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Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs? — Golden Roomies!

Are Golden Retriever good apartment dogs? The answer is it depends! Although many think that Golden Retriever is only suitable for wide, open spaces, in reality, these dogs do very well in places with limited space (such as apartments) as well. While most Golden Retrievers can fit into an apartment, training them to have good house manners may be difficult. Of course, there are always perks and drawbacks to having a Golden Retriever in an apartment.

Together, we’ll discuss what makes Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs and what are the downsides of having these pets in such an enclosed space.

Are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs?

Golden Retrievers were invented in 1884 in England. The Golden Retriever was the first dog to be registered with the British Kennel Club as a working dog. The breed has remained popular throughout its long history and is an ideal dog for families with children or first-time dog owners. But can they be characterized as a good apartment dog in today’s time?

In the modern world, there are many breeds to choose from. Some are adventurous; others are elegant and refined. But the truth is: no matter what your criteria for a dog were back in the day, there was one particular breed we all knew would be perfectly filled with trust and loyalty. That breed is the Golden Retriever.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Apartment Dogs? There is no one answer to this question. It depends on your taste in the matter. Do you prefer high energy, or do you prefer more of the laid-back kind of dog? Do you have a little bit of both? 

The dog breed that you choose will partially determine if they are good (or not), but there are other factors that come into play as well. Are the dogs house trained? Does he like to stay with you when you are at home? Do you have any allergies or are prone to allergies? 

Maybe the biggest question to ask yourself before bringing a Golden Retriever home is this: Are you willing to put in the work to have your Golden Retriever trained for apartment life?

There are certainly some benefits and drawbacks of having a Golden Retriever in an apartment. Together, we will discuss these. At the end of this article, it will be you who will judge if a Golden Retriever is a good apartment dog or not.

Benefits of a Golden Retriever living in an apartment

With the rising popularity of Golden Retriever breeds, apartment living has become very popular.  There are a number of benefits to a Golden Retriever living in an apartment if you choose to bring one into your daily life.

Golden Retrievers are perfect for those looking to live an indoor life, or a retired person looking to live at the beach again. They are strong and agile, which makes them a joy to have around. Plus, with the right environment, they enjoy staying for hours at a time beside you while you’re working on a project or during your leisure time working on your car or your tan. 

Let’s take a look at some Golden Retriever benefits in apartment living.

They will be close to you at all times

Golden Retrievers are the perfect dog for many reasons. They’re sweet; they’re loyal; and most importantly, they love to be with their family. Golden Retrievers love to be close to their favorite people. They enjoy staying close and being groomed a lot. 

Golden Retrievers are a wonderful addition to any household. They enjoy staying with family and friends and are great with children. Having an apartment means that your Retriever will always be close to you whether you are at home or out and about. He will receive daily greetings from you and perhaps he will even play with some of the children in the neighborhood. This makes the apartment experience more fun for everyone!

Golden Retriever puppies are perfect for retirees due to their friendly and docile nature. They enjoy staying with their families rather than in a kennel or an independent place. You can even take them on trips as they love to travel and can keep pace with their owners without any problems at all. A Golden Retriever in an apartment would mean they are close to you at all times, making them ideal for work or study altogether.

Your Golden Retriever doesn’t care about where he eats or sleeps – he loves staying with you. 

They are quiet and gentle

Contrary to popular belief, Golden Retrievers are not aggressive dogs and most Golden Retriever owners will be happy to know this. That being said, Golden Retrievers make great pets and are perfect for families with children, teens, and senior citizens.

Your Golden Retriever is quiet, loyal, and gentle. These traits make it the ideal pet to have in an apartment or other tight space. While dogs can fit into virtually any home, apartments tend to have limited space and may be inconvenient for daily exercise. A Retriever might also be a more pleasant surprise for guests that you’re bringing over.

A Golden Retriever makes a great companion for any apartment! They make great guests and wonderful pets as well. They aren’t afraid of small dogs and cats, and are keen watchdogs.

