are golden retrievers good family dogs

Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs? — Adopt Me!

When you are planning on adopting a Golden Retriever, it’s normal to have some questions. In fact, you might be asking yourself, “Are Golden Retrievers good family dogs?” There are many qualities that make Golden Retriever dogs a good inclusion in your family. You will find that they won’t disappoint you a lot because they are bred to always want to please their family. However, there are a lot more factors as to why a Golden Retriever makes a good family member!

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you why Golden Retrievers make such great family members!

Why are Golden Retrievers good family dogs?

There are many things that make Golden Retrievers good family dogs. This is because of how they were bred. They have the blood of Retrievers, Water Spaniels, Bloodhounds, Irish Setters, and other Retriever breeds as well. They were originally bred to be subservient gun dogs who retrieve the game that hunters have shot down. 

The job of a Golden Retriever is to literally retrieve their owner’s game like ducks, birds, and other smaller forms of hunts. In the modern world, there isn’t as much hunting as there used to be. Golden Retrievers have then transitioned from gun dogs to show dogs, and then to family dogs. Thus, Golden Retrievers are more known in the modern times to be family dogs instead. They may not be used for retrieving hunted animals anymore, but they play a different role in their family.

Why are Golden Retrievers good family dogs, then? There are many other qualities that pet parents prefer about Golden Retrievers. This makes them good family dogs. These qualities center around the behavior of the Golden Retriever. I’ll be sharing why are Golden Retrievers good family dogs and the drawbacks of having a Golden Retriever in your family.

Why are Golden Retrievers good family dogs? Here are the 9 reasons why they’re considered good family dogs:

They are affectionate 

One of the most beloved traits of a Golden Retriever is how affectionate they are towards almost everyone they come across. They are known to love cuddles, pets, praise, and spending one-on-one time with their family. 

A Golden Retriever always loves to receive physical and emotional affection from their pet parents or family. If you are considered family by a Golden Retriever, expect that it will also be affectionate to you too.

You will often find that a Golden Retriever wants to be near his or her family members. Even if that family member is another dog, cat, baby, adult, or elderly person. They will often sleep near their favorite people. Sometimes, they may insist on sleeping in your bed too. As long as you’re not bothered by the amount of fur that they shed, it’s alright for you to welcome them in your bed from time to time.

Golden Retriever dogs love to give affection as much as they love to receive it. Make sure that every once in a while, you make your Golden Retriever feel safe and loved.

They are easy to train

Golden Retriever dogs are very smart. Additionally, they were bred to be subservient, which means that they will always want to please their pet parents. Therefore, that makes them easy to train

You can train your Golden Retriever so that they can control their bladder and know where to go when they need to relieve themselves. A pet parent should also train their Golden Retrievers basic house manners. This will highly improve the way of living of your dog as well as the residents in your household.

I suggest that you start training your Golden Retriever at an early age. That way, they will be able to develop good house manners. This will make them so much easier to live with.

You may start with simple commands like ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ because those are the most common ones that are the bases of other commands as well. After learning sit and stay, you can transition to other commands like “come” or “run.”

Golden Retrievers are also show dogs. That means you can also teach them commands or tricks that will impress other people. These tricks are “roll over,” “speak,” or “play dead.” Those are simply for amusement but don’t really improve or contribute to anything. That makes these tricks totally optional to teach.

They are friendly to other dogs

Golden Retrievers are friendly towards all kinds of animals. Their aggression levels are very low. Your Golden Retriever will not typically show any kind of hostility towards an unfamiliar animal unless they feel threatened. Luckily, Golden Retrievers also do not have territorial issues. Which is what makes Golden Retrievers friendly towards almost all kinds of beings.

A Golden Retriever’s default mood is friendliness and gentleness. Whenever they will encounter something that is not familiar to them, they will usually greet it with curiosity and playfulness. However, there are also other times where a Golden Retriever will be cautious, especially if they smell differently. Nevertheless, a Golden Retriever would not treat this unfamiliar creature with hostility. 

When a new dog or cat is introduced into the family, the Golden Retriever may be cautious and curious around the new family member. However, with time and constant exposure to this new family member, they will eventually feel comfortable around them. They will also treat this new family member as a part of their pack.

An anxious or fidgety Golden Retriever means that they sense something out of the ordinary. This is one way for them to communicate with you that something is wrong. Pay attention to these signs of whining, digging, hiding, shaking or more. It could be a sign of danger or that your Golden Retriever is sick.

They are friendly towards strangers

Golden Retrievers are popular because they are very friendly to strangers. Now, this may not be in relation to them being good family dogs, but hear me out. Imagine taking your Golden Retriever out for a walk. During your walk, another person and his dog look like they’re going to pass by you and your Golden Retriever. If you’re thinking that your Golden Retriever will start barking at them, you’re highly mistaken.

This is because Golden Retrievers are friendly even towards strangers. They don’t have a single bone in their body that will make them think, “Stranger danger!” In fact, they might get over-excited and want to greet these people!

This is why training them to stay put comes in handy. The fact that your Golden Retriever is trained to follow commands will make your daily walks a lot easier. They won’t get the urge to bark, chase, or get aggressive towards things or people who are unfamiliar. 

