Dog Car Seat Cover With Seat Belt Holes — OUR TOP 3 PICKS!

If you love to travel anywhere along with your golden retriever, it’s best to have a dog car seat cover with seat belt holes. Then definitely you need to have one because it’s for your dog’s convenience. Not only for your furry friend’s convenience but also yours. Of course, you don’t want to damage or at least scratch your expensive leather car seats from anyone, not even your dog. So it’s time to buckle and see what’s on the market right now.

Choosing the right dog car seat cover with seat belt holes has never been so easy. That is if what you are looking for are high-quality and sturdy dog car set covers. Obviously, you will need the perfect price, size, shape, design, and overall quality.

Fortunately for you, dear buyer, I have scrutinized and carefully selected some of the best dog car seat covers right now just to save you time. Because we know that people are always in a hurry. We have quick highlights and also in-depth details regarding the products I have reviewed.

Dog Car Seat Cover

Bucket Seat Cover

Plush Paws
Hammock Style Dog Seat Cover

Is Dog Car Seat Cover With Seat Belt Holes Worth It?

It’s no surprise that there are still some people who ask this question. Well, to answer your question, you will need more than you think. One simple and main reason is that you don’t want to hassle yourself cleaning your fairly priced leather car seat or it being scratched or damaged.

As a dog owner, you should know the importance of a dog car seat especially if you are a frequent traveler of long trips and other excursions along with your golden retriever.

That said, don’t think about it is just another useless dog accessory. Instead, think about it being an investment for long-term protection for your car seat. Because dog car seat has high price point, so you better cover them. So, if your mind is still not yet convinced as to whether you should use a dog car seat or not. Here are some reasons that might change your mind.

Dog Car Seat Covers is Spacious than Dog Crates

There are many ways that a dog car seat can do. It’s not entirely for aesthetic purposes, but also offers functionality and practicality. With that, a dog car seat can be an excellent alternative to a collapsible dog crate that often most dog owners use.

Because a dog car seat offers more space than the dog crates. Also, it’s pretty convenient to use a dog car seat cover than a dog crate because it’s comfy and they don’t feel restricted.

Even though most people prefer using a soft collapsible dog crate, a dog car seat cover with seat belt holes has more edge compared to the former. The fact that the design is specifically designed for the car seat alone and it’s much more spacious, is why you should opt to choose a dog car seat cover compared to a dog crate.

Slip Resistant Dog Car Seat Covers Can Keep Dogs from Slipping and Sliding

Whether you have a small chihuahua pooch or a golden retriever, it will likely slide and slip in your backseat during your road trip. Also, car seats aren’t meant for dogs but it’s for humans to use for sitting.

That’s why car seat materials are incapable of keeping the dogs in stationary motion, and thereby they keep on sliding and slipping during your long road trips.

That said, it’s very ideal for pet owners of all breed sizes to have a dog car seat that features slip resistance. This feature alone can have a great impact on your dog’s convenience. Aside from getting comfy, your dog can stay in one place while on the road.

But be very sure that they also have a dog car harness together with a dog car seat cover. This is to make the journey with your dog away from bothersome road inconvenience and make them feel free without being too restricted.

A Dog Car Seat Cover Keeps Away Dog Hair

The simple reason why you should have a dog car seat cover is to keep away any dirt or fallen dog hairs around your beautiful car seat. Your pooch is your furry friend, and their hair can be quite irritating when it started to pile up over your car seat.

You know dogs are, they have the habit to scratch or shake their body if something bothers them. And you certainly wouldn’t want to clean intensively your dog car seat after your dog’s hair is all over inside your car.

In order to prevent this kind of a mess, it’s important that you should invest in one of the best dog car seat covers with seat belt holes.

This dog accessory will keep your car seat and the floor from dirt and scattered dog hair. Not only you have saved energy from heavy cleaning your car seat, but you also have saved a lot from buying cleaning products more often.

Furthermore, if they’re still some dog hairs that escaped from your dog car seat, and wanted to avoid any hair from getting in car upholstery and car leather seat, it’s best if you will check these dog hair prevention techniques. This will very useful to you.

Dog Car Seat Covers can Protect Car Seats and Upholstery from Dog Scratches

Because we don’t want our precious car seat to have a dent or scratch from another person or even to our pets. It’s given that dogs, even golden retrievers who have a calm demeanor, will not sit quietly all throughout your journey.

They will move around from time to time when they feel the need to. Of course, those moving around include scratching and shaking their body and those clumsy behaviors might scratch your car seat.

It’s too risky if you are exposing your leather car seat to your dog. And if you carelessly let them a seat without having any dog car seat, it will be your own undoing. Thus investing in a dog car seat cover will be your best option to combat any damages or scratches from your furry friend.

Sometimes this behavior like scratching and chewing is their outlet especially when they are feeling anxious while they are in the car. This is likely due to the environment that they are not used to.