This makes them an excellent choice for someone who wants a quiet dog that will do well with other people around him or her. These characteristics make Golden Retriever apartments perfect for people who want their dogs to be close with them so they can have uninterrupted time with their loved ones without having to worry about getting out of their house. The best part about an apartment for Golden Retriever is that it makes them easy to care for as well. 

They love to cuddle

When you have your Golden Retriever in an apartment, he or she will feel extremely comfortable in your presence. They love to cuddle and have lots of love belly and will reciprocate you if you pet them.

Your Golden Retriever loves to cuddle and will put his head in your lap and nuzzle against your neck while you’re doing a home exercise or going about your daily routine. He loves staying close to you even when you’re walking through a crowded place.

A Golden Retriever’s affectionate nature makes it a delightful pet for most owners. They love to cuddle and be held, making it easy for the two of you to have a great time together. You can spoil them by leaving their favorite treat for them while you go about your day. When your dog gets confident it makes them very happy and makes them trust people around them which is a great feeling for both you and the dog.

They crave attention and can be easily trained to do what they are told. A Golden Retriever makes a great pet because of his ever-loving attitude and willingness to help regardless of the danger. 

They are loyal protectors

Golden Retrievers have always been popular house pets for many reasons, one of which is their personality. It’s good to have a dog that is big and strong and will protect your home and business from guests and unwanted intruders. Your Golden Retriever dog is a loyal protector of your home and belongings.

A loyal protector is precisely what makes a Golden Retriever so great. If you are looking for a dog that will protect your family and property, this breed is hard to beat. They are not aggressive to other people, but when threatened they will become protective of you.

They will not bite unless they were trained to do so. It is not in their nature to be aggressive and violent. Retrievers are great pets for many reasons. They share your bedroom, kitchen, and living room; they sleep with you most nights; and if they’re not with you during the day, they are at your side—usually jumping on your bed or joining you for an afternoon of playtime. What’s great about these dogs is that they are gentle. However, when posed with a threat their protective instincts will turn on. They will only bite when prompted.

Golden Retrievers are some of the best dogs on the planet, and the reason is their loyalty. They do everything they can to protect their owner from harm and are ready to tackle any situation with vigor. Once you adopt a Golden Retriever puppy, you’ll discover just how much this dog means to you and the joy they’ll bring into your life as you grow older together. 

They are sociable creatures

Your Golden Retriever is a sociable creature and they like to explore new places, meet new people and be around all the time. Golden Retrievers make great house dogs as they are incredibly affectionate and loyal to their owner. They enjoy staying in one place with their owner for long periods of time, making them ideal house pets.

Golden Retriever puppies come with so much love and care. They have a personality all their own and need a lot of love and attention too. Putting your Golden Retriever in an apartment provides an opportunity to interact with other animals as well as humans, which can be fascinating for both cats and dogs.

Yes, Golden Retrievers make great pets (just ask any of our readers – they love them too). They enjoy staying with us all year round and being with other pets (usually cats and dogs) makes them more socialized.

Golden Retrievers are social dogs and meet new people easily. This makes them an excellent choice for apartment owners as they can often be trusted to bring attention to your home and keep guests and other animals safe. They are also good running dogs and can keep up with full-time pet duties without issue.

They are easy to train

Golden Retrievers are some of the most well-trained dogs around and they love to please. The fact that they are so docile and easy to train makes them a great companion for anyone no matter how picky they are, or how busy they are with work or other people. Not only are Golden Retrievers good entertainers, but they can also help you with your weight loss and athletic training needs. 

Golden Retrievers are incredibly trainable. You can train your Golden Retriever to do almost anything you want, even if he or she cannot physically do it yet. With patience and consistency, you can turn a dog into an obedient, confident dog that stands on its hind legs and follows your every command without any hesitation. Even better — you may be able to achieve this with your Golden Retriever living in an apartment!

