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7 Tips to Help English Cream Golden Retriever Constipation

Have you ever heard of English cream golden retriever constipation? This might sound like an odd topic, but any pet owner needs to understand. Though these breeds are adorable and friendly, they can still experience health issues like any other breed.

If your English cream golden retriever is showing signs of constipation, it’s essential to take action quickly before the issue progresses and becomes more severe. In this article, we’ll discuss the causes of English cream golden retriever constipation and provide helpful tips on preventing it. So, let’s delve into the world of dog health and help keep your furry friend in tip-top shape!

Causes and Symptoms of English Cream Golden Retriever Constipation

Suppose your English Cream Golden Retriever is experiencing constipation. In that case, you must understand the condition’s causes and symptoms to ensure that your pet gets the appropriate treatment and care.

1: Diet

The most common cause of dog constipation is their diet. Feeding your dog food high in fat, low in fiber, or insufficient water intake can cause digestive issues and constipation. To avoid constipation, ensure your dog’s diet consists of high-quality protein, fiber, and a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals.

2: Routine Changes

Routine changes, such as traveling, adding a new pet to the household, or a change in the feeding schedule, can cause stress in English Cream Golden Retrievers leading to constipation. Additionally, a lack of exercise or activity can contribute to constipation; ensure your dog gets enough physical activity and attention throughout the day.

3: Grooming

As a pet owner, one of your responsibilities is ensuring your pet is well-groomed. Matted fur around your dog’s anus can cause feces to stick, leading to dog’s constipation. Regularly groom your English Cream Golden Retriever and keep their fur clean and trimmed.

4: Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions, such as chronic spinal cord disease, can also lead to constipation in English Cream Golden Retrievers. If you suspect your dog’s constipation might be related to a neurologic condition, it’s best to bring them to the vet as soon as possible.

5: Pain When Pooping

A blocked bowel movement can cause your furry friend discomfort while pooping. Straining to defecate could also lead to tears in the rectal area, resulting in bleeding. Seeing your Golden Retriever crying or whimpering when going to the bathroom might be a sign of constipation. Additionally, if they tend to lick the area after the dog poop, it can indicate pain or irritation.

6: Structural Obstruction

A structural obstruction can also cause constipation in your English Cream Golden Retriever. This type of constipation occurs when there is a physical blockage in the colon area. The root causes of structural obstruction are tumors, foreign bodies, or hernias. If your dog has not passed a stool for a prolonged period, there is a high chance of a structural obstruction to occur.

7: Systemic Disease

Constipation can also occur as a symptom of a more severe medical condition. A systemic disease can affect an animal’s bowel movements by interrupting the normal digestive process. Hyperthyroidism and Cushing’s disease can cause constipation, which might worsen if left untreated. Therefore, you must consult your vet if your dog experiences any unusual discomfort or possible indications of any medical attention needed.

8: Medications

Some medications can cause constipation because of their side effects on your dog’s bowels. These types of medications include antihistamines, narcotics, and antacids. If you notice your furry friend’s bowel movements change after starting any medication, it’s crucial to consult your vet and assess if the medication contributes to constipation.

These are the common causes of constipation in English Cream Golden Retrievers. If you notice these symptoms, consult your vet and act accordingly.

Tips to Help English Cream Golden Retriever Constipation

english cream golden retriever  constipation

Now that you know the common causes of constipation, here are a few tips to help reduce or alleviate your pet’s constipation.

✔️Increase Hydration

Water is essential for a healthy body and for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Ensure your English Cream Golden Retriever has access to plenty of clean drinking water throughout the day, especially after exercise and during hot weather. Drinking enough water softens stools, making it easier for your furry friend to pass them.

✔️Add Natural Fiber

Adding natural fiber to your pet’s diet is a great way to help them pass stool more easily. Fiber increases bulk, helping the digestive system efficiently move food through the intestinal tract. You can add fiber-rich ingredients like pumpkin, sweet potato, or green beans to your pet’s meals. These ingredients are fiber and gentle on a dog’s digestive system.

✔️Increase Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of keeping your furry friend healthy. Regular exercise helps stimulate the digestive system, making it easier for your pet to pass stool. Enrichment activities like walking, running, or playing with your dog can improve their overall health and reduce the risk of constipation. Ensure you don’t over-exercise your pet, especially when suffering from constipation, as it can worsen their condition.

✔️Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Probiotics and digestive enzymes can help restore balance to the digestive system while aiding in the absorption and digestion of food. These supplements can help your furry friend’s digestive system break down food more efficiently, reducing the risk of constipation. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing any new supplement to your pet’s diet.

✔️Make a Broth

Another way to help your dog during a constipation episode is to make a homemade broth. You can add ingredients like bone broth, ginger, and turmeric to help soothe your dog’s stomach. Ensure the broth is low in sodium, as excess salt can worsen constipation. Bone broth also provides extra hydration, which can help soften stools.

✔️Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is a great fiber source and helps keep your pet hydrated. It’s also excellent for softening stools and relieving constipation in English Cream Golden Retrievers. Add a tablespoon or two of canned pumpkin to your pet’s meals daily to help their digestive system move stool through the intestinal tract.

✔️Medication from the Vet

If your pet’s constipation does not improve with the methods listed above, you should consult your vet for advice and treatment. Your veterinarian may prescribe medication to help alleviate constipation or recommend dietary changes to increase fiber intake.

Following these tips can help reduce the symptoms of constipation in your English Cream Golden Retriever. Always consult a vet if you have concerns about your dog’s digestive health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your English Cream Golden Retriever is constipated?

The most obvious sign of constipation in dogs is the inability to defecate or pass stools. Straining, dry stools, decreased appetite, and lethargy are common symptoms. Similarly, if your pet hasn’t had a bowel movement in over two days, it’s usually a clear indication of constipation.

Will English Cream Golden Retriever constipation resolve itself?

In mild cases, constipation can resolve on its own, especially if the pet parent makes helpful lifestyle changes for their furry friend, such as increasing water intake or providing more fiber-rich foods. However, if the situation persists, taking your dog to a veterinarian is important, as constipation can be a sign of a more severe underlying health condition.

Can milk help English Cream Golden Retrievers with constipation?

Milk is not recommended as a home remedy for constipation in English Cream Golden Retrievers. In fact, it can do more harm than good. Dogs are lactose intolerant, which means milk can often cause gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, and diarrhea. Moreover, when administered in large quantities, milk can lead to more severe medical conditions, including pancreatitis and bloating.

Should I feed my English Cream Golden Retriever if it is constipated?

Not feeding your pet when constipated is not helpful, as it can lead to dehydration, a lack of nutrients, and other health concerns. Instead, providing your dog with small meals and increasing their water intake is best. You can also consider adding fiber-rich foods, such as pumpkin or sweet potato, to their diet, which can help with bowel movements.

Do English Cream Golden Retrievers cry when constipated?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to experience discomfort and pain while constipated. Though they can’t verbalize their discomfort, pets may become disinterested in playtime, show signs of depression, and cry out in physical pain. If you notice any of these signs, taking your dog to a vet for medical assistance is essential.

Final Words

Your furry friend’s health is always a top priority as a pet parent. English cream golden retriever constipation is a common health problem, and it’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms. While mild cases can be resolved with lifestyle changes, it’s always best to take your furry friend to a vet if the situation persists.

Remember, feeding your dog frequently, increasing their water intake, and providing fiber-rich foods can help prevent constipation. We hope we provided helpful information in this blog so you can keep your pups healthy.

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