can golden retrievers eat apples

Can Golden Retrievers Eat Apples? — Healthy Snacks

Golden Retrievers are the perfect dogs, everyone knows that. They are affectionate, loyal, trainable, and always happy to see you. To keep up this good demeanor, they need to be healthy — one way to maintain a healthy Golden Retriever is through their diet. Did you know that eating apples provides nutrients for Golden Retrievers and improves their diet? That is because apples contain vitamins, minerals, and B vitamins which are very important for your Golden Retriever’s health. That being said, can Golden Retrievers eat apples? Of course, they can!

This article will help explain how apples are good for Golden Retrievers.

The Nutritional Value of Apples

The benefits of eating apples are amazing. They have been produced for many years and they still have some amazing uses. Today we are going to talk about the nutritional benefits of Golden Retriever apples. It is actually considered one of the best healthy snacks for Golden Retrievers.

It’s actually quite common to see a Golden Retriever eating an apple. In fact, 9 out of 10 Golden Retrievers eat some form of apple at some point. Pet parents should choose to feed their Golden Retrievers apples. Pet parents should not feed them other fruits that are high in sugars and calories. One of those fruits is a raisin. The difference between apples and regular raisins is that apples contain wasters. A waster is what helps both apples and carrots (and other starchy veggies) remain easily chewed by a dog’s teeth.

In one serving alone, there are a lot of nutrients that a dog can get from it. A single apple can provide about 95 calories, and 1 gram of protein. It also contains 25 grams of carbohydrates, 19 grams of natural sugar, and 3 grams of fiber.

Apples are a fantastic addition to your dog’s diet; they provide vitamin A, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Eating apples will make a way to keep your Golden Retriever’s teeth clean. Constantly eating apples will help resolve dogs with dental problems like bad breath! However, you should remove the core and the seeds of the apple. That is the only time that you can feed it to your dog.

Apples are highly nutritious and provide valuable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to dogs. If your dog is a Golden Retriever (or any similar breed), it is important that you do not discourage it from consuming apples. Instead, encourage it to enjoy its time outdoors with other pets and children. You may start offering it apples along with other dog food every day.

Can Golden Retrievers eat apples?

Golden Retrievers seem to love apples, but it’s also very good for their health. “Apple is a great food. Golden Retrievers can eat it and it won’t hurt their health,” said Dr. Gary Fettig, a University of Minnesota Veterinary School food scientist who led the study.

Golden Retrievers can eat apples and raw potatoes. To get the maximum calories from these treats, they should eat their portion very small, usually less than five ounces. If you give them apples and mashed potatoes in the morning, they will be full for most of the day. When they have some leftover mashed potatoes or apples at night, they will be hungry again the next morning but they will not be ravenous.

In short, apples are a great addition to your Golden Retriever’s diet. Your Golden Retriever will not only love its taste, but it’s also super healthy for them as long as it’s fed in moderation.

What are other fruits that are like apples?

If you do not have a constant supply to apples, I have put a list of other possible fruits that are like apples. Some of these can act as a substitute to apples or as an additional snack for your Golden Retriever. Most of these will have the same nutritional value that an apple has. Some only have the same texture when eaten.

Here are the other fruits that are like apples:


First off on the list is asian pears. You can usually find these in asian grocery stores. Hopefully, your grocery store will also have these in stock. If you are wondering if your Golden Retriever can eat this, then yes. They can eat asian pears. 

These asian pears are great for dogs. However, you should only feed asian pears in moderation. If you feed them too many asian pears, your Golden Retriever might be at risk for diabetes because asian pears have a high concentration of sugar in them.


Loquats are delicious, highly productive, broadleaf evergreen trees. The ASPCA doesn’t consider the fruit loquat as a toxic substance to Golden Retrievers. 

However, be cautious when feeding these to Golden Retrievers. All loquat seeds contain a toxic chemical that is known as cyanogenic glycosides. When you break down these seeds into tiny little bits or in powder form, they can become hydrogen cyanide. 

The only way the seeds can become lethal to your Golden Retriever is if they are ingested and consumed in very large amounts.