Dog Car Seats Prevents Awful Odors and Stains

Another reason why dog car seats are more advantageous is that it can prevent any awful odors and stains to permeate in your car seat and upholstery. This is why it’s advisable to invest and consider buying a dog car seat cover.

Imagine if you are driving with your dog and your pooch suddenly vomits leaving the vomit stains all over your car, and the next day you will use it going to work, realizing that there are still vomit stains and awful odors inside of your car which really reeks the hell out.

Now, imagine yourself again with your dog in the same scenario, but this time you have bought a dog car seat cover with seat belt holes. With the dog car seat cover, you can just easily remove that and clean it without affecting any of your car seats and upholstery.

The next day you are going to work you feel burden-free because there’s a crucial component which is the dog car seat cover. Isn’t it a lifesaver for you? It surely is.

Dog Car Seat Cover With Seat Belt Holes — OUR TOP 3 PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: Formosa Dog Car Seat Cover

Product Description: The Formosa brand offers premium products added with quilted and padded dog car seat cover. You don't have to mind about your leather car seat when you have this installed as a cover. This is what you need when you want to bring your dog along with your excursions or maybe just a visit to your vet. Your perfect companion for your everyday trips. Comes in different sizes and colors to choose from. More options the better. It's a perfect fit for SUVs and Trucks. Some of the highlighted features are easy to wash, water repellent, quilted fabric, and padded. That said, this makes a perfect dog car seat cover with enough comfort and sustenance which makes this suitable for long drives. Better than the traditional dog crate thereby your dog is able to move freely inside the car without too much restriction. The larger size is not only for convenience but also serves as extra protection that's why there are some flaps.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Value for Money


With that said, if you want extra care and making sure that there will be no dog paw prints or hair all over your car seat, this is your perfect dog car seat cover with seat belt holes. This will do the job


Come with 4 color option: black micro velvet, grey, black, and taupe


Cons No company warranty


PetSafe Bucket Seat Cover

If you love a grander material with high-quality leather, you should consider the PetSafe Bucket Seat Cover.

It’s not just the aesthetic of the material but also the capability of protecting your car seat. This is by far the best high-quality bucket seat cover on the market today, that’s why we have included this on our list.

Besides the posh-looking dog seat cover, the material is made from original cotton twill. It has real leather straps and the hardware is brass making it feel luxurious. Plus, it’s scratch-resistant protecting your car seat from your dog paws.

This can also prevent your car seat from being dirty. Because chances are, if you are bringing along your dog, there will be lots of dirt, god hair, and muddy paws all over your car seat. In addition, it’s easy to install without having a single sweat. It’s easy to assemble for any quick trips.

It has access to the seat belt. You don’t have to remove the cover the heavy-duty zippers and the tabs on the seat cover allow the passengers to access the seat belts. Also, this is washing machine friendly, just toss it in the machine and you got a clean-looking dog seat cover.

All in all, consider this if you want something more posh-looking dog seat cover for your furry friend. The materials are made of 100 percent cotton twill and the leather straps are authentic. You are striking a perfect deal on this stunning product.

  • Washing machine-friendly
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Snug fit
  • It has seat belt access
  • Higher price point

Plush Paws Hammock Style Dog Seat Cove

Last but not the least, the Plush Paws dog car seat cover. Ready your car as you ready this superb dog seat cover. It’s perfectly designed for medium to large-sized dogs.

The design and material are what make this a perfect choice if you want a hammock-style dog seat cover.

The Plush Paws cover the back seat in order to prevent any scratches or dog chews. No need for heavy cleaning when you have this hammock-style dog car seat. The material is very sturdy, nonporous, and rated 180. Other features are stretchable straps, seat anchors to keep the cover fit, non-slip, and it has silicone backing.

This dog car seat cover is quick to install and easy to wash. This also helps the dog to remain calm especially for the anxious pets while on the road.

Guaranteed that it’s safe, gears are complete, and extremely on the go for adventures. Plus it can perfectly hold the be it paw damage, stains, dog hair, and even vomit stains.

All in all, if you want an affordable hammock-style dog car seat cover, this is for you. It’s a great alternative for a collapsible dog crate. Perfect for functionality and this deserves to be one of the best dog car seat covers with seat belt holes.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • There are some issues with installing the straps

Types of Dog Car Seat Covers

Did you know that there different variations of dog car seat cover? It’s surprising to know that are many kinds of these. This means, the more the merrier. The fact that there are many options means you have the chance to choose what’s really suited for your dog.

Although there are different types of dog car seat cover, all of them have shared the same purpose which is for protection, to feel comfortable, and to your dog safe all throughout the ride. With different types, there also comes in various styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are some of the different dog car seat covers with seat belt holes or sometimes without seat belt holes.

Cargo Seat Covers

Ideally, cargo seat covers are for bigger dog sizes such as golden retrievers, great dane, to name a few. Because they can’t fit well on the front seats, your best option is to place them in the backseat. This is because the back seat is movable, you can opt to place your big dog in the cargo part of your car.

