Dog Houses for Golden Retrievers – the Ultimate List of 5!

Regardless of the place to put the dog house in your home, whether indoor or outdoor, we always want to offer our furry buddy a comfortable place to rest into. So, the best solution to make your Golden Retriever really feel at home is to provide them with the dog houses for Golden Retrievers. It serves as their shelter from the storm and from the damaging effect of the sun’s UV rays.

Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House
Petmate All-Weather Dog House
Starplast Kennel Dog House for Golden Retrievers
TRIXIE Traditional Wooden Dog Kennel
Petmate Extreme Dog Cabin

In this blog post, I reviewed here 5 of the most remarkable dog houses suitable for the Goldies. Buying considerations are also listed here to help you filter down your choice easily. Let’s check below which one suits you and your Goldie’s need!

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Houses for Golden Retrievers

Well, it doesn’t mean that providing housing for the Golden Retrievers only comes with a four-corner box type. Generally, an excellent dog house for the Golden Retrievers may also highlight some essential features.

1-Sufficient space

Actually, a “one size fits all” does not really exist because of the unique sizes of dogs. So, the best thing to do here is to measure the length and height of your Golden Retriever before you proceed to purchase a house for him. Keep in mind that the ideal dog house must have adequate space for your Goldies to move freely inside.

The dog house inside space must allow the Golden Retriever to stand up, lie down, or even turn around in a very comfortable way. However, be careful to pick a dog house that is really big. This extra space inside may lead your Goldies to experience anxiety.

2-Tolerance in any outside elements

Another important feature that you must have to take into account when you are looking for dog houses is their ability to withstand any weather conditions. Do not forget the main function of the house – to protect and give shelter not only to humans but also to all living creatures. So, dog houses must protect your Golden Retriever from getting wet due to heavy rains and cover them from harmful sun rays on a hot summer day.

It is also a plus point if the dog house for Golden Retrievers comes with insulation inside it. Insulated dog houses keep your dog warm during winter. At the same time, it may also make them feel cool when hot days are in.


Well, it is not really practical to purchase a new dog house for your Goldies every two months or so. But, this may usually happen because of the possibility of the Golden Retriever chewing on the dog house sides or insulation. So, look for a dog house that is made of sturdy material that can withstand the abuse of your Goldies.

5 of the Best Dog Houses for Golden Retrievers

OUR TOP PICK: Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House

Product Name: Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House

Product Description: If you are looking for dog houses for Golden Retrievers, you could never go wrong with this Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House. This dog house is highly suitable for your Goldies as it is very sturdy yet comfortable. Your Golden Retriever would definitely find his own personal space in the form of this dog house. Moreover, the Golden Retriever would feel really safe even outside your home because he will discover his own home out. Don’t worry during stormy weather because Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House is extremely waterproof keeping your Goldies dry. However, it is still advisable to put the dog house inside in case of torrential weather conditions. This dog house is perfect for your Golden Retriever because it has a spacious room inside allowing your Goldies to move freely.

Availability: InStock

  • Weatherproof
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble


Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House is actually an exceptional dog house for the Goldies as it offers convenience and comfort for both the pooch and the pet owner. The durability of the plastic construction material is generally easy to set up. So, if this dog house fits the needs of your Golden Retrievers, as well as your preference, why not grab Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House now!

Product Features:

• Highly waterproof
• Sufficient internal space
• Easy to assemble
• Made of durable plastic material
• With dual-air ventilation settings


• Very tough as it can survive any harsh environmental conditions
• With elevated floorings preventing water to get in during the rain


• None so far


Petmate All-Weather Dog House

dog houses for golden retrievers

Generally, the Petmate All-Weather Dog House is, no doubt, one of the exceptional dog houses for Golden Retrievers. Sturdy construction on the outside but a well-insulated and comfortable spacious area on the inside, this dog house makes your Goldies to highly feel at ease. It basically has insulation inside that helps in keeping the Golden Retriever cool during summer and feels the warmth when winter season comes in.

