Golden Retriever Haircuts Styles – 4 Methods to Try!

Giving your Golden Retriever a good and nice haircut may be a real challenge. Why? Well, the Golden Retrievers have a lustrous and adorable coat. Their golden and gorgeous fur makes them really stand out from the crowd. However, that requires grooming and cutting for some time to maintain its beauty. So, to help you deal with the challenge of cutting your Goldies hair, here are 4 different Golden Retriever haircuts styles that you may have to consider.

Moreover, we will also share the basic routine in grooming your Goldies so that you can perfectly achieve a nice-looking haircut style. Check here and let your Goldies jump to a fashionista level.

Golden Retriever Haircuts Styles: the Basic Grooming Routine

Basically, before you end up having the different Golden Retriever haircuts styles, you need to begin with the proper grooming routine of your pooch. The good news is that grooming a Golden Retriever puppy is also the same as grooming an older Goldies. That’s why it is highly essential to set this routine to your pooch as early as their puppyhood stage. This is for the purpose of getting your pups familiar with the process.

Procedural Guide in Grooming the Golden Retriever:

Below is the basic guide on proper grooming of your Goldies. Check it out and be guided accordingly:


In every grooming routine, bathing is primarily the foremost step to take. Well, the severity of bathing your Golden Retriever and how long it should be done should depend on their activity and dirt. But, always keep in mind that too frequent dog bathing may generally have an impact on their coat and may result in other doggy’s skin conditions.

Here is the basic step that you need to allow your Goldies to experience a comfortable bath:

  • Wet your Golden Retriever’s coat entirely until the water gets deep into its skin.
  • Gently apply a dog-approved shampoo over his coat in a circular pattern. Make sure that the application should be done in a similar direction to the dog’s hair growth.
  • Leave the shampoo on your dog’s coat for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly and make sure that you did it well. Do not leave any soap on the dog’s coat because it may skin irritation.

So, after bathing, the Goldies coat should be dried. Do the drying of their coat using a hairdryer and make sure that their entire coat is totally dry. However, there are some pet owners who want to dry their Golden Retriever in a natural way. In order to do it the right way, it is highly advisable to dry your pooch right away after bathing.

  • Remove the water from your dog’s coat by using a dry towel. Expect to prepare at least more than one towel available on hand since the Goldies may have lots of hair.
  • Afterward, get a blow dryer. In order to make your Goldies familiar with it, consider using the blow dryer first prior to directly using it over your pooch.
  • Position the blow dryer into your Golden Retriever’s body and move it from one spot to another. Just ensure that you will set the heat setting as well as the blowing speed to a minimum. Moreover, do not let the blow dryer in a steady state because it may irritate the skin of the Goldies.
golden retriever haircuts styles

In order to let your Golden Retriever experience a soothing and enjoyable coat brushing, ensure that the coat is free from any mats and tangles. Actually, cutting your Goldies coat is not really needed until he gets older. Yet, regular brushing is required to make him ready for the next stage of grooming which is hair cutting.

Generally, brushing routine includes the following steps:

  • Daily – Get a slicker brush and use it over your dog’s coat. This will generally help in removing tangles and also helps in maintaining their coat in a smooth texture. Aside from that, the slicker brush is also beneficial in preventing mats.
  • Weekly – In this brushing schedule of your Golden Retriever, a de-shedding rake is highly advantageous in the removal of dead hair coming from the dog’s undercoat. Tangles and mats will be prevented when using this kind of dog brush.

Another essential part of the dog’s grooming routine is clipping out their nails. Generally, well-trimmed nails of the Goldies aids in the prevention of any concerns that may occur over the dog’s toes or leg joints. Yet, the frequency of cutting the nails of the Golden Retriever highly depends on each dog.

The cue here is when you already hear the clicking of their nails on your floor, and then it is already time to trim them down. Moreover, a Golden Retriever that loves to spend most of its time on the carpet, requires more frequent nail trimming.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the proper way of trimming the nails:

  • Basically, hold your Golden Retriever properly and carefully. It is recommendable to keep them in a calm state while you are trimming their nails.
  • Begin trimming the nails on the hind legs and move on the front legs afterward.
  • On one paw, gently place a small portion of their nails in the clippers.
  • Start trimming from the bottom part of the dog’s nails. As much as possible, do this really quickly.
  • Cut on a 90-degree angle which tends to be the easier way of trimming the Golden Retriever’s nails. This will also prevent hitting the dog.
  • Check if all of the Goldies’ nails, including the dewclaw, have already been removed.

Basically, maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the dog depends highly on cutting their hair through the different Golden Retriever haircuts styles. This grooming process is advantageous in preventing any tangles from the dog’s coat.

Actually, the grooming process of the dog also entails various strategies to start the process. There are some pet owners who tend to bathe the Goldies prior to cutting their hair or vice versa. Yet, regardless of which from bathing and trimming should come first, below is the required step of doing so.

  • First, start by making the Golden Retriever’s paws clean and free from any mud clods.
  • Eventually, look on their tails and check for the presence of any mats and tangles. If so, remove the tangles by brushing on their tail.
  • Moreover, trim down the hair over the dog’s ears as it prevents tangles. Generally, behind the ears of the dog is the most commonplace on your Goldies body in which tangles may occur often.
  • Lastly, trim the Goldies’ hair around their shoulder area. Doing so is the best way to make them look clean and neat.

Generally, it is always good to trim down the hair of your Golden Retriever. However, keep in mind that shaving him is a big NO! Only do the latter when directed for any medical purposes.

