Collar or Harness for Golden Retriever? Guide 2021

During this modern-day canine world, even dogs, like the Golden Retriever, engage themselves into fashion. Usually, a dog collar has amazing and attractive colors and materials available. Meanwhile, the harness introduces the easiest way of self-expression of the canines through this kind of doggy attire. Yet, choosing the appropriate gear for your Goldies is more than just a fashion statement. So, which among the collar or harness for Golden Retriever is good for them?

In this blog post, we have here a detailed discussion on the difference between collar and harness for dogs. Both dog products actually entail a wide variety of styles, colors, and types. Each one has distinct advantages over the other and also has some drawbacks in terms of their use or buying preference. Check here and see which one is the right for your Golden Retriever!

Collar or Harness for Golden Retriever – Cruising with a Collar on

For us to better understand what to choose between collar or harness for Golden Retriever, let us first identify the uses and types of dog collar available. Usually, dog collars are commonly helpful during a walk with your Goldies. As you look over the market, you will definitely find various types and styles of dog collars that can suit the adorable coat of your Golden Retriever.

However, some designs of dog collars may generally cause discomfort during training when the Goldies tend to pull it. The good thing is that a dog collar may not give an issue when the dog has long hair, like the Golden Retriever.

  • Good for dog walking and outing
  • A quick and convenient way to get dog outdoor
  • The easiest way to attach the canine’s ID tag
  • Perfect for escape artists
  • Easily injures the neck area of the dogs
  • Not applicable for smaller dog breeds

Below are the different types of dog collars and check which one fits your Goldies.

1-Leather Dog Collar

Basically, leather is a natural type of material that is less irritating. That’s why most pet owners opt to use the traditional leather dog collars for their dogs because of their lesser potential for allergic reactions. The leather dog collar has the ability to handle moisture and is generally durable. Moreover, this type of dog collar comes in different styles like the addition of spikes, bells, or studs.

Aside from that, the leather dog collar also has various colors to choose from. They are usually round in shape making it easier and comfortable on the dog’s coat. Yet, be considerate of the thickness here as it may become too heavy for your pooch.

collar or harness for golden retriever

But, there are also some drawbacks involved in choosing this dog collar type. First, it is generally expensive compared to other types. Next is that the leather dog collars are more difficult to clean and maintain. There is also the potential of getting smelly.

2-Nylon Dog Collar

Another type of dog collar that may let you think which among the dog collar or harness for Golden Retriever is good; it is none other than the nylon type of dog collar. So far, this is the most popular dog collar available. It is very tough, durable, and can also handle water. Cleaning and maintenance of this dog collar tend to be easy as well.

Compared to the leather type, the nylon dog collar is less expensive. There is also a wide range of color, style, and size selection for this type. However, the design of this collar may tend to fade over time. It may also be irritating for the dog’s skin.

3-Plastic Dog Collar

The plastic dog collar is very inexpensive and it is really enjoyable to look for one because of the color assortment available. It is also waterproof and very easy to clean. But, this kind of dog collar is not a good quality making it not a strong one.

4-Spiked Dog Collar

Most of the time, the main reason why dog owners put on a spiked collar for their dogs is for protecting their pet from the attacks of other canines and wild animals. The protruding spikes make it difficult for intruders to target the neck of the collar wearer. More often, this type of dog collar symbolizes the toughness of the dog.

That’s the reason why you commonly see those big dogs, like the Bulldogs and Dobermans, wearing this spiked collar. However, the metal spikes may be a cause of danger for some dogs and even to humans. It may also be damaging for home furniture. 

5-Prong Dog Collar

A prong collar is a good consideration for dogs that are very hard to handle as it gives the pet owner better control of the dog. Typically, the style of the dog collar comes on a metal material such as stainless steel. Within the collar are dull prongs in which can exert pressure on the dog’s neck once the dog pulls it over.

This dog collar or also known as the pinch collar comes in a more humane manner compared to choke chain collars. It really works by punishing the dog and rewarding them through their actions. However, this dog collar tends to be expensive and is rarely available in local stores.

 6-Shock Dog Collar

If you consider technological advancement in deciding which collar or harness for Golden Retriever is the best, the shock collar is a great example. It is actually an electronic collar that is battery-operated. There is a receiver embedded inside the collar which is responsible for transmitting the mechanism to the pet owner. Some models are waterproof and some can signal two dogs by using the same apparatus.

However, this dog collar comes with concern for its humane use since it might be very harsh. Aside from that, it comes at a very expensive price. Lastly, a shock collar for a dog may not be worn all throughout the day.

7-Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized dog collars are very popular for most dog owners. They like it because it usually displays either your name or your pet’s name, or it can be both. This dog collar with those details tends to be beneficial when the dog gets lost. Generally, a personalized dog collar is really attractive and entails lots of benefits.

