Can Golden Retrievers Eat Watermelon – Is It a Healthy Treat or Not?

Humans really love to eat watermelon. The juiciness and the freshness of this fruit are no doubt, really irresistible. With foods like this, we also like to share its goodness and the feeling of enjoyment while eating with our Goldies. However, there are some human foods that are not safe for dog consumption. Knowing this, can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon?

In this blog post, we will have you covered. We will reveal if the watermelon is safe for your Golden Retriever’s consumption. So, if you are excited to know the answer, keep on reading with us until the end!

Can Golden Retrievers Eat Watermelon: Interesting Info and Fun Facts

Watermelon is a nutritious, sweet, and watery fruit that is really enjoyable to eat by humans. For about a thousand years back, during the ancient times of the Egyptians, watermelon is generally fit at its cultivation. Scientifically, Citrullus Lanatus or watermelon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. This is highly related to cantaloupes, pumpkins, honeydew, and cucumbers.

Usually, watermelon’s flesh comes in red, yellow, or orange color but it is actually a powerhouse of nutrients that offer you and your Golden Retriever lots of benefits. The composition make-up of the watermelon contains about 90% of water. Because of that, even without drinking real water, watermelon can generally save you from dehydration on a hot sunny day.

In terms of calories, it is only about 43 per cup. It also has sugar content but with only just about 9 grams per 152 grams of serving. Moreover, before we jump into discovering the answer on can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon; let us first unravel some of the interesting details about this juicy fruit. Based on the National Watermelon Promotion Board here is some of the information that you need to know regarding watermelon:

  • One can usually get around 90 counts of six-ounce jams and 11 cups of cubes in a watermelon averaging from 15 to 20 pounds weight.
  • Some watermelons may tend to develop cracks on the inner portion of their flesh. If the watermelon you have on hand has this condition, the fruit generally has a Hollow Heart. This normally happens during the growing months of this fruit in which temperature fluctuations give a great impact on it.
can golden retrievers eat watermelon
  • Generally, it is safe to eat the Hollow Heart watermelon and is usually sweeter due to sugar concentrated on the cracks.
  • Three months is the average time period of planting to harvesting a watermelon.
  • There is also the seedless form of watermelon and no black, mature seeds are present on it. White seed coats are the ones being there in which the seed did not mature.

The Amazing Benefits of Watermelon to Golden Retriever

Can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon? To be able to answer this question, let us first identify the benefits of eating watermelon by the Golden Retriever. Here are they:

  • Packed with powerful nutrients including vitamins A, B6, and C in which latter is a great immune booster. Meanwhile, vitamin A is generally helpful in maintaining the health of their coat and skin as well as playing a role in the functioning of the nerves and dog’s muscles. Moreover, vitamin B6 is the one responsible for some important functions like generation of glucose, regulation of hormone, management of RBC, and handling immune response.
  • Also contains potassium which lowers the risk of heart attack or heart failure in dogs
  • Fiber content is helpful in the digestive system of the Goldies
  • The antioxidant lycopene content generally helps in preventing the risk of cancer development in Golden Retriever.
  • With traces of other minerals like calcium, niacin, riboflavin, and zinc
  • Has low-calorie and low-sodium content
  • Free from fat and cholesterol
  • Seedless watermelon can be eaten by the Golden Retriever safely in the form of a special treat

The Associated Risks of Eating Watermelon to Goldies

Yet, despite the plentiful health advantages that the watermelon can provide to your Golden Retriever, there are some adverse reactions that the Goldies may experience from eating it. Having an idea about it may help you in answering can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon. Check below what are those:

can golden retrievers eat watermelon
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  • May result in stomach aches in Goldies when consuming too large a portion of the fruit
  • Large consumption of watermelon by the Golden Retriever may also lead to diarrhea
  • Blockade of the Goldies’ intestines if watermelon seeds is unconsciously consumed, it may even lead to potential death of the dog if left untreated
  • With high sugar content that causes stomach upset of the Goldies on a short-term basis. Meanwhile, over long periods, high amount of sugar ends up with tooth decay, addition of the Goldies’ weight, and diabetes.

Now, having enough idea about the benefits and risks of eating watermelon by the Goldies, we can now conclude that the answer for the question can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon is a yes. The key here is feeding your Goldies with this nutritious fruit in moderation such as in a form of a healthy doggy treat.

