Black Spot on Dog’s Tongue Golden Retriever – Unraveling

If you own a Chow Chow or you are a dog enthusiast, you may know the appearance of a black spot on their tongue. Interestingly, there are also other dog breeds in which you can also notice this oral black spot. One of which is the Golden Retriever. Yet, the succeeding questions that lie behind the presence of black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever are the health issues associated with it.

In this blog post, we uncover every single detail regarding the black spot on the tongue of the Golden Retriever and other dogs. If you want to learn more about this, let us all discover the mystery behind the black spot on the dog’s tongue.

What is Black Spot on Dog’s Tongue Golden Retriever

Nowadays, since most pet owners are very eager to understand what’s going on with their pooch, researching about the breeding process, dog’s condition and the likes is already a norm. Because of that, the black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever does not call for concern. This scenario in the canine’s world is quite similar to that of a child having a birthmark on the day he was born.

Moreover, the idea of the skin or coat discoloration in dogs is highly acceptable as of these days. In dogs, these discolorations involve the presence of freckles and birthmarks that are prominent on the paw pads, under the fur, lips, gums, and on the tongue. That discoloration also includes the black spot on the Golden Retriever’s tongue.

Generally, the black spot on the tongue of the Goldies and even on other dogs are noticeable due to contrasting colors against the pink tongue. Additionally, they are irregular in shape and look asymmetrical especially for those who have several spots present around the dog’s tongue. Puppyhood and young adulthood are the stages of the Golden Retriever’s life where black spots on their tongue are highly visible.

Aside from the Golden Retriever, there are around 35 other dog breeds that may have developed a black spot on their tongue. To name a few, below are some breeds in which a black spot on the tongue appears:

  • Spritz
  • Spaniels
  • Pointers
  • Dalmatian
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Mastiff
  • Pug

*Why Black Spot on Dog’s Tongue Appear

Well, the presence of a black spot on a dog’s tongue is normally due to the excess pigmentation on the dog’s skin. And because of that, there’s nothing to worry about. Yet, if you are still concerned about the connection of this black spot with serious medical conditions of the dog, then it is time to stop doing so. Always keep in mind that the black spot on a dog’s tongue is not really a disease but just a result of hyperpigmentation.

Moreover, if you think that black spot is one of the run-of-the-mill issues, yet the answer would still be ambiguous. Although the presence of black spots on pink-tongued dogs is prevalent, it is somehow correlated to genetic disposition. So, this simply means that dogs with black spots on their tongue might have parents or ancestors who also have the same feature.

Further, the connection between melanin and genes is already proven by science. However, science has not yet determined the way inheritance does wonders in terms of the black spot over the tongue of the dogs.

*The Appearance of the Normal Black Spot on the Tongue of the Goldies

black spot on dog's tongue golden retriever

Basically, as pet parents, it will lead us to become worried if we notice something unusual to our fur babies. So, for us to lessen our anxiety with regards to a black spot on the dog’s tongue, we need to learn its normal look from the appearance that may tend to be quite dangerous. Generally, you might have to look for the following:

  • The normal black spot appears during the birth of the puppy. Moreover, it may also be developed during the dog’s young age. So, this basically means that the appearance of a black spot during adulthood is already an indication of some underlying health conditions.
  • When it comes to texture, the dog’s tongue and the normal black spot generally have the same texture. This basically implies that a raised textured black spot on the dog’s tongue may already be a cause of concern.
  • There is really nothing to worry about in case the Golden Retriever may have a number of small spots over their tongue even to the point that they cover the entire dog’s tongue. Be very vigilant once you observe a bluish tongue discoloration because your Goldies may have lung or heart problems.
  • A foul odor is not a characteristic of a normal black spot on a dog’s tongue. In the event that you smell something unnecessary within the area of the black spot, then go immediately with your dog for medical attention.

*Different Myths Associated to Dog’s Tongue Black Spot

Actually, the presence of some features, whether on dogs or on humans’ appearance, tends to look abnormal. Due to that, fictions about the occurrence of black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever arise. And here are some of those misconceptions:

1-Dog’s tongue black spots are signs of injury

The black spots on the dog’s tongue are just pigments highly concentrated on a particular area on the dog’s tongue. It doesn’t necessarily change how the dogs taste their food. Generally, the spots are harmless for the Goldies.

