6 Best Dog Wipes for Allergies: for Golden Retrievers

Dog wipes are a lifesaver whenever you are on the go. You don’t need to undergo the process of laborious cleaning especially if you have a golden retriever. That is why dog wipes are a gift from above to dog owners. These products are very convenient and allow you to clean your dirty dog quickly, removing the dirt from the affected areas of your dog’s body. There are dog wipes for allergies and others that have a specific purpose, but the bottom line, dog wipes are so favorable for pet owners.

We will closely examine the best dog wipes for allergies and also the normal dog wipes. If ever your golden retriever is prone to dirt because of his active lifestyle, definitely this is the perfect article for you. If you can’t decide what to buy, we will lay out some great options for you. So, that you can narrow down your prospective product.

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What are dog wipes for?

Dog wipes and our common wipes basically function the same, there’s only a subtle difference which is its specific uses for certain creatures — humans and pets. They can’t be used interchangeably because the components of the two are also different. Human wipes have alcohol and have artificial fragrances and other various compounds that are suited for human cleaning.

While on the other hand, pet wipes or dog wipes, don’t have any alcohol content and artificial fragrances, and other harmful chemical elements to pets. Additionally, pet wipes have additional elements that don’t trigger any allergic reactions. Or if your dog accidentally eats the wipes, it won’t cause so much damage to his body.

Do take note that dog wipes are not a substitute for a dog bath. Dog wipes are incapable of cleaning the dog’s entire bath that matches the power of the dog bath. Instead, they are only good for quick cleanups. Pe wipes work well for cleaning the surface area of the dog’s body be it dirt on the body, on the paws, or on the dog’s muzzle. Basically, pet wipes are only suitable for cleaning small areas.

Dog bath wipes are an excellent choice if you are allergic to dog dander. But be sure that your dog is taking a bath regularly with a gentle shampoo. Also, there’s no harm in your dog if you are wiping them with dog wipes on a daily basis. This is great because it will remove any outdoor allergens from the coat of a dog, and those allergens usually cause allergic reactions to other dogs and also to allergic people.

Types of dog wipes

There are also different types of dog wipes which are the same as human wipes. They each have different purposes depending on the specific need.

Grooming wipes

This type of dog wipes is the most commonly used because it’s for quick cleanup and everyday use. The components of grooming wipes are mostly made with all-natural ingredients that are designed for cleaning the dog’s coat and paws. As much as possible, grooming wipes don’t use harmful chemicals, although some of these wipes have specific fragrances or scents that are gentler to dogs and also to cover the odor of pets. Some dog owners recommend this because their dog smells nice afterward, some don’t recommend it because of the chemical content.

Antiseptic wipes

Some wipes are designed for inflammations, wounds, lacerations, and etc. The antiseptic contains disinfectants and antiseptics. They specifically kill germs on the wound or affected area. This may be an antiseptic and can disinfect the small area, but they are not a substitute for treatments like anti-inflammatories as well as antibiotics. However, they are great as a precursor to treatment. In addition, this kind of dog wipes must be administered with the guidance of the vet because of the strong chemical content and medication, which can be dangerous if not properly used.

Eye wipes

A type of dog wipes that is specifically for cleaning the dog’s tear stains. This is advisable especially for breeds that are prone to tear stains. Because they are designed for tear stains, these wipes have a special formulation that helps to remove any stains around the dog’s eyes. This is like an eye drop with the same formulation but the way it differs is the application.

Ear Wipes

Ear wipes are ideal for removing the earwax that is building up in the dog’s ear. Also, this particular wipes use other formulation that is specifically for cleaning ears, features include reduce or stop the itching, and eliminate any odors. They are also great for cleaning up the waste of the ear mites, the one resembles coffee grounds in the ear canal.

Paw wipes

Although the grooming wipes can also do the job of cleaning your dog’s paw, paw wipes are much better because they are specifically designed for wiping paws. Usually, the surface of the paws where there are dirt buildup and other elements and it’s the paw wipes’ job to clean those parts.

