5 Best Dog Playpen For Hardwood Floors

A nice and best dog playpen for hardwood floors is what exactly you need especially if you have a young pup with you. An enclosed space will save you from any trouble like damaging and rummaging any of your personal belongings. It’s time for you to buy a sturdy playpen. Also, this is the best way to train your puppy from basic things and also keep them in one place so when you’re not around for a bit, they aren’t scattered.

If you are planning to buy a dog playpen for hardwood floors, then you have come to the right place! We have so many things for you to try. From our carefully selected products, we assure you that we picked the best for you so you don’t have to spend too much of your precious time digging on the internet.

Dog Playpen
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Dog Playpen

What’s a dog playpen?

A dog playpen is basically an enclosed space that is usually made of wood or metal. It’s like a dog crate that serves as a way to containment your naughty little dog. But they are more spacious which gives a bit of freedom to move. This is actually a great idea for your puppy to explore their own little world and also to play safely. Also, this will keep your puppies to be in one place so you will not have a heart attack if your puppies go missing suddenly.

Dog crates or Playpens?

The primary difference between a dog crate and a dog playpen are design, size, and purpose

Dog crate

A crate is usually designed smaller, more enclosed structure that is used for intimacy and safety for your pet. In addition, the main purpose of a dog crate is for potty or crate training and a place where he could sleep. Also, it’s an excellent choice if you are bringing along your dog when you are traveling. With this, dogs think that a crate is their personal space where they can relax without feeling anxious.

It’s normally placed for indoor use. Also, dog crate consists of metal wire sometimes plastic. Although this comes in many different sizes and materials that are readily available on the market, this is perfect for any breed size. But make sure if you choose the appropriate size for your dog so there’s an allowance for space.

The only pitfall of the dog crate is that it will take time to crate train the dog. Some puppies don’t like being put in an enclosed space maybe because it’s undermining their sense of freedom to explore. Thereby this makes it more controlled in the environment than the playpen.

Dog playpen

As the name suggests, the dog playpen is for dog amusement activities. A playpen has more room which is great for playful activities. Basically, it’s the same concept where its purpose is to make the puppy or a dog feel safe and don’t scatter around. Dog playpens can also be moved from place to place and it’s relatively easy to assemble.

Furthermore, playpens have more options than their dog crate counterpart. Besides it’s more spacious, it gives the puppy more sense of freedom. Interestingly enough, you can transform the playpen into a bed space and also a playhouse for them. This setting is better for your puppy to become more independent and explore what he needs to explore.

The only downside that a playpen has is when your puppy is very energetic and hyperactive, their playpen would be useless because they can easily jump out or climb. The easy solution for this is to adjust the height of the fence.

Benefits of a dog playpen

What’s more interesting in a dog’s playpen, besides its functions as a dog’s little space for a playhouse, there are more actually beneficial features that can be gained from having a dog playpen. It can be both for you and your puppy.

Easy to set up outdoors and indoors

Not only it’s great for using as an amusement activity for your dog and keeping your house in one piece, but it’s also great to prevent any damage from your backyards such as your precious ornaments and your well-maintained garden. With that, a playpen is so easy to set up which is very compatible both outdoors and indoors. You can keep your puppy in your yard while tending your yard. It’s good to have your puppy savor the fresh air and play peacefully without any disturbance. But make sure to bring along puppy pads so they will be more comfortable and feeling cozy.

A great alternative to crates

If your puppy or dog doesn’t like crates because of their small space, why not buy your dog a playpen. It’s more comfortable and lots of options to do with it. After all, a dog playpen is a great alternative for dog crates. You can potty train your puppy in a playpen instead and even make it as their room and personal space.

It’s great for training

While I have mentioned that a playpen is a great alternative for a dog crate for dogs or puppies who dislikes the space, it’s also great for training. You don’t need to have a dog crate when you can opt to buy a playpen instead. Playpens have great lock mechanisms ensuring that your puppy is safe while in training. You potty train your puppy in a playpen instead. Both dog crate and playpen have a fairly similar purpose which is for training a puppy to become dependent and know their surroundings.

An excellent product

A dog playpen is an ingenious invention to make the puppy feel safe and comfortable within an enclosed space giving limited freedom and an excellent option to contain your puppy in one place. Dog playpens come with different designs and structures to choose from. You can also create a DIY version of it if you are a handyman.

