Golden Retriever Ear Mites – Important Things to Remember!

Dogs, including the Golden Retriever, are susceptible in acquiring ear mites. The Golden Retriever ear mites are generally found feeding within the oils, wax, and debris of the dog’s ears. Usually, small parasites are highly responsible for this ear condition for dogs. Moreover, these parasites are distributed all over the other parts of the dog’s body which leads to the dog’s scratching behavior.

How Do Golden Retriever Ear Mites Occur?

Generally, the Otodectes cynotis, which means the canine’s ear beggar, is the parasite that makes the Golden Retriever scratch his head continuously. And this organism is commonly found over the dog’s ear canal. They basically have eight legs and are usually seen. The dog’s ear wax and oils are the food in which this parasite munches in.

Actually, the Golden Retriever ear mites do not get in contact with the skin and don’t directly bite on it. However, due to continuous scratching of the dog, secondary damage may occur which may be too serious. These small ear beggars are extremely contagious between canines but it does not have an ability to infect humans.

Yet, sometimes, humans show indications of possible Golden Retriever ear mites’ infestation such as small, red rashes. Moreover, the infestation caused by a dog’s ear mites may also be transmitted to other animals like rabbits, cats, and ferrets. Basically, the standard Golden Retriever ear mites’ infestation may last for around three weeks.

Symptoms of Golden Retriever Ear Mites’ Infestations

Golden Retriever ear mites’ infestation generally varies based on its severity. Perhaps, the symptoms get worse if the Golden Retriever scratches and shakes its head continuously. So, in order to prevent the possible occurrence of new wounds and potential infections, seek for vet’s professional advice if you find any signs. Below are some of the remarkable indications of the infestation of Golden Retriever ear mites.


Basically, this is the primary indication of the presence of small parasites on the Golden Retriever. The dog tends to scratch the head or shake it and rub the ears.

golden retriever ear mites


The discharge caused by the ear beggars on dogs appears like coffee grounds which is dark, reddish-brown in color. This is because of the obstruction of the dog’s ear making the blood blocked and dried.

Ear infection

Because of continuous scratching, development of cuts and ear infection will eventually occur. Basically, the cut that may lead to infection is the most common indication of this small parasite’s infestation.

Treatment for Ear Mites in the Goldies

Now that we already have an idea of how do ear mites occur within the Goldies and the possible indications of this kind of parasite infestations in dogs, it is time to treat this Goldie’s condition. Check the following step-by-step guide on treating the infestation caused by the Otodectes cynotis.

Step 1: Combine white vinegar and water

Initially, combine white vinegar and water of the same amount. Just make sure that the water is in warm temperature. Eventually, dip a cotton ball within the solution and wipe it to the ears of the Golden Retriever. Repeat wiping until the discharge and dirt are completely gone. Moreover, dry the inner portion of the dog’s ears by using a dry cloth.

Step 2: Put mineral oil

After cleaning and drying the Golden Retriever’s ears, put about five drops of mineral oil on the dog’s ear canals.

Step 3: Gently massage the dog’s ear

In order to make the mineral oil take its effect, gently massage the ears of the Golden Retriever. Basically, leave the oil within the dog’s ears for around a couple of hours.

Step 4: Remove the excess oil

Finally, take away the excess oil on the dog’s ear by wiping the outer portion using dry cotton. Generally, for a period of three weeks, continue the cleaning and treatment of the parasite infestation. Do this on a twice a week schedule.

Final Thoughts

The Golden Retriever ear mites may be generally found feeding over the dog’s wax and oils within its ears. Aside from dogs, the small parasite may also infect other domestic animals such as cats, ferrets, and rabbits. Luckily, because of its inability to stay on the human’s skin, it doesn’t infest human. Moreover, the symptoms of the parasite’s infestation in dogs are highly noticeable and there are also ways to treat it. This way, you may prevent the continuous scratching of the Goldies.

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