english cream vs american golden retriever

English Cream vs. American Golden Retriever: Breed Information

Have you ever wondered how American and English Cream Retrievers differ? The loyal and sociable characteristics of Golden Retrievers make them one of the most adored dog breeds in the world. On the other hand, the English Cream and American Golden Retrievers are two different breeds of Golden Retrievers. Despite having a lot in common, the two breeds are distinguished from one another by a few significant distinctions.

English Cream and American Golden Retrievers have distinct qualities, as do their temperaments, physical attributes, and other distinguishing characteristics, all of which will be discussed in this article. This article will thoroughly explain the variations between English Cream and American Golden Retrievers, whether you are a prospective owner wishing to adopt a Golden Retriever or just curious to learn more about these magnificent dogs.

English Cream vs. American Golden Retriever History

The English Cream and American Golden Retriever’s origins may be traced to Scotland in the middle of the 19th century when the breed was created to help hunters recover game. The breeds crossed to produce the new breed, the Irish Setter, Tweed Water Spaniel, and St. John’s Newfoundland. The capacity of the Golden Retriever to recover birds from both water and land made it a coveted sports dog when it was first developed.

The Golden Retriever breed evolved through time in many regions of the globe, resulting in some variance in temperament and appearance. The English Cream Golden Retriever is a breed variant developed in the United Kingdom and distinguished by its stockier build and lighter coat color. Conversely, the American Golden Retriever is renowned for its longer, slimmer physique and darker coat color.

The White Golden Retriever or European Golden Retriever are other English Cream Golden Retriever names. The English Cream Golden Retriever has gained popularity recently, especially in the United States, despite not being a distinct breed.

The English Cream & American Golden Retrievers are adored for their amiable and devoted nature, making them well-liked pets and friends across the globe, despite slight variances in appearance.

English Cream vs. American Golden Retriever Overview

english cream vs american golden retriever

Before discussing the differences & similarities between these two varieties of golden retrievers, it is critical to understand why we are even having this conversation in the first place. A golden retriever is a golden retriever, regardless of where it was born.

Tweed water spaniels and wavy-coated retrievers were crossed in Scotland in the middle of the 1800s to create the first golden retrievers. Sir Dudley Marjoribanks developed the breed to recover shot-down birds from fields and marshes. They arrived in America, but soon after, certain differences developed.

A golden retriever is a golden retriever, although there might be distinctions between them based on where they are from and why they were bred. Your question will determine what these disparities are and how noticeable they are. Breeders of English Cream golden retrievers will tell you these dogs are stronger and more peaceful.

The Golden Retriever Club of America will inform you that all golden retrievers are of the same breed and that the phrase “English Cream Golden Retriever” is only a marketing gimmick. To further complicate matters, most “English” golden retrievers aren’t even from that country.

English Cream and American Golden Retriever Breed Differences and Similarities

english cream vs american golden retriever

The English Cream and American golden retrievers are the two distinct breed varieties. How can you learn to distinguish between these two dog breeds at a glance, and what distinguishes them from one another?

To help you distinguish between English Cream and American golden retrievers, we shall compare and contrast their physical characteristics in this post. We will also talk about how they behave differently, how big or little they are, and whether or not the American Kennel Club recognizes them as a breed. Let’s start learning about golden retrievers right now!


You can identify the difference between an American Golden Retriever and an English Cream Golden Retriever by their coat color. American Golden Retrievers have a more glossy golden hue that ranges in tints from honey to tan, while English Golden Retrievers have a lovely cream color. The only colors are often suitable for retrievers are light hues, such as almost-light Retrievers, through deeper shades of red, like nearly white to deep red hues.

Additionally, the textures of their coats vary somewhat. The English Retriever is right if you want a shorter, wavy-coated retriever. They have a water-resistant undercoat and feathering around their ears & other body regions. The form of their heads is another evident distinction between English and American retrievers. The English Cream Retriever has a bigger and more level head than the American Golden, which has an arched head shape and a wider skull.

