At What Age Is a Golden Retriever Full Grown?

Your golden retriever puppy will go through developmental milestones in the first three months. Once they reach 12 to 16 weeks old, they will be leaving behind their puppy cuteness and start resembling their adult counterparts. When they reach 3 to 6 months, your puppy will grow so fast that it seems to look different every single day. At what age is a golden retriever full grown? Once they reach six months old, their rapid growth will start to peter out. At this stage, male Golden retrievers will generally weigh between the ranges of 65 and 75 pounds and can stand up to 24 inches tall. Females will be smaller and be in the weight range of 55 to 65 pounds. They will grow to stand up to 22.5 inches tall.

Golden Retriever Growth – at What Age Is a Golden Retriever Full Grown?


At what age is a golden retriever full grown? Once they reach four months, your Golden puppy will reach half of their potential height. At six-month age, they will be two-thirds of their weight as full adults. Golden retrievers will reach their maximum height by the time they are a year old.

However, they make not reach their full weight until 18 months of age.

You might be surprised at the cost of buying and caring for a Golden retriever. It is crucial to know how much money you can put aside for a puppy before purchasing one. At what age is a golden retriever full grown?

When it comes to cognitive development, Golden retrievers might take longer to fully mature. However, keep in mind that every puppy is unique,

Ideal Puppy Weight – at What Age Is a Golden Retriever Full Grown?

At what age is a golden retriever full grown? There are huge variations when it comes to the sizes of puppies. There is no straight answer when it comes to the ideal puppy weight. Every dog will vary in their growth and development. The uniqueness of their inherited genes will be carried over in the adult stage. Disparities may exist between working golden retrievers and those bred for show. There will also likewise be differences between male and female goldens. At what age is a golden retriever full grown?

You might find that Golden retriever puppy development can be quite irregular. However, it is crucial to be vigilant about your puppies to make sure they’re not developing too fast or too slowly.

Overall, Golden retriever pups will weigh about 1.5 pounds for each week of age.

At three months, your Golden pup might weigh about 22 pounds, and at six months, they can weigh up to 44 pounds.

Keep in mind that variations in weight happen within any breed.

It is crucial to understand your dog well so you can interpret if they are happy. You might also be more sensitive when something is off.

The Growth Rate in Golden Retriever Types

  • Golden retrievers are under the gun dog category. These dogs are further divided into those bred for show and those for work.
  • But you will find that their physical differences are minimal.
  • However, the bodies of show dogs will be typically larger, taller, and heavy build. They are also fuller at the chest.
  • If the puppy obtained is from a working -type ancestry, don’t be surprised if they weigh a little below average.

Small Parents

Similar to humans, puppies will inherit the physical characteristics of their parents. If your puppy has small parents, it follows that they will be smaller than average throughout their life span. At what age is a golden retriever full grown?

However, it is not only genes that will dictate how big your puppy will be. Even in the same litter, puppies can vary in size. Neutering, nutrition, care, and maintenance, as well as individual health, are factors that can influence the size of your puppy.

Nutrition and Puppy Growth – at What Age Is a Golden Retriever Full Grown?

  • Puppies that don’t have enough nutrition or are fed a low-quality meal will not grow properly. However, in progressive countries, a dog might likely be overfed. Either extreme is not good for your puppy.
  • Large breeds such as the Golden retriever are at a higher risk of growth disorders compared to smaller breeds.
  • It is crucial to note that the type, quality, and amount of food are factors.

Illness and Puppy Growth

  • If your puppy suffered an illness for a prolonged period, it might impact their potential to grow normally.
  • Illnesses such as being infested with intestinal worms like hookworms and roundworms can take away calories and ultimately impact your puppy’s growth.
  • But once the worms are eliminated from the puppy, they should continue growing at a normal rate.
  • If you have any concerns about your puppy’s growth rate, it is crucial to consult with your vet to make sure there are zero underlying medical issues.

Does Your Puppy Have a Normal Weight for His Age? – at What Age Is a Golden Retriever Full Grown?

  • The best way to find out if your puppy is too thin or too fat is by examining how he looks and feels. When you are viewing your puppy from above, you should be able to notice their waistline.
  • Another way to know is by touching their sides. You should feel their ribs after applying gentle pressure.
  • If you can’t feel the ribs your Golden retriever might be overweight.
  • But if you can see the ribs, they might be underweight.
  • Keep in mind that obesity is a health problem for a majority of dog breeds.
  • Many adult golden retrievers are obese.

How Can I Make My Puppy Become Bigger?

There are plenty of methods to make your puppy grow larger. But it is something you shouldn’t attempt.

Overfeeding your puppy can hasten their growth rate resulting in damage to their joints. It might also result in a fat puppy.

Instead, it would help if you focused on ensuring that they stay within a healthy weight range. By doing so, you guarantee that your puppy will have a long and healthy life.

It is crucial to note that hip and elbow dysplasia and other skeletal disorders are rooted in excess weight in large breeds such as Golden retrievers.

Neutering them at a young age also impacts their size causing them to grow taller.

Sex hormones manage growth and trigger the cessation of development. In dogs that have been neutered, growth will continue. The problem is it causes abnormalities in the joints.

Neutering also leaves Golden retrievers at a higher risk for developing certain types of cancer.

When Is My Puppy an Adult? – at What Age Is a Golden Retriever Full Grown?

at what age is a golden retriever full grown

As a general rule, your Golden retriever is an adult dog by 18 months. In some cases, they reach their full height between 9 to 12 months. However, they will need to fill out their full weight completely. At what age is a golden retriever full grown?

Keep in mind that there are huge variations in the size within the Golden retriever.

Don’t be worried about the weight of your puppy unless they are far from the average.

In this case, you should consult with your vet and seek advice and recommendations. It is crucial to know and understand your puppy so you can tell if there is a problem.

Final thoughts

You might be curious at what age is a golden retriever full grown. Puppies develop drastically, and you might be wondering when their development will ever stop. However, you will notice that they are fully grown by their size and behavioral changes. Full-grown Golden retrievers will be in a certain height and weight, have temperament changes, and ease hyperphysical activities.

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