is naturally treated without the use of any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Additionally, it does not have any added sugar or salt in its list of ingredients. Basically, Nylabone Chew Treats Puppy is a good dog bone choice for pups aging 3 months and above.

Product Features

  • Supports in the healthy eye and brain development of the puppy as it has DHA
  • A healthy treat for dogs and puppies
  • Highly digestible as it has no salt, artificial preservatives, and colors
  • Made in the USA
  • The flavor comes from real turkey to be a nutritional source of protein
  • Also includes sweet potato which has a high level of antioxidant

Pros & Cons

  • Purely natural
  • Edible
  • Not durable enough

N-Bone All Natural Puppy Treats

best bones for golden retriever puppies

The thing that makes N-Bone All Natural Puppy Treats the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies is its pliable texture that provides a soothing effect on their teething mouth. Generally, it acts as a protection for the dog’s teeth before and after the occurrence of the adult teeth. It contains natural ingredients without the addition of animal by-products, artificial preservatives and colorants.

Because of that, you can give this treat to your little Goldies without any guilt feeling. Moreover, the N-Bone All Natural Puppy Treats is really edible making your puppies enjoy it a lot. It generally contains real chicken creating deliciously tasting and irresistible chews for dogs and puppies.

Product Features

  • Generally great-tasting
  • Highly suitable for puppies of various sizes
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • With a pliable texture that is perfect for new teeth
  • Soothe the pain from teething and sore gums
  • Edible and digestible

Pros & Cons

  • Comes in the delicious flavor of chicken
  • The size is perfect for puppies
  • Do not have animal by-products
  • Choking hazard

WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Bone

Generally, the WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Bone is floatable and bouncing which tends to be safer and gentler compared to rawhide bones. Moreover, this is a classic dog bone that also acts as a fetch stick making it the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies. Usually, most dogs really love this bone for gnawing and fetching. On the other hand, the pet owners like the easy dishwasher cleanup of this dog bone.

Another good thing about this WEST PAW Zogoflex Dog Bone is that it stimulates the mental and physical alertness of the dog. It is basically made in the USA and compliant with the FDA standards. Aside from that, this dog bone comes in various bright colors that are easy for spotting making it good for playing within the snow, grass, and water.

Product Features

  • Comes in durable shape that is perfect for aggressive chewers
  • Highly made of bouncy and floatable materials
  • Very durable making it a perfect dog bone toy within the water and land use for catching and fetching game
  • A safer option to wood sticks for puppies and even for older dogs who are really fond of chewing
  • Comes with an easy to clean feature by simply adding it to the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Made from non-toxic and recyclable materials

Pros & Cons

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Not durable enough

Nylabone Puppy Ring Bone

Generally, by grabbing your pack of Nylabone Puppy Ring Bone, you will never get to worry about chewed up shoes within your house. This ringbone is basically durable and can withstand persistent dog chewing. It comes with flavor variations containing chicken and a different natural flavor.

Moreover, this one of the best bones for Golden Retriever puppies aims to encourage healthy chewing habits. This Nylabone product is also a little bit softer compared to those available for adult dogs. The purpose of this is to protect the teeth of the puppy and their sensitive gums.

Product Features

  • Very flexible dog bone chew toy made from nylon material
  • Supports teething and also cleans the puppy teeth and freshens its breath at the same time
  • Entertains the puppy and make them busy thus preventing destructive chewing
  • Comes in a small size suitable for puppies weighing up to 15 pounds
  • With flavor variations including chicken
  • Satisfy the natural urge of the puppy to chew
  • Made with softer materials highly suitable for teething puppies
  • With bristles that support teeth cleaning and controlling plaque and tartar

Pros & Cons

  • Infused with natural flavor
  • Soft materials that are safe for the teeth of the puppy
  • Supports healthy chewing habits
  • Do not contain toxins or hazardous chemicals
  • Too hard to bite

Final Thoughts

The best bones for Golden Retriever puppies must be large enough for them so that they may prevent swallowing it in whole. Giving the puppies and even senior dogs a bone must be in a raw form and the cooked one as the cooking process eliminates the nutrients inside the bone. However, buying this product needs to consider some important factors like the durability, dog’s size, nutrition, flavor, natural ingredients, and other features that come with it.

Additionally, when it comes to dog bones, opting for a high-quality one is generally ideal for investment in the long run. Rather than buying a cheap one, go for the dog bone that keeps it durability for a long time period. With this, it would be beneficial for both of you and your little Goldies.

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