6 Tips on How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding

Shedding is one of the things that annoys most of Golden Retriever owners. You will find hair on your couch, carpets and clothes. This forces the owners to look for ways on how to reduce Golden Retriever shedding.

Why do Golden Retrievers shed so much? The Golden Retriever has two layers of fur. The outer coat is waterproof and protects the dog’s body from dirt while the undercoat is for maintaining body warmth.

Retrievers shed hair like all mammals to some degree. The shedding is more pronounced during spring and fall. The good thing is that it is easy to clean the Golden Retriever’s fur.

You have to consider the fact that there is no way that you can completely stop shedding in a Golden Retriever. The guide below will give tips on how to limit the shedding in Golden Retrievers.

  1. Frequent Brushing of your Golden Retriever.

The first step on how to reduce golden retriever shedding is by brushing its coat frequently.

This is the best option since you cannot remove your dog’s hair completely. You could see it as a controlled way of removing dog’s hair. This can be done once or more times a week. The hair stuck on the brush can be collected and put in the trashcan.

No dog, including Golden Retrievers hates receiving attention. They will enjoy the stimulation and start taking it as part of their routine. Also, regular brushing will eliminate tangles and mats and keep your dog looking fresh and lively.

  1. Regular bathing of your Golden Retriever.

This is another way of removing the soon-to-be shed hair controllably. The Golden Retrievers enjoys the frequent baths, which are very effective when it comes to how to reduce golden retriever shedding. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it. This can cause coat and skin problems.

When bathing your dog, the water will wash away the soon-to-be shed hair plus the hair released from the follicles but stuck. Also, the forward and backward movement of your hands will help dislodge the loose hair. After being dislodged, the hairs become free and gets trapped in the coat where it is removed by water pressure.

There will be a lot of hair after the bath. Take them and dispose in trash cans. If you bathe your Golden Retriever outside, dump the hair on the ground for birds to use them. Birds make nests with some of the fur. You can also just dump it in the trash cans outside.

Drain guards are advised for people who bathe their dogs indoors. With this you will have no clogging in pipes and make cleaning very easy.

  1. Making sure your Golden Retriever Goes for a Swim.

Swimming has a lot of benefits to Golden Retrievers. It helps reduce shedding by washing off a bunch of soon-to-be shed hair. It is also a form of exercise and helps burn tons of calories. Since swimming is a low-impact activity, it can be used for dogs with aching joints as exercise.

In a natural setting for example, in a river or a lake, you should not worry about the hair that your dog sheds. In swimming pools, you will have to see the hair that has collected around filters and traps. This is about making sure that the pump is working effectively.

It is always good that you give your dog a bath after a swim. River and lake waterbodies may contain bacteria and other harmful pathogens. The swimming pool water has chlorine, thus bathing is necessary in rinsing it off.

  1. Feed Your Golden Retriever a High-Quality Food.

Still on how to reduce golden retriever shedding, all dogs need healthy and nutritious dog food. This especially important in keeping your dog’s skin and coat as healthy as possible. Eventually, this will help reduce shedding more hair than they should. You can check online some of the best dog food recipes or visit a vet to give you more information.

The best dog foods are those that contain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids will help reduce skin inflammation plus promoting the general health of your dog’s skin. There are omega-3 fatty acid supplements that are available in different forms. Tablet and liquid forms are meant to be added to your dog’s food. Use what your pet prefers.

  1. Maintain low stress levels in your dogs.

Anxiety and stress may accelerate the rate of shedding in your dog. Make your Golden Retriever happy and keep them healthy. This can be done by giving lots of attention and frequent body exercises. Dog toys help to reduce boredom and nurture their chewing instincts.

A golden Retriever having its own crate is also important on how to reduce golden retriever shedding. The dog will feel less stressed if he has his own safe place. Less worries will always prevent excessive shedding.

  1. Giving your Golden Retriever a comfortable bed.

Your Golden Retriever will leave hair where it spends majority of its time. Be sure to provide your pet with a comfortable bed because I bet that is where he spends majority of its time. Also, teach him that the couch is a no-go zone.

Golden Retrievers can suffer from joint problems that is why the bed should be comfortable. All of this will go a long way to help reduce the effects that come with shedding plus benefitting the dog individually.


It seems inevitable that a Golden Retriever will shed his hair often. Given they have long coats, the amount of hair they shed can cause a large mess. But, with the above tips, you will always have a way to control your Golden Retriever shedding. This, in turn, is a happy life for both the owner and the dog. Now that you know how to reduce golden retriever shedding, try out some of the tips mentioned above to how they can work for your pet.

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