Keeps your puppy relaxed

Well not for the sake of your puppy’s relaxation but also on your end as well. Knowing that your puppy is in one place, you can have something for yourself, say a relaxation while you are constantly keeping an eye for your puppy while in a dog playpen. The same goes with your puppy, he can have a relaxed moment where he can play and explore at little at will without even damaging any of your things especially if they are on a teething puppy period.

Easy to store and very portable to manage

Did I say easy? Yup. This is one of the best features that a dog playpen has. I think we can generalize that dog owners usually have no time for tidying up. What we want as dog owners is a quick and easy setup and also the same thing with disassembling. We don’t want to hassle ourselves because sometimes it’s tedious work.


OUR TOP PICK: BestPet Dog Playpen

Product Description: Our best pick and top-rated product from Amazon, BestPet dog playpen. This is by far the largest playpen but you know you are getting if you have a golden retriever puppy or even a full-size adult with you. This brand is among the well-received reviews and also likened by most Amazon customers. One of the best features of this is the size is changeable without using any tools. Also, the BestPet dog playpen allows you to configure with any shape you like be it octagon, square, or rectangle. This is definitely the ideal enclosed space for your golden retriever. If you love to take your dog outdoor, no problem! This is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, you can never go wrong with this superb material. Its material came from heavy-duty and rust-proof metal, this ensures that the playpen will last for a long time.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Escape proof
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Overall, we picked this because of its ideal size for your golden retriever. The price point may be a bit higher but it’s so much you can offer to your golden retriever. Also, this is great if you want to bring your dog for a camping trip. With its sturdiness, this playpen can be passed down from generation to generation.


Great for outdoor trips
Sturdy and durable
Indoor and outdoor use
Bigger size


No skid resistance which can potentially damage your hardwood floor


Amazon Basics Dog Playpen

Amazon Basics dog playpen is your simple solution to your golden retrievers who need to be trained with potty or just for containment.

This definitely a must-have for modern homes that have a dog. Amazon is known for having nice basic furniture sets and also basic dog supplies. You can’t seem to resist considering having this product as well.

It’s built with careful considerations such as safety and a secure personal for your golden retriever. The materials are made with commercial-grade and heavy-duty plastic. This has a total of 8 interlocking panels that is easy to set up. There’s also a hinged, a gate with a lock for ease of access. This can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Overall, if you like it simple yet sturdy enough, then go for this Amazon Basics god playpen. Also, there’s a wide array of colors to choose from. You can either choose a 34 inch or a 28-inch size of this.

The design is great and also the material. This goes second to our list because of its almost near-perfect product that is ideal to most dog owners of the small to medium-sized breed.

  • Durable design
  • Even base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used in outdoors and indoors
  • Some customers said that it’s flimsy

IRIS Dog Playpen

Sometimes what more appealing is the visual outlook than the materials themselves. This is what the IRIS dog playpen is trying to portray.

But, this is not only all about the visual appeal, the materials used in this product are very sturdy with simple lock features so you won’t be stressed out when putting this all together.

This is more than a playpen actually. It looks like the design and structure were drawn from the victorian-style gazebo with no roof. The resemblance is astonishing. Even so, the greater appeal of this product is that even your golden retriever puppy or even an adult one is compatible with this playpen.

IRIS dog playpen is fairly easy to assemble. All you need is to pop out the playpen and lock every panel with connecting rods and you are all set. The locking latches are very secured so safety will never be a problem for you. There’s also a non-skid rubber at the bottom of each panel to protect your elegant hardwood floors.

All in all, this is a great option for your golden retriever. The design is simple and how you assemble it as well is super easy.

Perfect for dog owners who have a wooden floor at their house. We recommend this product for you that’s why it’s one of the best dog playpens for hardwood floors.

  • Non skid resistance
  • Great design
  • Simple to set up
  • Not as strong as advertised especially for larger breeds

MYPET Dog Playpen

The safety of your golden retriever should be your priority even though if it’s just in your home.

What you need is to invest in some dog playpen to make sure that everything is under control and guaranteed that you will have nothing to worry about. The recommended product for this situation is the MYPET dog playpen.

Worry no more if you have something like this. An enclosed space is what your dog needs in order to gain some sense of personal space and also that you don’t have to look for them from time to time.

This kind of dog playpen has incredible features such as a lockable door that is made from durable and sturdy plastic. There’s also the espresso brown finish making it look more appealing for you and your dog.

The MYPET dog playpen has a small swinging door that enables your golden retriever puppy or a dog to enter at ease with secure lock features. That said, this is very configurable in any space.