Anal gland wipes

We know that our lovely dogs when they are defecating, they leave some stool residues around their butt or anal sacs. It’s sometimes disgusting when they are going to sit on the sofa after they defecate. Good thing that there are wipes specifically for wiping the anal glands which is a lifesaver for your furniture.

OUR TOP PICKS: 6 Best Dog Wipes for Allergies

OUR TOP PICK: Tropiclean Dog Wipes

Product Description: Wipe away any unnecessary elements from your golden retriever's body with these Topiclean dog wipes. This is among the remarkable brand that has excellent service and creating dog products with the highest quality. They are not compromising with their standard. What they have is a nice and trusted brand among their customers and even the vets. Tropiclean used an only mild formula that is not harmful to your dog. If there's dander, dirt, or any kinds of outdoor elements, this dog wipe can easily remove those. Pets will love this because of the tropical smell along with sweets and light scent which makes it compatible with the dog's skin. There is no alcohol content in each wipe, but the bacteria will be gone away even without the alcohol. Also, are you worrying about wiping this on your dog? Fret not because this is a hypoallergenic cleansing wipe that is good for dogs who have allergies.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Reliability
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for Money


All in all, this is a superb pick for our product reviews. Because it has a mild formula and it’s easy to use. No alcohol content which is great. Another great thing about this is it’s fragrance-free and dogs will love this. This is quite a product, especially for allergic ones.


Mild formulation
No fragrance
Contains coconut extracts


Can’t remove thick dirt on dog’s paws


Earthbath Dog Wipes

Earthbath is a very well-known brand among every dog owner. They provide excellent dog products particularly in organic shampoos and other grooming products.

This made them garnered a high reputation and also their products are made with high quality.

Every pet owners and vets even recommend this because of how all-natural the products they cater to. Not to mention, one of their superb product is the Earthbath grooming wipes.

These dog wipes can wipe aways any odor and dirt. Earthbath pet wipes can be used between baths, removing any dirt from their paws or underneath it, cleans the coat; and also, remove any drool, or danders. Made from all-natural components with a perfect combination of Hawaiian awapuhi extract, aloe vera, and ginseng extract. There are no parabens, soap, dye, sulfates, and phthalates.

Rest assured you are getting natural and safe pet wipes for your sensitive dog. Yup. Sensitive dogs, because these dog wipes are for allergies also. Dogs who have skin allergies or other sorts can use these pet wipes.

All in all, this is perfect for cats and dogs alike. We recommend this because it’s larger compared to most products. Each pad is thicker which allows for longer use and it’s very economical.

It’s also a fragrance-free formulation. What makes this product stand out is it’s hypoallergenic and safe for dogs who have sensitive skin. We definitely approve of this and it’s one of the best dog wipes for allergies.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free
  • All natural
  • Some lid doesn’t completely close


The PUPMATE is not only being used for dogs but in cats as well. This dog wipe is sold on a box dispenser.

Great for hypoallergenic dogs and probably our recommended pick for being one of the best wipes for allergies.

This is because it’s eco-friendly and each wipe is biodegradable. This also comes in from 100 counts up to 300 count packs.

This is your overall pet wipes in case you are in a hurry for a quick cleanup. Each wipe has natural components and the pads have extra moisture and thickness making sure that every animal’s body part can be cleaned with these grooming wipes.

The foremost ingredients of this pet wipes are vitamin E and aloe vera, and it has only mild formulation. That said, this will not cause any irritation when applied to the hotspot or other inflamed areas. In addition, the box dispenser has a great design and the id can be easily closed and it’s tight so the moisture doesn’t get out.

All in all, this is an excellent pet wipe for everyday use. Great for emergency use especially when your dog is with you during walks and also great for camping trips.

Consider this as an option because it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly. It has the option to choose from 100 counts to 300 counts of the pack. That said, it’s a nice product to have for your dog.

  • Extremely safe to use pet wipes for allergies
  • Eco-friendly Biodegradable
  • Mild formulation
  • Not thick as advertised

Burt's Bees Dog Wipes

Burt’s Bees offers luxurious wipes for dogs, especially for those who have allergies. These hypoallergenic wipes offer a multipurpose role in order to remove any dirt and other unwanted elements from your dog’s body.