There are regions of the US that restrict the dog from taking the front or back seat of the car. That’s why some have RVs or dog trunks n order to put their large dogs safely and conveniently.

These cargo seat covers are perfect for protecting your cargo seat cover and your cargo from dander or dirt. Also, this type of dog seat cover is easy to install and clean as well.

Bucket Seat Covers

One of the remarkable types of the dog seat cover is the bucket seat cover. The reason being, bucket seat covers are very comfy and perfect for medium to large-sized breeds. Also, it’s a snug fit type. But if your pooch is small, you can look for a booster seat feature to make them feel comfier.

The bucket seat car is your go-to dog accessory when it comes to keeping your original seat in its pristine condition without having any scratches, paw prints, or any damages. These dog covers are great for both front seats and back seats.

If you are going on a journey with your dear furry friend, it’s best to find a well-suited product like this.

Dog Hammock Seat Cover

This type of seat cover is probably the most versatile among others. It has a wide range of designs and often the materials are great making it more comfy and convenient for your furry friend.

As the name suggests, the hammock seat cover is suspended between back the seat and the front seat which looks like a hammock. This is excellent for every pet owner because it can almost fit in every car. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the right size for your pooch because it’s like a universal size.

Not only this service for more convenience and comfy but also protection to your car seat. In addition, it also serves as a barrier to the front seat so your dog will not slip and slide to the front seat. Thereby with this in your car, you don’t have to worry about a thing as you drive along with your furry friend.

Bench Seat Covers

This type of dog seat cover is perfectly built to fit the back seat of the car without fail. This seat cover has no gap edges which prevents any scratches or chew marks.

Installing this in your car makes your interior stay intact and also there will be no paw prints or dog hair underneath your car seat. It’s because thanks to this bench seat cover type.

Whether you have a dog who has a thick coat and sheds a lot, this is your perfect shield against their falling hair.

Also, the bench seat covers offer a more sleek design and materials which makes it more sturdy and reliable especially when there’s rugged terrain. It also keeps your dog from slipping and sliding while you are driving.

Features to Look At When Before Buying A Dog Car Seat Cover

Before you cash in your ideal dog car seat cover, you will need to review some of the details that shouldn’t be missed especially if you are on the hunt for high-quality yet affordable dog car seat covers. True enough that there are plenty of dog car seat covers that are readily available on the market and online stores. But are they really worth it? To find out, here are some of the basic things you need to consider before buying your ideal dog car seat cover.

Easy Cleaning

One feature that you need to look for is that the product should be easy to clean. Of course, we are always in a hurry of something and intense cleaning is the last thing to do.

We don’t want to brush the excess dog hairs, wipe the dirty paw print, and stitch the scratched part of the car seat. What we want is to prevent any of those who can ruin our car seat.

Therefore, it’s important to consider looking for this specific feature. It will save a lot of your important time and energy.

That said, look for a washing machine-friendly cover because they are the ones that are easier to clean. Also, waterproof covers are one thing to consider because a simple brush off is what they need to keep it clean.

Quick Installation

Some best dog car seat cover are quick and easy to install. Although when it comes to what really is “the” best, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

But the mutual understanding among buyers is that they agree to be the best dog car seat cover, it should have a quick installation feature. It’s actually among the qualities that customers look for. Because a product with a quick installation feature saves time and hassle-free.

Furthermore, some have adjustable straps that can be tied on the headrest, others are so simple enough that they can just be draped over the car seats. Choosing between them will be up to you although they share a common purpose.

Accessibility to Car Harness

Consider also the accessibility to the car harness. Some cheap dog car seat covers don’t have any access to a car harness which doesn’t qualify as the best dog car seat cover. But a product with accessibility to a dog car harness is very useful, especially during long drives. Because it’s an added factor to keep your dog feel comfortable and easier for you to drive safely and with ease.

Besides the overall quality, look for a dog car seat cover equipped with a dog car harness. It’s an added protection and to keep your dog from slipping.


It’s evident that you need to choose the best material type for your ideal dog seat cover for your furry friend. This is among the essential factor that you need to look for. The fact that the material will determine if your dog car seat is sturdy or easy to wear out.

Also, there are numerous options to choose from. Other factors that you need to include in choosing the right material are scratch-resistant, comfortable, and durable enough.

Waterproof dog car seat covers are also an excellent choice. This kind of material has neoprene material and offers good grips, some materials are made of polyester blending and cotton. So, you must choose wisely and carefully because materials will be your determining factor when it comes to durability.

Final Thoughts

Road trips together with your furry friend are much more fun than yourself on the road. They provide a companion and also therapeutic effect. So, with that, you need to give the best for your pooch because they have the undying servitude toward their master. Also, it’s so much fun having some dog accessories such as dog car seat cover in order to keep the interior of your car intact.

Also, when you are buying your ideal dog seat cover, make sure you see the qualities we have provided otherwise, you will end up buying the cheap ones.

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