Best Brush for Golden Retriever Shedding: 5 Top Options For Grooming Your Pet

If you find out that your pet is shedding a lot, then you have to get the right tools for grooming it. The most common option would be a grooming brush. Well, if you are not sure where to start looking, then this is the guide for you. We look at the best brush for golden retriever shedding in this guide.

By the end of the guide, you should have enough information about what makes a brush good for your pet. It would then be easier to pick the right one for the job.

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Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush
PetHaven Dog Brush Grooming Kit
PET PULL Complete Professional Pet Grooming Kit
The Pet Portal Dog or Cat Brush for Shedding and Grooming
FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

Types of Brushes

Before you can choose the best brush for golden retriever shedding, it is best to understand the various options available. Below are the common types of brushes in the market.

Pin Brush

A pin brush will have long and wide spaced wire pins. Such a brush is ideal for brushing the topcoats while at the same time removing tangles. It is not the best for removing the stubborn mats or undercoat loose hair.

Such a brush is ideal for long-coated dogs such as the golden retrievers. Having the rubber tips makes the pins comfortable for your pet.

Bristle Brush

The bristle brush does the same job as the pin brush only that it is more multipurpose. This makes it an ideal choice for the short-coated dogs. You can still use the same for the longer-coated breeds too.

The brush is likely to have different bristle lengths in addition to spacings making them versatile. So, you can choose the correct model depending on the application.

The brush is also good at stimulating the skin of your pet.

Rubber Brush

The rubber brush has short bristles as part of the design. Its work is mostly to massage the dog and remove dead hair.

Because of the length of their bristles, they are mostly good for the short-coated dogs.

Undercoat Rake

The undercoat rake as the name suggests is good at removing the dead hair deep in the coat during the shedding season. It is also a good choice if you have to detangle the undercoat even more.

Such brushes are available in different lengths. As such, you might want to consider picking the right one depending on the dog breed which in this case is the golden retriever.

How to Choose the Best Brush for Golden Retriever Shedding

The Type of Brush

We have already looked at some of the common types of brushes above. From these brushes, you should have all the information you need for buying the right brush for a golden retriever.

An undercoat rake is often seen as the best choice for going deep into the coat to remove as much dead hair as possible. You can choose the other brushes too depending on your needs for a brush.

Handle and Size

To make it easier for you to brush the pet’s coat, look for a brush with a big and ergonomic handle. You will be able to save your arm from feeling fatigued all the time. Such a brush should also feel comfortable to hold and non-slip too.

Coat Length

The coat length can vary from medium to medium-long for most goldens. So, before you can decide to pick the best brush for golden retriever shedding, look at its coat length. From the coat length, you can find something that different brush manufacturers recommend for such a coat size.

Coat condition

There are some golden retrievers that would tend to shed even more during their shedding season. As such, look at what brush would be ideal for such applications.

Take the time to assess the coat condition before making up your mind about the brush. You want to make sure that the brush you choose is properly sized for your golden retriever.

Skin Condition

Sometimes the golden retriever might have some skin conditions such as skin bumps, rashes, dry skin, or even skin allergies. Whenever you choose a brush, keep these conditions in mind. This is because you would not want the brush bristles to hurt the pet when brushing.

Top 5 Best Brushes for Golden Retriever Shedding

Our Top Pick

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

This is a top choice for those who might want to consider a brush for grooming their shedding golden retriever. The model is designed for removing up to 95% of dead hair and the tangles from your dog with ease. Within just 10 minutes, you will notice a big difference in terms of how the dog looks.

The manufacturer also made it to be a highly durable shedding tool. Compared to some other models in the market, sometimes you can get them requiring replacing more often. This one is made to last for years even if you use it more often for grooming.

The model has a stainless steel blade that can last for a long longer compared to some other models in the market. There is also the easy grip handle that makes sure you have the best control over the brushing activity when using it on your pet. As a result, you now end up with a long lasting deshedding tool for your pet.

The design of the blade does not cause any discomfort for the pet. It is why you would find it commonly being used by several pet owners.


  • It is a highly durable brush
  • It is affordable
  • The handle improves ease of handling the brush


  • It might not be the best for short hair breeds

Runner’s Up

PetHaven Dog Brush Grooming Kit

Anyone who is looking for the best brush for golden retriever shedding would be happy to get this one. It is designed to be a great option as a 5-in-1 tool. Once you buy the package, you get a dematting comb, deshedding comb, pin brush, bath brush, and more. Such a package should make it a lot easier to groom your pet all the time and have it looking great.