Can Golden Retrievers Eat Watermelon – The Fruit Parts Unsafe for Dogs

Basically, prior to feeding our dogs, it is very important to have an idea of everything about our Goldies’ feeding habits. If this would be the first time that you would be introducing watermelon to your pooch, here are the parts of the fruit that are not safe for consumption of the Goldies:

Watermelon seeds

When it comes to the seeds, it is usually the part of the fruit that is indigestible. Since they are small, pieces of them may block the digestive tract of the dog. Moreover, feeding on the seeds by a smaller Golden Retriever may be deadlier compared to the full-grown ones. Choking is at risk especially for young puppies because of multiple seeds eaten.

That’s why if you opt to feed your Golden Retriever with watermelon, the seedless type is the best choice. You do not need to remove the seeds before you feed them. All you need to do is to scoop the watermelon’s flesh from the rind. Serve it into bite-size pieces inside a bowl and your Goldies will definitely enjoy it.

Watermelon rind

Just like the seeds, the rind of the watermelon is also hard to digest. It may also lead to intestinal blockage so do not let your Golden Retriever munch on it. Letting them nibble on the soft inner white portion of watermelon is still okay, but don’t allow them to chew on the rind. Goldie’s pups are at a higher risk to shorten their life here.

Watermelon skin

Another part of the fruit that is not safe when the Golden Retrievers eat watermelon is the skin. The same digestive blockage issue will also be experienced if the skin of this fruit is consumed.

Generally, digesting those parts of the watermelon may cause vomiting, pain in the intestine, constipation, and lethargy for the dogs. Ingestion of any of these parts requires dog’s monitoring for about 24-hours period. In case any unnecessary symptoms are shown, immediately call the veterinarian. Remember that the Golden Retriever’s safety is always the top priority here.  

Ways for Golden Retrievers in Eating Watermelon

Since the average-sized watermelon is big enough, one can generally take out lots of flesh from it. With that, there are various ways of serving this juicy fruit. And now that we know that our Golden Retrievers can eat watermelon, try to consider the different dog treat ideas made from this mouth-watering fruit. Surely, your Goldies will have a new favorite snack!


Basically, you only have to cut the watermelon into thin slices and serve it directly to your Golden Retriever. This is actually the easiest method to let your pooch taste this nutritious and delicious fruit. Its crunchiness will definitely be part of enjoyment eating the fruit and dog will be really satisfied, definitely!


Although watermelon is already a natural thirst quencher during the hot season, it is an added bonus for the Golden Retriever to serve this fruit frozen in cuboidal shapes. By cutting the flesh of the watermelon into cubes and place it in the freezer afterward would give your Goldies a cool treat.


Definitely, the harvesting season for the watermelon is during the summer months. And because of that, there is a lot of ways to serve watermelon to the Golden Retriever as a cool doggy treat during hot days. Another enjoyable doggy treat from watermelon is the watermelon ice cream. If you like to make this recipe, check the following steps:

  1. Initially, blend the frozen watermelon cubes into a food processor together with yogurt until you achieve a mixture with good consistency.
  2. Place it inside the freezer for around a few hours.
  3. Afterward, it is ready to serve to your Goldies.

Note: Freezing the watermelon ice cream is actually okay, however you will not achieve the same consistency with that of the ice cream.


Well, preparing the watermelon chopped needs a different kind of approach. This is the process of making this tasty treat for your Golden Retriever.

  1. Basically, cut the watermelon into slices about 1/4 inch thick. Ensure that you will cut it thinly.
  2. Put parchment paper on a tray and place the watermelon slices over it. The parchment paper will prevent the watermelon slices from sticking directly into the tray. You may also consider using a leather fruit tray. This kind of tray generally reduces the chance for the fruits to stick into it and the cleaning is usually easier.
  3. Eventually, use a dehydrator and check over your watermelon on it after 12 hours.
  4. If already done, store the watermelon chopped treats into an airtight container. Serve a moderate amount of it to your Goldies. Seal the container tightly after getting a small amount to maintain the freshness of the remaining treats.

Watermelon vs Watermelon-flavored products for Goldies

Aside from being popular, consuming watermelon is also packed with nutrients making it beneficial for consumption. Additionally, there is also a long list of watermelon products available in the market. In fact, most of dog treats with fruity flavor are included in this watermelon based products.

Numbers of dog treats claim to have a watermelon flavor in them and this matter should be handled seriously. Keep in mind that these kinds of products have high amounts of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other chemicals. All of those ingredients are deemed not safe for dog consumption. It may generally havoc the health of the Golden Retriever.

