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8 Best Pet Vacuums Under $200 – Say Goodbye To Golden Retriever Hairs!

We love our pets, but there’s one thing we surely hate: dealing with fur all over the house. Every Golden Retriever owner knows how a chore it can be to clean up shed fur. It sticks like Velcro; god forbid you have a linen couch cover. Instead of losing your sanity over swaths of loose dog fur, you can get the best pet vacuum under $200 to get the job done.

Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, those calibrated for pet hair have a stronger suction level. It’s also equipped with an attachment tool that makes fur removal much easier. Pet vacuums also sport better filtration to trap not just hair but also dander and other irritants.

If you’re looking for a pet vacuum that suits your budget, these eight picks might nail it for you:

 Our Top Pick! 
Shark ZU561 Lift-Away
Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover MAXLife Pro HEPA
Pet Swivel Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell PowerGlide Lift-Off
Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell CleanView Swivel
Pet Vacuum Cleaner
EUREKA FloorRover Dash
Pet Vacuum Cleaner
EUREKA PowerSpeed
Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Kenmore BU4022 Intuition
Vacuum Cleaner
Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Why you need a pet vacuum when you have a Golden Retriever

Many pet owners, especially those on a budget, are often hesitant to get a pet vacuum cleaner. Sure, it’s an added expense, and you probably have your old, trusty vacuum to clean things. However, upgrading to a pet vacuum will deliver a lot of benefits.

Many pet vacuums are equipped with a beater brush that lifts stuck fur from surfaces. It also has stronger suction and technology made to remove thick swaths of pet hair, even on high pile carpet.

Moreover, pet vacuums collect shed fur while functioning as a standard vacuum cleaner. So if you’re planning to upgrade your equipment and you have a dog, consider a pet vacuum on your next purchase.

These are just some of the benefits of investing in a pet vacuum. You’ll thank yourself for making the switch, much so if you have more than one Golden Retriever at home.

Best Pet Vacuum Under $200 – Our Top 8 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Shark ZU561 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner
best pet vacuum under $200

Product Name: Shark ZU561 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best pet vacuum under $200, you’ll never go wrong with the Shark ZU561 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner. This is equipped with a self-cleaning brush roll for a more efficient pet hair pickup. It doesn’t cause hair wrap, so you can keep vacuuming all over your house. Moreover, this has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to prevent pet dander from leaking back to your home. This is aside from the HEPA filter that traps 99.9% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum cleaner. Aside from that, the Shark ZU561 sports a Swivel Steering that makes it a breeze to maneuver. You can now clean hard-to-reach areas without hurting your back. It’s paired with a suction control slider to adjust the suction power when transitioning from hard floors to carpet or vice versa.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Suction Power
  • Capacity
  • Filtration
  • Pet-friendly features
  • Value for Money


One thing that I really like about this pet vacuum cleaner is its lift-away pod. You can use it to clean upholstery, dog bed, and other elevated surfaces. Take note that this is a bagless vacuum that utilizes a cup that you need to empty.
Overall, this pet vacuum is 13.5 lbs. and operates in 800 watts. It has a pretty long power cord, too, at 25 feet, which is very convenient when cleaning large spaces.
For someone with a Golden Retriever, this Shark vacuum cleaner is heaven-sent. It’s lightweight enough for seniors, and it also has an upright design that’s back-friendly for older users.


Anti-Allergen Complete Seal
HEPA filter
Light and easy to move around


It doesn’t have the rewind feature of other Shark vacuum models


Hoover MAXLife Pro HEPA Pet Swivel Vacuum Cleaner

best pet vacuum under $200

The Hoover MAXLife Pet Vacuum Cleaner takes pride in its MAXLife System that delivers stronger and long-lasting suction. It delivers topnotch performance with no added maintenance.

Like the first Shark vacuum I listed, the Hoover MAXLife has a sealed allergen technology paired with a HEPA filter to prevent the recirculation of dirt. It also traps 99% of all dust and allergen particles that can cause health problems if not removed.

Aside from that, this has an XL dirt cup that can hold a lot of pet hair. This translates to fewer trips to the garbage bin and more cleaning time.

