Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Let’s Find Out!

There’s a long list of things that Golden owners love about their pets. But the shedding isn’t just one of them. As you know, the distinctive foggy hair of your breed somehow makes its way to every surface of your home, from couches to carpets to clothing. How much do …

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Golden Retriever: Everything You Need To Know!

The Golden Retriever is one of the most common breeds of dogs in the United States. The breed’s friendly, tolerant temperament makes them perfect family pets, and their intellect makes them highly competent working dogs. Golden Retrievers excel in hunting game for hunters, tracking, sniffing contraband for law enforcement, and …

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Golden Retriever Behavior After Neutering: Things To Know

Pet neutering is a common procedure that provides a variety of advantages to both animals and owners alike. Many golden retriever owners have their dogs neutered or neutered to prevent unwelcome breeding. Others do so to prevent health complications. Do you know the golden retriever behavior after neutering? Find out …

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Dog Grooming Tips: How Often Do Dogs Need Grooming

Just like humans, dogs need grooming. To determine how often do dogs need grooming, you have to look a number of factors. They include age, coat type, the breed and other factors. It is advised that you have a dog grooming schedule to maintain the general wellbeing of your dog. …

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How Often Should You Brush A Golden Retriever?

You need to remain on top of grooming to keep your golden retriever safe and happy. Like humans, dogs must be regularly groomed to remain clean, and because of Golden’s long hair, it is important to avoid mating, which can be uncomfortable for your dog and even cause skin problems. …

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Taking Care Of A Golden Retriever Puppy: The Best Tips!

taking care of a golden retriever puppy

The golden dog is a common addition to many American households. In reality, the Golden Retriever ranks number 3 in the American Kennel Club popularity rankings. Not surprisingly, golden retriever puppies are also used on many calendars, greeting cards, and posters as the perfect sign of canine sweetness. In this …

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Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me? Let’s Find Out!

Goldens are soft, caring, loyal, and generally make a great family pet. They’re the outgoing “people” dogs. We kindly name them “Velcro dogs” since they like to be near to their humans whenever possible. They’re usually next to you, on top of you, or lying at (or on) your bottom. …

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Golden Retriever Matted Hair: The Best Solutions!

To maximize the natural beauty of your Golden Retriever, taking care of her coat is something that should be part of her overall care. While many owners take their Golden Retriever to be professionally groomed, a lot can be done at home. If you have golden retriever matted hair problems, …

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Golden Retriever Ear Shape and its Purpose

Golden Retriever ear shape

Golden Retrievers have floppy ears. It’s also hairy and can harbor a lot of dirt if not groomed well. As for the Golden Retriever ear shape, the lobe has a V-shaped profile but the tips are not pointed. They share the same ear shape with that of Vizslas and Bullmastiffs. …

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