Benefits of Golden Retrievers Eating Apples

A study showed that Golden Retrievers can eat the following: apples, pears, cherries, quinces, oranges and plums. Delicious, wholesome, green apples serving as an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and soluble fiber. Additionally, apple juice provides Golden Retrievers with folic acid, which is an important factor in keeping their brains focused. So, can Golden Retrievers eat apples?

There are many benefits to Golden Retriever owners eating apples. It is a treat for them and they love to play and experiment with new treats that taste good. 

There are so many different types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in apples that can benefit Golden Retriever’s health. Eating apples helps with their immune system. The enzymes in apples provide energy for their bodies and are essential in building proteins and muscle tissue.

Apple juice is easy to swallow and is full of nutrients for dogs. Eating apples also improves coordination skills, which Golden Retrievers need for increasingly complex park and field maneuvers. They’re not the only pets who benefit from apples; eating apples has been shown to help people with memory problems. When given as a treat, apples can help improve symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Can Golden Retrievers eat apples? If so, does this mean that all dogs can eat apples? Turns out, the answer is no. While most Golden Retrievers would probably benefit from eating apples, each dog has a different body type, which creates a slightly different nutrition needs.

While you probably won’t be able to change a Retriever’s diet, you can influence its eating choices. When choosing apples for your Golden Retriever it’s important to remember they have dietary requirements so following these guidelines should help your dog get all the nutrients it needs while maintaining its good health.

can golden retrievers eat apples

Drawbacks of Golden Retrievers Eating Apples

The answer in terms of health is that while apples do contain essential nutrients for dogs, there are many harmful components in apples which can be toxic to dogs.

There are many benefits to eating apples including skin health, infection control, weight loss, etc. Therefore, when you read about Golden Retriever health benefits it is best to take them with a grain of salt since some of them are due to dietary changes.

Some Golden Retrievers are not recommended to eat apples because an apple contains a lot of sugar. The amount of calcium and vitamin A in apples can be too much for Golden Retriever, which can result in health problems. Many people eat apples believing that eating them is a healthy snack, however many dogs actually become sick from consuming this fruit..

Golden Retrievers are not known for their apple snacking prowess. In fact, the average Golden Retriever eats between 1/3 and 1/4 cup of apples per day. Eating apples in large quantities can raise the level of carb excretions in the dog, as well as increase electrolyte imbalances.

How do I keep my Golden Retriever healthy?

Golden Retriever puppies are incredibly sweet dogs. They are so much fun to be around, and they are always looking for a reason to run around and play. If you own a Golden Retriever, chances are you have done at least some of the following: walked them, played with them, cuddled them, taken them for walks, or given them kisses. 

If you own a Golden Retriever, chances are there are probably lots of things that you do not do as much to keep them healthy. These include: feeding them donuts for breakfast, not giving them enough exercise (or maybe not even realizing they are hungry), using harsh chemicals in dog food, and not cleaning their paws often enough. Making these few changes will help your Golden Retriever live longer and help prevent many diseases and illnesses.

Keeping your Golden Retriever healthy is incredibly hard. It’s incredibly challenging, and exhausting, and will probably leave you a bit frazzled at the end of each day. But if you take a few simple precautions — like drinking lots of water, eating lots of fibre (like oat bran or psyllium seed sprouts), exercising all day, and not overcrowding it — you can keep your Retriever healthy and happy for many years to come.

Lots of Exercise

Golden Retriever puppies are usually small, but they have an extraordinary amount of energy. You can leave them alone for a couple of hours after they pounce on your heels (no pun intended) and still see more energy than you knew existed. Some people even watch their Golden Retriever run around the house for an hour every day. 

However, if you want a dog who runs all day, every day, and really takes care of itself, I’m here to tell you what you need to do to get 12-15 fabulous hours of exercise from your Golden Retriever each week.

Keeping your Golden Retriever healthy is the single most important thing you can do to keep it in good shape and keep it fit enough to earn the best reviews from pet trainers.Keeping the dog active is extremely important. This means walking, running, hiking, swimming and playing with toys. Choose a place that has plenty of grass and other peeping animals but no grass too deep or tall for your Retriever. 

