Are Golden Retrievers Good With Other Dogs?

are Golden Retrievers good with other dogs

Golden Retrievers are known for their affectionate personality toward their owners. But are Golden Retrievers good with other dogs, too? Thanks to their friendly demeanor, Goldies can get along with other pets, be it a dog, cat, or other furry animals. In fact, the companionship with another dog will also …

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5 Best Dog Playpen For Hardwood Floors

A nice and best dog playpen for hardwood floors is what exactly you need especially if you have a young pup with you. An enclosed space will save you from any trouble like damaging and rummaging any of your personal belongings. It’s time for you to buy a sturdy playpen. …

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7 Dogs that are Similar To Golden Retrievers But Smaller

Are there any dogs similar to Golden Retrievers but smaller? There are many dogs that are similar to golden retrievers. But there is really no replacement for them. They are one of the most popular breeds and they are intelligent and friendly towards everyone including strangers. This makes them great …

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Golden Retriever Potty Problems — How To Help

golden retriever potty problems

Golden Retriever Potty Problems — How To Help Golden Retrievers who don’t know where to do their business can cause huge inconveniences around the house. When your Golden Retrievers relieve themselves anywhere they want, it will cause hygiene issues around your home. This is why you should help resolve Golden …

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Best Deshedding Tool for Golden Retrievers — 2021 Picks

Golden Retrievers are known to be notorious shedders. The solution for that is to buy the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers so that you won’t have to stress about it! Shedding for these dog breeds is minimal during the off-seasons in winter and summer. However, when spring and fall …

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Golden Retriever Vaccine Schedule 2021

Dogs, including the Golden Retrievers, actually need basic care from their owners. They usually require proper food, training, toys, a comfortable place at home, and most especially, your attention and veterinary care. Speaking of the proper vet care, it usually involves the administration of vaccines throughout the first year of …

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10 Reasons Why do Golden Retrievers Lick So Much

It is actually common for dogs like the Golden Retrievers to lick you or other things around him. However, most dog owners and new pet parents do not have a full understanding of the real meaning of this doggy behavior. If you have a Goldies and he’s consistently doing this, …

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Do Golden Retrievers Stink? Here’s The Smelly Truth!

do golden retrievers stink

Do Golden Retrievers stink? All dog breeds will develop a foul smell at some point. It can either be a temporary odor or something that points to a grooming or health problem. Goldies are large and double-coated dogs, so you shouldn’t expect them to smell like roses all the time. …

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