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The Golden retriever dog has gained popularity over the years for its hunting, search, and detection prowess, and as if that is not enough, our fluffy friend has been blessed with a soft mouth thus able to carry out a rescue operation without damaging or making their captor feel uncomfortable. It is for the above reasons and many others that we decided to come up with extensive care guides on the Golden retriever dog.


Golden retrievers are a purebred dog known for being very affectionate, intelligent and docile to some extent. If you have other pets or children at home, you therefore, don’t have to worry about them getting harmed by the canine. Given the retrievers intelligence many people expect them to keep their home and families safe, but that’s not the case, retrievers do not have the guard instincts, you will, therefore, have to look elsewhere if you want a guard dog.

At retriever expert, we are, dedicated to hands-on research and you can expect to interact with well-researched information on the respective subject. The information provided is for use by both the new and old Golden Retriever owners, some of the relevant information that you can find here are such as the correct eating habits of the retrievers given their high motivation at the sight of food.

And because of the latter, they are prone to obesity and the reason why you need to learn the best feeding routines and food types; Retrievers are also susceptible to varied health complications such as hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, epilepsy and skin complications among others.

Details of the above have been documented at Retriever Expert and you will also be provided with information on how to train your dog; remember that this breed of dog loves an environment that keeps them active through training and exercises. So, why choose us? Well, because when it comes to research we pull out all the stops to ensure our readership is fully sufficed.