Dog Clothes for Golden Retrievers – Great Choices are Here!

Dogs can also be fashion icons and dressing them up is really cute. You can make adorable pooch and totally change their aura once they have a complete makeover. From an actively running Goldens to a stylish doggy fashion star, you can generally transform your Goldens through the help of dog clothes for Golden Retrievers.

Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody
Chilly Dog Goldens Sweater
Rubie’s Princess Goldens Costume

In this blog post, we reviewed here 3 of the best-selling dog clothes designed for the Goldens which I personally tried on my pooch. These items are generally stylish and may perfectly fit your Golden Retriever. See which one fits in for your Goldens!

Great Options of Dog Clothes for Golden Retrievers

OUR TOP PICK: Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody

Product Name: Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody

Product Description: If you look at its appearance, you will tend to think why it belongs to the list of dog clothes for Golden Retrievers. Usually, the Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody lies between the clothing category and accessory. However, because of its irresistible cuteness and functionality, this becomes an option for dog clothes for Golden Retriever. Moreover, this doggy product is available in various animal designs. Not only that, but it also comes in a stretchable feature that can able to fit huge and blocky dog heads. Use this on your Goldens especially during winter and they’ll definitely love being a Fido fashionista.

  • Value for money
  • Comfort
  • Stretch


A wonderful doggy product, the Zoo Snoods Bear Costume Hoody is not only adorable dog clothes for Golden Retriever but also an excellent ear warmer during the cold days. For sure, your Goldens love it as well as you do.

Product Features:

• Made through the hand-knitted method to maintain the warmness of the dog’s ears and neck
• Protects the Goldens from dirt, moisture, and cold temperature
• Highly recommended for Golden Retrievers and other large dog breeds like the Boxers, Collies, Chow Chow, Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards to name a few
• Material is made of excellently soft yarn making it comfortable to the dog’s skin
• Do not cause any allergic reactions to dogs


• Perfectly fits large dog breeds
• Good quality
• Made from extremely soft fabric


• Not accurate sizing

Dog Clothes for Golden Retrievers: RUNNER-UP

Chilly Dog Goldens Sweater

dog clothes for golden retrievers

Another nice option for dog clothes for Golden Retrievers is the Chilly Dog Goldens Sweater. The classic design generally highlights stylishness and comfort to the Goldens and even to other dog breeds. Large dog breeds become cuter once they wear the Chilly Dog Goldens Sweater. Its material comes from wool making your dog warm during winter.

Moreover, the way it looks is really perfect for large dogs like the Golden Retrievers. However, when washing, remember to let it dry in the air as the wool material may shrink on dryers. Additionally, the wool material highly protects the Goldens from having hypothermia. The thing that makes this sweater a nice pick is its design resembling a human’s sweater.

These dog clothes for the Goldens can highly accommodate dogs weighing 60 to 85 pounds. And, the thing that I like the most about this dog sweater is that all of its available shades have the ability to match with any coat color and personality of your Goldens.

Product Features

  • The material generally comes from 100% wool material
  • Dog sweater that highlights excellent warmness
  • Made through the famous hand-knitting method of Quechuan Indians
  • Adorable design
  • Makes him satisfied during winter
  • Good quality
  • Fits perfectly for large dogs
  • Emits strong chemical odor
  • Neck size measurement is small

Rubie’s Princess Goldens Costume

Isn’t it cute if you dress up your female Goldens with a princess pet costume? Basically, the Rubie’s Princess Goldens Costume is one of the unique dog clothes for Golden Retrievers. This princess outfit is actually pretty-looking on its pink color. Even your large dogs would look so cute with this Rubie’s Princess Goldens Costume. Moreover, the princess dress-up package also includes hat and leg ties.

  • Extremely cute design
  • Great fit
  • Fair pricing
  • Not so good quality

What to Look for When Choosing Dog Clothes for Golden Retrievers

Generally, when we personally pick our own clothes, we always look for style. But, aside from that, we also want something that is comfortable to wear. For dogs, that also applies really true. Dog clothes for Golden Retrievers must be comfortable for your doggo, great looking, and fit generally well.

Moreover, ensuring the dog’s comfort level comes the choice of fabric materials. It generally takes a comfortable fabric material blended well with the appropriate fitness. Great looking is also highly tempting for your Goldens to look good. But, making them feel good is even more critical here.

So, in order to come up with the best dog clothes for Golden Retrievers, below are factors for your consideration:

1-Clothes dimensions and size

For dogs, once you put their clothes on, it should not be a hindrance to moving freely. With this, it is highly necessary to consider the proper fitting of the dog clothes for Golden Retrievers. Also, it is important to keep in mind that all dogs are different and have various weights and sizes based on their breeds.

For instance, the clothing designed for large dog breeds like Golden Retriever or Labrador seems to have similar measurements since their appearance closely looks the same. Yet, there will still come even a little variation. Moreover, your own Goldens’ dimensions may also be different. The best solution for this is to get the body measurement of your dog before buying clothes for them.

