Do Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats: Fidos and Felines Coexistence

Taking a look at most of them, cats and dogs don’t collide well with each other. But, not all dogs have bad behavior towards felines. In fact, there is a number of dog breeds that can mingle easily with cats. But, what specific dog breeds are those? Do Golden Retrievers get along with cats?

In this blog post, we will have you covered. Let’s find out if these two four-legged creations coexist with each other very well. Check them out below!

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats – Let’s Find Out….

Cats are another furry family members in which getting along with them can be troublesome. Why is it so? Well, among the creatures in Animalia, cats are one of the aloof creatures. That’s why if you see cats and dogs, it seems that they are not good with each other.

As a pet owner, remember that treating cats should primarily include respect. Afterward, you will realize that this new fur baby of yours will also show the same in return. If you have Golden Retrievers and cats together, you will notice that the Goldens will chase the cat and barks at it continually. Well, as a response to the feline, the cat won’t like the Goldens.

With that, do Golden Retrievers get along with cats? Think of this, once the Golden Retrievers become respectful to cats, they will also do the same behavior back to the dogs eventually. As time goes, the Golden Retrievers can get along well with cats and can even become friends.

Once they learn to get along with each other, they may have a good bonding time together, playing, and running after each other. Yet, since they are two different animal species, this kind of relationship requires appropriate time before it happens.

Do Golden Retrievers like Cats

Among the other dog breeds, the Goldens are one of the friendliest. They can get along well with other dogs and even with kids making them good family dogs. So, if you worry if the Golden Retrievers can get along with cats, actually, this dog breed is not a threat to the felines. However, that good relationship between the Golden Retrievers and the cats would basically depend on how well trained your Goldens is and how friendly your feline is.

The way your Golden Retriever will like your cat actually depends on your behavior. Treating your cat with care and passion, your Goldens will typically show the same attitude. However, due to their natural instinct, the Golden Retrievers generally like to chase and fetch after the cats. Historically, the Goldens were bred to retrieve making them enjoy chasing smaller animals.

With proper training and reinforcement of good behavior, this issue of the Golden Retrievers will be addressed. Moreover, another way in avoiding this issue between the Goldens and the felines is to separate the two most of the time. Invest your time in training the Golden Retrievers and you will see that they can get along with cats very well.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats: Signs that Goldies and Cats Dislikes Each Other

Well, in time, when the Golden Retrievers and cats get familiar with the presence of each other, they will become relaxed. But, it’s not always the case, and having them get along with each other really needs time. Below are some indications that the relationship between the two is not turning out that fine as you expected:

Signs that the Golden Retrievers dislike the cat:

  • Always bark, whining, and strain to get into the cat
  • Sees the cat as their prey most of the time
  • Snarling and lunging over the cat often

Signs that the cats dislike the Golden Retrievers:

  • Have pinned back ears
  • The tail is swishing on a back and forth motion
  • Hissing, spitting, or yowling

Immediately separate the two pets once any of these signs are exhibited by one of them. Eventually, go back from the start.

Temperament of the Golden Retriever

Understanding the breeding history and the temperament of the Golden Retrievers is the key in knowing if Golden Retrievers do get along with cats. That way, you can figure out the behaviors of the Goldens that trigger him to chase and barks on your cat. Deal with it so that your cat will be comfortable with your Golden Retriever afterward.

Golden Retrievers generally belong to the group of hunting dogs. Looking back on their breeding history, the Goldens’ purpose is to run and get after shot birds for hunters. Although after so many years, the Golden Retrievers are maintained as pets and family dogs, their natural instincts are still in their blood. So, most Golden Retrievers will most likely show the following personalities:

  • Active and playful
  • Enjoy the company of humans
  • Love chasing
  • Playing fetch
  • Trainable and able to recognize commands

With those traits, it only means that the Golden Retrievers will like to run after the cats. This is most likely to happen during their puppyhood. Since the Goldens are highly trainable, train them and this issue between the dogs and cats may be avoided.

