Finest Golden Retriever Champion Breeders

Are you looking for the best golden retriever champion breeders? If you are eyeing a purebred healthy puppy that you want to include in your family, you should search for the breeders that possess excellent qualities making sure that the puppy feels ennobled because of how carefully they are bred. Of course, these will take a large sum of your money but if you want the best and top prized golden retriever breeders, then you should consider this fine list of breeders.

Getting a golden retriever puppy from a reputable breed is one of the best things to make sure that your ideal Golden is in great shape with no genetic disorders. Also, you get the chance to seek advice from expert breeders.

Why buy from the best dog breeders?

There are thousands upon thousands of dog breeders currently providing services across the United States but there are only a few breeders that have a remarkable reputation and guarantees that what they breed is in excellent condition with the provision of their utmost care. Think of it as Darwin’s survival of the fittest. The ones who have adjusted well to the environment are stronger and healthy. This is what reputable dog breeders are. They have conditioned and took care of the puppies and the parents during pregnancy.

Furthermore, although you can still get the chance to have a golden retriever puppy from private rescue groups or adoption shelters, although they are often mixed-breed adult dogs or puppies. But if you want to make sure that you want a purebred golden retriever, then there’s nothing better looking at the best champion breeders.

As previously mentioned, there are only hundreds of (more or less) dog breeders that have the highest reputation. It’s actually hard to locate them at first especially if you don’t know where to find them as breeders are invaluable resources. Sometimes they can be found among the list of American Kennel Club (AKC), sometimes through recommendations from the vet, and sometimes through word of mouth. This article will also help you find some of the excellent golden retriever champion breeders.

What exactly is the champion bloodline title?

Basically, when a dam or a sire has entered into an AKC competition and earned a title. That said, the AKC recognized the dog’s success which in turn, there will be a “CH” before the dog’s name. Meaning that when a dog has the title of a champion before its name, that means that the dog or the dog’s ancestor have hailed as a champion.

For obvious reason, bearing the title of champion and an AKC recognized dog will be deemed as something royal or have noble blood because of its said title. This will also affect the price of the puppy. This will also help you evaluate the temperament and the health of the puppies easily. The fact that it garnered recognition makes the dog breeder proud.

The reasons why you should search for golden retriever champion breeders

Breeders will always ensure you will get the best golden retriever puppy

With the best breeder chosen, they will make sure what you will get will be the best and ensure to you that your ideal golden retriever puppy will be a perfect match for you. Good breeders absolutely know what’s best for you and they also know their puppies all too well. That said, make no regrets or be hesitant with the puppy they will choose for you because they are expert and highly trained golden retriever breeders.

You get to meet the parent of your golden retriever puppy

The advantage of getting a puppy from responsible breeders is you get to meet their parents and also the whole dog family which also you will get to know their behavioral issues and even health concerns if there are any. Also, you will get along with the breeder and may also give you expert advice on how to raise your golden retriever into a responsible dog. The dog breeder will also get in touch with you once in a while to check about your golden retriever. These kinds of people are some of the wonderful dog people you will ever meet in your life.

Get better recommendations and advice

Aside from you will get the chance to meet the dog parents and establish a connection with the breeder, you will also get better recommendations and tips. Being a first-timer dog golden retriever owner or maybe an experienced with little knowledge of dog care, the breeder will generously give you recommendations about dog diets, proper grooming, and others drawing from their own experience which is very valuable. Also, you will have the chance to have recommendations from a veterinarian that offers the best care.

That said, this is important knowledge that you need to know in your first year of your goldie’s life because puppies are vulnerable to different diseases and health conditions. And because champion breeders know best, they will not hesitate to give you some of the best advice and recommendation they could think of.

Because the application process will undergo extensively

Most highly reputed dog breeders have at least 50 pages of list of potential candidates for selection of owning a puppy and before you even own or visit the center, your application process will be carefully reviewed and they will determine if you are really the rightful owner or not. Only a handful of people have made it to the list because of the meticulous process but it’s actually worth it. After all, the breeders need to choose responsible dog owners who will make the right choices for his Golden as he grows along.

