How Much Do Labrador Retriever Shed? Grooming Tips and MORE!

how much do labrador retriever shed

With medium-length coats and rambunctious personalities, Labrador retrievers are a hit pet! But with all that fur and energy, many are wondering — how much do Labrador retriever shed? Generally, Labrador retrievers shed a lot around winter and summer. After all, these are the seasons when they change their coats. …

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How Long Does Labrador Retriever Live? See Here!

how long does labrador retriever live

Labrador retrievers are a popular breed for families, and many wish to be with them for long as possible. Unfortunately, like all dogs, lab retrievers will eventually meet their end. So, how long does Labrador retriever live? Generally, a labrador retriever can live between 10 and 12 years, like most …

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Why Does My Labrador Chew Everything?

Did you know that Labradors love to chew? It’s in their nature and something that owners have come to expect over the years. But why do they chew on everything and anything with a nubbin, including your new shoes and favorite handbag? And what can you do about it? Let’s …

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Why Is My Labrador Barking So Much?

Have you noticed that your Labrador barks a lot? Labradors are adorable dogs, and they just keep on barking. Beyond amusing your circle of friends with the incessant barking, you’re probably wondering if there’s a reason for it. Labradors can drive you crazy, so let’s take a look at why …

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How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Labrador Retriever?

how much does it cost to adopt a labrador retriever

Are you planning to adopt another furry friend and wondering how much does it cost to adopt a Labrador Retriever? Since it is among the most popular dog breeds worldwide, it has become a sought-after breed for adoption. And for a positive reason, Labradors are known for their loyalty and …

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When Is a Labrador Considered a Senior?

when is a labrador considered a senior

As a lab owner, you might wonder when a labrador is considered a senior. Watching them grow from puppies to adults is a great experience, and it’s hard to accept that they will be considered seniors one day. An excellent general indicator of big-breed dogs is the labrador retriever. They …

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How To Calm An Anxious Labrador

Have you ever noticed how your Labrador seems to be perfectly relaxed when there are other people around, but as soon as you try to leave the room it becomes distressed and starts to panic? It’s a prevalent behavior seen in many Labradors, who begin to whine and pace as …

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