best leashes for Golden Retrievers

5 Best Leashes For Golden Retrievers Who Love to Pull

Golden Retrievers love neighborhood walks, but they also like pulling on their leash. In turn, the arms and hands of their owners bear the brunt of the excessive force. Goldies are large dogs, and they can get really strong once they want to go somewhere else. Instead of letting your dog lead you, it’s time to get the best leashes for Golden Retrievers that will help stop the pulling behavior.

We’ve tried and tested 15+ best-selling leashes in the market, and the following are our top 5 favorites for Goldies:

 Our Top Pick! 
EzyDog CUJO Shock
Absorbing Bungee Leash
No-Pull Dog Leash
Weiss Walkie
No-Pull Dog Leash
Leash Boss Two-
Handle Leash for Dogs
SparklyPets Bungee
Rope Dog Leash

5 Best Leashes For Golden Retrievers


OUR TOP PICK: EzyDog CUJO Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash
best leashes for Golden Retrievers

Product Name: EzyDog CUJO Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash

Product Description: When it comes to the best leashes for Golden Retrievers, I swear by the EzyDog CUJO Bungee Leash. This is a shock-absorbing leash with a bungee portion that doesn’t get loose easily. It reduces the stress on your hands in case your Goldie tries to pull. This is made of polypropylene woven rope that can withstand up to 1,500 lbs. of force. It’s proven to last for years, no matter how hard your dog pulls. Moreover, this has an EVA-padded pyramid handle that makes it easy to control your dog. The material will not chafe your palms while preventing pinching at the same time.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Value for Money


This EzyDog leash has integrated reflective trims for added visibility when walking your dog at night. You can also get this leash in 25 or 40-inch lengths to suit your needs. It’s also available in six different colors as a bonus.
If you have two dogs, you can get EzyDog’s standard extension that you can connect to this leash. You can walk your two Goldies while holding a single handle.
However, I noticed that the wrapping of the bungee gets undone over time. Anyway, it’s just a matter of aesthetics, and it doesn’t really affect the quality of the leash.


Made to withstand up to 1,500 lbs. of force
Fitted with a padded, pyramid handle
It absorbs the pulling force


The wrapping of the bungee separates from the rope over time, but it doesn’t affect the leash.


ThunderLeash No-Pull Dog Leash

best leashes for Golden Retrievers

Does your Golden Retriever’s pulling getting out of control? One thing that worked for my pets is the ThunderLeash.

This nylon leash isn’t your typical lead. Once you clipped it to your dog’s collar, you have to wrap the leash on your dog’s torso and wound it to the metal attachment that comes in the package. With this setup, your dog will feel the leash loop tightening on its chest whenever it tries to pull.

The ThunderLeash is a very safe option for Golden Retrievers that love pulling. The leash will loosen once your dog stops pulling and tugging. It’s very simple but effective if your Goldie gets overexcited during neighborhood walks.

Aside from that, this is very easy to put on a large dog, unlike some halter collars I’ve tried before. ThunderLeash is also more comfortable for dogs over 25 lbs. since it doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s neck.

Take note that ThunderLeash is the product of the same company that made ThunderShirt. I’ve been buying their dog products for some time now, and I’m always impressed how they find easy solutions for many pet problems.

  • Patented no-pull design
  • Easy to set up
  • Very effective in reducing my dog’s pulling
  • I wish they can make the leash strap a little wider.

Weiss Walkie No-Pull Dog Leash

best leashes for Golden Retrievers

Another option I recommend is the Weiss Walkie No-Pull Harness. Many dog walkers I’ve hired before swear by this leash when it comes to humanely stopping a dog’s pulling habit. Also, many shelters I’ve visited recommend this leash in subduing an aggressive dog without the use of violence.

Like the one from ThunderLeash, you have to wrap the Walkie leash on your dog’s barrel and attach it to a buckle right next to the collar clip. When your dog tries to pull during a walk, the leash around its chest will tighten. This mild discomfort is enough to keep your pet calm while walking.

