do english cream golden retrievers shed

Do English Cream Golden Retrievers Shed?

Do English cream golden retrievers shed? You bet they do! In fact, if you’re considering this breed, you should know that they shed a lot – far more than breeds with similar coats. The beautiful coat of an English cream golden retriever may be enough to sway the heart, but the reality of the whole situation is that those gorgeous golden locks come with dedicated grooming and vacuuming

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it; these dogs shed year-round, which can be a chore if left unattended. However, for many pet owners, the long hours spent brushing their pup are worth it for the furry bundle of energy that makes up an English cream golden retriever.

If you’re wondering how to manage the shedding of an English cream golden retriever, there are a few tips that you can employ.

Understanding English Cream Golden Retriever Coat Basics

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and for a good reason. They are friendly, loyal, and great with children. Within the Golden Retriever breed, one of the most sought-after variations is the English cream golden retriever or White Golden Retriever. Known for their distinctive coat, English cream golden retrievers are loved by many.

🐕 Coat Appearance

The English cream golden retriever’s coat is thick, soft, and wavy. The fur is longer and thicker than that of the American Golden Retriever. Moreover, the fur is often longer around the neck and chest, creating a lush and flowing mane. However, the fur around the ears, feet, and tail is typically shorter.

🐕 Coat Color

The English cream golden retriever is named for its cream-colored coat. While they are sometimes called White Golden Retrievers, a true English cream golden retriever will have a coat that is a pale, creamy color. Their fur can range from nearly white to a light gold color. The nose and eyes of the English cream golden retriever are black, adding an extra dose of cuteness to their appearance. 

🐕 Uses

The English cream golden retriever’s thick, lush coat is not only beautiful but also serves a practical purpose. The fur provides insulation during colder months and protects the dog’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays during warmer months. 

The coat also sheds water easily, making them great swimmers. English cream golden retrievers are often trained as therapy dogs due to their calm and gentle nature, and their luxurious fur adds to their comforting presence.

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed? 

As puppies, English cream golden retrievers have soft, fluffy coats that they eventually shed around 6-8 months of age. This is when they begin to grow their adult coat, typically thicker and longer. So, if you’re considering adopting an English cream golden retriever puppy, be prepared for a little extra fur around the house during their coat transition.

When it comes to shedding seasonally, English Creams tend to shed more heavily during the spring and fall months. This is due to the changes in temperature and daylight, which affects their natural shedding cycle. During these times, giving your furry friend extra grooming and brushings is important to help alleviate shedding and maintain their coat’s health.

Gender also plays a role in shedding habits, with males typically shedding more than females because of their larger size and hormone levels. However, it’s important to note that every dog is different, and some females may shed more than males.

Reasons Why English Cream Golden Retrievers Shed

Shedding can be a frustrating issue for many dog owners, but it’s important to understand that all dogs shed to some extent, even those with luscious coats like the English cream golden retriever. So, why does your fluffy friend leave a trail of fur wherever they go? Here are a few reasons why English cream golden retrievers shed:

🦮 Coat Growth Cycle

English cream golden Retrievers, just like black golden retriever and Australian Shepherd, have beautiful coats. The reason why they shed a lot is because of their natural coat growth cycle. Dogs, in general, grow and shed their fur in regular cycles, channeling the energy and nutrients needed to keep their coats healthy and strong. 

English cream golden retrievers specifically tend to go through several shedding periods throughout the year, focusing on one major shedding period that lasts around three months once per year

During this period, it isn’t unusual to see dogs lose around two-thirds of their hair as new hair begins to grow in its place. So if you’ve recently adopted an English Cream Retriever, you should expect your pup to shed copiously at least once or twice each year!

🦮 Seasonal Changes

If you’ve noticed your English cream golden retriever’s fur shedding more heavily during certain times of the year, it’s likely due to seasonal changes. As the weather gets warmer (or cooler), your dog’s coat may shed more in preparation for the temperature change. Just like us humans wear extra layers during winter but take them off once spring has sprung, our canine companions do the same!

🦮 Health Issues

Due to their long and silky coats, English Cream Goldens are more likely to suffer from skin allergies. Not only are these allergies incredibly uncomfortable for the pup, but they can also cause their fur to fall out due to constant scratching or nibbling. 

Another reason these pups can have heavy shedding is because of mange caused by little mites underneath the skin that causes itching and irritation. In some cases, if these issues are not managed properly, they can lead to severe balding and continuous shedding. 

🦮 Stress

Stress is the body’s response to external forces and can cause physical manifestations such as increased shedding when it gets out of control in a pet’s life. In the case of English cream golden retrievers, living up to the breed standard might bring undesirable consequences such as repetitive grooming or excessive anxiety. 

This creates an environment where a dog is often stressed. Thus, their distress might manifest itself through shedding fur more quickly or continuously. A stressful life for your pet is never good and should be addressed immediately if noticed. Therefore, measures can be taken to reduce the amount of tension in their day-to-day activity. 