Aside from that, various ways are available to make a dog collar personalized. Suggestions include the following:

  • Add rhinestones over a dog collar
  • Improve the leather-colored dog collar by engraving a brass plate
  • Embroider your pet’s name on the dog’s collar

8-Martingale Dog Collar

A distinct type of dog collar, the martingale dog collar is a great combination of the benefits of the regular dog collar and the check chain. Originally, this type of dog collar is ideal for dogs that having a proportionally small head with that of their neck. It provides additional control but not as damaging as the choke or check the chain. Usually, the majority of the dog collar’s part is like that of a regular collar made of leather.

Generally, the martingale dog collar works by the wonders of the small part of the collar known as the chain circle. The dog collar usually gets tighter once the pressure is provided into the leash. On the other hand, it loosens the moment the pressure from the leash is released.

It is actually advantageous to use the martingale dog collar because it offers manageability. And compared to the check chain, this dog collar will get tight. This collar also easily slides off the head of the dog without the hassle of fastening it.

Yet, one drawback that involves the use of the martingale dog collar is that it comes with a high price. Additionally, it might also be difficult to find it over the local stores.

Collar or Harness for Golden Retriever – Have a Harness On

Stuck among the collar or harness for Golden Retriever? Well, having your Goldies on a dog harness is an easier way to handle them and any other dog breed. Dogs may be very easy to control especially when walking on a busy street once they have a harness on. Moreover, a dog harness is pretty much perfect for large dog breeds.

Knowing that, do not let smaller dogs have a harness because they may be susceptible to injury. But dog harness is great for escape dogs that may immediately disappear with just a blink. Both collar and harness for Golden Retriever are available in different features and varieties.

  • The safest and most comfortable way to hook the dog leash
  • Great control over the dog
  • Reduce pulling
  • Decrease neck and joint injury for dogs
  • May lead to more injury if poorly fitted

Here is the list of dog harnesses and see how each one can benefit your Golden Retriever.

1-Nylon Harness for Dogs

Nylon harness is generally adjustable which has various sizes and enticing colors. The price is very fair and perfectly suitable for any dog breeds.

2-Soft Mesh Canine Harness

This is basically a type of dog harness that is lightweight and breathable. It has a fast-release buckle and is usually adjustable. Mostly, smaller dog breeds, dogs with sensitive necks, and puppies are perfect in this. So, if you have a Golden Retriever puppy thinking which collar or harness for Golden Retriever is better, then this might be the answer.

3-Cooling Reflective Dog Harness

The cooling reflective harness for dogs generally comes with a dual-duty purpose. It includes a reusable cooling pack that maintains the coolness of the dog’s temperature, especially during hot weather.

4-Easy Walk Harness for Dogs

Within the front portion of this dog harness comes an attachment for the leash. That’s why using this for your Golden Retriever is actually better as it redirects the attention of your dog. With that, pulling him back would not be performed. It comes with an adjustable feature for a better fit and also does not add up pressure on the dog’s neck.

collar or harness for golden retriever

5-Heavy-Duty Harness and Leash

This type of dog harness is actually double-layered which is advantageous for training, dog walking, and running. A leash attachment is actually a plus point for this type of dog harness.

6-Rugged Mesh Harness for Canine

An athletic way to wear a dog harness is by using this rugged mesh type of harness for a canine. It is made of breathable material and the rugged construction is generally perfect for dogs with an active lifestyle.

Which One to Wear by Goldies – Collar or Harness?

One way to identify which collar or harness is good for Golden Retriever should also need to understand the activity involve when using each. So, if you want to dress up your Goldies, know his activity and check the table below to learn which one is suitable for him.

Watching on a couch
Wear-off time; just let your Goldies relax!
Roaming around the yard
It is actually better to keep the collar on your Goldies neck during his roaming time around the yard even if he isn’t an escape artist.
Dating time
First-time for your Golden Retriever to meet friends? Then, keep the harness on around their neck to have them properly managed. Do this until such time that they already get along well with each other.
Visiting the dog park
First-time for your Golden Retriever to meet friends? Then, keep the harness on around their neck to have them properly managed. Do this until such time that they get familiar with the other pets and people in the park.
Let your Golden Retriever be familiar with the harness by clipping it in front or at the back.
Clip the harness at the front side of the dog to let them experience slowpokes. Meanwhile, clip it on the back panel for star tracking.
While walking on the trailhead, it is important to maintain the harness as it is clipped over the back of the dog. This will also help in managing the dog during unexpected circumstances.
It is better to adjust the harness for the purpose of attachment of the leash around the dog’s shoulders. This will generally decrease the risk of tangling.

Final Thoughts

Well, if you are still checking which is better among the collar or harness for Golden Retriever, just check on your Goldies. Generally, you may end up your decision-making by considering the behavior of your Golden Retriever, your own preference, and your budget. For an instance, you want an inexpensive dog product for your Goldies, a collar or harness made of nylon would be the best choice. Meanwhile, go for a leather dog collar if your concern focuses on the sensitive skin of your Goldies.

After all, the best choice between dog collar and harness generally depends on the one that works wonders for both of you and your pet. That’s why it is very much crucial to think of your specific needs before buying one. At the end of the day, you’ll be frustrated and somehow confused with the wide variety of choices if you do not have something in mind prior to buying.

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