Golden Retriever Ear Shape and its Purpose

Golden Retriever ear shape

Golden Retrievers have floppy ears. It’s also hairy and can harbor a lot of dirt if not groomed well. As for the Golden Retriever ear shape, the lobe has a V-shaped profile but the tips are not pointed. They share the same ear shape with that of Vizslas and Bullmastiffs. …

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Trimming Golden Retriever Feathers: Owner’s Guide

trimming Golden Retriever feathers

Golden Retrievers have feathers??? Yes, but not the kind they can use to fly. When it comes to Goldies, feathers refer to fur patches found around their belly, tail, and legs. This fur can grow very long and harbor dirt. This is why trimming Golden Retriever feathers is a necessary …

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Golden Retriever Ear Mites – Important Things to Remember!

Dogs, including the Golden Retriever, are susceptible in acquiring ear mites. The Golden Retriever ear mites are generally found feeding within the oils, wax, and debris of the dog’s ears. Usually, small parasites are highly responsible for this ear condition for dogs. Moreover, these parasites are distributed all over the …

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6 Tips on How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding

Shedding is one of the things that annoys most of Golden Retriever owners. You will find hair on your couch, carpets and clothes. This forces the owners to look for ways on how to reduce Golden Retriever shedding. Why do Golden Retrievers shed so much? The Golden Retriever has two …

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5 Homemade Food for Golden Retriever Puppy

Once you own and have a dog as a pet, you will generally feed him with dog food that is commercially available. In case your Golden Retriever is still a puppy, then you would rather give him plenty of milk. Actually, it is very much okay. However, the same with …

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Tips to Solve Golden Retriever Food Aggression

Golden Retriever food aggression

Golden Retrievers are food-driven so they are prone to resource guarding. This can lead to food aggression, which can be a big problem if you have multiple pets at home. It’s important to correct Golden Retriever food aggression as soon as possible so your dog won’t grow with it. And …

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Golden Retriever Spay Recovery: What You Need to Do

Golden Retriever spay recovery

Spaying a Golden Retriever entails an important recovery period. Unlike neutering, spaying is done to female Goldies where their ovaries are removed to halt reproduction. Since this is an invasive procedure, it’s important to pay close attention to Golden Retriever spay recovery. What to expect after spaying a Golden Retriever? …

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