english cream golden retriever male vs female

English Cream Golden Retriever Male vs. Female: Understanding the Differences

Do you want to know the differences between male and female English Cream Golden Retrievers? One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Golden Retrievers are known for their amiable demeanor, intelligence, and devotion. English Cream Golden Retrievers are a subset of the breed renowned for having beautiful, light coats and friendly dispositions. One of the choices you’ll need to make if you’re considering getting an English Cream Golden Retriever for your family is whether you want a male or a female.

While there are numerous similarities between both genders, there are also some significant variances. To help you understand the differences and make an educated choice, we’ll examine the traits of male and female English Cream Golden Retrievers in this post. Keep reading to learn more!

The Origin of English Cream Golden Retriever

Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth, created the golden retrievers in Scotland in the middle of the 19th century. To develop a dog that was an exceptional retriever of waterfowl and game birds, several retriever breeds, notably the Tweed Water Spaniel & the Yellow Retriever, were crossed to create the new breed.

A Golden Retriever breed variant is notable for its light-colored, cream coat is the English Cream Golden Retriever. Significant kennel associations classify the English Cream as a distinct variety despite significant debate about whether it is a distinct breed or a Golden Retriever variant.

Breeders in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, created the English Cream Golden Retriever, intending to create a dog that looked more like the original breed created by Lord Tweedmouth. Additionally, these breeders gave more weight to traits, including temperament, health, and conformity to breed standards.

Both male & female English Cream Golden Retrievers have friendly, intelligent, and devoted personalities. They are well-liked family pets since they are well-known for getting along well with kids.

The history of English Cream Golden Retrievers is the same for both genders since they belong to the same breed. Both sexes have characteristics in common, such as intellect, a kind disposition, and a passion for raising children.

The Differences Between Male and Female English Cream Golden Retrievers

english cream golden retriever male vs female

When considering adopting a sweet English Cream Golden Retriever, you may question whether a male or female dog would better fit your needs. It only matters if you want to breed your dog or have another dog at home. Although female English cream golden retrievers may be somewhat more prone to certain health issues than males, both genders’ personalities and intellects are equal.

Adopting an English cream of any gender will leave you with a smart, obedient dog that sheds everywhere, is simple to teach, eager to please, and plain lovely. Let’s explore the differences between male & female English Cream Golden Retrievers in more detail and the key factors to consider when deciding which would be the best option for you.


Male English Cream Golden Retrievers tend to be slightly bigger than females, which is the fundamental distinction between the sexes. Males typically average 65 to 75 pounds and stand between 23 & 24 inches tall. However, they may weigh up to 95 pounds.

Females’ average height and weight are 21.5 & 22.5 inches and 55 to 65 pounds, respectively. You can pick between a male and a female dog based on size if that is essential to you. Additionally, it is worthwhile to contact the breeder if you are searching for a dog of a certain size since they may be an expert in bigger or smaller goldies.


There are physical distinctions between male and female English cream golden retrievers that go beyond size. Men often have larger, stockier bodies and wider heads and snouts. Additionally, they have thicker hair that might resemble a lion’s mane, particularly around their necks and chests.

In general, females are slimmer and have smaller heads and snouts. Additionally, they have hair that looks feathery and thinner, but this does not indicate that women shed less than their male counterparts.


English Cream male and female Many of the same personality qualities, such as friendliness and gentleness, are shared by golden retrievers. Males and girls reportedly exhibit differing personality characteristics, according to some owners. Many of these claims, meanwhile, are anecdotal rather than factual.

Some owners think that male English Cream Goldens are more likely to get connected to family members, while female Goldens are seen to be more independent. A male Golden may be more prone to stick close to your hip, trying to win your favor. Female Goldens may be less clinging than male Goldens, yet they can develop attachments and a desire to please their owners.

Not that female Goldens Retriever is not affectionate—far from it. They could show their adoration differently than male English Cream Golden retrievers. Females may still want to remain close to their owners and enjoy their companionship, but they may still like to preserve some independence. Additionally, some owners claim that male Goldens exhibit more obstinate temperament than female Goldens.


However, the evidence is circumstantial, and there always appears to be someone with a different experience. Some seasoned English cream goldie owners believe they can observe variations in the mentality and conduct of male and female English cream golden retrievers. Nevertheless, it merits thought.

Some individuals think it’s generally simpler to teach female golden retrievers. This is often related to female goldies maturing earlier, making them somewhat more malleable during those crucial training months. It’s still being determined whether this will matter in the long run. There is no indication that female goldens are aloof; some claim that male goldens are more devoted, clingier, or ready to spend time with their humans. The breed is highly affectionate and values time spent with their family.

The likelihood that male dogs may bite is six times higher than that of female dogs, according to some statistics, but research indicates that this has less to do with genetics and more to do with upbringing. Dogs are often anthropomorphized by humans, who promote unusual behavior and treat them as if they were people. Because of this, dog owners are less inclined to train violent behavior out of male dogs and are more likely to accept it as normal.


