are english cream golden retrievers good hunting dogs

Are English Cream Golden Retrievers Good Hunting Dogs

Popular dog breeds like the Golden Retriever are renowned for their amiable dispositions, loyalty, and intelligence. These dogs were initially developed as hunting companions, focusing on bringing back game birds during hunts. Due to its unusually light coat and royal demeanor, the English Cream Golden Retriever sub-type of the Golden Retriever breed has grown in popularity recently.

English Cream Golden Retrievers have retained their hunting instincts and are still often employed as hunting dogs despite having plush coats and lovely personalities. Whether English Cream Golden Retrievers make suitable hunting dogs arises in this situation. The history of English Cream Golden Retrievers as hunting dogs, as well as their inherent field skills and efficiency in various hunting situations, will all be covered in this article.

What is an English Cream Golden Retriever?

American Cream Golden retrievers are a Scottish-born subset of the breed, not an English one. They are a hybrid between the yellow coated retriever and the Tweed water spaniel, which bears the name of Lord Tweedmouth. To own his exceptional hunting dogs, the Scottish lord bred the Golden Retrievers in the middle of the nineteenth century. His dogs’ progeny are the Golden Retrievers we see today. Because they won the earliest, most prestigious dog exhibitions in England, this breed variety was nicknamed “English.”

All across the globe, Golden Retrievers—including English Cream Golden Retrievers—are bred today. All varieties of Golden Retrievers are still considered to be of the same breed. Despite minor variations in each’s appearance, temperament, and other characteristics, they are all Golden Retrievers.

It’s crucial to remember that English Golden Retrievers often have better health than other breeds. They seem to live somewhat longer than their relatives and have a lower risk of contracting cancer. Of course, preserving a dog’s well-being and practicing appropriate breeding are crucial to guaranteeing the health of any breed.

History of English Cream Golden Retriever

The Tweed water spaniel, named after Lord Tweedmouth, and the yellow coated retriever are the two breeds that make them up. The first Golden Retrievers were developed by a Scottish nobleman in the middle of the nineteenth century so he could have his elite hunting canines. His canines are the ancestors of Golden Retrievers today. Because they won first-place prizes at England’s first illustrious dog shows, this breed variant was named “English.”

Golden retrievers, notably English Golden Retrievers, are raised all over the world in the current day. Although Golden Retrievers come in many forms, they are all still considered to be of the same breed. Despite minor variations in appearance, temperament, and other characteristics, all Golden Retrievers share the same breed!

It’s important to keep in mind that English cream Golden Retrievers often have superior overall physical health than other breeds. They tend to live slightly longer than their relatives and have a lower risk of getting cancer. The health of any breed may be guaranteed, of course, through appropriate breeding and preserving a dog’s wellbeing.

How to Train English Cream Golden Retriever to Hunt

It may be gratifying for you and your dog to train an English Cream Golden Retriever for hunting. To get you started, follow these steps:

👉Start Initial Obedience Instruction

Before teaching your dog to hunt, a solid obedience foundation must be built. Teach your dog the fundamental commands “stay,” “sit,” “come,” & “heel” so that they will obey you. When hunting, these instructions will be crucial for controlling your dog.

👉Introduce the Dog to Outdoors

Get your dog used to the sounds, sights, and scents of the outdoors by taking them on walks in natural settings like forests, fields, and other places. This will make your dog feel secure and at ease in these settings.

👉Introduce The Dog to Game Smells

To acclimate your dog to the odors of the game, use training fragrances like quail or pheasant. Put the smell on a toy or other item to start, then let your dog play with it. Move the smell gradually to new locations and let your dog follow it. When your dog successfully locates the smell, praise and reward them.

👉Exercise Retrieval

For hunting dogs, retrieving is a crucial talent. Begin by teaching your dog how to fetch toys or other items. Advance to recovering items that have a game smell on them gradually. Encourage your dog to return the item to you, and when they do, praise and treat them.

👉Introduce the Dog to Water.

Get your dog used to swimming since water is a factor in many hunting scenarios. Introduce your dog to shallow water first, then progressively go deeper. Encourage the dog to swim & retrieve by using toys or other items.

👉Begin with Basic Hunting Tasks

Start exposing your dog to small hunting activities after getting acquainted with the fundamentals. Examples of this are finding and bringing back dummies or items with the fragrance of the game on them. As your dog gains experience and confidence, gradually raise the complexity of the tasks.

👉Look for a Professional Training

Consider getting expert instruction from a hunting dog trainer if you’re new to hunting or want to improve your dog’s abilities. They may assist you in creating a unique training program that will enable your dog to realize all its hunting potential.

Keep in mind that raising a hunting dog requires patience and time. To promote excellent conduct, constantly employ positive reinforcement and acknowledge tiny victories. You can teach your English Cream Golden Retriever to be a great hunting partner with commitment and effort.

Socialization and Training Abilities

American Cream Golden retrievers are very trainable due to their intelligence and desire to please. They like working with their owners and react well to positive reinforcement training methods, including rewards, praise, and playing. These dogs are adept learners who can do well in agility, obedience, and other dog sports. Additionally, they want to recover things, which they may use for tracking, hunting, & dock diving.