Your puppy will be an example of what pure breed golden retriever look like

Golden retriever breeders and any other breeders have always chosen for the best outcome. Some breeders are buying semen samples for old golden retrievers who are in good shape and healthy without having any health conditions. This is to ensure that what they will breed is completely healthy with no history of genetic diseases or any other issues that will affect the puppy’s life. Champion breeders always aim for the best in order to satisfy the client’s need and also to serve their purpose as responsible golden retriever breeders.

Your puppy can go back to the breeder

Just like a warranty guarantee or an after-sales service for the product you buy, this is also the same with responsible dog breeders. If something wrong happened to your goldie puppy, you can just ask for assistance and further discussion on some matter or even arrange a vet for you depending on the intensity of the condition.

Or in some other case, if ever you want to bring back your golden retriever puppy due to complicated reasons, or say, one of your family members is allergic to dogs or other dire straits situation, you can just call your dog breeder and take the puppy back. They will help you through the transitioning process and even make sure that you and your puppy are in good terms.

Choosing the absolute golden retriever champion breeders

But if you don’t have any idea on who to pick with regards to breeder selection, these are the tips that will help you shed a light in finding the best possible dog breeder:

Don’t buy without seeing the puppy first

Don’t consider buying without even seeing the golden retriever puppy face to face, or when they ask you to pay upfront first then decide to meet with you. That’s a big risk you are likely playing here. There are many scammers all over the internet who sell golden retriever puppies at a low price. Please, don’t be fooled by their false advertising. It’s better to see the puppy face to face first and check their history and other issues to make sure that the golden retriever puppy is legit and healthy. Ask the seller first to pay a visit so you can get a glimpse of the puppy in reality. You know they are legit and responsible breeders if they are more than willing to pay the puppy a visit.

Ask the right questions

One of the most important aspects of selecting the best breeders is by inquiry. It’s important to do your assignment first and see if they are really good breeders. Ask from someone you know or even from the vet’s advice. Then if there are some breeders in mind, get to know them first and ask some questions about the puppy. It’s important that he/she explains it to you clearly so there will be some clarity.

When in doubt, head to AKC (American Kennel Club)

Sometimes if you don’t have any idea, to begin with, searching the golden retriever champion breeders, you can just head to AKC (American Kennel Club). AKC has the authority to guide you and select the best golden retriever puppy for you within your ideal match. The fact that many dog breeders acquired certification and accreditation from AKC, it’s undoubtedly that the website is one of the finest sources of puppies of any kind of breeds. Also, as you dig deeper into the website of AKC, you will find some of the AKC Breed Parent Club. AKC has some links from different parent clubs which will also give you potential lists on picking the best dog breeders.

The dog breeder should not be a “puppy mill”

Some dog breeders are churning out large quantities of puppies which makes them more profit in return. There are also some dog breeders who deeply care for their dog’s well-being and also abide by a number of litter rules. That said, you should choose the latter one. Dog breeders should be the epitome of a responsible and caring dog owner. Also, the way the dog breeders sell their dogs is also reflected in what kind of dog breeders they truly are.

May ask questions about your ability to tend for the dog

For the dog breeders part, they should also scrutinize the person who is buying their puppy first just like a job interview. They should know you first and ask some simple questions in order to truly know that you are a rightful owner. If the dog breeder doesn’t question you, then, he’s not responsible enough and doesn’t care for their puppy’s well-being. Remember there’s no dumb question, ask whatever you want to ask.

Transparent and offers information about diet

It’s also the responsibility of the dog breeder to be transparent. Show some medical records (if any) of the dog parent that there are no health issues and anything to be concerned about regarding the puppy’s wellness. In addition, prior to your purchase of the puppy, the dog breeder will also provide some suggested nutritional needs and diet so you will have no trouble finding out the best meal for your golden retriever puppy. Transparency offers goodwill that the dog breeder is after the puppy’s well being not to mention his offering for some valuable information about the golden retriever puppy diet and nutritional needs.

Top 5 golden retriever champion breeder

These are what we have gathered so far for one of the best golden retriever champion breeders. Although some of these breeders have bred or had a bloodline connecting to a champion breeder. Most of the listed dog breeders have met the quality and adequate standards which made them “champion” breeders, in a sense, they are responsible, qualified, and the cream of the crop.

