Golden Retriever Licking Paws – the Golden Habit!

Dogs generally have lots of behaviors and some of them tend to be normal. Yet, the others could be their way to communicate with us. You may see those pooches lying on the floor, rubbing their nose, and laying on your lap. Sometimes, these behaviors have meanings, but what about …

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Bloat in Golden Retrievers: What You Need To Know

bloat in Golden Retrievers

Does your dog’s tummy look bloated more than usual? While it may appear mild at first, bloat in Golden Retrievers must be addressed right away. Recognizing the first signs of bloat in your dog will save it from life-threatening conditions. Humans also experience bloat, but it often goes away on …

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Golden Retriever Limping Front Leg, What Is Wrong?

Golden Retriever limping front leg

Did you let out your dog to play only for it to go home with a limping front leg? A Golden Retriever limping front leg indicates a potential injury, health problem, and even congenital defects. It’s important to get your Goldie examined at the vet’s clinic, especially if the limp …

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12 Things to Know Before Getting a Golden Retriever

things to know before getting a Golden Retriever

It’s not difficult to fall in love with the Golden Retriever breed. It’s the total package: affectionate, gentle, friendly, and intelligent. But before you contact a breeder, there are some things to know before getting a Golden Retriever. As with any dog, there are pros and cons to bringing home …

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Golden Retriever Service Dog Breeder – The Golden List!

Aside from being popular, the Golden Retrievers are gentle, intelligent, loyal, and highly trainable dog breed. They can able to perform specific tasks assigned to them smoothly. Generally, Golden Retrievers have the ability to assist people to perform out specific tasks making them good service dogs. Yet, you need to …

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What Can Golden Retrievers Not Eat?

What can golden retrievers not eat? Most often we thought giving our golden retriever human food is completely fine for us. But little did we know not all human food can be eaten by our furry friend. Because there are numerous factors that hinder dogs from eating human foods and …

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Golden Retriever Rash On Belly — Top Reasons Why

There may be the underlying reason why your golden retriever has rash on the belly. For them, it’s uncomfortable and it can sometimes lead to excessive itching. For us pet owners, it can be unsettling for us to see our pets that are experiencing rashes. These rashes have various root …

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