Another thing that I really like about the Hoover MAXLife is its added attachments. It comes with a crevice tool that you can use in cleaning tight spaces like baseboards and the spaces between furniture. This can be attached to the quick-release wand that you can use to clean elevated surfaces at a 13-feet reach.

Moreover, this vacuum has a pet turbo tool that lifts dog fur from the stairs, couches, chairs, and elevated surfaces. It’s upholstery-friendly and guaranteed to remove all your Goldie’s shed fur.

This vacuum cleaner also has a swivel steer that lets you maneuver the equipment without the strain. The power cord is also long, so you can move around without the bells and whistles.

Anyway, this isn’t the lightest vacuum, but it’s just a small issue that I can forgive, considering its cleaning power.

  • Attachment tools included
  • Sealed Allergen System with HEPA filter
  • Illuminating headlights for added visibility on hidden spaces
  • Not the lightest vacuum cleaner, but not a big deal.

Bissell PowerGlide Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

best pet vacuum under $200

Another pet vacuum cleaner I swear by is the Bissell PowerGlide. This is a 2-in-1 vacuum with a lift-off pod that you can use to clean elevated surfaces and upholstery material.

Aside from that, this has a triple action brush roll that prevents hair wrap. You can also turn it on and off to suit the surface you’re cleaning.

Moreover, this comes with a Pet TurboEraser tool that you can use on soft surfaces. This is the perfect tool for cleaning your dog’s bed, couch, and even your own bed. It’s a handy tool for Golden Retriever owners, especially during the heavy shedding season.

The Bissell PowerGlide also has a Smart Seal Allergen System that traps allergens, dander, dust, and tiny particles. All of it is collected in the 0.75-liter dirt cup.

Another highlight of this pet vacuum is its Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator. This filter helps neutralize stinky pet odors to prevent your vacuum cleaner from smelling nasty. If you don’t like the smell, you can remove the filter as you wish.

For hard-to-reach areas, you can use the extension wand. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a 30-feet power cord, which is ideal when working in large rooms.

The only thing I noticed is that it’s a bit hard to remove the dust off the top of the dust cup. I also had to use a knitting needle to loosen up the dog hair to remove all of it.

Overall, this pet vacuum has a small footprint, which makes it very easy to store. Also, Bissell donates $10 to their pet foundation for every purchase of this unit. So while you keep your home clean, you’re also helping other pets.

  • Pet TurboEraser Tool
  • Smart Seal Allergen System
  • Optional Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator
  • A bit cumbersome at 18 lbs.

Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner

best pet vacuum under $200

If you want to save a few bucks but still want a Bissell vacuum cleaner, you should consider their CleanView Swivel unit. This works well in collecting Golden Retriever hair, thanks to its edge-to-edge cleaning feature. It covers a large area in every pass.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner comes with a pet hair corner tool and a pet TurboEraser tool. This way, you can clean hard-to-reach areas to collect all the loose fur on your home. It’s an excellent addition during the heavy shedding season of Golden Retrievers.

Aside from that, this has a swivel steering design that makes it easy to maneuver around the house. I also like the Scatter-Free Technology that picks up debris from the floor without scattering it all over the surface.

One thing that pet owners really like is the automatic cord rewind. It will wrap up the cord with a push of a button. This will save the wire from being chewed by your Golden Retriever in case you forgot to store the vacuum right away.

However, unlike the previous PowerGlide unit, the CleanView doesn’t have the on/off brush roll. Nevertheless, it compensates with a bigger dirt cup capacity (1 liter) and lighter weight (16 lbs.).

I just wish that they can make the vacuum quieter. With this noise level, it can spook an anxious dog easily. Also, it takes more effort to push on high-pile carpets. Other than that, this is an excellent purchase for this price range.

  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Scatter-Free Technology
  • Pet hair corner tool and pet turboeraser tool
  • A bit noisier than other vacuum cleaners

EUREKA FloorRover Dash NEU522 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

best pet vacuum under $200

With the EUREKA FloorRover Dash, nothing is out of reach. You can now clean pet hair from the floor and dust on your ceiling. This sports a seamless height adjustment, so you can easily clean various surfaces, whether it’s elevated or not.

Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with easy-glide wheels. This Big Wheel Technology makes the vacuum easy to push and maneuver around. For me, this is a very important feature because the vacuum is quite hefty at 20.8 lbs.