You can have fun and train your Golden Retriever to sharpen your skills. They like to chase balls, catch Frisbees, and run around the house. With training, you can make them into well-behaved dogs. Since Golden Retrievers are a joy to work with, they make great pets for individuals who desire a medium-sized dog with great training abilities.

are golden retriever good apartment dogs

Drawbacks of a Golden Retriever living in an apartment

Living in an apartment is convenient when you can get many of the things you need exactly where you want them. However, there are drawbacks to this living style. First off, there is the question of keeping the dog in the clean and safe environment you desire. The responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the property greatly relies on you being home. 

Keeping a Golden Retriever as an apartment pet can be problematic. Golden Retriever puppies are incredibly sweet and adorable. They love to play and have lots of fun indoors. But just like humans, Golden Retrievers need some basic maintenance and care if they’re to live a long and healthy life. 

This means that if you have a puppy living with you it is important to know what’s best for them. However, due to the large size and cost of a Golden Retriever apartment, there are also drawbacks.

A lot of Cleaning to do

The main drawbacks of a Golden Retriever living in an apartment are that there is no guaranteed routine for her cleaning up after herself, therefore it’s very easy for her to leave stains and debris all over the place, as well as give you a raccoon-may-well smell from their urine.

You probably want your Golden Retriever to live in your apartment. But living in an apartment is a lot of work and it’s important to take care of one’s grooming needs and cleanliness. To clean up your Golden Retriever’s mess, you will need some serious patience. If your Golden Retriever isn’t house-trained your apartment could always look like a mess.

When you have a Golden Retriever living in your apartment, cleaning up their mess is going to be a challenge. Golden Retrievers love to chase bugs and small animals, so there will be dog hair all over your kitchen and floors. Not to mention the mess and carnage if they chew up your furniture!

Golden Retrievers are the definition of charming, but it is also a responsibility. Living in an apartment or condominium fully takes care of the cleaning needs of your Golden Retriever, but doing so requires some work on your part. 

You have to deal with the shedding

A Golden Retriever is a large breed of dog, which means it sheds a lot of fur.  The biggest issue that comes with owning and caring for a Golden Retriever is frequent shedding.Golden Retrievers shed every two weeks starting at about six weeks of age. This isn’t anything bad per say, but it can become messy and time consuming very quickly. 

Golden Retrievers shed a lot of fur. They shed a coat once every six to eight weeks. Your Golden Retriever will always have some amount of fur on his coat, even if you never groom him. This is normal behavior for Golden Retrievers and is part of the dog’s grooming process. 

You do not need to go through any special grooming steps if you don’t want your Golden Retriever to have any hair because his coat will come off naturally as he sheds. In most cases, removing the excess hair is not necessary due to the Golden Retriever’s undercoat which provides enough protection.

 It is not advisable to keep this dog as a pet in an apartment as he will shed a lot of fur and you will be cleaning up his mess pretty regularly. It’s not advisable for pet parents to keep a Golden Retriever especially if they also have allergies to dog hair.

May get too big in a small apartment

A Golden Retriever is majestic and incredibly intelligent, but they do require a particular space to play and exercise. Your Golden Retriever will get too big for a small apartment and/or yard. 

A lot of people are concerned about the physical and mental health of Golden Retrievers when living in apartments. This is understandable as an apartment is just not big enough for a dog of this size and weight. The Golden Retriever is not the most athletic dog or the strongest dog either. 

People who move into apartments with Golden Retrievers feel they’ll have a lot to deal with since the apartment complex will have a much higher physical presence than they’re used to, not to mention that the dog will need regular grooming and perhaps some daily exercise.

Here’s the thing… your Golden Retriever might grow beyond your current space. You’ll become responsible for not only feeding it every day, but making sure that it has plenty of clean bedding, towels, and a comfortable place to lay down if it gets anxious at night.

Larger breeds of dogs often need more space than small apartments can offer, so if you’ve got an apartment and you’re considering owning a Golden Retriever, it’s best to think about whether your space is big enough before deciding whether or not to bring one into your living situation.