🦮 Breed Characteristics

English cream golden retrievers are undeniably very beautiful and graceful dogs. But apart from their drool-worthy look, they also come with certain breed characteristics that can make them quite a handful, like shedding. These handsome cuties are known for their heavy coats that require daily maintenance to keep them healthy. When it comes to shedding, you can expect a whole lot of extra brushing and vacuuming as part of the job! 

This is because having a coat that can establish a healthy primal balance is part and parcel of being an English golden retriever. The long double-layer serves as insulation to keep them warm and tolerate all sorts of weather conditions while at the same time keeping dirt out. To put it simply, without this balanced outercoat, they won’t be able to thrive in their environment. Shedding is just an inevitable consequence of having this dimensional fur! 

Ways To Reduce and Control Shedding

Even though shedding is something that comes with this dog breed, there are measures you can take to reduce and control it. Here are some tips for managing your English cream golden retriever’s shedding:

✅ Brush Frequently

One of the best ways to reduce and control shedding is to brush your pup frequently with either a comb or a blade. Doing this will distribute the natural oils all throughout their coat. It makes it shinier and healthier while also significantly reducing the amount of fur they shed. 

Furthermore, it can also help prevent any bothersome mats that may be forming in their fur. Regular brushing not only reduces shedding, but it’s great for bonding with your furry companion too! A few minutes of brushing each day can create an invigorating experience for both pooch and paw-rent alike!

✅ Bathe Frequently

Regular baths can help loosen and remove the dead fur from the undercoat. It allows for normal shedding of the top coat. Shampoos specifically designed for Golden Retrievers should ensure their sensitive skin is well-moisturized. It helps reduce irritation and other skin conditions that lead to excessive shedding. 

Brushing your dog before bathing them will also help remove hair clumps. Plus, it prevent mats from forming in their coats, which can lead to itchy skin and inflammation. After bathing, use a conditioner intended for dogs’ fur, followed by an anti-shedding spray. This will help encourage healthy skin. Therefore, your pup doesn’t shed too much fur while also keeping their coat looking shinier, softer, and smoother than ever before.

✅ Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the main contributors to excessive shedding in English cream golden retrievers. Therefore, reducing it can effectively control shedding. First, it’s important to identify potential causes of stress in your canine companion. More often than not, loneliness and isolation are key factors here. 

If your pup is being left at home alone for extended periods of time or not getting enough playtime with you or other dogs, it’s likely taking a toll on them and compounding their stress levels. A good solution here would be to simply spend more attention and quality time with them. Get them out for regular walks or dog park trips. In addition, hire an experienced dog walker if you’re too busy. 

Another helpful way to reduce stress in these pups is to ensure they receive enough mental stimulation throughout the day. This could include training games, chewy puzzle toys loaded with tasty treats or just some simple interactive playtime with a favorite toy! Overall, stress mitigation doesn’t just help your pup with controlling shedding but can greatly improve their overall well-being!

✅ Visit a Professional Groomer 

Visiting a professional groomer is a great way to keep English cream golden retrievers looking their best — and reduce and control shedding. Their fluffy coats require regular brushing, so why not make it easier on yourself by letting the experts handle it? 

Professional groomers are trained in all aspects of coat care specific to different breeds. This can result in minimal damage or stress to your Golden Retriever’s coat while providing maximum impact in the battle against unwanted shed fur. 

Moreover, professional grooming has other benefits, too, as many styles, like trims and cuts, can help give your dog an extra finished look. Offering a much-needed break from daily grooming chores and the savings of unnecessary vet bills should be motivating enough to give this option a try!

✅ Use High-Quality Dog Food 

One of the best ways to reduce and control shedding in English Cream Golden Retrievers is to ensure their diet is filled with high-quality food and nutrients targeting skin health. Feeding a nutritious, balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals will help keep your k9 healthy from the inside out. 

An example could be incorporating fish oil supplements into your dog’s daily routine. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils help keep your puppy’s coat shiny, soft, and less prone to shedding fur. 

Consider adding an all-natural blend of foods specifically designed for skin health as well. They are often rich in fatty acids like Omega-6, which promote healthy skin growth. Most importantly, ensure that you are providing enough nutrition through adequate amounts of water while encouraging moderate exercise on a daily basis!

✅ Keep Up with Flea and Tick Treatments

Not only are fleas a sign of poor grooming, but they can also cause skin irritation, which in turn leads to excessive shedding. Fleas also carry diseases, like tapeworms, which can become very serious if not treated in a timely manner. Keeping your Golden Retriever on a regular flea and tick treatment regimen will protect their health while controlling their shedding significantly. 

Ticks are especially concerning in warmer climates as they can spread Lyme disease and other bacterial infections. Fortunately, there are topical treatments available that offer month-long protection against ticks and fleas when applied correctly. 

How to Recognize Unusual English Cream Golden Retriever Shedding

Although shedding is normal for English Cream Golden Retrievers, it’s important to recognize when things might be out of the ordinary.

One of the first things you should pay attention to is the amount of fur your dog is shedding. While it’s normal for Golden Retrievers to shed, there comes the point where the amount of shedding might be too large, and it’s a sign something is not right. If you notice fur clumps falling off your dog, or their fur is coming off in chunks rather than small pieces, that might indicate a problem.