2-Black spots on the tongue of the Golden Retriever grow in specific patterns

Sizes of the black spots on the dog’s tongue come in variations. There are some that are big enough or they appear in many small pigments. If the dog’s parents have black spots on their tongue, their offspring generally show off their black spots.

3-Dog’s tongue black spots are indication of not being a purebred

Actually, this is highly a rumor, despite the fact that the actual color of the dog’s tongue is the criteria of the AKC judgment. On the other hand, in some dog breeds like the Chow Chows, the appearance of pink spots on the tongue makes them less desirable than show dogs.

*Facts and Truths behind the Goldies’ Tongue Black Spot

There are also some experts’ assumptions regarding the black spot on a dog’s tongue that may tend to be true. Here are some of those:

1-Golden Retrievers are born with it

The black spots on dog’s tongues are a great manifestation during their puppyhood. The color may darken or slightly decrease its color as the Goldies grows. Yet, there is a high probability that they may carry that spot for the rest of their life.

2-Goldies with black spots are usually lucky

Usually, some hunters are looking for a puppy having black spots on its tongue. This is due to their assumption that pups with black spots are better ones, more obedient, and are smarter. Although this is not yet proven true, this one is still a famous fallacy through groups of breeders.

3-It is a reflection of color probability everywhere on the dog’s body

Points are actually a term used by the AKC in defining the accent coloring within the dog’s body. Usually, the body areas considered as dog’s points are the nose, surroundings of the eyes, paw pads, lips, and nails of their toes. If the dog breed shows dark points, black spots on the dog’s tongue are generally common.

4-Black spots won’t be removed or altered

Even if you modify the diet of the Golden Retriever, the black spots on their tongue may not be altered. Moreover, safe methods of removing the black spot on the dog’s tongue are not available.

*Diagnosis of the Dog’s Tongue

Generally, regardless of the species, whether dogs or humans, the tongue’s appearance may reflect different health conditions. The coloration of the tongue is divided into different color sections. These sections are white or pale, blue to purple, deep red, white and yellow or orange.

The variations of the tongue colors below may highly indicate different condition:


This is actually the normal tongue color excluding those dogs having a natural black tongue.


The yellow or orange color of the dog’s tongue may be a great indication of gastritis, liver, or gallbladder problems.


In case the Golden Retriever has a bacterial infection, kidney or gallbladder malfunction, or fever, his tongue may basically show a red color. Additionally, this tongue color also indicates hyperthyroidism, cancer, dehydration, diabetes, or vitamin deficiency.


Generally, leukemia, blood loss, and anemia may be represented by the white or pale tongue color of the dog. Moreover, too much sickness, edema, malaise, malnutrition, and degradation of a dog’s immune system may also be indicated by the white or pale tongue coloration of the Goldies.


If ever your Golden Retriever shows a purple or bluish tongue color, it only shows that the dog has problems with the respiratory, circulatory, and toxic systems. This tongue discoloration may also indicate diseases of the heart and liver, as well as organ distress, hepatitis, pain, and liver cancer.


This tongue discoloration of canines is very common in specific dog breeds including the Golden Retriever. Once the tongue of the dog has black color, it means that he is under antibiotic treatment, has problems with kidneys and other organs, IBS, and has an inflammatory infection.

Health Conditions Associated with Dog’s Tongue Black Spot

black spot on dog's tongue golden retriever

In some instances, the black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever is connected to some medical conditions. Here are those:

Black Tongue Disease

Usually, this condition of the Golden Retriever occurs when there is an immediate alteration in the dog’s tongue color. There is actually a sudden shift from a normal pink color to black. It is also represented by the foul odor of the dog’s breath, mouth ulceration, and blood in the saliva. This is caused by niacin deficiency. Death could also occur if this disease is untreated.