May get separation anxiety

If you are thinking about bringing a Golden Retriever into your home, understand that separation anxiety is real. It is a feeling that your dog might have if you put them in an unfamiliar environment. They will be nervous and might not feel safe. Not to mention, if you leave the apartment without first opening the door for your Golden Retriever, they may feel threatened or too scared to leave.

Knowing how to deal with separation anxiety when your Golden Retriever is afraid of leaving an area can help make your home more comfortable for everyone.

An apartment is an ideal place to bring a Golden Retriever, but you may have some drawbacks to this arrangement. The Golden Retriever may get separation anxiety if you leave the apartment without them. This usually happens if you don’t provide her with plenty of cushion space for exploration and playtime.

They crave attention from their humans. If left alone for extended periods of time, many Golden Retrievers will amp up their desire to please or be cared for by humans. This is precisely what can cause separation anxiety in Golden Retrievers who live in apartments and need—and deserve—the love and attention of those around them.

As Golden Retrievers grow older, they will need more and more attention in order to feel secure and comfortable.

They won’t have space to run around

It is important to consider the drawbacks of an apartment housing a Golden Retriever.  The Golden Retriever is curious and energetic and needs lots of exercise to keep its shape. Unless you have a large property, you may not have enough room for your dog to run around the apartment. 

Your Golden Retriever might sit and wait for you on the couch all day, as this would not be all too encouraging for a dog who naturally enjoys running and jumping as much as possible.

A small, one-bedroom apartment is just not big enough for a Golden Retriever. Therefore, it is important on how much space you give your Golden Retriever. This helps you to ensure that he’ll have enough room to run around and exercise without becoming bored.

You cannot house train a dog if you do not provide a sufficient amount of space. This means that you need to think about it before moving into a smaller home or apartment. The smaller the unit, the harder it will be for your Golden Retriever (if they have separation anxiety issues) and as they get older, they may need more space to exercise and play. 

This dog is extremely energetic and curious and needs plenty of space to run around and are comfortable in its surroundings. If you decide to bring your Golden Retriever into your apartment it is important that you consider all possible space limitations that may exist in your unit. If the apartment has too little space for your dog, this could affect his or her exercise level which may lead to an increased risk of illness and injury as well as less enjoyment of life.

You need to potty train them

A lot of people think that Golden Retrievers are ready to move in with people right away, but this isn’t always the case. Golden Retrievers need a lot of training before they’re ready to be in an apartment.

Potty training takes time and patience. There are actually reasons why you should take care of your Golden dog today so that they don’t become destructive criminals. 

An untrained Golden Retriever will cause mayhem and destruction in your home. They may relieve themselves wherever they feel like it. This is why it’s important to potty train your Golden Retriever right as you move in or before you move in if it’s possible. A Golden Retriever is an intelligent animal and needs to learn some basic potty skills before they can safely live in an apartment.

Potty training is not as simple as doors or pulling on a leash, for example. There are many distractions that must be eliminated or at least minimized for your dog to learn effectively. An apartment for a Golden Retriever is not the easiest place for them to thrive. The same goes for any other dog who has been used to living in apartments (and probably shouldn’t).

I have one myself, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it takes a bit longer for them to get used to living in an apartment. There are numerous things that they need practice doing in the potty area first, including how to use a doggie door, and how to use the crate. 

There are also plenty of opportunities for problems to arise while you’re trying to get them used to live in an apartment — most notably if they get into something where their bladder or constipation prevents them from doing certain things.

are golden retriever good apartment dogs

Final Words 

Golden Retrievers are adorable, smart, and always want to please you. Their cuteness brings joy and happiness to the parent who takes care of them. However, bringing a Golden Retriever inside your apartment can present certain challenges that will need to be overcome before your Golden Retriever becomes a permanent member of your family. So, are Golden Retrievers good apartment dogs? The answer depends on your judgment. 

Do you live with your Golden Retriever in an apartment? Do share your favorite memory with your Golden Retriever if so!

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