Aside from that, the FloorRover Dash sports a multi-cyclone filtration system. It delivers consistent suction to lift even the most stubborn pet hair. This is paired with a HEPA air filtration system and a washable foam filter for added convenience.

In addition, this vacuum cleaner comes with a 35-feet power cord so that you can go the distance. Whether you’re vacuuming a large living room or an elevated surface, nothing will impede your movement.

The EUREKA FloorRover Dash has a multi-angle adaptor that you can use with any of the onboard tools. The onboard tools include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a Pet Turbo brush. It makes the vacuum cleaner more versatile and easier to use.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner is a workhorse in cleaning. It also glides well on deep carpets, something that other units can’t do.

  • Long 35-feet power cord
  • Big Wheel Technology
  • Multi-cyclone filtration system
  • It can’t stand on its own

EUREKA PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Another EUREKA vacuum cleaner I swear by for pet hair is the PowerSpeed unit. This is one of the cheapest in this roundup but not short of suction power to lift the nastiest dog hair in your house.

For my first Golden Retriever a few years ago, this is the best pet vacuum under $200 I got. It has an excellent suction power that can deal with just about any dirt. You can also adjust the height in five levels to suit the surface you’re cleaning. Whether it’s your dog bed on the floor, the couch, or the fur-covered stairs, the EUREKA PowerSpeed is a champ.

Moreover, this is an excellent choice for pet owners since it’s bundled with attachments. It has a dusting brush, crevice tool, pet turbo tool, and upholstery tool. All of these are intended to catch all loose fur and to deep-clean your home.

Aside from that, the EUREKA PowerSpeed is also one of the lightest vacuum cleaners you can get. It just weighs 10 lbs. and I can easily carry it around with one hand. It’s also compact and suitable for small homes.

The filter of this vacuum cleaner is washable, and it has a bagless design, so maintenance cost is almost zero. It also has a 4.1L cup capacity, which can hold weeks’ worth of dog hair.

The only thing I noticed is that it’s not the smoothest to maneuver. But since it’s lightweight, I can easily lift and move it around manually.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Bundled with multiple pet tools
  • Large dirt cup
  • Not the easiest to maneuver around

Kenmore BU4022 Intuition Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner

For those looking for a bagged pet vacuum, the Kenmore BU4022 Intuition might be the best pet vacuum under $200. This has a No Touch Bag Technology that cleans the dirt cup with a single push of a button. You don’t have to touch the dirt or seal the bag manually.

Moreover, this has a PowerFlow bag chamber that keeps its strong suction even if the bag gets filled. This means that the bag can pack pet hair and dirt up to the brim before it needs to be replaced.

The Kenmore BU4022 Intuition also has a swivel steering, which makes it very easy to maneuver its 14-pound weight. You can also adjust its height to optimize the airflow and to suit the surface you’re cleaning. I also like that it has LED headlights to spot pet hair and clean dark areas easily.

Aside from that, this has a Lift-Up Technology that lets you remove the cleaning pod to clean the stairs and elevated surfaces.

This vacuum cleaner has an AllergenSeal System that traps up to 99.97% of dirt particles for optimal cleaning. You’ll also receive a 3-in-1 combination tool, dusting brush, and PetHandiMate attachments to collect all dog hair around your house.

The Kenmore BU4022 also comes with a 30-feet power cord and six replacement HEPA bags. It’s ready to use straight from the package.

Take note that this vacuum cleaner weighs 21.4 lbs. It’s cumbersome, which is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re looking for a compact option.

  • No Touch Bag Technology
  • Lift-Up Technology
  • LED headlights for easy cleaning
  • Quite heavy at 21.4 lbs.

BLACK+DECKER Power Series Pro Pet Vacuum Cleaner

My last pick for this roundup is the BLACK+DECKER Power Series Pro. This pet vacuum cleaner is battery-powered, so you can clean around without having to deal with tangled cords. For each charge, this cordless vacuum cleaner gives a 60-minute runtime.

Moreover, this pet vacuum cleaner has a dust compactor that creates more space on the dust cup to accommodate more dirt. It’s also equipped with an AutoSense technology that adjusts the suction power based on the surface you’re cleaning.

