Do Golden Retrievers Bark a Lot? Ultimate Guide 2020

One thing to consider if you are planning to get a Golden Retriever is the amount of their barking. In terms of this concern, you must have to consider your family and the other people within your surroundings. Generally, Golden Retriever barks, but do Golden Retrievers bark a lot? Check them out and let’s find out the answers below!

The Golden Retriever’s Personality

Among the other dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is generally a dog with a great personality. In fact, Goldies is one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. Generally, the Golden Retriever is a good family house pet because it has a number of desirable traits to offer. In addition, the Goldies is a dog breed that is even-tempered.

In terms of aggressiveness, the Golden Retrievers are one of the breeds that are considered least aggressive. This basically means that having a Golden Retriever in the house might be safe even if you have small kids around. Because of this, most pet owners decide to opt for an affectionate and loyal Goldies. Moreover, the Golden Retrievers also get along well with other animals and new people in their surroundings.

do golden retrievers bark a lot

On the other hand, the traits of the Golden Retrievers are also strong indications that they are terrible guard dogs as well. Aside from that, the Goldies are also an intelligent breed which makes them famous for being a service dog. This will also basically determine the reason why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot.

Reasons Why do Golden Retrievers Bark a Lot

Do Golden Retrievers bark a lot? Actually, it is not as much compared to other dogs that are really aggressive. Yet, there are various reasons why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot.

Moreover, when we talk about do Golden Retrievers bark a lot, the Goldies may not do that as often. Perhaps, when they did, the reason behind their barking is usually figured out.

1. Excitement

Generally, the Goldies are equipped with lots of energy. Because of this, people may ask do Golden Retrievers bark a lot? Yes, they may bark frequently especially when they are excited to see you and be with you. Moreover, the Goldies may also do the same as the other kids are very thrilled to see you coming home or when they are that happy to have a walk with you.

2. Fear

The Golden Retriever may also experience fear. And, due to that, the concern regarding do Golden Retrievers bark a lot may tend so true. You may often observe this barking behavior in particular situations like having some noises outside.

In order to get rid of this situation, it is actually better to avoid those things that may cause fear to them. Another good thing to do is providing the Goldies with some desensitization training.

3. Protection

Another reason why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot is due to its protective behavior. This generally applies to be true if the Goldies bark often in cases like there is someone standing at the door. Due to this, it would be helpful to train the Golden Retrievers to behave when there are people and other dogs around.

4. Reinforcement

Generally, reinforcing the dog is the case in which the Golden Retriever understands that there is a reward after barking. In case you make it a habit to give some things to the Goldies like the extra attention, toys, or even treats after their barking behavior, they might think that doing it often may get more rewards.

Avoiding rewarding the Goldies after the bark is more helpful rather. It is actually better to give the Golden Retriever rewards in case they behave well. Moreover, giving them a reward when you want to redirect their attention to something else at the beginning of the barking is a good idea.

5. Boredom

do golden retrievers bark a lot

Basically, daily exercise is one of the basic requirements of the Golden Retrievers. Keep in mind that Goldies with lack of exercise may lead them to elicit abnormal behaviors. Due to that, do Golden Retrievers bark a lot is generally true enough. Moreover, this tends to be generally true if the Goldies do not have many exercises as they do get since the barking began.

The recommended daily exercise required by the Golden Retriever is basically about one hour of exercise. However, in case your Goldies do not get enough exercise and he seems healthy, then it is generally helpful to ensure that it really does.

6. Hunger

Another reason why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot is because he might be hungry. The frequent barking behavior tends to be as often if the feeding schedule of the Goldies is normal. Moreover, it could also possibly happened if you might stop feeding him too much lately.

7. Attention

Generally, why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot is due to the reason that he is trying to catch your attention. It may generally help a lot when your Goldies bark and you pay enough attention to him. Moreover, the Golden Retrievers do bark a lot when you try to ignore him.

Aside from that, it generally usual for the Goldies to determine that he is not the subject of your attention. Through this, they bark in order to bring your attention back to him. Eventually, this behavior can lead to lots of problems if it tends to continue all the time.

Basically, proper training, giving them exercise, and playing with them are some of the helpful ways to give attention to your Golden Retriever. However, it is also of big help if you may try to avoid providing him with much attention as a form of reward. This may tend to be true if they start barking except that they do it for a different reason.

8. Distress

Moreover, why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot is during the case when they are in trouble. The good thing is that this may not happen too often. Always remember that when your Golden Retriever is with you, there is a feeling of safety and security inside them. Actually, there are various kinds of distress why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot.

How to Reduce the Barking of a Golden Retriever?

Here are the tips on decreasing the severity of the Goldies barking:

* Socialization

do golden retrievers bark a lot

Generally, one way to reduce the incidence of barking of the Golden Retriever is making them socialize. Socializing is, basically, engaging your Goldies to various stimuli when he is still on the younger stage. Moreover, this process usually starts the moment you take home the Goldies and it will basically help in limiting the barking later on.

* Training for positive reinforcement

If Golden Retrievers do bark a lot, then it would be generally helpful to train him using the positive reinforcement to address the barking. Once the Goldies bark less or do not bark completely, then better to reward him for doing so. Yet, avoid giving a reward if he starts to bark. Generally, reinforcing the barking behavior especially during their early age will form the foundation of having a quiet little pup that barks only when necessary.

* Quiet command training

Basically, through the quiet command training, allow your Goldies to respond on the quiet command. You can generally have your dog on a common barking circumstance and utilize that command to make him stop. Usually, do this in conjunction with positive reinforcement to achieve its effectiveness.

* Give attention

We’ve mentioned that one of the reasons why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot is that they want to get your attention. Since you want to reduce their barking, it would be very helpful if you give more of your attention to them all throughout the day. Training, exercising, and playing with the Goldies are the ways in which you can provide your attention to them.

* Distract them

Since Golden Retrievers do bark a lot because of their excitement that would generally entertain him, it is a good thing to offer him some distractions. Basically, give them toys, puzzles, or bones.

* Ask for the vet’s advice

When you suddenly notice that your Golden Retrievers do bark a lot and show signs of injury, it is better to take him to the vet. Moreover, you could also do that if you cannot identify the reason why Golden Retrievers do bark a lot. Doing so may basically rule out the potential risk of injury.

Final Thoughts

The reasons why do Golden Retrievers bark a lot vary on several factors. Moreover, the dog’s pitch and the frequency of barking may generally help to determine a bark. Basically, it is essential to allow our Goldies to bark. Keep in mind that barking is an important behavior for dogs as it serves as a channel of their communication.

Due to that, stopping the Golden Retriever to bark may not be good at some point. However, there are things that you may have to consider in order, to at least, lessen their barking behavior. This may be beneficial for both of you and your Golden Retriever.

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