This brand has sub-par excellence in terms of product qualities as they are known for their use of natural components be it in human and animal products.

These wipes are made with honey and it’s 98 percent natural. Every wipe of this on your dog’s body or paws will surely satiate him and feel refreshed. It’s because there’s filled with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in every wipe. However, they are not cleaning for ears and eyes.

Key ingredients include honey, water, coco betaine, glycerine, citric acid, and potassium sulfate. Furthermore, this is pH balanced, completely free from parabens, alcohol, sulfates, colorants, and fragrances. Guaranteed that there are no harmful elements to your dogs.

All in all, if you feel thrifty and you are after the quality, this product must be your investment. It’s all-natural without any synthetic chemical ingredients that may be harmful to your dogs.

It’s hypoallergenic dog wipes which is great for allergies and other skin problems. The only downside is it’s only 50 counts. Less than most of the dog wipes offered.

  • All-natural
  • High-quality
  • Thick pads
  • Hypoallergenic wipes
  • 50 counts only

Pogi's Dog Wipes

If we are talking about trust and highly reputed pet wipes product, there’s one brand that rings a bell — it’s the Pogi’s grooming wipes. Well, why is it? Because it has thousands of feedbacks from Amazon customers which most of them are great feedbacks. It’s not just the company claim but the customers have something to say which contributes to the positive reception of the product and the brand as well.

You can bring this everywhere in case of an emergency. Pogi dog wipes contain vitamin E, aloe vera, and Hawaiian awapuhi. These ingredients are the reason why the overall quality of this stands out. In addition, every wipe is made from bamboo fiber. It’s very eco-friendly and very sustainable.

Perfect wipes for hypoallergenic, plus there’s no alcohol content, no parabens, and completely free from any harsh chemicals. That said, this helps freshens, clean, and support the condition of the coat upon wiping it with these unscented wipes.

All in all, what more could you ask for in these great premium quality pet wipes? The price point is very fair, it’s eco-friendly that is made from bamboo fiber. No wonder why the customers have been rating this as an excellent product because of the overall content of the product.

  • All natural Eco friendly
  • No alcohol, parabens, and any harsh chemicals
  • High customer feedbacks
  • None so far

Arava Dog Wipes

Arava offers something unique from most of the products we have reviewed so far. It’s naturally medicated which came from Dead Sea minerals. We all know that minerals coming from Dea Seas has plenty of benefits to offer for both humans and animals.

One of those benefits has something to do with curing skin disorders. That said, this Araba pet wipe is worth considering.

Basically, this functions as eye wipes which removes any stain around the pet’s ear. Great for removing any discharge coming from the ears and face. What’s more interesting, this can be used not only in dogs but also in cats. Wiping this on your pet will make them relaxed and soothed around their body.

The Arava dog wipes do not contain any artificial or synthetic chemicals, but rather, this is filled with natural vitamins and minerals that are primarily sourced from Dead Sea minerals. In addition, it also contains aloe vera, sodium, sulfur, magnesium, vitamins D, E, and B5. Compatible with pets who have allergies.

Overall, our verdict with this one is fairly simple. It’s effective and inexpensive. With the Dead Sea minerals plus the other natural ingredients, not to mention its soothing and relaxing effect, there’s no denying that this has received a passing grade in our reviews. Also, it’s one of the best dog wipes for allergies even though we decided to put it as our last listed product.

  • Contain Dead Sea minerals
  • Great for cleaning the ears Allergy-free Soothes the inflamed areas or skin hot spots
  • None so far

What to look for when buying dog wipes for allergies and other uses?


Always find the time to scour on the internet and find some decent reviews regarding the products. Because review guides are one of the most reliable sources especially if you are considering buying dog wipes. Also, check for customer feedback because they have firsthand experience of the products. Weigh in your options and research for long hours about what you feel is the best product suited for your pooch.


The price range for dog wipes varies depending on the specific use and also the ingredients it contains. Be sure to check all the prices and look for a decent price that offers quality products. For a start, go for a reputable brand because they have established a reputation among customers. Also, be sure to check some of the product reviews we have because this is also worth reviewing.