This is made of a durable rope material with a large loop to serve as a handle. I was a little worried about pinching, but I didn’t experience any chafing or hand pain so far.

Moreover, you can get this dog leash in small to large sizes and a variety of colors. It’s quite a simple solution for a decent price. And based on its construction, I’m confident that this can last for long.

The only caveat I have about this leash is rope burn. I don’t see any signs of it on my dog, but prolonged use may cause rope burn on dogs with thinner fur.

  • Haltering design
  • Made with thick rope
  • Made in the USA
  • I’m worried about rope burn for dogs with thinner fur.

Leash Boss Two-Handle Leash for Dogs

For Golden Retrievers that have an intense pulling habit, the Leash Boss Two-Handle Leash might be the right solution. This is made of heavy-duty nylon that can put up with the excessive force of dog pulling.

This has a patented design equipped with two handles. The first handle is the one at the end of the leash, and the other one is 18 inches from the clip. You can use the second handle to keep your Goldie close to your side when walking along with traffic or a crowded place.

I also like that both handles have a pyramid design. It offers a firm grip without rope burn, thanks to the soft padding. It also gives you more control of your dog whenever it tries to pull.

Moreover, the Leash Boss is covered by a 5-year warranty for any product issues or chewed parts. For this price range, that’s already an excellent guarantee.

I only wish that the handle close to the clip is adjustable. That would give shorter or taller users added convenience. Nevertheless, this is still an excellent leash that I’d love to have on my dog’s kit.

  • Patented double-handle design
  • Made of heavy-duty nylon
  • Padded handles to prevent rope burn
  • I wish they made the shorter part adjustable.

SparklyPets Bungee Rope Dog Leash

For those on a budget, I highly recommend the SparklyPets Bungee Dog Leash. While cheaper than the other options I reviewed here, this one from SparklyPets offers the best bang for the buck.

This leash has a bungee design that absorbs the force, so your hands won’t suffer from pinching and chafing. It’s made of thick rope and suitable for large dogs like Golden Retrievers.

I also like the fact that the bungee portion is separate so that you can remove or replace it as necessary. This leash also puts up with my dog’s chewing, which is a big deal if you have a Goldie at home.

Moreover, this leash is made of braided material with a padded handle to protect your palms from rope burn. Whether you’re walking, hiking, or climbing with your dog, this is an excellent leash to use.

With the purchase of this dog leash, you’ll receive a storage bag and a smart guide that will provide helpful tips in raising your pup.

Also, I want to commend their excellent customer service. They even emailed me personally to ask how the leash is doing. In case you encounter issues with your purchase, SparklyPets will be easy to contact.

  • Made of chew-resistant material
  • The bungee portion can be removed
  • Leather bound for guaranteed durability
  • Not for training purposes

How to choose the best leashes for Golden Retrievers

If you’re still scouting for the leash for your Goldie, the following tips will help narrow down your options:

✔️Leash type

There are many leash types in the market, but not all suits pulling dogs. The following are some of the most common options:

  • Standard leash. These leashes are either made of nylon or rope. It doesn’t have any special features, so it’s not suitable for pulling canines.
  • Bungee leash. This type has a stretchable bungee option that absorbs the pulling force of your dog. This is very effective for Golden Retrievers, but make sure that the bungee is made to last.
  • No-pull leash. A portion of this leash is wrapped around the dog’s chest then hooked into a clasp on the collar area. When your dog pulls, the looped leash tightens around its body. This is very effective in stopping the pulling habit without hurting your dog.
  • Retractable dog leash. This is quite a controversial type of leash since many dog owners are worried about the potential dangers, including rope burn, poor control, and accidents. With that, I don’t recommend this for Golden Retrievers, who like to pull the lead.
  • Adjustable dog leashes. One of my favorites is adjustable dog leashes. It allows you to unclip portions to reduce the length of the leash. Also, some have dual handles that let you adjust the length instantly as you walk your Golden Retriever.


