Golden Retriever Grooming Cost
Golden Retriever Grooming Cost

Golden Retriever Grooming Cost

When you take your Golden retriever for professional grooming, you will find plenty of packages available. It will include different services. Services range from haircuts to ear cleaning. Everything your Golden retriever requires are offered. When you choose a full groom package, complicated procedures such as animal gland expression are offered. In this process, the groomers will clean your dog’s anal area to get rid of foul and smelly fluid. All these will affect the Golden retriever grooming cost.

Treatments That Have Extra Costs – Golden Retriever Grooming Cost

golden retriever grooming cost

Several salons offer specialized treatments that do not include the full grooming package. The following are some special treatments:

Fruit facials

some salons offer fruit facials such as blueberry facials. This service helps remove stains and gets rid of dead skin cells from the body of your Golden. Your dog’s face will be cleaned and groomed with formulations that are better than commercial shampoos. Facials are especially beneficial for breeds notable for their facial folds.

Matted coat

If you find your dog’s coat getting tangled and matted, it is crucial to get them serviced by professional groomers. De-matting requires a delicate procedure and should only be undertaken by professionals. In the process of de-matting the groomer will remove tough tangles from your dog’s coat. Professionals should only do this procedure since a wrong move as well as poor tools will only damage your dog’s coat.

Nail treatments

You might think that nail polish on a dog looks silly, but you might have a change of mind when you see the results. It looks really good. Some groomers will put nail polish on the nails of your dog to make them look glamorous.

Other special treatments will include flea and tick treatments as well as de shading.

What Factors Affect the Cost? – Golden Retriever Grooming Cost

Some factors can add to your bill, such as the following:


Overall, Golden’s are not aggressive, but if your dog exhibits threatening behavior, then groomers will charge extra. The reason is they will require more effort in managing sensitive dogs. Groomers will also need to apply safety precautions while handling your dog.


It follows that the size of your dog will affect the price of the grooming services. If your dog’s size is large, especially Goldens so it will take longer hours for the groomer to finish the job. On the other hand, if you have a small breed or a puppy, they will charge you less.


If you’re super busy and have no time to take your pet to the groomer salon, have no worries. Several dog grooming services offer pick and drop services. Of course, you will need to pay extra for this.

You will find some salons offering grooming services on wheels. They will have a mobile van fitted with grooming equipment. They will come to your home and provide grooming services for your dog.

You will be able to get any service done from haircuts to bath to brushing without having to step inside a salon.

Qualities to look for in a good pet groomer/ salon

Keep in mind that certifications and qualifications doesn’t guarantee a good groomer. Pet groomers can only be judged by their expertise and experience in their job.

But when it comes to the salon itself, there are some things you should look for. The first thing is cleanliness. Try to peek into the grooming area and see if it is clean. You should also look into how groomers behave and handle the dogs.

Of course, you always have the option of grooming and brushing your dog yourself. The task is made easier if you utilize specially designed hand gloves.

How important is grooming?

It is crucial to have a bathing schedule for your dog. No one knows your dog better than you. However, if you have a jampacked schedule and have no free time to bathe your dog, you can always hire a professional to do it.

Aside from this, groomers guarantee that they will clean every part of your dog that you might overlook. If your dog has wounds and allergies, the groomers will apply special medications to mitigate further infection. Good grooming keeps your pet in optimum health.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Dogs with extremely long coats prone to matting should be groomed every six weeks. There are long-haired breeds that require less maintenance, such as collies. They can go for eight weeks without being groomed. Shorthaired breeds require only a nail trim and can go without a hair trim for as long as three months. If you have any doubts, consult with your groomer or vet to recommend a schedule based on the needs of your dog.

Can My Nervous/ Aggressive Dog Still Be Groomed?

If your dog gets easily frightened or prone to exhibit aggressive behavior, you may want to consult with the groomer first prior to an appointment. A majority of dog groomers can work with dogs of all temperaments. But when it comes to extremely aggressive dogs, they may have to refuse due to safety reasons. In several cases, sedating is an option for an overly aggressive dog. But this procedure may not always be possible. Talk to your vet before deciding on this option.

If you are worried about an overly anxious dog, you may want to opt for dog grooming on wheels. Mobile grooming services allows the groomer to perform their services in your home. This is a costlier option, but it may be worth it if your dog panics when separated from you.

Grooming Fees – Golden Retriever Grooming Cost

Dog grooming costs are variable depending on the services in the package. The size of your dog is also a consideration. Overall, you should pay anywhere from $30-$90 for standard services. You might want to check out deals on grooming salons in your area to save some dollars.

What about tips?

Tipping is a subject of debate. Generally, dog owners should tip groomers 15 to 20%. Of course, if you are happy with the results of the services, you can tip more. It is especially true if you have a difficult dog. In some cases, your dog might even nip or pee on the groomer. Keep in mind that your groomer is exposed to risk when handling your dog. Show your appreciation by giving a nice tip.

Final thoughts

golden retriever grooming cost

You might think that dogs do not require all the fuss. In the end, your pet might need a regular bath and brushing. You don’t have to use any complicated equipment. Grooming your dog yourself is perfectly fair. It is doable, especially if you have time for it.

But a professional groomer frees up your time. They are helpful, especially if you have a busy schedule. It only makes sense to hire someone else to provide grooming services for your pet. You are paying for your comfort and ease. Having to deal with an energetic dog can be a huge task. Imagine if you are laying them down on a bathtub with water and shampoo.

Professional groomers can also handle tricky grooming tasks such as nail trimming and ear cleaning. Groomers keep your pet healthy. They know signs of skin injuries and irritation. They will immediately mitigate this with antiseptic to prevent further infection. Groomers help with other health issues such as cleaning the ears and getting rid of parasites. They also check for gum disease and remedy it. You’re paying for expertise, and they provide invaluable service and results.


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