American Cream Golden retrievers are calm and outgoing canines that are friendly and social. They usually get along well with kids, other animals, and humans. These dogs need plenty of chances to play and exercise with their owners since they thrive on social connection. They are also renowned for their loyalty & their capacity to develop close relationships with their family. But like other dogs, they gain from early socialization to help them feel at ease in various settings and among strange people and animals.

How to do English Cream Golden Retriever Hunt

English Cream Unlike hunting dogs, golden retrievers are generally bred as family pets and companion animals. Despite sharing the same tendencies for hunting as other retriever breeds, they are only sometimes taught this activity.

However, English Cream Golden Retrievers may still be excellent hunting partners if properly socialized and taught. They have keen vision, a sense of smell, and a soft tongue for catching prey. They are also renowned for having traits crucial for any hunting dog: intelligence, loyalty, and trainability.

It’s vital to start with fundamental obedience training and progressively expose your English Cream Golden Retriever to the sights, sounds, and scents of the hunting environment if you want to train them for hunting. Additionally, you may wish to work with a qualified trainer that knows retriever breeds and training for hunting.

Why English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Famous

are english cream golden retrievers good hunting dogs

There are several reasons why English Cream Golden Retrievers are a well-liked breed among dog owners. Here are a few explanations for the popularity of the breed:


American Cream With their white or cream coats, floppy ears, & friendly expressions, Golden Retrievers, have a unique, lovely look. They are often regarded as one of the most beautiful dog breeds.


American Cream Due to their kind nature and pleasant disposition, golden retrievers are wonderful family companions. They like spending time with their owners and are devoted, lively, and loving.


English Cream Golden Retrievers are very bright and trainable, which makes them perfect for dog sports and obedience training, as was already noted. They are also pleasant to live with and well-behaved companions because of their trainability.


American Cream Due to their gregarious nature, golden retrievers like being around humans and other animals. They are renowned for their gentleness and compassion and often get along well with kids.


Although every dog may have health problems, English Cream Golden Retrievers are typically a breed with a long lifetime. Compared to several other retriever breeds, they are less susceptible to hip dysplasia & other hereditary diseases.

English Cream Golden Retriever Behavioral Characteristics

English Cream Golden Retriever Due to their amiable, devoted, and loyal nature, English cream golden retrievers are a favorite among households with young children and other animals. They are very friendly dogs that like receiving attention from and interacting with people. Because they are often tolerant and peaceful, this breed makes ideal therapy dogs and companions for the elderly or handicapped.

English Cream, The moderate activity level of golden retrievers need regular exercise for their physical and mental well-being. They enjoy outdoor activities, including running, hiking, swimming, and fetch. This breed is also trainable and enjoys agility, obedience, and other mentally demanding exercises.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are amiable and trustworthy. Thus, they don’t make effective watchdogs. Instead of barking or growling, they are likelier to welcome strangers with a wagging tail. They may still bark to warn their owners if they detect a threat or danger.

Separation anxiety is one behavioral problem this breed could have. Due to their high levels of socialization, English Cream Golden Retrievers struggle when left alone for extended periods. They could need crate training and behavior modification tactics to help them deal with their anxiety since they can become destructive or noisy if left alone for a long time.

English Cream Golden Retriever Hunting Facts

A variant of a classic Golden Retriever breed is English Cream Golden Retriever, commonly called White Golden Retriever. There are notable variances in their hunting prowess, even though they share many traits with their golden counterparts.

The following information relates to English Cream Golden Retrievers & hunting:

◻️They Were Developed as Retrievers. 

The English Cream breed of Golden Retrievers was developed initially to recover waterfowl for hunters. They can recover prey without hurting it since they have delicate mouths.

◻️They Have Strong Scent Senses. 

English Cream Due to their keen sense of smell, golden retrievers are excellent at finding birds and other types of games. They are often employed to hunt upland game birds like pheasants and quail because they can travel great distances following smell trails.

◻️They Can Hunt in Many Ways.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are often employed to hunt upland game birds, but they may also be taught to hunt waterfowl and even bigger game, such as deer. They are useful for various hunting activities due to their adaptability and versatility.

◻️They are Trainable and Intelligent

English Cream The intelligence and eagerness to please golden retrievers make them simple to teach. They may be taught to perform various hunting duties and react well to positive reinforcement training techniques.

◻️They Need Regular Exercise.

American Cream Due to their high activity levels, golden retrievers need to be regularly exercised to be healthy and happy. They like outdoor pursuits like swimming, jogging, and hiking because they can hone their hunting skills.

Overall, English Cream Golden Retrievers are outstanding hunting dogs because of their keen sense of smell and desire to retrieve. They may excel in various hunting activities and make excellent hunting partners with the proper training and exercise.

Facts About English Cream Golden Retriever

are english cream golden retrievers good hunting dogs

A variety of Golden Retrievers include English Cream Goldens. Although all Golden Retrievers are the same breed, this kind features blocky heads, stocky bodies, and cream-colored coats. Compared to other Goldens, they are said to be calmer & healthier. The English Cream Golden Retriever is described in the following facts.

