Fish Oil for Golden Retrievers — OUR TOP 6 PICKS

You read it right! Fish oil for golden retrievers. Because even dogs need fish oil just like humans. That said, your golden retriever needs various things and nutritional needs coming from many sources to remain healthy and can play with you at the apex of their condition.

Among those sources of nutritional needs are meat proteins, vitamins, and minerals, these are usually found in quality pet kibble food. But of course, this is not the only that your dog needs. In order to make your golden retriever even healthier, have him take supplemental products and one of them is fish oil.

This article will show you what’s the best fish oil for golden retrievers on the market today. Always remember that not all supplemental products have the same effectiveness rate and possess great qualities. Unfortunately, they are not. Fortunately, we have some of the best products that we think are the best for your golden retrievers.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Nordic Naturals
Fish Oil

Zesty Paws
Fish Oil
Fish Oil
Fish Oil

What is a fish oil

Basically, fish oils came from an extracted fish tissue. This usually comes from fish that are oily, such as mackerel, anchovies, tuna, and herring. With that, around 30 percent of the fish oil is consists of omega 3s while the remaining 70 percent is consists of other fats. Furthermore, fish oils are packed with vitamins and the common elements of them are vitamins A and D.

Going back to fats, bear in mind that the fats stored in fish oils are not harmful fats. Instead, they are beneficial fats or fatty acids. In fatty acids, it has two essential components, they are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Take note that these important components are only found in a handful of foods, consider it a rare thing but in demand and plays a vital role for both dogs and humans.

Flaxseed and Chia seeds are among the examples of good sources of omega 3 fatty acids. But the best sources of those omega-3 fatty acids largely come from the ocean because they are considered premium and more beneficial than their other sources.

How fish oil works on the dog’s body

The EPA and DHA are the essential parts of cell membranes in animals such as cats and dogs, and also in humans. The two components are like the “Bonnie and Clyde” act as signals for the cells to somehow alleviate inflammation. Of course, reduced inflammation means less pain, swelling, joints, or other organs.

From that point, the Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly the DHA, supports neuron development. Because this is very important, the fatty acids in fish oil affect the growth of nerve cells. This means that the dog’s (especially puppies) nervous system will be developed more than the dog who hasn’t taken any fish oil supplement. This is great for the dog’s overall health and also for optimal development throughout his lifetime.

Fish Oil for Golden Retrievers — OUR TOP 6 PICKS

OUR TOP PICK: Deley Fish Oil

Product Description: Our most loved fish oil product, the Deley Fish Oil. Because this brand has what it takes and deserve to be recognized as one of the best dog supplement on the market. Perfect for large breeds especially German Shepherds, Labradors, and also Golden Retrievers. This product is jam-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids just to make your dog happy and active all throughout his life. The ingredients are basic and they came from various fish oils such as herring, anchovies, mackerel, and sardine. That's it, no artificial flavors and other synthetic additives that can ruin your dog's life. That's why dogs love this because of the basic ingredient plus the wholesome taste when it's mixed with their kibble food. This fish oil supplement can help reduce excessive shedding and itching, lessens the pain in the joints and hips, also great as an anti-inflammatory agent, this even promotes healthy and shiny coats and also skin. Also, great exercise plus a nice fish oil supplement will result in an overall healthy and active lifestyle. It can even prolong the longevity of your dog.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Nutrients
  • Effectivity
  • Value for Money


All in all, this is the best so far, it has the premium quality that we are sure the customers will find it very satisfying. All-natural without any GMO which makes this the best product and also there’s satisfaction guaranteed of a 100 percent hassle-free refund. But overall, this liquid from fish oil is something that your dog truly needs. After all, health is wealth.


All natural
No preservative
No toxins Human grade


No bad reviews and has a well-received satisfaction rating


Pawlife Fish Oil

We all know by now that fish oil has many great benefits for our dogs and even for ourselves, but some products really emphasize some specific conditions such as the skin, coat, and allergies.

There’s one product that resembles this statement and it’s none other than pawlife fish oil. Dogs like golden retrievers needed extra hair care and this is the perfect product for them.

Designed and carefully formulated for overall skin health, this will do the job to further improve the dog’s skin and coat making it shinier and more healthy. Also, this product uses salmon as their first ingredient and also fatty acids of omega 3, 6, and 9. Each dosage is in soft chews which is easy for administering to dogs.

Pawlife also offers various supplement products to choose from depending on the nutrient deficiency of the dog. The vets and the customers have been recommending this and rated it as a great product according to Amazon. They believed that using this, their dog’s coat and skin allergies have reduced, if not completely vanished.

All in all, why would you buy this? Because it’s vet and customer recommended, plus the overall ingredient and how it’s formulated are a contributing factor on why you should definitely buy this. The price point is fair and the effective rate so far is high.