It’s very important to ensure that the material of the dog leash you’re going to get can withstand the abuse of pulling and tugging. Most of the leashes I’ve purchased have the following materials:

  • Nylon. Nylon is durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. You can find it on almost every budget-friendly leash in the market. Another advantage of choosing nylon is that you can select from a variety of colors.
  • Rope. Many heavy-duty leashes in the market use a rope material. It can put up with the pulling and tugging of large dogs. However, you should look for one with a handle padding to prevent rope burn.
  • Leather. Leather leashes aren’t a common option for Golden Retrievers that pull. Aside from poor shock absorption, leather tends to stiffen over time. Also, genuine leather leashes are quite expensive.

✔️Length and width

Another important consideration when purchasing a dog leash is its length and width. For adult Golden Retrievers, a 6-feet leash is an ideal choice. It’s safe to use around neighborhoods away from busy traffic.

However, if you have a puller on a busy city street, I recommend getting a shorter leash at 4 feet. With this length, you’ll have easy control over your dog. It’s also the best choice if your Goldie is yet to be trained to stop pulling.

As for the width, you’d want to get a thicker option for pullers. A thicker width provides added durability and strength, especially for large dogs. The last thing you want is a snapping leash while your dog is on the sidewalk of a busy street.

If you still have a puppy or a well-trained dog, a thinner leash will do. However, thinner material is also prone to chewing damages, something that Golden Retrievers are known for.

✔️Clips and connections

Dog leashes often use trigger snap and bolt snap clips. A trigger snap clip can withstand a lot of pressure since it has a spring-loaded mechanism. This is a reliable leash clasp for big and strong dogs like Golden Retrievers.

On the other hand, cheaper dog leashes have bolt snap clips. This works, too, but it has a higher chance of breaking if you have a strong and pulling dog.

Another option is a carabiner clasp. However, only a few dog leashes use this, but you can always purchase it separately.

✔️Price and warranty

Lastly, consider the value for money of the dog leash you’re going to purchase. Get a dog leash that will last for long, even if it means splurging a few more bucks.

Nevertheless, you can always opt for cheaper options if you’re on a budget. Just make sure that you’re getting decent quality for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of leash is ideal for Golden Retrievers?

A: Due to their large size, a bungee or no-pull leash is the best choice for Golden Retrievers. This will also cushion the excessive pulling force that could hurt the walker’s arms. Just make sure that you get the right length, material, and thickness for the leash to last long.

Q: Can Golden Retrievers be off leash?

A: As with any dog, it’s not responsible to take your Golden Retriever outdoors without a leash. This breed has a strong retrieval instinct. This can put them in trouble and potential danger outdoors. Whether your pet is trained or not, keeping it leashed in public areas is an unwritten rule.

Q: Why does my Golden Retriever pull on the leash?

A: Dogs like Golden Retrievers pull on their leash because they want to go somewhere. You’re probably enforcing the behavior by letting your dog lead the way. You must address this behavior immediately to prevent your dog from becoming an imposing canine.

Q: When should I start leash training my Golden Retriever?

A: Golden Retrievers can be leash-trained for as early as 8 weeks old. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to mold your dog’s habits. Just keep the training sessions short to prevent burning out your dog. You should also get the best leash for Golden Retriever puppies to use for training.

Q: Can I keep my Golden Retriever leashed all day?

A: No dog should be kept leashed all day long. Doing this will just fuel aggression and other behavioral problems. It’s important to give your dog the freedom to roam your yard so it doesn’t get overexcited whenever you let him out.

Final words

The best leashes for Golden Retrievers should be durable enough to put up with a lot of pulling and mild chewing. You should also select the right material, length, and design to match your pet. The five leashes I reviewed above will surely give you the best value. 

However, you should remember that dog leashes aren’t the sole solution to pulling. You have to train your dog to solve the behavioral problem permanently.

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