best Golden Retriever breeders Midwest

12 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in the Midwest

Aside from hotdishes, ranch, and Big Ten Teams, the Midwest is also home to some of the finest Golden Retriever breeders. There are many legitimate breeders in the 12-state region, making it easy to find the right choice if you’re planning to own this dog. For this post, we listed 12 of the best Golden Retriever breeders Midwest, one for each state.

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and docile dogs, so it’s not hard to fall in love with them. This is the reason why many breeders in the Midwest decided to focus on this dog of all breed options.

See which of these breeders are found near you!

12 Best Golden Retriever Breeders Midwest

1. Sleepy Morning Goldens (Twin Cities, Minnesota)

best Golden Retriever breeders Midwest

If you’re located near or in Minnesota, you should definitely check the Sleepy Morning Goldens. This breeder is located in Twin Cities and is headed by Kimberly Jilek.

This breeder is a member of the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club, Golden Retriever Club of America, and Minnesota Pet Breeders Association.

All the Golden pups from Sleepy Morning Goldens are AKC-registered and have undergone rigorous health testing. This includes a full genetic test, OFA CAER, OFA, hip and elbow dysplasia, and more. The pup you’ll get comes with a 1-year health guarantee together with an AKC certification.

Should you fail to care for the Golden Retriever pup, the Sleepy Morning Goldens are willing to take the pup back for rehoming. However, no refunds will be made. 

Most of all, all the Golden Retriever puppies from this breeder will be desensitized to various stimuli. Sleepy Morning Goldens also conduct Volhardt Personality Test on their pups to check their temperament. This is aside from other enrichment programs and activities they conduct.

Waiting time: At least 9 months
Puppy cost: $3,500 to $4,500

2. Priderock Golden Retrievers (Redkey, Indiana)

For those in Indiana, the Priderock Golden Retrievers in Redkey is the breeder to be. Layla Williams is the head of the pack here, and she’s also a CHIC-certified Puppy Culture Breeder. Layla is also a member of the Anderson Kennel Club and the Golden Retriever Club of America.

The puppies from this breeder are raised around two kids. They are also exposed to various household stimuli to ensure that the pups will thrive as family pets.

Unlike other breeders, Layla plans each litter carefully. She and her family provide early neurological stimulation as well as other Puppy Culture principles in raising each litter.

Moreover, each puppy they produce is bundled with an AKC registration, microchip, and enrolment to AKC Reunite. You’ll also get a 2-year health agreement, lifetime breeder support, a health certificate from a vet, and a few puppy items. The Goldie pup is also vaccinated and wormed based on its age.

Just note that Layla is the one to choose which dog is sent to a specific buyer.

Waiting time: At least 6 months
Puppy cost: Starts at $3,000
Breeder contact info: 765-283-4269

3. Light Hill Goldens (Clever, Missouri)

best Golden Retriever breeders Midwest

The Light Hill Goldens is owned by Jill Musser. They are an AKC Breeder with H.E.A.R.T, CHIC-Certified, and Puppy Culture Breeder. These are proof that the puppy you’re going to get has undergone topnotch testing and early puppyhood stimulation.

Jill raises each litter inside their home, together with her kids. They consider each Golden Retriever puppy as part of the family, which gives the litter the socialization they need.

Take note that Jill only breeds a limited number of litters to ensure the quality of each pup. She also wants to maintain the family element in raising the puppies.

As of this writing, Light Hill Goldens have planned litters until 2022, which is open for reservations. All the puppies are covered by a 2-year health guarantee and a 30-month guarantee against genetic conditions.

The best thing about Light Hill Goldens is they offer two training options. They have the 3-week Welcome Home Class and a 4-Week Puppy Jump Start Class. All of which are available for a separate cost. This way, you’ll have full guidance in raising your new Golden Retriever.

Waiting time: At least 9 months
Puppy cost: $2,100 to $2,300
Breeder contact info: 918-633-2387 |

4. Topmast Goldens (Otisville, Michigan)

In Michigan, Topmast Goldens is one of the reputable breeders of Golden Retrievers. Many of their puppies excel in sporting events and as family pets.

Pat Swallows is the breeder behind the Topmast Goldens. She’s an AKC Breeder of Merit and an Avidog Associate. She’s also a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America as well as Marshbanks Golden Retriever Club of S Cen. MI.

Pat has owned Golden Retrievers for 48 years now. She started breeding 15 years ago, where she focuses on breeding hunting and working canines. So if you’re looking for a dog that will be happy performing tasks, Topmast Goldens is the right breeder for you.

As a small hobby breeder, Pat only produces one litter a year. With this, waiting time is quite long, but definitely worth it if you want a well-rounded canine.