These are in no particular order:

A Promise Kennels

Location: Fresno, California

Contact no. 559-355-9915

Cost: $1,450 to $2,000

One of the finest breeders in California. They also earned AKC’s Breeder of Merit. Meaning they are very much qualified with the qualities of being responsible breeders who have gone through series of screenings such as temperament, genetic, and health issues. With this recognition, A Promise Kennels ensures that they hold the highest of standards and they are not a “puppy mill”, they deeply care about the puppy’s well-being and they are more than willing to answer some questions.

Having said that, the breeder ensures that their breeding process is checked and certified by certain registries such as CERF, OFA, etc, this makes sure that they are very transparent and willing to provide copies of health certificates from prospective buyers.

They know the importance of breeding and being a true hobby breeder. They believe that the goal of breeding is to improve the breed. That said, they have taken all the careful measures just to preserve and breed a nice and healthy golden retriever puppy.

Most of their dogs are AKC champions with one being an AKC grand champion. Furthermore, in their testimonials, many of their customers have been optimistic and most of their testimonials are about their dogs being healthy and completely normal.

Why would you want this dog breeder? Because, Judy, the owner has integrity and will try to get to you just to check out the puppy’s condition whenever possible. She also guarantees that your Golden puppy will be replaced if there’s something happens within three years or more (depending on the situation). So, definitely, this is worth checking.

Liberty Run Golden Retrievers

Location: Sykesville, MD

Contact no. 410-549-2911

Cost: Price varies; available upon request.

If you are living within the Maryland area, looking for a nice golden retriever breeder, you should check out the Liberty Run Golden Retrievers. The owner’s background in animal science and is an experienced veterinary technician proves them to be one of the best breeders around Maryland. Their objective is to produce healthy, calm, and intelligent golden retrievers that are easy to train and make them great companions.

According to their website, Liberty Run ensures that they are breeding the best possible Golden Retriever breed and they only breed from naturally obedient parents. They emphasize breeding easy-going, temperament, and lovable Golden Retriever. What they simply want is to produce not with hunting instinct and working dog, but a highly loving and best family pet as possible.

Furthermore, they have sufficient papers for clearances and recognition from OFA, CERF, and SAS. The original copies can be seen within their premises. They are more than welcome for inquiries and they will answer all the questions in mind.

They have fairly good reviews from their testimonials and people are saying that their puppy is healthy and lives normally. In addition, if there’s something wrong happened to the puppy, they are willing to offer assistance and do whatever they can. They also have a community for Golden Retrievers who cane from their breeding ground.

Should you go for this dog breeder? Absolutely. But first, get to know them first ask questions, and interview them. So, you will know if you feel comfortable with them. After all, the first impression always lasts. Although they have a well-received reputation from the Maryland area, you still need to see for yourself.

Bearabella Golden Retrievers

Location: Sharpsburg, GA

Contact no. 770-722-7786

Cost: $2,850

Bearabella Golden Retrievers have garnered a Breeder of Merit from AKC in breeding. This means they breed one of the healthiest, best tempered Golden Retrievers, and holding the standard of breeding wherein they only produce only a few litters a year. Their dogs have acquired the title of champion and one being a grand champion for AKC.

What makes them being among the champion breeders is their compassion and authenticity when it comes to breeding their Golden. They uphold the standard resulting in their merit from AKC as previously mentioned and adheres to the code of ethics. This is actually one of the breeders that excel. If you are near Georgia, you can head over there if you want a Golden retriever puppy and want to see it personally.

The owner, Helena, doesn’t disregard the practice of being a puppy mill. She stated on her website that her aim is to produce a “produce sound, healthy dogs that have the true Golden temperament”. Few breeders like Helena have focused on the puppy’s health than making a profit. She is also keen on updating her client on their puppy’s update. Moreover, she makes a good relationship with her client and makes sure that everything is okay with the puppy.

This is definitely worth recommending for people who are looking for a Golden Retriever puppy. The owner has received great feedback from, which is a highly reliable source of information about Golden. She considers every suggestion and will promise you that you will get the ideal puppy. Plus, she carefully places her puppies by suitability for the home not by color.

Amica Goldens

Location: Austin, Texas

Contact no. 512-554-9978

Cost: Price varies; available upon request.