How Well do Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats

Basically, Golden Retrievers do get along with cats. This is because of their friendliness and being highly sociable creatures. The Goldens are not sensitive, that’s why if the cats don’t like them at the beginning, so, what! That could not be an issue for the Golden Retriever.

They have the ability to quickly learn the family dynamics due to their incredible smartness. You will get surprised that the Golden Retrievers will observe the way you treat your cat with respect. Over time, the Goldens will also learn to do the same thing as you do towards the cat. So, do Golden Retrievers get along with cats? This time it would be a solid YES!

You will then notice that the Golden Retrievers will love to spend time sitting along with your cat. There will also be instances that the Golden Retriever and the cat will get along well. Don’t get surprised as they may also even cuddle.

Do All Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats Well Together

Generally, Golden Retrievers are the friendliest and gentle dog breeds. That’s why they can able to get along well with cats. But, it does not apply to all Golden Retrievers. There are instances that the Goldens and the cats will dislike each other.

1-Playfulness of the Golden Retriever puppies

For instance, you have a cat and a Golden Retriever puppy. The Golden pups are very playful and they really like chasing things and other animals. Although the chasing behavior of the Golden Retriever puppy is not that threatening, the cat may not actually understand it. For the cat, it is the Goldens who is really chasing after him.

That scenario would be a factor for the cat to dislike your Golden Retriever. Because for the cats, the chasing behavior of this dog breed is already a threat. Basically, it will generally take about 1 to 2 years time for the cat to establish a good feeling towards the Golden Retriever puppy. As time goes that they’re together, the Goldens will calm down and the cat will be familiar with the scenario. With this, it is actually better to keep the two pets apart in the meantime.

2-The Golden Retriever is not well trained

Okay, let’s take the rescue dog as an example here. This group of dogs may never have time to be with the cats. With that, the dog may negatively respond when introducing the cat to him initially. This also goes true for a rescue cat that never has lived together with any dogs.

Usually, one way of learning for the dogs is through having an example. A Golden Retriever seeing a family member treated a cat badly may also not give respect to it. The dog may chase and bark after the cat most often. So, for the Goldens what they see is what they do making it not easy for the pet owners to overthrow the initial thing that the dog has learned. Yet, most of the Golden Retrievers do get along with cats.   

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats: Their Coexistence

Living together inside one roof and treating each other as one family is generally possible to the Golden Retrievers and the cats. Proper attention focus to pet introductions and dwelling concepts will basically make the transition between the two a smooth-sailing one.

Introduction of new pet

It is actually very challenging for both the new pet and the resident pet if there would be a new inclusion to the household. In order for you to reduce the feeling of burden that the two pets are dealing with, consider the following steps.

1-Present them with neutral territory

Naturally, dogs are very protective of their home and once there will be a new pet, they may be threatened especially if it is a cat. Consider taking the Golden Retriever with you if you will be adopting a cat from a rescue center. Let the two meet each other. Another best thing to do with this is to introduce your pets to the home of your neighbors.

2-Get them familiar with the scent of each other

One of the distinct features of the Golden Retrievers is their strong sense of smell. In fact, they already know that there will be a cat prior to seeing it. For them to reduce their anxiety, let the two of these pets be present inside a home together without seeing each one. So, keep them separate and allow them to smell and sense each one’s presence. Once they get into it, let them interact with each other slowly.

3-Make the private spaces

During their acclimation period, both the Golden Retrievers and the cats need to have their own space. So, give them a separate bed, toys, and even food bowls preferably in different locations. This way, you will prevent clashes between them.

4-Check on any indications of stress

There is actually a high possibility that these two pets will experience stress because of the new dwelling place and acclimation to one another. So, it is better to be on the lookout here especially for signs of aggression. Separate them immediately if you see any.

Moreover, focus on their body language as well. The cats and dogs both have raised the hair on their backs or may vocalize when feeling stress. Aside from that, also check if these two do not exhibit any eating problems.