According to a study on them, English cream golden retrievers are prone to several health issues, including dysplasia of the hip & elbow, epilepsy, cataracts of the retina, & cancer. Although it’s unlikely that your dog will have any of these conditions, it’s still a good idea to check for them.

There are more potential health problems in female English cream golden retrievers than in males. Unspayed dogs have a higher chance of developing hip dysplasia, as well as ocular myasthenia & adrenocortical insufficiency. However, breeders try to account for these risks. English Cream Golden retrievers typically can live between 10 and 12 years, which is about average for canines their size.

🐶Mental Development

Males and females develop cognitively at different rates. A 1-year-old girl behaves like a 1.5- to 2-year-old boy. Males go through a lengthier “puppy stage,” which many people and few like. It depends on your preferences. In particular, when it comes to toilet training, boys physically grow more quickly than girls. As a result, most girls are simpler to learn to obey than men. Typically, they learn orders faster than English Cream Golden males. A 14-week-old boy and a 12-week-old girl are routinely taught in obedience.

🐶Physical Development

Physically, men develop more quickly than women, particularly in bladder control. Crate training and toilet training are also included in our Puppy Training Institute. Over half of the training time is dedicated to improving these two critical areas. Males can retain their bladders for longer than females, according to research. Consequently, they potty, spot, and crate train more quickly. In obedience training, females undoubtedly do better, but since guys can hold their bathroom longer, they often perform better in crate and toilet training.

🐶Energy Levels

Male dogs tend to be more energetic than females, yet every dog is an individual. Women are more relaxed and mature sooner. Males often develop more slowly than females do. A male English Cream Golden Retriever to grow up with might be a lot of fun if you have young children that like running about. They can equal their zealousness for life.

However, having a female might be preferable if you choose a more relaxed manner. Female dogs make excellent nanny dogs because they have a greater innate mother instinct for youngsters. Getting a male who would create more mayhem may not work out as well if your house has a low-tone ambiance.

Puppies don’t stay puppies forever, of course. Males may take longer to mature and need more patience, but they will still be great friends. They aren’t considered to be an innately hyper breed as a whole. Regardless of gender, golden retrievers value family and are devoted and affectionate.

Consistent Breed Information in General

English Cream As the third most popular breed according to the American Kennel Club, golden retrievers are highly popular among families. There are many beautiful reasons why goldens are so popular. They have amiable, gentle temperaments that are believable. English cream may easily adapt to multi-pet homes since they aren’t violent and don’t have significant prey drives.

They are compatible with a variety of lifestyles due to their adaptability. As long as you give them enough exercise, they are content enough to live in apartments and adapt equally well to urban, rural, and agricultural environments. They are excellent pets for the elderly or houses with young children because of their gentleness and pleasant disposition.

They often react well to positive reinforcement and are typically simple to teach. Many canines are capable of receiving training to become therapy or service animals. They are perceptive, kind, and receptive. You can’t go wrong with the breed since all these characteristics can be found in either gender.

Facts About English Cream Golden Retriever Male and Female

english cream golden retriever male vs female

There are numerous facts between both genders, but you should know that you will get along with either one since both have the breed’s natural tendencies toward gentleness, friendliness, and charm.

💡Females Mentally Develop More Rapidly

Breeders of dogs have observed that female golden retrievers behave and act more like 1.5–2-year-old male golden retrievers, indicating that female English cream goldens grow more quickly than their male counterparts as well as that males have a longer “puppyhood” period psychologically. In general, a 12-week-old female is as socialized and trained as a 14-week-old male due to the fact that it is simpler to socialize and teach females earlier than men.

💡Males’ Coats are Longer and Thicker.

English cream for men The coats of golden retrievers are longer and thicker than those of their female counterparts. Males’ coats around the neck region are substantially longer than their female counterparts and have a much larger mane. An adult golden retriever’s sex is easily discernible thanks to one of the most distinctive features of males.

💡Males’ Heads and Noses are Wider.

The males have wider heads and noses than the females do. Females have shorter hair as well as narrower heads and noses. You won’t be able to distinguish between a male & female golden merely by looking at them, save from these little variations. In reality, unless they have a trained eye for this kind of thing (they are trainers, breeders, or have worked with dogs for a long time), the majority of individuals won’t be able to tell the difference between males and females simply by looking at them.

💡Females Are Calmer

Females often grow intellectually quicker than boys do. Thus they are typically calmer than guys of the same age. Goldens are slow to mature (but not as slow as we’d like), and they can take up to 18 months to grow up and become adults. Golden puppies are quite active; some people even claim they are hyperactive. They have a lot of energy to spare, and this energy must go somewhere.

💡Compared to Females, Males need Greater Maintenance.

In general, men are more high-maintenance than women. They need a little more effort to socialize and train, have a little more energy, and bond with their owners more. Female English Cream Golden Retrievers, however, are still quite high-maintenance dogs by all accounts. They may need a bit less work than male Golden Retrievers, but they are still not low-maintenance pets when compared to other breeds.