Aside from that, this has a Battersense technology that shows you the remaining power. It also has Filtersense alerts to let you know if it’s time to clean the filter.

I also like the Grab+Go canister that you can use to clean elevated surfaces like the stairs, ceiling, and tall furniture,

This vacuum cleaner also has anti-tangle rubber bristles that lift trap dog hair from carpets. It’s also hard floor-friendly to prevent scratches on your precious wooden floors.

You’ll also receive a 6” nozzle, a 9” pet crevice tool, crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and a 5” pet brush. It’s a champ for every Golden Retriever owner who’s dealing with massive shedding.

The only thing I wish BLACK-+DECKER would improve is its user manual. It’s quite confusing, especially for first-time vacuum cleaner users.

  • Grab+Go canister
  • Smart features
  • Battery-powered, cordless operation
  • The user manual needs improvements

How to choose a pet vacuum

There are many pet vacuum options in the market. And if you’re looking for the best pet vacuum under $200, you should consider the following aspects:

✔️Vacuum type

The very first thing you should consider is the vacuum type you’re going to get. The following are the most common options in the market and what suits pet hair best:

  • Upright. When it comes to dog hair, upright vacuum cleaners are the top choice. Its design allows for higher suction power, not to mention that it saves your back from the strain. An upright vacuum cleaner also offers a wider cleaning swath. Just make sure that you look for one with a swivel steer for convenient maneuvering.
  • Canister. This vacuum type has a separate canister connected to the vacuum head through a hose. This has a bigger dirt tank capacity but quite cumbersome and hard to move around. But with enough suction power, a canister vacuum cleaner can match the performance of an upright type.
  • Stick. Stick vacuum cleaners have an upright design, but it’s battery-powered. It doesn’t offer much suction power when cleaning dog hair. The advantage here is its compact and lightweight design. 
  • Handheld. Handheld vacuum cleaners are convenient and compact. However, it’s not a popular option for pet hair removal. Since it’s small, it doesn’t pack a lot of power, and it can only be used for a short period per charge.
  • Robotic. One of the latest vacuum cleaners to grace the market is the robot type. Roomba is the most popular brand for this vacuum cleaner. It can clean pet hair, but only those found on your floor.

✔️Your floor type

Another thing you should consider is the floor type you have. For carpeted floors, you need a rotating brush that will lift the stuck fur. Meanwhile, those with hardwood floors should invest in a unit with higher suction power. Using a brush isn’t ideal as the brush can scratch the surface. I suggest checking the manufacturer usage recommendation to find out if the vacuum cleaner suits specific floor types.

✔️Suction power

The suction power of the vacuum cleaner will define how effective it will be in collecting pet hair. Most of the time, high-wattage vacuum cleaners have the strongest suction to lift just about any dirt. A unit that runs in 600 to 800 (or more) watts are workhorses and a good choice for Golden Retriever owners.

✔️Filtration system

The filtration system of the vacuum cleaner will determine how well it can trap dirt and allergens. Always look for a HEPA filter and an allergen seal. These filters will prevent the collected dirt’s recirculation, which helps clean the air in your home.

Also, you can choose between washable and replaceable filters. I always opt for washable types, so I don’t have to spend more bucks for maintenance.

✔️Bagged vs. bagless

Pet vacuum cleaners are available in bagless and bagged types. Below is the quick rundown of the two:

  • Bagless. Bagless vacuum cleaners have dirt cups where the collected dirt and pet hair are funneled. You’ll have to clean up this cup and place it back on the equipment. This is less expensive and eco-friendly. However, it also means you’re going to get in contact with the allergens. Cleaning is also added hassle, especially if you’re cleaning a large area.
  • Bagged. Bagged vacuum cleaners use an actual bag where the collected dirt will be contained. Once filled, you can toss the bag away. Some vacuum cleaners like the Kenmore BU4022 Intuition have a no-touch technology. It seals the bag automatically to avoid contact with allergens.

✔️Corded vs. cordless

Another decision you have to make is choosing between a corded and cordless vacuum cleaner. When it comes to pet vacuums, I always opt for corded types. This offers more power, and you can clean as long as you want without having to stop and charge batteries. While you’ll have to work around a cord, make sure that it’s long enough, so you can maneuver easily.