Establish a safe haven

After the introduction of the Golden Retriever to the cat, the crucial thing to consider here is the assurance that they both feel safe and comfortable in one roof. Below are some tip-offs that you may consider to elicit a good coexistence between the Golden Retrievers and cats inside your home.

1-Give the same amount of attention

Well, having a new pet inside the home is quite tempting to devote to him most of your time and attention. However, don’t forget that you still have the existing pet in the house. The best solution for this is to spend time with each pet in their own private spaces. In case both pets are already comfortable, it is time to make playtime in a neutral place.

2-Make use of a leash

Golden Retriever is one of the largest dog breeds. So, its body structure may be too intimidating to the cat. For the Goldens, his size doesn’t really matter and he doesn’t care for it. Put a leash on both pets during their playtime together. Limit their movements with the help of a leash especially if aggression occurs. Also, remember to speak in a cool and calm tone to these two pets.

3-The location of the litterbox

Once you establish a comfortable living environment between the Golden Retriever and the cat, it is now time to transfer the food and water bowls into a neutral place. However, the litterbox needs to remain in the cat’s comfortable place. In case the litterbox makes the cat feel threatened, he will address it by relieving in other areas of the house. Aside from that, the smartness of the Golden Retrievers may trigger him attempting to eat the content of the litterbox.

Other Helpful Recommendations in the Coexistence of Golden Retrievers and Cats

Here are other considerations that may be helpful in the successful coexistence of your Goldens and the feline:

*Don’t forget that the Golden Retriever and the cat are two different creatures
do golden retrievers get along with cats

Do Golden Retrievers get along with cats? Definitely, they can, not only with cats but also with other pets and even with kids and family members. But, always keep in mind that the dog breed information comes to generalize the Golden Retrievers as a whole.

There are some Goldens that tend to be more aggressive, while others are highly susceptible to chasing after cats. Well, that’s normal as it is one of your Goldens’ traits. And, basically, you just have to know how to respect that.

This also applies true for cats. They may also be aggressive for some time or become territorial. Prepare yourself and be ready to deal with that.

*Don’t hesitate to ask the cat breeder

Just like looking for a new dog, we always ask them about the history, behaviors, medical records, and the likes of our Goldens. So, if you will also be purchasing a new cat, do not be anxious in asking the breeder about it. This is more likely true if the pet you will be buying is already an older one. Their habits are already established and it may really take you a really hard and a long time to change.

*Begin their introduction to each other at a young age

If you really want to raise both cats and dogs, it is very important to take note that you should do that when these two are still young. It will generally be easier for you to raise them together compared to introducing a new kitten to an old Goldens or vice versa. This won’t make them feel like their territory is being taken by another animal. Moreover, they will also be more acceptable to establish a new connection with other pets.

*Train the Golden Retriever

Development of dog’s behavior control may generally help your Golden Retriever on a long-term basis. Doing this will make interacting with other pets and people really helpful. Training is actually the best way to create a respectful and happy pooch.

*Allow your Golden Retriever to have exercise

Prior to the introduction of new pets, it is highly recommendable to allow your Golden Retriever to exercise and play. Keep in mind that canines that have lack exercise will elicit high energy levels and have a higher tendency to become more impulsive. Engaging in regular exercise may help the Goldens to stay calm.

*Let your cat move freely

The felines are independent animals and holding them may make them disappointed. Besides, holding the cat is also a factor for him to become more scared of your doggy. Allowing your cat to discover his new friend is the best solution to make him feel at ease.

Moreover, allow the cat to roam around and create his own sense of authority. That way, the cat may able to gain the respect that he deserves from the Goldens. Additionally, it will also make your cat feel safe the next time he deals with another big dog.

Final Words

The Golden Retrievers have this innate behavior of being sweet and compassionate dogs. Because of that, they have considered as good family dogs mingle well with kids and other family members. Aside from that, the Golden Retrievers do get along with cats as well. Yet, it is important to always consider the breeding history of each potential frennies. Doing so will allow you to introduce them properly to each other.

Are you a pet owner of these two lovely creatures? How’s their relationship with each other? Please share your thoughts with us!

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