💡Males Bond to Their Owners.

All Golden Retrievers are amiable, devoted, and loyal canines that form strong bonds with their owners. One of the factors contributing to goldens’ unwavering affection and devotion is their constant friendliness. Males are often more connected to their owners than females are when it comes to attachment.

It’s well-known that men adore you while women want your affection. This is accurate to some degree. Male goldens are content to give attention to you and are glad to get less attention, but females demand to be caressed and to receive all the attention. Male goldens may sometimes be content to be there with you.

However, it should be noted that both male & female goldens are quite devoted and needy when it relates to attachment, and both are fairly prone to separation anxiety if they are not properly taught. However, even if they are well taught, they still need regular time with their owners. If you’re a person who is too busy to spend an hour or two with your dog, consider other pets.

💡Fewer Issues will Arise While Mating for Females.

While issues may arise because of the mental and behavioral changes that occur when females are in heat and attract guys, it is considerably worse for males. English cream golden males are no different from other male dogs in that they will do everything it takes to mate. They will do everything in their power to get away and locate a mate; they will scale fences, open doors, and wander aimlessly for days before they succeed.

In addition to being more destructive, males will urinate and chew on whatever they can if they can’t locate a partner or a way out. I made no mention of the humping. They practically hump everything, whether it moves or not since the humping is that awful!

💡Roles in The Family

Female English cream golden retrievers often think more freely. They are more independent and self-assured. They might not be as affectionate as a man as a result. Men are often a little more needy when it comes to their family pets. Females may favor some individuals over others, but this does not exclude them from feeling affection for everyone in the household.

Due to their composure, females could be more resistant to training. They may need more persuasion since they have their own agendas and minds of their own. However, since the dog breed is so willing to please, any gender may learn appropriate behavior with the right training.

These characteristics are solely a matter of taste. Some households or individuals may do better with a female dog since they prefer one that can manage itself and doesn’t need as much assurance. Families that want a permanent companion, though, may choose a man.

💡Both Genders are Prone to Some Health Issues.

Both male & female English cream golden retrievers are prone to various health issues. Hip dysplasia is the most prevalent health issue among golden retrievers, although they are also susceptible to cancer and other major health issues.

Males and females are both susceptible to various health issues that most affect their genitalia, but by neutering or spaying them at the appropriate age, you may dramatically lower their risk.

Where These Differences Are Important

One of the most important choices you must make as a new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy owner is choosing a male or a girl. Whichever one you choose, we are sure it will be a pleasant experience for you. It’s crucial to understand the aforementioned distinctions.

A few of these distinctions will no longer matter when your puppy matures and becomes an adult. Male and female puppies may have differing training levels when they graduate from our Puppy Training Institute, but these disparities will eventually disappear, especially if you want to continue your puppy’s training.

Therefore, it is up to you whether or not gender matters. Said certain customers like one over the other. But regardless of what you decide, your dog will be equally healthy and loving. There is nothing wrong or right option. We advise you to choose a puppy with the preferred personality features described on each puppy’s page, and we will support you in choosing the ideal English Cream Golden Retriever for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are English cream Golden Retrievers uncommon?

English Creams are widely used. Despite certain breeders’ assertions, platinum retrievers are of similar breed as conventional English golden retrievers. A platinum retriever is a golden retriever with a light-colored coat.

Would I get a male or female dog?

Other than concerns about breeding, a dog’s gender is not a reliable predictor of how suitable a dog would be as a companion. Breed qualities, which determine the size, trainability, and overall ease of care, are more crucial aspects. Additionally, the dog’s former lifestyle will be a big consideration if you are adopting an older dog.

Is English Cream Golden Retriever good?

These English cream Golden retrievers are often complimented for being more powerful, healthier, and having a better disposition. It is implied that they are more valuable due to these characteristics than Golden Retrievers developed in North America with greater golden colour.

Do male or female English Cream Golden Retrievers expensive?

British Cream Golden retrievers from well-known breeders with lengthy pedigrees are sometimes more expensive than lesser-known breeders. Male pups are often more expensive than female puppies. Where you reside also affects the cost. The cost of Golden Retrievers varies considerably throughout the nation.

Do English cream Golden Retrievers like cuddling each other?

They are amiable and want to spend time with their loved ones. Fortunately, they like cuddling.

Final Thoughts

Although male and female English Cream Golden Retrievers often vary in a few key ways, each dog is different and may not conform to the usual stereotypes. Males are often bigger and muscular, but ladies are frequently more tender and attentive. These traits, which might differ widely from dog to dog, should not be the only ones considered when selecting a pet. Choosing a dog that complements your personality and lifestyle, regardless of gender, is ultimately the most crucial step. Both male and female English Cream Golden Retrievers may become fantastic companions and cherished family members with the right training, socialization, and care. Do you want to know are english cream golden retrievers good hunting dogs? Click Here!

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