☑️English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Not Native to England

Contrary to popular belief, most English Cream Goldens in America are not from England. French fries are not native to France, either. When Lord Tweedmouth crossed a yellow wavy coated retriever with a Tweed water spaniel in the middle of the nineteenth century, the result was the first golden retriever. Bev Brown claims that the Golden Retriever Club and the Kennel Club, the UK’s equivalent of the AKC, were the first organizations to develop the breed standard.

All of Britain’s dog exhibitions were also placed in England in the early 1900s. Therefore, in America, we referred to the winners of dog events as “English Champions.” We still refer to these golden retrievers as “English” Cream Golden Retrievers 100 years later since the “English” appear to have remained with the English champion-looking goldens in those days.

☑️There Are No White English Cream Golden Retrievers.

Although they exist in various hues, English Cream goldens tend to lean toward the paler end of the color spectrum. They are not truly white like a samoyed; instead, they are often cream or a light shade of gold. Another fascinating fact is that pups from the same litter may have varied colors of cream and gold, with some being lighter and others darker.

☑️English Cream Golden Retriever can live for 10 to 12 years.

English Cream goldens are believed by many to live longer than other varieties of goldens. A golden retriever’s lifetime is not always correlated with the breed or “type” of a golden retriever, nor does coat color or type. Finding a reputable breeder who produces healthy dogs is the most crucial factor to consider if you want a golden retriever that will live a long and happy life.

Yes, many English Cream golden retriever breeders create healthy dogs, but there are other golden retriever breeders who also raise healthy puppies.

☑️The Temperament Of English Cream Golden Retrievers Is Wonderful.

According to popular belief, English Cream golden retrievers are friendlier than their American counterparts. This depends on the specific dog, its bloodline, and its upbringing. Look at the parents, not the hue, if you want a lovely, obedient dog.

The breeder should be consulted about their dogs, the purposes for which they are bred, and the general temperaments of their dogs, as there is only one kind of golden retriever, and goldens are normally friendly and well-mannered. No matter what color a breeder’s pups are, if they consistently have a lovely disposition, you can be sure that any puppy you buy from them will have a similar temperament.

☑️The AKC recognizes English Cream Golden Retrievers.

Many individuals believe that the AKC does not recognize English Cream golden retrievers. With a fancy name and generally pale coloring, English Cream golden retrievers are still golden retrievers. The AKC Breed Standard says about light golden retrievers: “Excessively pale or excessively dark body color that predominates is undesirable.”

Even though it is “undesirable,” English Cream golden retrievers may still be registered with the AKC as golden retrievers since they are still golden retrievers. It’s interesting to note that although the American Breed Standards consider this pale hue undesirable, other nations do not.

The UK Breed Standard has the following to say about color: No red or mahogany, any hue of yellow or white. The Canadian Breed Standard has the following regarding color: “Lustrous golden in a range of tones” The National Golden Retriever Council of Australia states the following about color: “Any shade of cream or gold, but neither crimson nor mahogany.” Because of this, some nations are more receptive to the cream hue even if the American Breed Standard does not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do English cream Golden Retrievers good?

These English Cream Golden retrievers are typically praised for being healthier, having a better temperament, and having a stronger lifespan. The implication is that these qualities make them more valued than Golden Retrievers produced in North America with more golden coloring.

What English Cream Golden Retrievers hunt best?

They are effective for pursuing little games, such as birds. Goldens are dedicated, energetic, and simple to train. They are renowned for getting along nicely with kids and are ideal family companions.

Why would one utilize an English Cream Golden Retriever?

They are renowned for their wit, obedience, and simplicity of training. Up to 240 instructions, including words and phrases, may be taught to them. Goldens are excellent guides, service, & therapy dogs and companions. They are undoubtedly extraordinarily talented hunters.

Which hunting dog is the most loyal?

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are no exception to the rule that retrievers are frequently among the more devoted canines. These dogs will feel extremely close to you and make excellent outdoor companions if you go hunting with them or engage in a similar sport to strengthen your relationship.

What breed of dog is the simplest to train for hunting?

Numerous other breeds, like Golden Retrievers and Labradors, are renowned for being simple to train. German Shorthairs, Springers, and Brittanys all score highly in this category. Some of the pointer’s breeds spring to mind as being a little stubborn and needing a harder hand.

Final Thoughts

Due to their agility, intelligence, and hunting instincts, English Cream Golden Retrievers have tremendous potential to make excellent hunting companions. It’s crucial to remember that not all English Cream Golden Retrievers will be successful hunters since it ultimately relies on the temperament, upbringing, and breeding of the particular dog. However, English Cream Golden Retrievers may make outstanding hunting partners with the right training and socialization, and their gentle demeanor also makes them perfect household dogs. English Cream Golden Retrievers are similar to any other breed regarding the patience, consistency, and devotion required for hunting. Do you want to know how to tell if your english cream golden retriever is overweight? Click Here!

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