Only take your Golden Retriever out for walks if you are strong enough to hold them back if they want to run off. Additionally, I also highly suggest that you train your Golden Retriever enough until they are considered well-behaved before taking them out into the world.

Do not encourage your Golden Retriever to be overly-friendly to other dogs and people. You may never know if you are crossing a boundary with those people or not. It’s always good and polite to approach them with a calm and relaxed energy. 

They are good with kids

Why else are Golden Retriever good family dogs? Another big factor that makes them great for families of any size is that they are good with kids. They have a natural tendency to protect young things that are helpless. You will find that either a male or female Golden Retriever will want to sleep or even lounge around a newborn child or a puppy and kitten. 

Their protective tendencies makes a Golden Retriever a great protector inside the home. A Golden Retriever will always keep an eye on the babies that they feel protective of. This is a trait that you do not teach dogs. This protectiveness comes from within, and that’s what makes them such great family dogs. 

Other than being friendly to other animals and people, they will always want to protect the people they love.

Golden Retrievers are not aggressive dogs by default. However, they are great family dogs because they will protect you when they feel that something will put you in harm’s way. Keep in mind that an agitated Golden Retriever will probably not bite or attack unless they were trained.

When the situation calls for them to be aggressive towards an invader or enemy, they will be pushed to bite but not severely attack the enemy.

In short, you should not be worried if your Golden Retriever will be aggressive towards anyone or any animal. They will only be aggressive when prompted by a dangerous source or situation.

are golden retrievers good family dogs

They are very playful

Golden Retrievers have so much energy and playfulness, right? Well, even if you’re not a dog lover, you must agree that a Golden Retriever is one of the most playful dogs out there.

These adorable pups will make sure to bring out the playfulness in you! You’ll be playing with them for hours without even noticing it. These puppies are loving and friendly towards all.

Learning to play is how your puppy learns to interact with other dogs. When they’re playing with each other, they’re learning important social skills. Playing with toys will help teach your pup some valuable lessons about how to bite gently and fight fairly. Plus, when you play with your pet, it will help strengthen the bond between the two of you.

While Goldens are smart dogs, they are also the world’s most popular dog breed because of their intelligence and gentle demeanor with children. The ideal home for a Golden is one in which a family is looking for a playful, loving and friendly companion for themselves and their children. Look on the faces of dogs here ready to play and see why it’s hard not to love ‘em!

The Golden Retrievers are playful, loving and affectionate, and they crave human companionship. Ultimately, being playful is part of who the Golden Retrievers are. Golden Retrievers are one of the most playful breeds available today. Their playfulness can be seen in everything they do; the way they run, how they interact with their family, and how they interact with other animals.

They are very smart

Let’s admit it, canines in general are very clever creatures. Most people think that all dogs are just another version of a pet or something to play with for hours on end. But surprisingly enough, dogs can prove to be remarkably intelligent and amazing creatures.

However, not every dog breed is the same. Some breeds are highly intelligent while others may surprise you by showing their capabilities through amusing tricks.

One such brilliant breed of dog is the Golden Retriever. These furry friends might look as if they’re asking you for more affection but these animals have a great deal of intelligence and an astounding memory, making them a dream pet to own!

Finding a dog who has the personality, energy and level of intelligence you’re looking for is not always easy. And when you do find a dog that fits the bill, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

However, Golden Retrievers are very intelligent with a powerful but gentle personality. They can understand over 250 words, are highly friendly and such good-natured dogs. Not the kind of dog you want to leave hanging around an office all day. So whether you need a loyal and energetic companion to pee on your shoes or something with a bit more brain power, a Golden Retriever is the pet for you.

Golden Retriever puppies may be cute as babies, but their intelligence kicks in once they start walking. Golden retrievers can carry things for longer distances than most dogs their size, and can keep pace with their humans without issue. They can learn tricks fast and are eager to please. Their intelligence makes them valuable members of families. This smart dog makes great family dogs and good companions.

They love being around you

Golden Retrievers make great family dogs. Anytime, anywhere, you can take your Golden Retriever with you on an adventure. Even when the weather is bad, the bright colors of Golden Retrievers make it less noticeable because of their cheery demeanor. You can take them on vacation and they will be excited to see their families again. They can be trusted on dark trails, but they enjoy being around people too.

They enjoy staying with you rather than in a kennel or an independent place. That being said, Golden Retriever puppies don’t go anywhere without their mother or the person that they consider as their guardian. They can be very curious about everything that comes around them including other animals. So if you want a happy and healthy life for your Golden Retriever, make sure that you spend some time with them always.

Golden retrievers are considered as one of the favorite dog breeds in the entire world. They make great family dogs and great pets for people who don’t want to get too heavy in terms of weight because they need rigorous exercise on a daily basis. Golden retrievers make great pets because they boast a loyal, confident, and friendly nature that makes them easy to manage and leads to lots of love.

A family dog or a pet for people who aren’t looking for too much maintenance, the breed has been used as both. This choice is great for families and for those who are looking to get a pet that they can easily manage. The Golden Retriever is ultra-friendly and loves nothing more than showing their love to their owners while also wanting to be with them at all times.