2-Should not interfere with urination

Even our Goldens may not want a clothing item that may interfere with their urge to urinate or defecate and so, are we. Aside from being uncomfortable for the Golden Retriever, it will also be smelly and maybe an addition to our laundry bill. If your Goldens is male, dog clothes having a cutout on the belly area or groin is actually a better choice. Dog clothing with this design avoids dog’s urination on their clothes.

3-Suitability to the weather and environment

Another thing that you should look for when buying dog clothes for your Goldens is its suitability to the weather and environment. Remember that all dogs, including the Golden Retrievers, have sweat pads located underneath their pads. Because of that, they can easily experience overheating especially during the hot season. So, if it is summer, do not buy them clothes that are too warm even if it makes them really cute.

Meanwhile, during the winter, letting your Golden Retriever wear a sweater or coat is actually debatable. Yet, in deciding if your Goldens still require additional protection on the cold, check on his hair. Basically, the hair of the dog will help you to decide if you still need to put on additional clothing for them.       

For instance, your dog has a thin coat, it is essential to add up extra clothes especially when going outside. On the other hand, dog breeds with thicker hair do not need to wear sweaters at all. You may consider them wearing a jacket if they are sick or really weak. Moreover, alternative options that are good for this category are hoodies, sweaters, or coats.

Yet, regardless of the hair thickness of the dog, keeping him inside and provides him with additional protection through dog clothing is a good idea if the weather is tremendously cold. Dogs are highly susceptible to susceptible to hypothermia and may have frostbite so better take this into account.


Even if they still have clothes on, moving, walking, and playing are the main goal of the dogs every day. In case the material of the dog clothes hinders their mobility, then you may conclude that the purpose of clothing is not achieved. Keep in mind that there are available clothing materials that are stretchy resulting in easier mobility. These materials include spandex and cotton, so better to carefully choose the materials that made up your dog’s clothes.

Wool is also another common material being used in the clothing industry. Put an eye on this material as it might feel itchy especially those yarns made of real wool. Aside from that, real wool should be hand washed because if you throw it directly into the machine, it may possibly shrink. The best thing to do with this is to opt for dog clothes made of synthetic fabric material or a combination of cotton and washable wool.

In terms of extreme comfort, mesh or other thinner and more breathable fabric materials are generally a good choice.


Now, you want to dress up your Golden Retriever because there is a special occasion. Yet, various occasions also require different clothing styles for your Goldens. For example, it’s Halloween, and then a pumpkin-inspired costume is a perfect fit. Various options are available for the Christmas season which you may choose from a Santa hat or elf-like clothing.

Well, it would depend on you and your own choice and preference. But, do not forget to still consider the comfort factors. The color, well, dogs might not be concerned with that. The people around them have a great critique of it. Since dogs do not have the ability to pick the best colors that match perfectly on their coat, the decision is in hands of the owners.

If you will have to make a choice, opt for the color that you think is best. But, if you are not sure better to choose black as it is the color that matches everything. More dog clothing brands offer a wide range of color choices. Examples of the color selection available in the market are white, blue, and tan to name a few. So, pick one which you think is good. It’s all your choice anyway.

6-Choking hazards

Actually, whether you buy dog clothe for the Goldens, they do not mind if it is easy to put on or not. But, this matter is one of the important aspects to take into account. There are times that dressing up a dog is really challenging. This applies true when the Golden Retriever is sick and uncooperative. So, the best solution for this is to opt for the adjustable type of dog clothes.

In terms of adjustability, choices are between wide Velcro strips and sturdy zippers. Just ensure that nothing more is attached to the clothing that has the possibility of chewing or swallowing. Some dog clothes have bows, snaps, and loose buttons that are really cute to look at. Yet, these items are easily removable. And once the Golden Retriever may eat these, they could be a choking hazard and may block into their digestive tract.


The growth factor of dogs is highly different in humans. They are four-legged creatures that grow too fast. So, don’t be surprised if what fits them today might be too tight the next few days. Knowing your dog’s breed growth information may help you in deciding the dog clothes for him. If your dog breed is rapidly growing, then adjustable dog clothing is highly suitable for him.

Active dogs like the Goldens generally love to run around and play most of the time. So, it is better to look if the material of the dog clothes for the Goldens is highly durable. No dog owners want their dog to wear easily torn fabric because it is such a waste of money.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, the Golden Retriever has a coat that is thick and double-layered. Because of that, the doggy jacket is not actually required. However, due to extreme weather, they need additional protection from the cold most likely if they are feeling sick.


A: Golden Retrievers are actually high maintenance as they tend to shed heavily. Moreover, because of being an active dog breed, they demand exercise on a daily basis. They are also susceptible to health problems.


A: Being friendly and sociable, the Goldies love to have quality time with other members of the family. They basically make the best pillows and they really love to cuddle.

Final Words

Purchasing dog clothes for your Goldens is generally a way for you to show your care and affection to them. Those clothing items may provide added protection to them aside from making them look stylish. Yet, the durability of the dog clothes is the most important factor that you should take into account. Moreover, in buying, also consider the clothes dimensions and size, suitability to environment and weather, fabric material, appearance, choking hazards, adjustability, and other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the clothing items for Golden Retrievers that we reviewed here? Which one do you think is perfect for your Goldens? Please share your thoughts with us!

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