On the other hand, cordless vacuum cleaners also work, but with a lot of limitations. Sure, the convenience is worth the try, but it also means less cleaning power.

It’s about finding the right balance between the cleaning power and your needs in the long run.

✔️Dust cup size

One thing that you should check is the capacity of the dust cup. It can range from 1 to 5 liters for bagless types. The bigger the dust cup is, the more convenient it will be. However, a bigger capacity also means the vacuum cleaner will be heavier. Overall, it’s just a small downside compared to the convenience you’re going to enjoy.

✔️Noise level

Dogs are notoriously scared of vacuum cleaners due to the loud sound. If you have a scared dog, you should look for one with the quietest operation. Just take note that vacuum cleaners can’t be whisper-quiet. And if you’re aiming for higher suction power, expect that it will also be noisier than most.

✔️Weight and dimensions

Many pet owners often overlook the weight and size of their pet vacuum cleaners. If you have a small home, always check the dimensions of the vacuum against the storage space you can allot.

Aside from that, it’s important to consider the weight of the equipment, especially if you have mobility issues. Just remember that high-powered units are normally heavier than most.

✔️Added attachments

Attachments extend the functionality of your pet vacuum cleaner. Some of these are pet turbo eraser, dusting brush, pet crevice tool, and pet hair corner tool. Each of these attachments is intended to clean specific surfaces. For example, the crevice tool allows you to reach under cramped spaces where dog fur tends to accumulate.

While you can always purchase these attachments separately, having them included in the package will add value to your purchase.

✔️Additional features

Some of the additional features I really like on pet vacuum cleaners are a cup cleaning indicator, adjustable height, lift-away pod, cord control, and wheeled assist. All of these make pet hair cleaning much easier and faster. While these features aren’t required, it adds functionality to the equipment.

✔️Price and warranty

Lastly, you should set a budget before you shop for a pet vacuum cleaner. This way, you can narrow down your options and avoid perusing options you can’t afford.

The good thing is that you can get the best pet vacuum under $200. While cheaper than other options, it’s packed with features that help you manage your Golden Retriever’s shedding.

In the end, it’s about finding the right balance between your budget and the features of the vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are pet vacuums worth it?

A: If you have a Golden Retriever, a pet vacuum will be one of your best investments. It will save you from manually brushing off stuck pet hair on your couch, floor, furniture, and just about anywhere. A pet vacuum will also remove dirt, dust, and allergens in your home at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Q: Are bag vacuums better than bagless for pet hair?

A: If you want to save some money, a bagless vacuum cleaner will suit you well. This is because you no longer have to purchase replacement bags. However, bagless vacuums need more cleaning as the dirt is funneled right into the dirt cup. On the other hand, bagged vacuums are convenient, so you no longer have to touch the collected pet hair. But as mentioned, it will cost you a few more bucks in operating expenses due to replacement bags.

Q: Why are dogs afraid of vacuum cleaners?

A: First of all, vacuum cleaners are loud, and since dogs have a heightened sense of hearing, the noise would be more unbearable for them. The smell of an operating vacuum is also confusing to many canines. Aside from that, the sound is unfamiliar to many dogs, though you can train your doggo to become desensitized to it.

Q: How do you control dog hair in your house?

A: To manage your Golden Retriever’s shedding, you have to groom the pooch regularly. Brushing will help remove loose fur even before it falls all over your house. Also, a pet vacuum will be a big help in cleaning your house of any loose fur and dander. Lastly, you should also wash your dog’s bed and toys where loose fur can accumulate fast.

Q: Can I stop my Golden Retriever from shedding?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to stop a dog from shedding. The only thing you can do is manage it so your home won’t become a furry mess. Regular dog grooming and cleaning of your home will make a big difference. It’s a sacrifice all dog owners have to do.

Final words

With the best pet vacuum under $200, your Golden Retriever’s shedding will not feel like a life sentence. While it won’t stop your dog from producing loose hair, it will clean all of it faster than manually sweeping it from the floor. Just make sure that you get one with the right power, features, and value for money. Most of all, invest in a high-quality unit that will be serviceable for years.

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