Although their foreheads are both broad, the American Retriever’s is longer and deeper than its English counterpart’s. Their eyes also vary just a little. The eyes of the American Golden Retriever are round with fitting rims and come in a range of brown colors, from medium to dark. The AKC does not recognize a dog as a Golden Retriever if its eyes are not spherical.

The BKC sets similar requirements but also specifies that the golden’s eyes must be spaced apart enough. Additionally, the ears of American and English cream retrievers vary significantly. The tips of the American Golden’s ears are at cheek level because the front border of their ears extends slightly over the eye.

The English Cream Retriever, meanwhile, has medium-sized ears that are level with the eyes. Both varieties of Retrievers should shield their eyes as you draw forward in accordance with kennel club guidelines.


There are minor size variances between the typical English cream and typical American golden retrievers, albeit it is very little difference. American golden retrievers weigh up to five pounds more than the typical English cream golden retriever, although being the same height and size overall. However, it’s unlikely that you can determine the difference between them merely by looking at them.


The English Cream Golden Retriever has a somewhat different temperament than the American Golden Retriever. They are amiable, although their temperaments are a little bit more subdued. Compared to American Goldie, however, their loyalty still needs improvement. Their calmer nature makes them simpler to teach, which is advantageous for novice dog owners. They are an excellent option for those who have kids and other pets because of this as well. They make lousy guard dogs since they are amiable to strangers.

Due to their temperament and attitude, American Golden Retrievers are one of the most well-liked breeds of dogs. These dogs are praised for being gentle, kind, and friendly. Goldies are excellent additions to homes with children since they get along with practically everyone. Due to their high levels of trustworthiness and desire to please others, golden retrievers make lousy security dogs. Due to their need for humans, as a result, Goldies do not like prolonged alone. This dog enjoys being around humans or other animals the most.

🐕Exercise and Training

Because they are calmer & less excitable than American Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers are simpler to train. Regardless of your Golden version, it is always better to start teaching and customizing them. At the same time, they are young because of their intelligence and maturity, which make training them simple.

The English Cream Golden Retrievers still require regular exercise even if they are calmer—these dogs like swimming and taking long walks or runs. Without at least twice daily activity, Golden Retrievers will become fat since these breeds are predisposed to weight gain. They could chew or tear apart furniture like American Golden Retrievers if they have excess energy.

American Golden Retrievers are not the finest guard dogs, but novice dog owners may still teach them to obey basic instructions. Starting early is essential for the socialization and training of your dog.

The American Golden Retriever requires frequent exercise at least 1-2 times daily since it is an energetic (and sometimes hyper) dog—these canines like jogging, swimming, and fetching. A Goldie may chew on furniture to release their pent-up energy if they cannot obtain the exercise they need. Additionally, obesity in dogs might cause various health problems in later life. Make sure you can give a Golden Retriever the exercise it needs to flourish before taking one home.

🐕Care and Health

The same health concerns that affect American Golden Retrievers, such as elbow and hip dysplasia & eye abnormalities, may also affect English Cream Golden Retrievers. By purchasing an English Cream Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder who can have their parents evaluated for these disorders, you may lessen the likelihood that your dog will have these problems.

Despite having a shorter coat than the American Goldie, the English Cream Golden Retriever still needs weekly grooming to minimize shedding. Although American Golden Retrievers are generally healthy, certain health issues may still affect them. Goldies are prone to heritable disorders, including elbow and hip dysplasia. If you get the dog from a breeder, be sure the parents have been examined for this health condition and are healthy. A reliable breeder may also guarantee that your dog won’t develop additional issues as it ages, such as eye diseases.

Goldies will inevitably shed since their hair is longer. But regular grooming can help lessen the hair accumulated around the home. Although Goldies don’t need frequent baths, you won’t have much trouble washing them since they like water! After interacting with them, this breed does tend to drool a little, so have a clean hand towel nearby.