Another sign to watch out for is the texture of the fur. A healthy English Cream Golden Retriever’s fur should be silky and smooth. However, if you notice it’s looking dull or matted, that’s also not a good sign. Additionally, if you observe any bald patches, that indicates hair loss, which is not typical.

Lastly, pay attention to your dog’s behavior. Shedding excessively might be a sign of an underlying issue that’s making your pup feel uncomfortable or agitated. Watch out for additional symptoms like itching, scratching, or chewing on their fur.

Managing the Aftermath of Shedding in Your Home

If you’re a pet owner, you know how much you love and cherish your furry friends. However, shedding can be one of the most annoying things about being a pet parent. While it comes with the territory, having fur all over your home can be overwhelming and daunting to clean up. The good news is that there are ways you can manage the aftermath of shedding in your home.

First, invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. As a pet owner, your vacuum is your best friend. This will help you deal with all the hair left on floors, carpets, couches, and other surfaces. Choose a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power designed for households with pets. It’s also great to consider a vacuum cleaner that has a filter to capture tiny allergens and particles.

Additionally, choose pet-friendly fabrics when purchasing furniture or bedding. Materials like leather, wood, or polyester are much easier to clean and maintain than materials like velvet or suede. And if you use a blanket or cover on your furniture, it will catch the hair and make the cleanup process more manageable.

If you’re dealing with a particularly hairy situation, consider using a lint roller or duct tape to pick up hair that has stuck to surfaces like clothing or curtains. These are also great to bring when you have guests over who may not appreciate any excess fur on their clothes.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, remember to enjoy your pet’s company! It’s easy to get bogged down by messes in your home, but the love and joy they bring into your life are worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between a British golden retriever, a European golden retriever, and an American golden retriever?

While many people think all golden retrievers look the same, there are actually three distinct types – American, British, and European goldens. Though they share a similar origin from Scotland in the 1800s, they have since developed different traits and characteristics. On an external level, the American goldens are commonly taller and broader than the British or European breeds. You can usually identify an American golden by its long, muscular stature. Additionally, the American breed usually possesses a thicker double coat with straighter fur compared to those with waiver fur seen in British goldens, which tend to be medium-sized. Lastly, more laid-back temperaments are typically found among European breeds, making them quite gentle and loyal companions.

Q: What crossbreeds did Lord Tweedmouth create to make the English cream golden retriever?

Lord Tweedmouth’s goal was to create a sporting retriever with a creamy white coat: enter the English cream golden retriever. This crossbreed was created by combining four different types of dogs: flat-coated, Tweed Water Spaniel, and two different types of retrievers, one wavy-coated and one yellow. The result was something special — an intelligent, loyal companion with a beautifully distinct and creamy fur coat. Not only that, but thanks to their fame among aristocrats, they became an even more desirable breed.

Q: Is the English Cream Retriever registered by the American Kennel Club and the British Kennel Club?

The English Cream Retriever can be registered as a golden retriever even though it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the British Kennel Club. It is entirely possible to find an English Cream Retriever in the registration due to the breed’s similar traits and fair cream to pale gold coat. Yet, it can be challenging to discern between distinct breeds of retrievers based just on the appearance of their coats, and attempts to categorize them frequently result in errors. It’s important to remember, though, that despite having similar colors, their pedigrees clearly distinguish them from one another. Last but not least, if you’ve decided to register your English Cream Retriever as a golden retriever officially, be sure to acquire confirmation from professionals first!

Q: How does the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) view English Cream Golden Retrievers?

The Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) has a very specific stance regarding English Cream Golden Retrievers. Contrary to what some believe, they are not a separate dog breed. They are simply lighter-colored coats, a variation of the traditional golden retriever. As such, GRCA views them as properly bred golden retrievers and welcomes them into the organization with open arms. The breed standards are what matter when evaluating an individual dog for membership within the GRCA. Rather than an unrelated factor such as coat color or country of origin. Ultimately, every member of the GRCA strives to breed healthy puppies with excellent temperaments. Thus, it will mature into exemplary adult companions – regardless of their skin tone.

Q: Can shedding become a problem with English Cream Golden Retrievers?

Shedding can certainly become an issue with English Cream Golden Retrievers – much like any other dog breed. What makes it tricky is that they have such dense, luxurious coats that they can quickly cover your furniture and clothing! And because of the double-layered coat, their shedding is often quite heavy. However, the best way to deal with it is to establish a monthly grooming routine for your furry friend. This includes brushing their fur every day or at least three times a week. This will help reduce the amount of loose hair in your home and keep their fur in good condition. Also, try adding some omega-3 fatty acids to their diet; these are great for reducing excessive shedding.

Final Words

While English Cream Golden Retrievers will bring much love and joy to your home, one fact is undeniable: they shed a lot. In terms of grooming, these beautiful pups may require more maintenance than other breeds. They need brushing several times per week to keep the shedding under control. However, that doesn’t mean you should pass up on an English Cream Golden Retriever entirely! With the right amount of commitment, patience, and work, you can enjoy having one of these magnificent companions in your home and give them the life they deserve.

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