The best thing about Topmast Goldens is they provide a 5-year health warranty on all their puppies. This is by far the longest guarantee we’ve seen on a breeder. That speaks a lot about Pat’s confidence in the quality of the puppies they produce.

Waiting time: More than 12 months
Puppy cost: Starts at $2,000
Breeder contact info: 810-397-6511 |

5. Buschur’s Dream Goldens (Saint Henry, Ohio)

best Golden Retriever breeders Midwest

Buschur’s Dream Goldens come from champion bloodlines that excel in the field. Nevertheless, the pups also make great family pets.

Craig Buschur is the breeder in charge, and he’s also a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America. He’s a hobby breeder and only produces 1 to 2 litters a year to maintain the quality of the puppies.

Aside from that, Craig performs early neurological stimulation on all the puppies together with desensitization and stimuli exposure. The puppies also undergo the Volhardt Personality Test and a slew of health checks.

Take note that the puppies from Buschur’s are sold with a limited registration. If you wish your dog to have a full AKC registration, you need to shoulder the needed vet examinations and clearances.

While this might be an inconvenience, Buschur offers a full refund if the Golden Retriever pup is diagnosed with a serious defect or illness. Just make sure that you get the puppy checked within 7 days upon the day of arrival.

Overall, all the puppies from Craig Buschur are covered by a 2-year health guarantee for congenital and genetic defects.

Waiting time: at least 6 months
Puppy cost: $2,000 to $2,500
Breeder contact info: 419-678-8644

6. White Diamond Goldens (Joliet, Illinois)

White Diamond Goldens is a home-based breeder in Joliet, Illinois. Betsy Laakso is the breeder behind White Diamond Goldens, who focuses on producing affectionate and trainable family dogs.

Betsy breeds English Cream Golden Retrievers with health-tested parents through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). White Diamond Goldens is also an AKC Breeder with H.E.A.R.T.

All the puppies sent to the buyers are microchipped and have passed rigorous health checks. Some of it include hip and elbow dysplasia, CERF eye test, MSU thyroid test, PRA 1 & 2, and heart tests, among others.

Aside from that, the Golden Retriever puppies are AKC-registered and have received vaccinations based on their age.

Just remember that Betsy doesn’t ship the pups. You’ll have to pick it up from them, or they can meet you at the airport. This guarantees the safety of the puppies and ensures that the owner is sincere in getting the dog.

Waiting time: At least 12 months
Puppy cost: Please contact the breeder
Breeder contact info: (708) 878-9898 | |

7. SureFire Golden Retrievers (Overland Park, Kansas)

For those of you who are looking for a Golden Retriever breeder in Kansas, the SureFire Golden Retrievers in Overland Park is a legitimate choice.

Beverly Weaver is the breeder here and is a member of the Agility Club of Kansas City. She’s been showing dogs for 30 years now and recently started breeding Goldies from champion bloodlines.

Aside from that, Beverly is an occasional breeder, so the availability of the puppies varies. Nevertheless, all the pups have undergone strict testing to rule out eye, joint, thyroid, and congenital defects.

SureFire Golden Retrievers are focused on producing pups with good structure, excellent temperature, and sporty nature. Also, Beverly prides on the dog’s field coat that dries easily, which ranges in red to dark gold colors.

The puppy you’ll get comes with an AKC registration, though there’s no solid health guarantee. You must bring the dog to the vet within 72 hours after receiving it. If there are any problems, Beverly is willing to help.

Waiting time: Around 6 months
Puppy cost: Please contact the breeder
Breeder contact info:

8. MapleHills Kennel (Clayton, Wisconsin)

If you’re looking for breeders of working Golden Retrievers in Wisconsin, you should consider the MapleHills Kennel in Clayton.

Leslie Boerboon is the breeder behind MapleHills. She’s also an AKC Breeder of Merit and a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America.

The puppies from MapleHills Kennel are covered by a 26-month health guarantee. Leslie ensures that all the Golden Retrievers that she produces are free of heart, hips, elbow, and eye problems.

Moreover, the puppies from MapleHills Kennel are dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of life. The pups also receive 5-way vaccination by the time they reach 7 weeks old. Most of all, Leslie doesn’t remove their dew claws.

Overall, the puppies will be placed with a limited AKC registration. Buyers who wish to receive a full registration can talk to Leslie about the requirements.

Also, when sending an email application, you need to detail your living setup and what you’re planning to do with the pup as part of Leslie’s screening process.