An American golden retriever and an English cream golden retriever have various behavioral characteristics for unknown reasons. According to several dog experts and breeders, English cream golden retrievers are often more laid back than American golden retrievers. Both breeds are very friendly, devoted, and simple to train.

Compared to the English cream golden retriever, the American golden retriever has greater activity, which might cause separation anxiety or destructive behavior. Despite the English cream golden retriever having a shorter coat than the American golden retriever, both canines shed equally.


The average lifespan of English cream golden retrievers is 12–14 years, compared to 10–12 years for their American counterparts. Unfortunately, golden retrievers generally have a greater cancer incidence than most other dog breeds. American golden retrievers had a 60% cancer risk of the two we’ve examined, almost twice as high as the 38% cancer rate for English cream golden retrievers.

English Cream and American Golden Retriever Popularity

It’s difficult to say which of these breeds is more well-liked. Due to an increase in the number of dogs imported from Europe to produce English Cream Golden Retriever pups, these dogs are becoming increasingly well-liked in the US. Only because this was the only variety of Golden Retriever available for years does the data still favor the American breed type.

People who love to display their dogs and those aiming for the looks and mellowness of English Cream Golden Retriever are more likely to be associated with the breed’s popularity. However, these pups will typically cost more than American Golden Retrievers, and getting them in certain US regions may take time. If you have decided to have a European Golden Retriever, you may have to order your puppy from out of state and send it to you.

Given that there are more European Golden Retrievers breeders, people may favor this dog more than Americans. It is now difficult to predict whether that will occur. Still, you will almost always have a better chance of finding an American Golden Retriever than an English Cream Golden Retriever in your neighborhood.

English Cream and American Golden Retriever Suitability

english cream vs american golden retriever

English Cream Golden retrievers are excellent pets for households, particularly those with young children. Children should be closely watched while playing with the dog, as with all dogs, to ensure they are not being too rough. The main things to remember while caring for a Goldie are ensuring they spend only a little time alone and receive enough exercise. These dogs require room to roam about. Thus, they could fare better in flats.

Many people are appropriate for American Golden Retrievers. They will fit in well in either a one- or two-person home. Although these dogs get along well with kids, no small child should be left alone with a dog. Even while Goldies are friendly around kids, small kids may be unable to comprehend when to stop doing things like tugging a dog’s tail or ears or taking their food bowl away while eating.

American Golden Retrievers have not been reported to be aggressive against strangers and are friendly with other canines and pets. Goldies, however, struggle when left alone for extended periods of time. These prolonged absences will worry them if they work or go to school away from the house.

Proper Caring of English Cream and American Golden Retriever 

There are certain similarities in the care that English Cream & American Golden Retrievers need, but there are also some distinctions.


Both breeds have a thick double coat that must be brushed often to avoid matting and shedding. On their ears and tails, English Creams may have longer hair that needs special care. At least once per week, and more often during the shedding season, should be spent brushing. Bathing should be done when required, but only sometimes since this might deplete the skin of its natural oils.


Both breeds need regular exercise for their health and happiness since they are both active. English Creams could be more peaceful than their American counterparts and might need less activity. A daily stroll or game of fetch in the backyard should be plenty for both breeds.


Both breeds benefit from a top-notch diet. To find out which food is ideal for your dog’s activity level, age, & health, speak with your vet. Both breeds may be prone to obesity, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on their weight and modify their diet as necessary.


Both breeds are simple to teach since they are clever and eager to please. The both breeds respond well to training techniques that include positive reinforcement. Both breeds should be socialized since, if not, they may become prone to separation anxiety.


Both breeds are capable of developing various health conditions, including elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, & vision impairments. Preventive treatment and regular vet visits may keep your dog healthy.

Overall, frequent grooming, exercise, healthy diet, training, and preventative medical care are all necessary to maintain English Cream & American Golden Retrievers optimally.

Common Health Problems of English Cream and American Golden Retriever

Despite being two distinct breeds of golden retrievers, English cream and American golden retrievers have many of the same health problems, such as:

🔍Hip Dysplasia

The hip joint does not suit together correctly in this disorder, which causes discomfort and arthritis. Golden retrievers and other big-breed dogs often struggle with it.