  • Great supplement for skin health Formulated with Alaskan Salmon Oil
  • None so far

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil

Moving on to our next review, the Nordic Naturals Fish Oil. This particular product has been providing their customer safe and effective essential products to health.

They have cemented their recognition because of their award-winning omega 3 fish oil. With this kind of product, people will surely put their trust in this.

If ever tried the Nordic fish oil supplement, then you already know what this fish oil can do for your dog.

That said, this product offers an excellent source of fish oils coming from wild anchovies and sardine oil. The mixture of triglyceride formula will greatly benefit the dog’s overall health such as improving the heart, immune system, joint health, to name a few.

Because your pet deserves an optimal health system, this Nordic fish oil has passed through strict quality controls and met different guidelines just to meet the requirements.

With that, its ingredients come from wild-caught fishes, gluten and dairy-free, no GMO, no fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It’s just a basic ingredient that is crafted with excellence.

What also interesting is that they practice ethical fishing and committed to zero waste facilities. Now that’s what should every company be. Not only the products are great but also its company adhering to its principle.

Overall, the products exemplify a remarkable brand. The Nordic Naturals is exceptionally good fish oil that helps boost the dog’s immune system and a great supplement for every dog’s need.

  • Made from wild-caught fish
  • No GMOs and other artificial components
  • None so far

Zesty Paws Fish Oil

One of the sources of fish oil largely coming from salmon. Because salmon has enough content of omega 3 fatty acids that are so crucial to dogs’ health, especially when there’s something wrong with them.

Zesty Paws brand is among the manufacturers who create premium quality fish oil and other dog products in order to maintain the dog’s health.

Tasty yet powerful enough to alleviate if not remove any health condition that your dog is having. No preservatives added only natural ingredients. They don’t compromise their quality because they know dogs deserve excellent products.

That’s why this is the perfect aid for the heart, immune system, hip, and joints. Guaranteed that this helps your dog to preserve its condition without any fuss.

Also, if your golden retriever is suffering from skin allergies or having ski or coat complications, just give this dog supplement along with the medications you use (if any) in order to hasten and improve the condition quickly. In addition, this comes in chewable tablet, and in this case, liquid form. That said, you can just mix this to the kibble food nicely.

All in all, another great product for you to try for your pet. This product is in liquid form so it’s easier for your pet to eat this. The brand is among the popular manufacturers who produce quality products. This is what exactly your golden retriever needs whenever he is having a nutrient deficiency.

  • It has essential omega 3 fatty acids
  • Sourced from pure salmon oil
  • Great for skin allergies
  • None so far

Omegease Fish Oil

For dogs who are suffering from joint problems or hip dysplasia, especially the golden retrievers, this product may help ease the inflammation.

This can also help fight any incoming ailments that may potentially lead to grave problems. Thanks to products like Omegease, your pet is safe and increases the chance to stave off from any diseases.

But there’s more, not only this fish oil product can support the joints, but it can also help soothe the allergic skin, reduced the level of shedding, restores a silky coat (perfect for golden retrievers).

The reason why Omegease has the capacity to deal with those ailing conditions, it’s because it’s jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, and its fish source came from quality raw fish.

Moreover, all of the ingredients are natural without any fillers or additives. Also, this is rich in DHA and EPA which is crucial for every dog’s needs. It has passed through a series of strict quality control and passed without any failure on meeting the strict guidelines.

This is best paired with premium quality kibble food in order to fully achieve its full potential. Great for dogs who are suffering from joint problems. This is definitely should be included in your list as one of the best fish for golden retrievers.

Would you dare buy it? For us, it’s a worthy product that needs to be bought. It’s because Omeagease fish oil has some finest qualities that help the dog’s overall health.

  • All natural
  • Great flavor 30 days money back if unsatisfied
  • Great for large dogs
  • None so far

Grizzly Fish Oil

Grizzly Pet Products is one of the foremost brands when it comes to the production and development of sourcing fish products for dogs which primarily came from wild fish.

This brand is true to its limited ingredient kibble food, dog treats, as well as supplements for pets. Also, because they really know what’s best for their customers, their product is always quality standard.

With their newly improved formula, there’s a significant increase in the levels of EPA, lower levels of Omega 6, and maintained levels of DHA. This specific fish oil came exclusively from Alaska which is wild-caught fish such as Wild Pollock, Salmon, and Whitefish.

Abundance in flavor and in taste, there’s no doubt that your dog will surely like the flavor. That said, it also has a high value of omega 3. Furthermore, the Grizzly fish oil is a nourishment for the dog’s entire body from cognitive development, healthy skin, heart, immune system to name a few.

All in all, by far this brand is also among the popular brand in dog products. The source of the fish oil came from high-quality wild fish.

The formula is more improved making it more effective and perfect for the dog’s optimal health. It’s best that this product has made it to our product reviews.

  • Improved formula
  • Came from
  • Alaskan wild-caught fish
  • Tasty
  • High price point

Why should I give fish oil to my golden retrievers? — We have 7 reasons!