High sugar consumption is not good for everyone including dogs. For the Golden Retriever, consuming too much sugar may result in gastrointestinal problems and a serious form of diabetes in the long run. Xylitol is actually the most common artificial sweetener used by flavored products. Remember that xylitol is a toxic substance for all dogs.

In taking precautionary measures, it is actually better to feed your Goldies with natural watermelons or other homemade recipes made of this fruit. Doing that will allow you to be sure of the content and you are also guaranteeing that you are giving your Goldies a healthy and safe treat.

Tips to Consider When Giving Watermelon to the Goldies

can golden retrievers eat watermelon
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No wonder that watermelon is a tasty and nutritious snack for the Goldies. But, letting the Golden Retriever to eat watermelon involve some safety tips even if this fruit would be eaten on an occasional basis. Check on these tips to safely give a new tasty treat to your Goldies.

  • Feeding your Golden Retriever with watermelon should always be in moderation
  • The diet of the Goldies only allows consumption of not more than 10% of human food including watermelon on an everyday basis.
  • Consider serving this palatable treat to your dog in various ways so that eating watermelon would be an enjoyable moment for your Goldies.
  • Always consult your veterinarian first before introducing this fruit or any human food to your Golden Retriever.
  • Be on the lookout for any signs of stomach problems of your doggo. In case they will show any signs of abnormality, immediately stop feeding the fruit to the Goldies.
  • Also, be very keen if the Golden Retriever will suffer from diarrhea once he consumes watermelon.
  • You can also try making a healthy smoothie from watermelon and in combination with other nutritious fruits like blueberry.

Watermelon Alternatives for Dogs

So, are you hooked on the natural healthy treats for your Golden Retriever? Well, aside from watermelon, there are also other fruits that can be used as refreshing and nutritious dog treats. Here are the watermelon good alternatives in case you want to give your pooch a wide range of healthy dog treats:


Like watermelon, apples also have vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. The flesh of the apples can also be a safe and healthy treat for your pooch. Try to make some slices of this fruit and give it to your Golden Retriever as a healthy snack. Other apple preparations that you can do are freezing it or getting its pulp for good doggy refreshment.

However, also be very keen on feeding apples to your Goldies as there is also some part of it that should be on the lookout for. One of them is the apple seeds that contain a toxic substance and a potential choking hazard for the Goldies. Moreover, the peel of the apple, if eaten by your pooch may irritate their stomach lining and trigger vomiting.


Well, similar to watermelons, blueberries are small fruits that contain tons of nutrients. It has vitamins K, B6, C, and E, plus riboflavin, and thiamine. The antioxidant contents of blueberries are also enormous high. To add to this fruit’s nutritional profile is the fiber that helps in a dog’s digestion. So, like watermelon, blueberries can also be a handy dog treat that is definitely healthy.


Cucumber, like the watermelon, is a hydrating treat for the Golden Retriever. As mentioned earlier, the watermelon and cucumber belong to the same botanical family making them have a hydrating feature. Aside from that, cucumber is also low in calories and is very helpful in dealing with inflammation and elevated blood pressure.

In general, cucumber is not toxic for dogs as well. One interesting fact about it is that this will not cause any allergic reactions to the Golden Retrievers. However, be very mindful of the size that you offer to your dog as the bigger ones are a potential choking hazard. Additionally, don’t forget to feed your Goldies with this treat in moderation.


A sweet and healthy treat alternative to watermelon, raspberries should also be given to Goldies in moderate amounts. Its nutrient profile includes certain vitamins and minerals, low sugar content, an abundant amount of antioxidants.

Final Thoughts

Can Golden Retrievers eat watermelon? Of course, yes! Watermelon is a juicy fruit that is a powerhouse of nutrients. A natural thirst quencher, watermelon contains a high amount of water that generally offers a plethora of benefits for the health of the pooch. However, you must have to feed your Goldies with a moderate amount of watermelon and also take into account some of the important considerations when feeding this fruit to your doggo.

Always remember those parts of the fruits that are not suitable for the dog’s consumption. And keep an eye on your dog for any possible signs of adverse reactions. Aside from being healthy, eating up watermelon by the Golden Retriever can also be fun and highly enjoyable. Various ways and doggy recipes are available to make Goldies have a great watermelon eating experience.

Have you ever tried feeding your Goldies with watermelon? Did they love it? Please share your thoughts with us!

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