One of the greatest selling points in dog wipes is the scent. Because scent makes the dog smells nice after wiping them. Just be careful enough when choosing the appropriate dog wipes because some have strong chemical content and some dogs are allergic to them. Thereby, be sure that the scent you choose is compatible with you and your dog.


Because it’s not always quality over quantity (in this particular product), instead quality and quantity should be matched. Of course, you want something that is a bang for the buck. Some pet wipes will cost you more but with an ample amount of dog wipes which is not reasonable. That is why it is better to look for the best ratio between quantity and its price.


Dog wipes come in various types as we have listed above. Each of them has its specific uses – be it on-ear, body, paw, and mouth. Also, be wary of the labels of the dog wipes. Some pet wipes are for all-purpose and some have specific uses. Careful to not ignore those labels because it can be a hassle if you bought the wrong item. Generally, the all-purpose grooming wipes are a safe bet for you.

Why these best dog wipes (for allergies and non-allergies) come in handy?

Poop cleaning

Every dog owners know very well that cleaning their dog’s butt is part of the overall care and maintenance. From their puppyhood until the dog’s very last moment, you will tend them just to make them happy and healthy. That’s why having pet wipes is convenient for you whenever your dog leaves some poop residues around their anal sac. It’s easily portable and one thorough wipe does the job. However, you must buy pet wipes that have specific purposes.

Accidental spills and other things

Because you never know what event may come when your dog is around. It can be good or sometimes worse things that can happen. You know too well what having dogs feels like. Sometimes there’s an unexpected mess that needs to be cleaned up, and that’s part of owning raising a dog.

That’s why if there’s something mess whether big or small; and whether it’s during outdoor activities or indoor activities, having pet wipes ready is the key to make messed things turn something clean with just a quick cleanup using dog wipes.

Alternative for treating most skin conditions

Good thing that there are antiseptic wipes that are readily available in most pet stores and even online. This kind of pet wipes is great for alleviating any inflamed areas on the skin especially when there are skin hotspots due to excessive itching and scratching or due to allergic reactions. Antiseptic wipes are great for hastening the healing time and prevent any infections.

Dog wipes for cleaning ears

Probably the most useful thing that pet wipes can do is that they can also use to clean the dog’s ears from small to big ears. No more cotton balls or q tips dipped with ear cleaning solution when you can have dog wipes that are designed for cleaning ears.

This time, the ear wipes themselves are completely soaked in cleaning solutions that are natural and rich in vitamins keeping the dog feel relaxed and refreshed when applied. That said, you can just easily deep clean your dog’s ear especially when there’s ear mites infestation, wax build-up, or any residues that are on the dog’s ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pet wipes safe?

They are generally safe and specifically designed for pet use only. Usually, most pet wipes products don’t include any harsh chemicals such as parabens and alcohol content. You can refer to some of the products we have listed above if you want to try one. Furthermore, bear in mind that there are types of pet wipes that are only used for specific areas. Read the label carefully and match the pet wipes according to the dog’s needs.

Can I use human wipes instead?

Supposed you have run out or forget to bring your dog wipes, you may be tempted to use your own wipes to wipe something on your dog’s affected area. First of all, the pH of a dog’s skin is different from human skin. If you still insist on wiping them with your wipes, it can lead to skin irritation, itching, and even dryness. This is because the ingredients that human wipes have mainly alcohol and fragrances which are harsh chemicals for dogs. So, please don’t do it. Instead, use a damp hand towel to wipe your dog’s affected area.

Final Thoughts

There’s no hassle for your dog anymore when you got your pet wipes. If you got specific dog wipes for cleaning, this is a great alternative say, for cleaning the tear stain or the ears of the dog. You don’t need anything only wipes and they are good to go. Also, grooming wipes are great for cleaning your dog’s muddied body and paws.

Furthermore, pet wipes have evolved in a good way, some manufacturers have eco-friendly wipes, some have special formulation like adding Dead Sea minerals or honey just to satisfy the dog’s need and also to make them feel refreshed as well as feel healthy when you apply some wipes on their body. Just be sure to know what you are looking for. Some dog wipes are for allergies, some are for general purposes. Also, check for the price, quality, and also quantity.

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