Now you know that there is “goodness” in every fish oil, but what exactly are some beneficial gains when my dog takes it? There are plenty of benefits that fish oil can give and here are some of them.

Lowers the levels of triglyceride in the blood

The triglyceride or also known as cholesterol is also present in every dog as their health issues. This can be obtained through an unbalanced diet and some are hereditary. Either way, they pose a potential threat when the cholesterol level is increasing. One of the blood regulators is the components found in fish oil. Having a regular intake of fish oil supplements on your dog will greatly lower his cholesterol level.

That said, this is very essential for pets who are suffering from pancreatitis, heart disease, and GI tract issues (such as low bowel movement). Be sure also to check your golden retriever’s cholesterol level and take preventive measures if necessary.

Improves cognitive ability and supports neurologic development

Experts have found out that puppies who have supplemented with DHA have significantly increased their ability to retain and learn certain skills compared to the puppies who don’t receive any additional DHA. Having fish oil as their regular supplement, the puppy’s skills and retention ability have improved which is great when they undergo training.

In addition, fish oil is verily needed when it comes to old dogs, especially those who are suffering from cognitive dysfunction. With the fish oil being supplemented for them, this will help the dog improved recognition like the members of the family and other dogs. Also, there’s a great chance that the pattern-pacing behavior of dogs will be decreased.

Alleviate inflammation and eases pain

Because of the omega 3 fatty acids ingrained within the fish oil, this element help in a wide array of circumstances. These circumstances include alleviating inflammation no matter what kind of ailments — such as in kidneys, joints, heart, and any other places — supplements such as fish oil are an excellent option to reduce such inflammation.

The inflammation often causes pain which can be frustrating to your dog. The omega 3 fatty acids can also help reduce any pain too.

Can somehow slow the growth of cancer

There are looming speculations regarding fish oil’s benefits when it comes to cancer. Some have said that having fish oil as a supplement for dogs with cancer will somehow slow the growth of cancer cells. Although this claim must need more context and a lot of research from scientists must be conducted in order to prove its claim. If it’s really true, then the fish is one of the most valuable product supplements for dogs for increased longevity.

Prevents arthritis

The fish oil is known for decreasing the spreading of potent prostaglandins that triggers inflammation in the joints. Dogs with arthritis, and even cats, can be given fish oil as a supplement for more agile and better balance. Moreover, this can even aid the healing of dogs who are suffering from hip dysplasia.

Good for the skin and coat

Because shiny and glowing skin is what should the golden retriever should be. After all, golden retrievers are generally known for their distinct beautiful golden hair. When it comes to grooming and maintenance, it can be a pain for most dog owners. Before you ever get into the idea of what the ideal golden retriever should be, you will need to go through laborious work in order to get your golden retriever to look nice and the way you wanted to be.

That said, you will need the aid of fish oil. Because they are they have the qualities and beneficial components that will help your golden have a healthy and shiny skin and coat. Fish oils also help prevent any skin allergies and reduce shedding.

Slows down the risk of kidney disease

Fish oil has is capable of slowing down the progression that leads to kidney disease. That said, the fish oil can lower the blood pressure, reduce any pro-inflammatory agents that trigger the kidneys, and decrease the unwanted protein loss in urine.

Side effects of fish oil supplements

It’s definitely a nice bright side when looking for the benefits of fish oil. But there are still potential side effects when it comes to dogs that are taking the fish oil supplement. Although these are not very harmful side effects when it’s taken beyond the required dosage, it can be uncomfortable to your dog.

The anti-inflammatory effects of the fatty acids can stop clotting correctly

This can become problematic for dogs who have lacerations, or open wounds especially when they are scheduled for surgery. Those EPA and DHA in the omega 3 fatty acids can decrease the clotting correctly. That said, this can suppress or slow the production of the white blood cells that fight off infection.

Can cause stomach upset

Because not all dogs are used to fish oil or the flavor of it, chances are, when you have administered your dog to take some fish oil, he or she will experience stomach upset or vomiting. This is because the system was unable to digest the fish oil properly. However, these problems can be resolved over time and with proper care and consultation from the vet.

Fish oils give bad breath to dogs

Although not all fish oil, there will be instances that your dog’s breath will smell fishy because of the supplement they have taken. This is not a serious problem and won’t even bother your dog’s health. However, there are some products that have odorless fish oil which can be much preferred than its counterpart.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what are the best fish oils are available on the market, it’s time to try out one of these and see for yourself if it’s highly effective. Don’t forget that this is just a dog supplement, they are not really the cure per se, they are just one of the helping agents that your dog needs when there’s something wrong in their body.

Also, be mindful of the dosage you give when administering this because there are only certain dosages that are required for a day. See the label for more instructions. Overall, these are what we think the best fish oil for golden retrievers, we hope we have given you the best product that you can try, and hopefully, we can get your feedback on the product you have tried in this list.

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