Moreover, the outer portion of this dog house is actually extended together with the offset doorway. These features generally protect the inside part of the dog house not to get wet due to rain. Since the design of this dog house resembles the igloo-like appearance, the vented top portion usually promotes airflow on the inside. So, aside from the insulation presence and the vented style, this dog house will definitely keep your Goldies cool and fresh all day.

Product Features:

  • Generally, heavy-duty which is suitable for large dogs such as the Golden Retrievers
  • Well-insulated and vented tops help in better fresh air circulation
  • With Microban Antimicrobial Protection that reduces bacterial growth that usually causes stain and odor
  • Presence of extra protection on the inside
  • Limits bacterial growth
  • Hard to move from one place to another


Based on its unique igloo design, the Petmate All-Weather Dog House may tend to be extraordinary compared to the other dog houses for Golden Retrievers. But, because of its highly exceptional features, no wonder that this dog house is generally a must-have.

Starplast Kennel Dog House for Golden Retrievers

dog houses for golden retrievers

Basically, the Starplast Kennel Dog House for Golden Retrievers has a specific design that highly suits large dogs. Because of its substantial property and sturdiness, it can generally accommodate heavyweight dogs inside. It is usually perfect in dealing with different kinds of seasons making dog owners worry not about their Goldies.

The plastic material that it is made of does not generally get damp. Aside from that, it is lightweight allowing its ease of movement from one place to another. Due to that, you are able to incorporate extra materials like insulation pads during hot weather. But, the drawback of this dog house is that it is not good for outdoor use because plastic is prone to cracking and damage from the outside elements.

Product Features:

  • Made with UV freeze propylene plastic
  • Long-lasting and heavy-duty
  • Easy to set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Lowers the heat transfer inside the dog house
  • Highly suitable for all seasons
  • Do not undergo rusting
  • Cleans easily
  • Not good during hot weather

TRIXIE Traditional Wooden Dog Kennel

dog houses for golden retrievers

Well, if fresh air is what you are looking for, then this TRIXIE Traditional Wooden Dog Kennel is one of the best dog houses for Golden Retrievers. It generally collects cool breezes due to the help of its groove and tongue style. Dryness of the inside portion of the dog house, as well as your Goldies, is highly guaranteed. This is primarily due to the elevated flooring that it features.

The large space inside the dog house and its good ventilation basically maintain the proper air circulation within and outside the room. However, stubborn dogs are usually tempted to get out of it because of the grooves. The end result is the Goldies scratching of the inside portion of the house.

Product Features:

  • Build through solid pine wood
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Removable flooring for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • The roof can also be opened from the top to easily remove Goldies
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable top and flooring
  • Heavyweight

Petmate Extreme Dog Cabin

Due to its durable wood material, Petmate Extreme Dog Cabin is one of the dog houses for Golden Retrievers that are truly exceptional. The design generally gives off a robust look and with a bottom that is really warm. Aside from that, the flooring is not retrievable, yet the flooring material highly repels water. So, this means that this dog house is generally tough and watertight.

Product Features:

  • Highlights an off-centered entrance giving more space for a warm spot for the Golden Retriever
  • Roof is made of well-slanted asphalt material
  • Offers adjustable stand style
  • Durable
  • With extended weight coverage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Water may possibly get in through non-elevated flooring

Are Dog Houses for Golden Retrievers Really Needed?

Okay, having the Goldies as a pet is actually good and highly beneficial. Since they have a pretty body size and construction, most pet owners assigned the Golden Retrievers as working dogs or guard dogs. This will generally lead to leaving them outside in their dog houses all throughout the day. But, did you know that the Goldies are not really good to be guard dogs?

Because of that, there is no single reason that can justify leaving the Golden Retrievers outside most of the time. Outdoor dog houses can be of big help, but it is always important not to leave them outside. Give them a chance to be inside your house even for a while. Well, if a designated space for him is your problem, you can choose to buy an indoor dog house instead.

Here are some of the perks and drawbacks of living your Golden Retriever outside:

The Perks of Letting the Goldies Outside

*Love to be on the outside

It is actually okay to let the Golden Retrievers be on the outside physically. In fact, they generally love to be there, roam around, play, bark, or dig here and there. Letting the Goldies out of the house also allows them to do their doggy business.