🔍Elbow Dysplasia

This disorder, which affects the elbow joint similarly to hip dysplasia, may cause arthritis and discomfort.

🔍Eye Issues

Golden retrievers of both varieties are susceptible to eye conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, & glaucoma.


Unfortunately, golden retrievers often have health issues, including cancer. They are especially vulnerable to hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma.


Food allergies & environmental allergies are both possible in golden retrievers.

🔍Ear Infections

Golden retrievers’ large, floppy ears may collect moisture and dirt and cause ear infections.


If they do not get enough exercise and a balanced diet, both varieties of golden retrievers are susceptible to obesity.

Although not all golden retrievers may have these health issues, owners should be aware of them and take precautions to avoid them whenever feasible. Routine veterinarian examinations and a healthy lifestyle help prevent and manage these health problems.

English Cream and American Golden Retriever: Which Breed is Right For You?

Whether you choose to get an American Cream Golden Retriever or an English Cream Golden Retriever will ultimately depend on your choices. These two types resemble one another in terms of temperament and look. They both make great family pets and are beautiful dogs.

A somewhat distinct body form and differences in coat color distinguish the two breeds most from one another. American Golden Retrievers are bigger than English Golden Retrievers. An American golden retriever may be right for you if you want a dog with a dark golden coat, as opposed to an English golden retriever if you prefer a light-colored dog. Both of these dogs are very devoted, caring, and gentle. They are amusing, kind, and submissive.

Due to their slighter, calmer temperament and ease of training, English Cream Golden Retrievers are preferred by many. They are excellent starter dogs for a new owner. Also, English Cream Golden Retrievers live slightly longer than their American relatives and are less prone to get cancer.

However, the American Golden Retriever can be a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a very active hunting dog with a strong prey drive who can work all day. These dogs are often used in search and rescue missions or as retrievers for games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can American Golden Retrievers and English Cream Golden Retrievers compete in dog shows?

You may exhibit both English Cream & American Golden Retrievers at dog shows. However, they are usually evaluated in different divisions. While American Goldens are shown in AKC conformation shows, English Creams are often displayed in non-AKC or foreign divisions.

Which breed is most straightforward to train?

American Golden Retrievers and English Cream Golden Retrievers are both very trainable & eager to satisfy their owners. Regardless of breed, a dog’s temperament and trainability differ from one to the next. The owner’s constancy, patience, and use of positive reinforcement strategies are crucial to training effectiveness.

Do the two breeds’ personalities vary in any way?

The personalities of English Cream & American Golden Retrievers are quite similar. Both breeds are renowned for being sociable, devoted, sharp, and wonderful with kids and families. They are employed for service and therapeutic activities and become wonderful companions.

English Goldens are they more relaxed than American Goldens?

English Cream Golden Retrievers tend to be calmer more often than American Golden Retrievers. Rarely are they exuberant or high-spirited. There are a lot of energetic and athletic American Golden Retrievers. European Goldens are more trainable, calmer, and more mature.

Which is healthier of these two breeds?

Both English Cream & American Golden Retrievers might be predisposed to hip dysplasia, cancer, and cardiovascular problems. To lessen the chance of passing on inherited health problems to their progeny, respectable breeders of both types of dogs should have their breeding dogs tested for health.

Final Thought

The English Cream and American Golden Retriever are two well-known retrieving breeds with a lot in common yet vary significantly in other ways. Both breeds are renowned for their trainability, intelligence, and kind, devoted attitudes. The American Golden, on the other hand, tends to be slimmer and more energetic, while the English Cream is often a little stockier and more laid-back. The decision between these two breeds will ultimately come down to your tastes and way of life. English Cream and American Golden Retrievers make excellent companions and valued family members, regardless of the breed you choose. Do you want to know the English cream golden retriever pros and cons? Click Here!

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