Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: Our Picks!

Golden retrievers are particular breeds of dogs that require the utmost care to be active and delicate. One way to take care of them is by feeding them well. These best dog treats for golden retrievers are the best food you can offer to your puppy. Here’s a list of the best puppy treats for golden retrievers. 

Treats For Golden Retriever Puppies
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SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew
best puppy treats for golden retrievers
American Journey Grain Free Oven Baked Dog Treats with Peanut Butter (1-8 OZ Bag)
best puppy treats for golden retrievers
Jack&Pup Premium Grade Roasted Beef Marrow Bone Treats
best puppy treats for golden retrievers

Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: Should You Give One?

You can, of course! Both dogs love to have a treat! Golden Retrievers are inspired by food, so teaching them is so much simpler when it comes to treats.

Not all treats are made equal, and some are utter garbage and unhealthful. These types of treats should be avoided. However, balanced foods low in fat and calories with real ingredients are safe and nice to offer your Golden.

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If you’re the lucky owner of the Golden Retriever, you know all too well how much they want to please you! This breed is going to do pretty much anything to make you happy, and they’re certainly going to do anything for a treat!

Do you think the right treats are for the Golden Retrievers? Stick around because we have compiled a list of safe, nutritious, and of course, best puppy treats for golden retrievers.

1. Smartbones Peanut Butter Chews Dog Treats

best puppy treats for golden retrievers


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  • Easy-to-digest dog chews made with wholesome ingredients.
  • Made with a vegetable and peanut butter outside wrapped around real chicken inside.
  • Highly digestible and 100% delicious.
  • Not for sensitive puppies.


SmartBones chew dog therapies. Best Healthy Dog treats for puppies are safe treats for golden retrievers compared to rawhide treats. Many veterinarians have been very worried about the dangers of raw hides to golden retrievers. This chew dog treat is filled with peanut and is made from real chicken and vegetables.

Care is also fortified with minerals and vitamins. Rawhides can cause digestive distress and obstruct the dog’s intestines, but Smart Bones’ chew treats are safe and secure for your golden retrievers. Chew therapy is also effective in improving the condition of your dog’s teeth. The procedure is appropriate for both young and adult golden retrievers.


It’s extremely digestible—This best Dog Treats for Golden Retrievers is more digestible than other high-grade dog therapies. It’s a long-lasting chew that will also prevent your dog from choking hazards.

It improves your dog’s health – chews care provides important vitamins and minerals that help enhance the nutritional status of the dog and its general health. This product is intended for supplementary feeding purposes only. Don’t give your dog more than three treats a day.

2. American Journey Biscuit Dog Treat 

best puppy treats for golden retrievers


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  • Free from chemicals
  • Satisfies hunger
  • Improves digestive system
  • Hard treats


This peanut butter biscuit dog treat is crunchy but free of grains. It is oven-cooked with high-quality fresh vegetables. It’s also an American Journey Oven-baked dog treat for a golden retriever enriched with minerals and vitamins. American Travel Treats is a rawhide-free treat that will help improve your dog’s chewing and keep your teeth safe

It’s always tiny in size, but it can give your puppy enough energy for the day. No preservatives or artificial colors have been used in the treat process. It is also free from fillers such as maize, soya, and wheat.


Improves the health of your puppy’s teeth – the dog’s treat is rawhide-free, as mentioned earlier; hence it is ideal for improving the health of your puppy’s teeth.

It’s palatable – the fact that it’s crunchy makes it palatable for the golden retrievers. Dogs enjoy this form of chew treat because their crunchy nature appeals to them.

It has no fillers – the chew treat is made only of high biological value nutrients, and there are no fillers, such as soy, corn, and wheat.

3. Usa Chews And Bones Roasted Bone Marrow 

best puppy treats for golden retrievers


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  • Full of essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals
  • Sourced from grass fed, free range cattle, and raised without any added hormones or antibiotics
  • Guaranteed to be fully digestible and guaranteed not to cause any side-effects
  • Can break and harm dogs


This is a six-inch dog treat that completely meets the hunger pangs of your golden retriever. It is prepared by roasting the beef bones slowly to retain the natural taste of the meat.

The medicine is then packed with bone marrow, which is enjoyed by many dogs. It’s a safe and organic dog treat that you can buy for your dog because it doesn’t contain any additives, v colors, and flavors.

The bone marrow chew treat is made from USA beef and a natural marrow that is hand-trimmed. When you offer this treat to your cat, make sure that you also have a lot of water.

  1. Watch the golden retriever as it eats a chew so you can see whether it splinters or develops sharp edges.
  2. Take it and throw it away for the sake of your dog.
  3. Don’t offer more than one treat a day.


A chemical-free chew treat has been prepared with high-value ingredients, and there are no preservatives or contaminants that could compromise your dog’s wellbeing.

It meets your pet’s hunger pangs – as your pet feeds this treat, it will feel relaxed as the chew treat gives a feeling of satiety.

Improves the dog’s digestive system – The fact that you need a lot of water to feed your dog with this chew treat can help you boost the pet’s digestive system. Water is necessary to improve the digestive process and prevents constipation.

Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: Using It In Moderation

We’ve all been there. Your little Golden Retriever is looking at you with those big brown puppy dog eyes, just begging you for another treat! It’s too tempting to give in and overdo your Golden Retriever, but you’re doing more damage than good.

It’s not a smart idea to use therapies to offer your Golden love. Golden Retrievers are food-obsessed, they will always look for food, and they will always appear hungry.