Another superb and one of the best-regarded breeders of the golden retriever. Located just outside of Austin Texas, Amica primarily specializes in show dogs. The owner believes that her passion is breeding, but not just any breeding that’s for churning out. What the owner believes is to produce smart, healthy, and quality golden retrievers. She is also a board member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and honored with the AKC’s Breeder of Merit title.

Amica has adequate health clearances and certain recognition from authorities. This breeder does not only uphold the code of ethics of breeding. One of their dogs is highly regarded and hailed as champions by the one and only AKC. You can rest assured that what you will be getting is a prime example of a purebred golden retriever.

Be aware that the owner carefully chooses where her puppies will go. She is not after the profit, what she is after is the rightful owner who can sustain the Golden puppy needs, which makes her being selective. She is also very knowledgeable and adheres to breeding protocol. The owner also sees to it that every requirement is met first before turning over her puppy.

If you want a prime example of a purebred golden retriever, Amica should be your first choice. You are lucky if you live near Austin, but even some of the owner’s clients come to her from far-flung areas. Amica is not just on your list, this breeder should be your priority on the list. Being a respectable breeder and garnered different awards from various dog shows, you can never go wrong with this one.

Scion Golden Retrievers

Location: Austin, Texas

Contact no. 512-285-4420

Cost: Price varies; available upon request.

Another highly respectable breeder and in dog show circles in Austin is Scion Golden Retrievers. This is also a member of the Golden Retriever Club Of America and other popular golden retriever dog clubs just like Amica’s. What they have in principle is to produce a healthy and sound golden retriever that is able to compete with all AKC events. In short, they breed their golden for greatness.

It’s actually safe to say that they have all the clearances needed in the breeding programs such as heart, eye, elbow, and hip. There’s nothing to be seen on their website but it would be an excellent and much-preferred idea if you reach them through phone call or even a personal meet-up.

The owner of the Scion Golden Retrievers is very responsible and ensures that their puppy should be a prime concern. Pat, the owner, has established great relationships with her former and current clients. Because she loves and passionate about raising the Golden into its best possible condition. Most of her former clients have nothing negative against her as stated in their testimonies.

Is this worth it? Of course. Not only you will have the best breed in town, but you will also get to know detailed information about the Goldens drawing from the experience of the owner which is very invaluable, plus you are able to get along with the parent and possibly get a reunion. This and the Amica are one of the best breeders down in Austin, Texas.

Tell-tale signs that a breeder is not responsible

Now that you know some of the golden retriever champion breeders, what you should know about is how to avoid the backyard breeders. They are rampant and looming over online selling platforms. Be advised that those are irresponsible breeders and you need to avoid those for your own good.

They sell their puppies from eBay, pet stores, or Craiglist

Responsible breeders will not sell their puppies from these types of platforms. Instead, legit breeders will always have their own website that is full of information and educate you even if you are just looking through their website. They are also willing to talk to you and guide you through the entire selection process. While irresponsible breeders have up for grabs mentality without considerations.

Shows no proof of genetic testing

Genetic testing is your guarantee ticket that the breeder is eligible and certified to breed. Also, there’s should be health certificates and clearances so you will know that the breeders don’t have any history of health issues and genetic diseases. These are usually readily available upon inquiry and legit breeders are happy to give you a copy if possible.

No vet records for puppies

It’s important to have some vet records because all puppies should visit their local vet. This is to guarantee that the puppies are dewormed, vaccinated, and have no illness. Legal breeders are responsible to know this and even take puppy shots to all their puppies.

They never offer any lifetime return policies

Backyard breeders don’t have any concerns once the transaction has been made. While eligible breeders will ask buyers to return their puppies if they find the owner unsuited for providing adequate care. Responsible breeders care so much for their dogs rather than the money even if it’s a large sum.

They can’t answer your question

The simple way to detect if the breeder is responsible or doesn’t uphold any code of ethics on breeding is they failed to answer your question. Legit breeders know every information and fact about their dogs. They should know its health condition, temperament, and other sorts. This is a good way to know if the owner is really legit.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the golden retriever champion breeders, it’s time for you to try those listed dog breeders and make a call for each one. Also, Golden retrievers are one of the famous dog breeds in the world, no wonder they cost relatively high and most people are taking advantage by producing more just for profit’s sake.

With these tips and useful guides, you should know by now the clear distinction between champion breeders and backyard breeders. But be still aware of the red flags and avoid those if possible.

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