*Very excited to play outside

Once you step of the house, dogs, including the Golden Retrievers, are very ecstatic to go out and play. This comes especially true when they are being left alone most of the time. Keep in mind that the Golden Retrievers tend to get bored and making them busy and active is the key to take them from boredom. So, for them, playing outside makes them really busy.

Drawbacks of Allowing the Golden Retrievers to Stay Outside

*The weather varies

Day or night, the weather outside the house changes uncontrollably. The temperature may get too hot, too cold, windy, dry, or humid for the dogs. Although the coat of the Golden Retrievers is thick enough to protect them from the cold, they are not totally immune to it. On the other hand, staying outside during the hot weather may cause the Goldies to be dehydrated, or even havoc their health. Remember that Goldies should not stay too long in the heat.

*Needs companionship

Golden Retrievers generally need companionship not just only to have a buddy but also to stimulate their physical and mental health. It is not actually normal for dogs to be left alone outside the house for a long period of time. Doing this may actually lead your Goldies to experience stress and anxiety. Moreover, this can also result in the development of destructive doggy behavior like too much barking and chewing.

*Dangerous to be alone outside the house

If the outside world is not safe for humans during the dark, and so do canines. Golden Retrievers are generally valuable making them a perfect target for thieves. Aside from that, those living in rural areas should be careful with coyotes. This creature can attack your Goldies which may be dangerous for them.

*Make it as their permanent dwelling place

There are some dog owners who put their dogs on the outside dog house and treat it as a permanent dwelling place for the canines. Well, this is a sad reality but true. And dogs leaving alone outside are generally cruel.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Just like in humans, a dog house should function as a safe and comfortable haven for our furry buddy. Dog houses situated on the outdoor must serve as the canine’s temporary resting area while being protected from the harsh elements of the outside world. Remember that it is very important to protect the dog from sunlight because they are prone to develop heatstroke especially during the hot seasons. Moreover, if you have a cool and appealing dog house in the yard can bring it to have a good shape.


A: Generally, the introduction of a dog house to canines during their puppyhood is a good way to prove to them that the particular area is a perfect nesting spot for them. Dogs usually like the dens and curl up within it as it makes them feel secure. So, let your dog feel that his dog house is comfortable and assume it is a den.


A: Well, it is generally okay for the dogs to have a sleep on the outdoor especially when it is cold. However, it is very important to take note that you should have to take the necessary measures in protecting your pooch against cold conditions. Actually, the coat of the dog will grow sufficiently thick that allows the dog to withstand the cold weather. Moreover, maintain the dryness of the dog house or kennel. Also, make sure that it is waterproof and windproof.


A: For dogs, they actually believe for various reasons why you call them to come in. The first is due to bath time and the second is that you will have to scold him for his misbehavior. Other things include the variations in the temperature inside your house, or your pooch is easily get stressed out by the indoor noises. One more thing is that the dog does not want to be boisterous children inside the house. That’s why your dog really wanted to spend more time outdoor.


A: To give you an overview of the best house dog to keep, here is the list of top 8 dog breeds to have inside your home. However, please do keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean that if dogs are best to be inside the house, they are also considered as good guard dogs. There is really no guarantee in that.

  1. Golden Retriever
  2. Beagle
  3. Brussels Griffon
  4. Border Collie
  5. French Bulldog
  6. Irish Setter
  7. Newfoundland
  8. Pug

Final Words

Dog houses for Golden Retrievers generally aim to serve as shelter and protection for them against the harsh elements of the outside world. During the cold season, you do not need to worry about your pooch as they will generally feel warm especially when the dog house has insulation. Aside from that, the dog will keep cool when the hot season gets in.

However, it is still important to consider some important features into account before buying one. These include sufficient inside space within the dog house, tolerance on the elements outdoor, and durability. Getting the right dog house for your pooch will generally make them feel a much happier furry buddy.

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