Canine Melanoma

It is generally a skin cancer in dogs that targets melanocytes. The malignant form of this dog’s disease is found within the mouth and mucous membrane of the Goldies. This is cancer that spreads out quickly and can also affect the other organs of the dog such as the lungs and liver. The black spot on dog’s tongue Golden Retriever is a great indication of melanoma in dogs.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Another type of skin cancer in dogs is due to exposure to sunlight. Yet, this skin cancer may not affect the other organs of the dog’s body but it is an aggressive form of skin cancer in dogs. Tissue breakdown surrounding the malignant tumor can be a result of this skin cancer in dogs.

Canine Stomatitis

It is actually an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the dog’s mouth. In case the gum of the dog is swelling or there appears a big sore within the dog’s teeth, you will generally observe the stomatitis in dogs. Kissing Condition is also the other term for this dog’s condition in which there is a formation of ulcers that makes the lips meet the teeth.

Trench Mouth

Gingivitis in dogs together with ulcers that may cause total damage of the mouth lining is the best characterization of this condition. Symptoms may include swollen gums that will eventually cause bleeding. The Golden Retriever may also experience loss of appetite or reducing the desire to eat due to pain.


Basically known as the inflammation of the tongue, glossitis in dogs may be due to wounds or chemicals. Too much drooling and reducing the desire to eat are the most common signs of glossitis. Sometimes, this may be unnoticeable, but gum redness and tongue sores may also appear as symptoms.

Fungal Stomatitis

Due to the invasion of Candida albicans in high amounts, this condition can be commonly seen in a number of dog breeds. Most of the time, the symptoms mimic those of the other mouth conditions such as gum swelling and reduction of the desire to eat because of the pain. The good thing about this is that both the causative agent and the condition itself are highly treatable.

Caring for Dog’s Tongue: How to Prevent Black Spot on Dog’s Tongue Golden Retriever

black spot on dog's tongue golden retriever

It is very unfortunate that most pet owners do not have the chance to take a peek at their dog’s tongue. Sometimes, they just waiting for the Golden Retriever to drink water or greet them upon going home to see what’s inside their dog’s mouth. Generally, experts highly suggest dog owners brush the teeth of their pooch on a daily basis or even on a once or twice-a-week schedule. That way, it will be highly possible to notice any alterations or growth of any spots on the dog’s tongue.

Below is the proper way to give proper oral care to your Golden Retriever:

Have a soft finger-mouthed brush

Generally, the dog may not able to chew or bite something especially if he knows that brushing would be completely administered by his pet parent. So, using a soft finger-mouthed brush would be of big help for this. Moreover, consult the vet when dealing with proper oral care with dogs with anxiety.

 Go for tasty toothpaste

In the market today, you will see a different variety of dog toothpaste that comes with flavors such as chicken or beef. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone as your Golden Retriever might love it thinking that it is a treat. And, at the same time, you are introducing oral care to him.

Don’t urge the dog to like the tooth brushing routine

Okay, the most challenging part of imparting oral care to your Goldies is making him like it for some times and there would be times that they don’t. Just allow your Golden Retriever to establish his own comfort zone. Once having that, focus on your task of providing proper oral care or dental routine. Afterward, he may then expect for that activity and may even consider it as having quality time with you.

Check the oral cavity of the dog including the gums, teeth, lips, and tongue

Although we already know that the black spot on a dog’s tongue can’t be moved, it is still important to examine the oral cavity of the Goldies. Look for any chipped teeth, swollen gums, or cut lips as these may be a factor in the occurrence of other health conditions.

Final Words

Generally, a black spot on a dog’s tongue is not a dog’s condition that is too alarming. You do not basically need to worry about the presence of it most likely if it has been there on the dog’s tongue at a young age. The black spot is actually similar to human birthmarks that do not havoc the health of the Golden Retriever.

But, you need to be very keen here in observing and monitoring the changes in your dog’s tongue. Immediately seek the vet’s assistance in case the black spot appears together with the foul odor of the dog’s breath. Do a regular dog tooth brushing so that you will have an opportunity to see any changes inside their mouth. Proper dental hygiene is actually the best effective way of detecting possible oral tumors.

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