Waiting time: At least 9 months
Puppy cost: $2,000 to $2,400
Breeder contact info: | 651-528-2332

9. Golden Plains Goldens (McCook, Nebraska)

Located at the central part of the Cornhusker State is the Golden Plains Goldens. This breeder has been producing Golden Retriever puppies for more than 30 years now. It just proves their expertise and knowledge about the breed.

Jacqueline Schepler is the breeder behind Golden Plains Goldens. She’s a member of the Golden Retriever Club of American and the Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club.

Jacqueline came from a farming family, where dogs are a big part of their daily lives. As a breeder, she makes sure that each pup is desensitized to various stimuli, including farm animals, children, and so on. Rest assured that she conforms to all GRCA and AKC breeding standards.

The puppy you’re going to get has a limited AKC/UKC registration. The puppies are also microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated with their first rounds of shots.

The best thing about Golden Plains Goldens is their lifetime health guarantee. Buyers can contact the breeder for guidance in case a genetic problem arises any time after receiving the puppy.

Waiting time: At least 6 months
Puppy cost: $2,000 to $3,500
Breeder contact info: 308-362-9230 |

10. Perfect Peace Goldens (Britton, South Dakota)

The Perfect Peace Goldens is owned and headed by Angela Alberts. They adhere to the breeding standards of GRCA, GRCC, OFA, EGNA, and AKC. Angela only plans 2 to 3 litters a year to ensure that the puppies are in good health.

All the puppies from Perfect Peace Goldens are whelped inside the family’s laundry room. They will move the litter to a bigger area once it reaches 3 to 4 weeks old. Since the puppies are raised in a household setting, it’s desensitized to various sounds, scents, and textures.

Once the puppies turn 8 weeks old, they will be placed with the buyers. The puppies are covered by a 26-month health guarantee for any genetic defects. Angela also provides lifetime support to ensure that the puppies will be raised well.

You can either pick up the puppy from their location or have it shipped to neighboring states like Minnesota and North Dakota.

Waiting time: Around 3 to 6 months
Puppy cost: $2,000 to $2,500
Breeder contact info: (308) 882-1331 |

11. Fox Ridge English Golden Retrievers (Hawkeye, Iowa)

Fox Ridge English Golden Retrievers is a small, hobby breeder in Hawkeye, Iowa. It’s owned and operated by Dindy Wesenberg. As a stay-at-home wife living in an acreage, she breeds and raises well-rounded Goldies.

All the Golden Retriever puppies in her care are desensitized to children and farm animals. Dindy will send the puppies to buyers, complete with an AKC registration, microchip, vaccinations, health certification, and items with littermates’ scent. You’ll also get a puppy food starter bag.

Moreover, Fox Ridge offers a 2-year health guarantee for all their puppies. Rest assured that all the dogs have received excellent results in a genetic test, eye certification, elbow and hip dysplasia examination, and more.

Take note that Fox Ridge only provides limited AKC registration for the puppies. You can always apply for full registration, but you’ll undergo an approval process.

They also deliver the puppies, depending on your location. Just note that they charge an additional $1,000 for this service.

Waiting time: At least 6 months
Puppy cost: $2,300
Breeder contact info: 319-939-7239 |

12. Green River Goldens (Belfield, North Dakota)

For those living in North Dakota, the Green River Goldens is a reputable breeder to consider. They started breeding dogs back in 2016 after buying their first female English Cream Goldie, Della.

Bill Palanuk is the breeder behind Green River Goldens, and he’s focused on producing healthy and well-structured puppies.

Bill lives in a 240-acre property with a pond, perfect for raising Golden Retrievers. This gives the pups enough room to play, run, and experience various stimuli.

The pup you’re going to receive from Bill has an AKC registration and has undergone extensive health tests. Rest assured that the doggo will live for many years.

Right now, Green River Goldens only produces minimal litters per year. They only have one dam, Della, and they want to ensure that she’s in good health.

Moreover, Bill can arrange shipment of the puppy through local pet couriers. A kennel will be provided for the safety of the dog. However, this breeder doesn’t offer any health guarantees.

Waiting time: At least 6 months
Puppy cost: Please contact the breeder
Breeder contact info: 701-590-2822 |

Final words

The best Golden Retriever breeders Midwest will provide you with healthy puppies that are raised in quiet farming life. With the vast fields and acreages, the Midwest offers an ideal location for the likes of Golden Retrievers.

Unlike puppy mills, the breeders we listed here are legitimate, AKC-affiliated, and proven by many pet owners. Still, it’s important to check what they have to offer, especially in terms of health guarantees, certification, and early puppy life programs.

Lastly, make sure that you are fully prepared to raise and care for a puppy. As with any dog, a Golden Retriever comes with a set of responsibilities.

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