They love exercise

Golden Retriever puppies have big hearts and can find exercise in just about anything. They love to play fetch and go for long walks. They enjoy being picked up by their pet parents and being carried around too! This dog has a lot of energy but needs quiet time to recharge as well.

Exercise should be an enjoyable experience that does not cause discomfort for your Golden Retriever or interfere with his training schedule (if he does have one). If your Golden Retriever goes for a run or walk, make sure you give him plenty of time and space. Make sure he has a wide path leading to the door so he has nowhere else to go but back home when he wants to go outside.

Golden retrievers are the perfect family dog. They enjoy staying with you on a hot summer day or taking walks with you at the mall. They’re calm and friendly, making them an excellent dog for children to interact with. Regardless of where you house your Golden Retriever, make sure that she has plenty of exercise. This means running, playing fetch, or giving her a walk on a leash. Give them long walks after a warm meal so that their metabolism is firing on all cylinders. This will make sure that they have a lot of energy to keep going throughout the day.

Is there anything bad about Golden Retrievers?

Of course there are disadvantages to owning a Golden Retriever. Any breed of dog has its drawbacks, but Golden Retrievers in particular have several just because of their size. However, there are a lot of undesirable things about this breed, which makes owning a Golden Retriever a lot more work than it needs to be. 

They are a great dog for the first few years of their life, but are easily bored and generally won’t do well if left unattended for long periods of time. Eventually they become destructive and become a menace to themselves and others around them.

There are many drawbacks of owning a Golden Retriever, just like there are many ways that you can’t be any good at anything without experiencing some kind of setback. Learning how to work with your dog involves a certain amount of self-discipline and skill. You’ll have to do things your way, and if you don’t know what you’re doing and why, you won’t be able to create anything great.

The following list aims to address these drawbacks so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not to spend your money on a Golden Retriever. Here are the 4 drawbacks of owning a Golden Retriever:

They are prone to health problems

Golden retrievers are popular amongst family members and friends because they make a great addition to any household. They are loyal, affectionate dogs, and make great pets due to their loyalty. However, many dog owners who have them share the fact that these dogs are prone to health problems. Most golden retriever owners recommend against owning Golden Retrievers until they get to know the symptoms of ear infections and sinus problems (among other complaints).

Many people who own golden retrievers may worry that these dogs are prone to health problems or temperament problems. While these dogs can get the occasional problem resolved — such as ear infection or allergies — there are far more serious health issues that can occur as time goes on without proper care. Golden Retriever puppies should stay with the family rather than in an independent place until they are able to protect themselves against potentially harmful insect bites, intestinal blockages and other problems.

Health problems include incontinence, pancreatitis, hip dysplasia and an enlarged prostate. And stomach problems are pretty common too, as puppies deal with changes in their intestinal lining which can lead to ulcers and damage if left untreated.

They can be loud

Golden retrievers are known for barking, jumping, and biting. The sound of these dogs can cause problems both for the people around them and for those who live near them. Nowadays, people are trying very hard to manage their dog’s noise level.

However, keep in mind that a Golden Retriever may be loud because he or she is agitated. As soon as you find the source of your dog’s stress, you will be able to lessen his noise levels.

They have a tendency to chew

Golden retrievers are the best dogs out there, with their strong backbone and loyalty to their owner. People love these dogs to pieces, and for good reason. The Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog, and one you should definitely consider if you have the money to spare. However, there have been numerous reports of Golden Retriever biting and chewing on things that shouldn’t – including people, furniture, and even other dogs.

A Golden Retriever has the tendency to chew on things and leave the mess for others to clean up. Some people believe this behavior is strange and/or bad, while others think it is cute and funny. 

There have been many reports of dog chewing and eating bones as puppies, so now it is really important for you to know what you can do to keep your puppy from chewing on things that are not supposed to be chewed by a dog or even human beings.

They require a lot of exercise

Golden Retriever dogs are incredibly affectionate and loyal and make great family dogs. However, they do require a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy and spayed or neutered. This makes Golden Retriever prices a little higher than other breeds and makes them an interesting choice for someone who wants to get into shape.

Dogs need physical activity so they are able to stay mentally fit. There are many Golden Retriever Activity Plans on the market that you can choose from and which one best meets your family’s needs. 

Unfortunately, the breed is also high in fat, which makes it difficult for Golden retrievers to keep in shape. That’s why Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy. This means that they don’t make great pets for the lazy. If you are unable or unwilling to provide this kind of exercise then Golden Retriever may not be the right dog for you. They have an active and energetic nature that requires exercise on a daily basis as much as possible.

are golden retrievers good family dogs

Final Words

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can answer “Are Golden Retrievers good family dogs?” Based on what you read in this article, it’s your decision whether or not to adopt or purchase a Golden Retriever for your family. Personally, I believe that Golden Retrievers are great family dogs because they offer lifetime companionship and protection. Plus, they have goofy personalities that are just adorable.

What do you think? Are Golden Retrievers good family dogs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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