Best Companion Dog for Beagle

Beagles are known to be a friendly and loving breed who are friendly with other dogs. They are extremely social and have been bred as pack dogs. They have high levels of energy and enjoy company. It only follows that they will want to make a new dog in their home, their friend. When you adopt the best companion dog for Beagle, it is crucial to be cautious with introductions. It is best to put the two dogs in neutral territory and walk them together. After you find that they are comfortable with each other’s company, you can finally bring them indoors.

Make sure you provide your Beagle with plenty of opportunities for socialization. You’ll find that they make friends quickly. If you follow the necessary steps, you’re on your way to having a happy multiple dog household.

Bringing New Dogs Into Your Home – Best Companion Dog for Beagle


Bringing dogs indoors to share a home is a bit more complex than meeting outdoors. The reason is your Beagle has territorial instincts and at first, may become hostile to the new dog. They might perceive them as an intruder.

To make sure no accidents occur, arrange your Beagle and the new dog to meet each other several times in neutral territory. Once you find they are already friends, they can be happily integrated into your home.

Top X  Best Companion Dog for Beagle


Labradors can be the best companion dog for Beagle. Both breeds have high energy levels, playful, and extremely friendly.

Labs and Beagles get along very well. Together they can live happily. You will find that they will enjoy playing in your backyard and might even sleep together and play together. Labs and Beagles are simply picture-perfect.

If you have children in your family, a Labrador is a great addition. Similar to Beagles, they’re friendly with children as well. They can manage the antics of children and can tolerate being picked.


You might want to consider another Beagles for your home. It is a good choice since these two dogs will know each other well. Beagles are pack dogs, and they prefer being in a group. Adding another Beagle to your family will make them extremely happy.

Beagles will genuinely care for each other. Also, they are an energetic breed and require lots of playtime throughout the day. If you enjoy physical activity and exercise yourself, you’ll find that two Beagles are better than one.

Golden Retriever

Beagles and Golden retrievers share many traits. They have a similar temperament. Both breeds are friendly, playful, energetic as well as affectionate. A bonus is they get along well with kids.

Golden retrievers are the best companion dog for Beagle. They are people pleasers making them highly trainable. Goldens are one of the top breeds in America and for a good reason. They are affectionate and kind towards their human owners and other animals.

Similar to Beagles, Golden retrievers require high levels of physical activity. They are adaptable to any lifestyle, but they do need regular exercise.


This breed may not be the best choice as the best companion dog for Beagle. But if you want a more laid-back temperament, then an Airedale is a perfect choice. This breed is the calming balance to your hyperactive household.

Even though they are not as active as Beagles, make no mistake, they have high energy at times. They are bred to be athletic dogs, and they need regular physical activity.


Another best companion dog for Beagle is Boxers. Boxers are an energetic breed who enjoy attention from their human owners. They can integrate well into families with a lot of people and other pets.

But it is crucial to socialize the Boxer properly. Give equal attention to every dog in your household. If you show more love to one pet than the other, it can promote jealousy between your animals.


If your Beagle is entering their senior years and becoming more sedentary, then a Dachshund is the best companion dog.

Dachshunds have high levels of energy but not comparable to Beagles. Both breeds are loving, friendly, and affectionate.

It also helps that both of them belong to the scent hound category. You will have hours of fun playing scent games with both dogs.

You might find that they are relatively low maintenance since they are smaller in size and adjust well to every lifestyle.

Cocker Spaniels

Both types, English and American Cocker spaniels, can prove to be the best companion dog for Beagle. Cocker spaniels are affectionate and playful/. Nothing much will upset them.

Cocker spaniels are also people-pleasers making them highly trainable. This breed is playful and gentle, and they can withstand the unpredictable behavior of kids and tolerate being picked up by them.

But you will need to make sure that you provide equal attention to both dogs. Keep in mind that both breeds are hungry for love and might become insecure. They don’t want to compromise when it comes to your attention.


Similar to Beagles, Greyhounds were bred for hunting. They have a long tradition of being used in the hunt to target small game. They are an extremely athletic build known for their speed.

Greyhounds can have a mind-boggling speed of 40 miles per hour. In the dog world, Greyhounds are the Ferrari. Since they are athletic dogs, they require regular physical activity much more than Beagles.

They are also well known for their obedience and discipline.

Keep in mind that Greyhounds crave your love. They are vulnerable to separation anxiety and cannot be left alone in the house for long periods. They are calm and even-tempered and can be integrated into prominent families.

Greyhounds and Beagles are fantastic company for each other.


Poodles and Beagles share similar traits. Both breeds are extremely energetic, affectionate and enjoy playing games and socialization.

With proper introduction, both of them can become each other’s BFF.

Poodles are a highly intelligent breed, and they are known to be smart and clever, with a good attitude to match. They are easy-going dogs.

If you own Beagle then you already know their quirks. They can be stubborn and mischievous. Poodles are the opposite. You might find that training poodles are much easier than Beagles.

Great Dane

If you want a gentle giant in your multi-dog household, then a Great Danes might be a good choice. This breed is affectionate as well as playful.

But you might find that they are not as energetic as your tiny monster. However, they do require regular walks. They are gentle giants with a big heart.

A few Great Danes could exhibit aggression, especially towards stray dogs and unknown dogs. It is advisable to adopt a Great Dane as a puppy and raise them with your Beagle.

Dogs With the Lowest Compatibility With Beagles

best companion dog for Beagle

You might want to steer clear from the following breeds if you’re considering a new companion for your Beagle:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Boerboel
  • Bull Terrier
  • Shar Pei
  • American Pit Bull

Final thoughts

As a general rule, the Beagle breed will be happy to receive a new dog in the house. By nature, dogs are pack animals, and they want to be in a group. In modern multi-pet households, some breeds of dogs can even get along with cats, which are traditionally viewed as their mortal enemy. Another dog will be a stimulating companion for your Beagle, and you will enjoy watching over them having fun times together.


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