We must point out that the brush heads come with a secure locking design. Such a design is comfortable and ergonomic. This is to ensure that you end up with a comfort grip and anti-slip handles. When working on grooming your pet, you need a comfortable handle and this one provides you with that.

The kit is made of BPA free materials. Such plastic materials are all about durability and performance. You are likely to use the kit more often to ensure that you enjoy grooming the pet without worrying that it might affect the pet.


  • The kit features non-slip handles for ease of use
  • The brush is good at effectively dealing with a shedding dog
  • Being BPA free makes the tools in the kit safe


  • You have to do several passes to remove the deep hairs

PET PULL Complete Professional Pet Grooming Kit

This is still the best brush for golden retriever shedding applications. It comes as a full package important for making your grooming work a lot easier. You will notice that the brush can get deep into the coat to remove as much dead hair as possible.

The dog will be comfortable whenever you use this brush to help in removing the knots, tangles, and dander. This is because you can switch to the soft bristle brush for such applications. Unlike other brushes that might be hard on your pet’s skin, this one stands out as a good choice.

To make your job a lot easier, the package also includes a pair of grooming gloves. The five-finger design makes it easier to grab the brush and groom the pet even better. This design is also good for getting to the hard-to-reach areas with the brush. Such include the legs, face, and tails.


  • It is a whole package of various tools to groom your pet
  • It includes grooming gloves for more applications
  • The deshedding brush is highly effective at grooming


  • Limited color options availability

The Pet Portal Dog or Cat Brush for Shedding and Grooming

For those who do not want to spend much, this best brush for golden retriever shedding is a nice consideration. The manufacturer made it to be good for small to medium sized pet breeds. There is no doubt it would be a great choice for those in the market for a brush.

The design of the brush makes it good at various grooming aspects. This includes the removal of mats, dirt, loose fur, tangles, and much more. The best part is that you do not have to use a lot of effort to groom your pet.

Your pet will love this grooming tool as it is made to be comfortable. You also get to enjoy its comfortable and non-slip handle. Such a handle will make it easier for you to control the brush each time you are using it.

It is also easy to clean this grooming brush. This is because it comes with a self-cleaning feature. When you push the button, the brush will wipe the hair off the brush leaving it looking good and ready for the next grooming session.


  • The brush is comfortable
  • The bristles are soft thus not irritating the pet
  • Cleaning the brush is easy


  • The brush colors tend to fade faster


FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

Last but not least is this other best brush for golden retriever shedding. The brush is seen as an ideal choice for those looking for a good brush that delivers the best grooming performance. The brush can work even for the large dogs weighing more than 50 pounds. It should easily stand out as a great option for you to consider.

The tool is ideal for removing loose hair as it can reach deep into the coat and remove as much lose hair as possible. The best part is that it will not scratch or cut through the skin. There is no doubt your pet will always be comfortable each time you use such a deshedding brush.

To make it easy to use, the manufacturer included a fur ejector button too. Whenever you press it, the tool will release the hair with ease. As such, cleaning of the brush is a lot easier compared to some competitor models.

The handle ergonomics are on another level. The ergonomics are all about making the brush comfortable and improving on grooming. You are guaranteed of the best performance when you keep using it more often.


  • The model has impressive handle ergonomics
  • The fur ejector button makes it easier to clean the brush
  • It is good for removing the undercoat shedding


  • A few complaints about its durability



How often should you brush a golden retriever?

It depends on the type of grooming you are doing. That is why the brushing frequency can be daily, weekly, or monthly. The daily brushing is for dealing with tangles and mats before they become too many.

What should you avoid when grooming your golden retriever?

You should avoid using a brush that will hurt the pet. Some brushes have sharp bristles that might negatively affect the golden retriever. It is then important to pick the correct brush while considering the pet’s skin condition.

Should you groom a puppy?

It is advisable to wait until the puppy is 12 weeks before you can start grooming it. Even at this point, you should only use a soft bristle brush only. The last thing you want is to hurt the pet’s skin.


Golden retrievers are fun dogs to own. It is why you might want to take good care of them if you have them in your home. From the list above of the best brush for golden retriever shedding, it becomes easier to find something that works great for your pet. Always take the time to research more about the brush before settling on one. This ensures that you end up with the best brush for the job.

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