Many owners fall into this pit and appear to overdo their Golden, causing them to become overweight, obese, and diabetic. treats that you feed your Golden Retriever should be included in the total calories provided per day. It’s important to note that treats add up, no matter how tiny they are! Ninety percent of your dog’s caloric intake should be a high-quality diet, and just 10 percent should be treated.

Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: Things To Consider

best puppy treats for golden retrievers

You want to feed the best of your Golden, to keep them looking and feeling fantastic. Treats that are packed with sugar and artificial additives are going to be hazardous to your dog’s wellbeing, not to mention that they can make their skin and hair dull and cause excessive shedding!

What you feed your Golden Retriever plays a vital role in making your dog live longer and healthier lives.

Let’s look at what you need to consider when selecting best puppy treats for golden retrievers.

A. Fat & Calories

It’s always better to choose low-fat and low-calorie treats, especially if you’re using training treats since you’re using more of them.

B. Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, the less, the better! Even if you can’t pronounce any of them, it’s safer to stop them. Some of the best treats consist of only one ingredient. We’re going to get to them later.

C. Avoid The Filler Ingredients

Soy, wheat, and corn are often used in commercial dog therapies and should be avoided. They don’t give any nutritional benefit to your dog.

D. Meat By-product & Meat Meal

Many commercial treats use meat by-products and meat meal as ingredients because they are cheaper than real meat. These ingredients are unfit for human consumption and should also be avoided for your Golden Retriever.

E. Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

It’s a good idea to stay away from any sugar medication because sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes. If you see corn syrup on the list of ingredients, avoid it at all costs! Corn syrup is a cheap sweetener that’s bad for our wellbeing, and so is your dog. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause liver failure, seizures, and death.

F. Artificial Preservatives & Colorings

Many commercial dog treats use artificial coloring to make them more attractive, but something artificial is bad for your dog and should be avoided. Artificial preservatives such as BHT and BHA are used to provide food with longer shelf life, both prohibited in some countries but licensed for food in limited amounts in Canada, the United States, and Europe. BHT and BHA are considered carcinogenic in animals and may also be related to cancer in humans.

G. The Type Of Treat

Several treats are available to choose from, and common options include soft treats, cookies/biscuits, frozen treats, and chewing food treats. It’s nice to have a choice, and you can use treats for various items. Small treats or soft treats are great for training, and longer-lasting chew treats are great when you need your dog to spend some time alone in his crate.

F. Allergies

Many dogs have allergies to certain food ingredients, the most common allergies to chicken and beef, but it takes a little trial and error to figure out what your dog is allergic to. Treats with minimal ingredients or only one ingredient are better suited for dogs with food sensitivities.

Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: More Alternatives

Here are some alternatives that you can consider.

  • Apples: We can’t promise to feed the apple every day to keep the vet away, but it will help good digestion and strong teeth. Apples are high in fiber, which is perfect for keeping the Golden Retrievers regular. They are also rich in vitamins A and C essential for a healthy immune system and a skeleton.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are extremely nutritious for us and our pets. These naturally sweet carbohydrates are full of a safe substance called beta carotene. It contributes to the high functioning of the nervous, muscular, and renal filtration systems. Potassium also helps to control the hydration levels of the Golden Retriever.
  • Carrots: In the same way, carrots are a really good treat for Golden Retrievers and other dogs. Vegetables are highly nutritious due to their rich beta carotene content and vitamin content. Adding carrots to your dog’s diet can also protect your dog from the disease. There is some evidence to suggest that yellow, orange, and leafy green vegetables delay the growth of some urinary cancers.

Best Puppy Treats For Golden Retrievers: Training Purposes

best puppy treats for golden retrievers

Treats are one of the easiest ways of positive reinforcement. By default, the golden retrievers want to please their human family, and they are very smart dogs who can easily keep up with your new game.”

When you teach a trick for the first time, you can use the treat as an attraction to direct them to the place you like – sit down, for example, while the puppy is fascinated by the treat, and when they sit down for it, praise them lavishly and treat them.

Timing is really important to you. A treat should be provided as soon as they obey the order. Gradually, the puppy can understand the meaning of the words and begin to pursue them without being viewed as an attraction. Once this occurs, avoid using the treat to attract them into position and use only voice commands instead.

Eventually, you should give them treats every few days they listen to and wean them off little by little. At the start, however, it is important to use them as constructive reinforcements each time.

Trainers would generally recommend that you have two types of treats for your dog when you train him or her. Low-value treats are plain and delicious. They love, but not as much as high-value treats.

More Information

High-value treats should be something that your dog likes. Low-value therapies are for daily training, should be low-calorie, and can become a staple incentive for a golden retriever puppy doing a good job. If your puppy is bored, distracted, or wants to learn a more difficult skill, turn to high-quality treats. The extra reward is going to help them get back on track.

High-value Golden Retriever puppy treats are also important when teaching instant recall commands. Instant recall is a command that will teach your dog to run back to you immediately, no matter what the urge to keep moving elsewhere maybe.

Since one day you will need to order your golden retriever to stop chasing a ball in the street in front of a moving vehicle, it’s important to train them to equate command with exaggerated praise and something extra-delicious.

Last Thoughts

The best treats for Golden Retrievers should be made with all-natural ingredients, be low in calories and fat, be nutritious, and of course, please your Golden Retriever taste buds.

Usually, the best treats are those that contain only one ingredient. It makes it easier to keep track of what you’re putting in your Goldens mouth, particularly when dealing with the food sensitivities that many dogs have. Many of the treats mentioned above are safe options for your Golden Retriever, many of which are suitable for training purposes.


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