Well-Balanced Diet

Golden Retriever food consists mostly of meat along with greens, yogurt, eggs, and fruits.  Keep your Golden Retriever healthy with a well-balanced diet. Your Golden Retriever needs enough vitamin D to use bone density as well as absorb calcium from the food she eats. Vitamin D deficiency can cause neurological problems and heart disease, so it’s important to get into the correct sunlight range for your location.(provide it with sunlight throughout the day)

Make sure to give her huge portions of fresh vegetables and herbs; feed them chicken and chicken nuggets whenever possible, and provide them with a wide variety of juicy meat and fish, including free-choice liver and heart. Keeping your Golden Retriever healthy is critical to their long-term health and wellbeing. you should include plenty of vegetables, fruits, and protein sources in your dog’s dry dog food.

Golden Retriever puppies should be walked more than anything else. This breed is easily distracted and needs to be kept busy so it doesn’t run around the house without your contact details. However, they can definitely eat as much as they want as long as they are well-balanced so that they don’t gain excessive weight and become too active. You may want to start with an easy 1/2 pound portion at first which can be increased gradually without it being too much of a change for them.

Lots of Water

How do you keep your Golden Retriever healthy? The first step is to provide your Retriever with plenty of water. This ensures that their body is working correctly as well as making sure that any parasites or illnesses that may be preventing them from eating are being treated.

There are many other things you can do to help your Golden Retriever live a long life. You may want to consider purchasing a pet water bottle and giving your dog extra amounts of water throughout the day.

Water is the most important thing to give your Golden Retriever. The amount and type of water your dog gets is really important. Your Golden Retriever should drink 1 ounce of water per pound of your dog’s overall weight.

Golden Retrievers, dogs, and Retriever dogs need lots of water. They can get dehydrated very quickly. If you have a Golden Retriever, it’s a good idea to have water available for them every day so that they don’t become dehydrated. 

Basic Grooming and Hygiene

Golden Retriever puppies are fabulous, but they also require a fair bit of attention and care. If you’re planning to bring a Golden Retriever home, or already have one, here are some rules to follow in order to make sure your pup stays healthy and happy. 

Golden Retrievers can easily live 12-15 years, but they do require some grooming and hygiene maintenance to stay healthy. They definitely don’t live forever, but they’ll do great with some extra TLC.

They also need plenty of cleanliness so that their ears can get rid of excess dirt and yuck as well as their paws stop getting dirty, fungus grows behind their nails and on their legs, and they don’t get crabs by the time they’re done exercising for the day. Bathe your Golden Retriever every other week during shedding seasons (in the seasons spring and fall) or once every month during off-shedding seasons (in the seasons winter and summer). Always bathe your Golden Retriever in a tub full of warm water. Never place heated water directly on a dog.

Enough Rest

Golden Retriever puppies need daily exercise as their bones are still growing. if you don’t give it enough time and let it rest and sleep properly, it will feel fatigued and weak after a few days. So, be sure to give it plenty of rest and take proper care of it to ensure that it remains healthy as it grows older. Apart from that, it is essential to provide them with enough sleep during the day so that their body can repair itself and they don’t become anxious. 

Golden Retriever puppies should get at least 12 hours of sleep each day. As they grow older, they will require less and less sleep. When they reach their senior years, you will find that your Golden Retriever will sleep more and more. This is because they do not have as much energy as they used to.

Lots of Cuddles!

Keeping your Golden Retriever healthy is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things you can do for her. The first step in making sure that your Golden Retriever stays well is to make sure that he gets plenty of love and cuddles from you and other members of your family. Golden Retriever puppies can have many health issues just like any other breed. 

Keep your Golden Retriever healthy by giving it lots of love and cleaning it regularly.  It also stops them from exhibiting some very undesirable behaviors and can help prevent some health issues.

can golden retrievers eat apples

Final Words

Golden Retriever puppies are incredibly sweet and they bring joy to everyone who comes in contact with them. Keeping a Golden Retriever healthy is easier than you think. Healthy food, like feeding them apples, is the best way to keep your Golden Retriever healthy and happy. The main things you can do to keep a Golden Retriever healthy are take it out for walks and give it some time outdoors.

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