You can make the playpen big or small by removing or adding a panel into it depending on the size of your dog.

This is very safe for floors especially hardwood floors. Much credit to the skid-resistant pads that prevent any scratch or damage to the floor once this playpen is set up indoors or in any floored area.

Overall, this is great because it’s very friendly for your hardwood floors. What’s greater is that the finish is painted with espresso brown which is very aesthetically pleasing. The components of the structure are well built and sturdy. So, definitely, this is worth checking out.

  • Configurable to most space
  • Very portable
  • Skid-resistant preventing from scratched floors
  • Not good for larges breed size because of plastic made and the panels aren’t that strong enough

MidWest Dog Playpen

If you have a golden retriever puppy, this one is an excellent choice for them. MidWest dog playpen is built with its sturdy structures and comes with black painted metal that provides great visual appeal.

This brand regardless of its position for being our last product review seems to outlast compared to your regular dog playpen.

MidWest offers excellent models which you can choose from, and any of their works can accommodate your precious pets. This great product comes with great materials and also important features.

This has a step-through door and features two secure slide-bolt latches and provides convenient access for you and your dog.

It’s designed for egress and also so you can easily put any water or food bowls through this gate. It also has optional tops available for added security. Moreover, you can easily connect this with a dog crate.

Overall, would you dare buy it? You should definitely check and buy this. It’s great for exercise and any fun activities that you can do with your golden retriever.

Plus it has awesome panels that can easily set up according to your preference. Materials are high-end and sturdy. So, this is an excellent option for your puppy who needs some training and also personal space.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great panels
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Need extra care for the floor especially if it’s hardwood

Importance of dog playpen

As much as there are plenty of benefits, there are also some important things that is worth listing with regards to having a dog playpen. Ensuring their safety and their well-being is your utmost priority so your pup can grow to be a responsible dog.

Confinement for more several hours

If you are going outside for few hours, it’s better to have your puppy a playpen. It’s actually excellent confinement if you are going away for long periods. Be sure to give him adequate needs and that he or she feels comfortable first before you ever set foot outside. That way, it helps your puppy to have some anxiety and prevents any crying when you are not around.

Restriction of access outside of the house

Dog playpen is easily assembled and disassembled. One of the perks of this is you can bring along your puppy outside your yard without loitering around. This gives limited access to your puppy so he is safe and in a controlled environment. It’s advisable to take them outside for some fresh air and sunlight so they become familiarized with your environment while on an enclosed space.

Restriction of access inside of the house

It’s fine to puppy-proof your house, but’s actually it’s much better to just invest in a dog playpen. This allows you to prevent any possible damage from your puppy’s destructive chewing. You don’t have to worry about your puppy roaming around because he’s just in one place feeling safe while playing all himself.

What to look for when buying a dog playpen?

Remember when buying the best dog playpen for hardwood floors, you need to consider these features so you know that what you are buying is worth your budget.

Safety features

Pick a dog playpen that has a sturdy and well-built solid door latch. It doesn’t have to be complicated, even a simple lock system would be enough but make sure it’s secure with some slip-resistant design. This is crucial for your dog’s safety and also for you as well. See to it that it has always emphasized the lock features and other safety features.


Of course, not all of us want to buy a dog playpen with a high price point. The only principle you need is to be wise and smart about what kind of dog playpen you are going to buy. It doesn’t that if the price is higher, it’s always better. There’s some partial truth about that but not always. The key is to research and take time to scour every market just to see the affordable yet decent quality.


Another foremost important feature is skid-resistant especially if your floorings are made of hardwood. This kind of floor gets damaged easily. It’s best to look for a product that has this feature. You don’t want your expensive hardwood flooring to get scratched or damaged. So be sure that it’s well made and the structure is even.

Easy to move anywhere

We hate being hassled by some things which is frustrating and also a laborious task when we are going to set up the dog playpen with a complex design. Be very sure to buy a compact and easy-to-store and easy to assemble dog playpen. There are many pop-out playpens on the market which is affordable and also durable enough to last long.

Final Thoughts

Dog playpens are not only limited to play activities. There’s also much to do with it. It can be for potty training, exercise pen, or their sleeping quarter. Having a dog playpen is essential especially for puppies who roam often and who are in the state of destructive chewing. Also, before even buying the best dog playpen for hardwood floors, make sure it’s skid resistant so there will be no scratches or damages to your floor whenever you set up this dog playpen.

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