Different Golden Retriever Haircuts Styles

Now that you already have an idea of how to groom and trim down the hair of your Goldies, it is time to shape them up. Luckily, even dogs may enjoy various dogs’ haircuts styles. So, if you are excited to make your Goldies the next doggy fashionista, check these various Golden Retriever haircuts styles.

The Simple Doggy Haircut

Actually, this is the commonly employed Golden Retriever haircuts fashion that you would encounter along the way. Scissors and trimmers shears through clippers are highly needed here. Generally, the concept of this hairstyle cuts for Golden Retriever lies behind the cleanliness of the dog’s coat. Aside from that, this Goldie’s haircut guarantees that there will no damage that may occur during the process of hair trimming.

The outcome of this haircut method aims to achieve a rounded cat-like appearance of your Goldies in contrast to the skinny look.

  1. Trim the Goldies hair within their hock area in order to align it on the dog’s rear bottom.
  2. Moving forward to the front part of the dog basically requires a trimming shear within the neck and ear.  This will generally result in a more natural dog appearance and have complete balance and symmetry.
  3. The tail is usually tapered to the tip. This only means that it requires holding it up.
  4. Aside from that, consider using thinners while trimming the tail of the Goldies. With that, a nice natural doggy haircut will be highly maintained.

The Show Cut

The show cut actually resembles the simple cut style. But, this is not really about cutting the dog’s hair too much. In fact, this haircut style of the Goldies aims to flaunt their lustrous, beautiful coat. What you’ll need is a little feathering along the edges to have a neat and clean appeal. Moreover, the ears, paws, and other doggy body areas must be properly trimmed.

The Teddy Golden Cut

A teddy haircuts style of the Golden Retriever usually involves keeping their coat away. Actually, this dog haircuts style is not highly recommended. But, if you really insist, here is a guide to achieving that Golden Retriever’s haircut:

  1. Detangle knots and ties within the coat of your Golden Retriever. Generally, use a slicker brush for this. Doing this is also a helpful way on removing dead hair.
  2. Moreover, clip the nails of your Goldies and also consider piling it down until smooth enough. Use a #30 blade in clipping their feet pads.
  3. Clip the whole dog’s body through the use of a snap-on-comb having a size “O”. However, remember not to touch the back of the front legs and rear legs. These will be trimmed through the use of scissors later on.
  4. Eventually, even out the areas within the Golden Retriever’s body using a stripping grooming knife.
  5. Now, on the tail, use curved shears and takes the Goldies hair down through small snips. Keep in mind that the tail of the dog is sufficiently long in order to meet the hock. Or it can also exceed the hock, whatever your preference is will actually do.
  6. For the rear legs, get a set of scissors and snip the Golden Retriever’s hair to maintain a natural look.
  7. Make a half-moon shape haircut style on the hock area.
  8. With the use of combo shears for curving and thinning, cut the hair with nice tight cat feet.
  9. Cutting the hair on the front feet also requires the same process. So, it is recommendable to repeat the process of cutting the hair on the front legs.
  10. Use a thinning shear in cutting the hairs on the front legs, ears, and ear leathers.

The Summer Golden Cut

Usually, the summer haircuts styles for the Golden Retriever require the use of clippers making its finishing a good one. This is generally the style of the ideal haircut for Golden Retriever if you like to keep away their lengthy hair to beat the summer heat. With a pair of clippers and a grooming table, you can basically employ the following steps:

  1. Generally, begin by cutting the hair on the dog’s back.
  2. Use clippers to totally shave the area on your pooch back all throughout the legs.
  3. Afterward, move over the neck and the legs.
  4. Again, with the help of the clippers, cut the dog’s hair around the hock area and beneath the chest and stomach.
  5. Go into the ears of the Goldies and snip any loose hair through the use of trimming scissors.
  6. Finish styling the hair of the Golden Retriever by trimming the area on the tail. Make sure to use curved shears and taper their tail to the tip.

Helpful Tips to Have a Glooming Goldies

golden retriever haircuts styles

Generally, the dog’s fur is the main accountable to make the Golden Retriever looks adorable. But, because of their double coat, the Goldies are considered big shredders. That basically means that their fur highly needs serious attention.

  • Brushing is the best way to control the shedding of the Golden Retriever. It is highly advisable to use a bristle brush and undercoat rake in dealing with this doggy issue.
  • In case the Goldies start to get stinky, do not hesitate to give them a bath. Don’t forget to use a dog-formulated shampoo of high quality. Remember that the shampoo should not be that harsh to the dog’s hair.
  • Again, never shave the coat of the Golden Retriever. Basically, they need their double coat for a variety of reasons, regardless of the weather.
  • Generally, the Golden Retriever is prone to have ear infections. That’s why it is very crucial to check and clean their ears on a regular basis. There are also some pet owners who consider using an ear cleaning solution. This will help in washing the dog’s ear weekly to avoid further infections.
  • As much as possible, keep the hair on their feet and pads area always trimmed up. Doing so may highly prevent the development of slippers.

Final Words

Well, part of grooming the Golden Retriever involves the cutting of their hair through the various Golden Retriever haircuts styles. Regardless of the style you choose, your Golden Retriever will definitely look fluffy, adorable, and cuddly. And, generally, you will be very happy and satisfied once you pick up the style of the right haircut that may fit your budget and time.

However, in cutting the hair of your Golden Retriever, don’t forget to be very keen on the cues that your dog is showing you. Some of these cues may lead them to get stressed out. With this, it is ideal to try another haircut style for them.

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