do golden retrievers have a favorite person

Golden Retriever Having a Favorite Person: Sociable and Friendly Breed

Do you want to know why golden retrievers have a favorite person? A wonderful dog to have in your family is a golden retriever. They get along with all the family members since they are dependable, loving, and intelligent. The amiable temperament and gentle demeanor of these dogs appeal to many households. But, you may be curious whether this dog breed would grow closer to certain individuals than others or whether the Golden Retriever has a particular preference.

Golden retrievers could often have a special someone in their lives if they spend most of their time with one individual. While the Golden Retriever might have a favorite person, they are generally a gregarious breed and like showing affection to everyone. Let’s examine this dog breed’s social characteristics in greater detail and see how well they get along with each family member.

The Golden Retriever will often get along well with everyone in the house. They are a friendly breed of dog with plenty of affection and loyalty to give. Even a little interaction throughout the day may help this dog develop a link with you and develop the desire always to be your closest buddy.

Reasons why Golden Retrievers Have a Favorite Person

do golden retrievers have a favorite person

Like most other dog breeds, golden retrievers are renowned for their devotion to their human friends. They often express a fondness for one specific individual. This may be the case for several reasons:


Dogs often form stronger relationships with the person who gives them the most time, care, and attention. The Golden Retriever is likely to form a closer attachment with one family member if that person is spending more time with the dog.


The Golden Retriever may see someone as the leader & authority figure if just one person is largely in charge of teaching the pet. The dog may thus become more devoted and affectionate to that individual.


Like people, dogs have distinct personalities of their own. Although some Golden Retrievers could be more attracted to peaceful, quiet humans, others might choose vivacious individuals.

In general, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs are people with unique interests and personalities. Although some Golden Retrievers may clearly prefer one person in their family, others may exhibit equal devotion for several family members.

How Golden Retriever Picks a Favorite Person

do golden retrievers have a favorite person

The person who pays them the most attention will be the one a Golden Retriever chooses as their favorite. They will choose as their favorite person the one who trains them, engages in play and affection with them, and goes on walks or other outside activities with them. The one who the Golden Retriever prefers to spend its most time with and will go above and beyond to fulfill their demands will be that person if there is one in the household.

The good news is that the Golden Retriever likes to get along with people of all backgrounds and is a loyal dog. They often get along with everyone in the family and are less prone than other dog breeds to favor someone else. Give this dog extra love and care if someone wishes to win their affection, and they’ll be immediately accepted. The Golden Retriever enjoys showing everyone affection.

Characteristics of a Golden Retriever

All people get along with Golden Retrievers because of their equal temperament. Despite their tendency to be larger, they make wonderful pets for families or those with dogs. They are so amiable that they may even show love to strangers. They are the perfect option for service dogs since they are eager to please and like working. Common characteristics of Golden Retrievers include:

Set back

These laid-back, gentle giants are devoted to their masters but are often just as amiable with strangers.


Goldens are quiet, yet they also like playing. They will indeed be thrilled to play and run about. Please be cautious with young children since Goldens can misjudge their size.

Very Amiable

You won’t ever have to fret about having guests around since, despite their size, Goldens are exceptionally friendly with kids.


Goldens enjoy exploring, yet they are content to remain indoors with you. They like the water and make a great jogging or trekking companions.


Goldens are incredibly intelligent and simple to teach. They benefit from mental and physical activities equally well. Kids like toys and games.


Only acquire a Golden Retriever if you want a dog that will be independent and stay off your lap. They’ll follow you around the home since they want your attention.

Good Dogs

Goldens make decent watchdogs since they are skilled at keeping an eye on things in the home and neighborhood, and they will bark if anything unexpected happens. A Golden isn’t the dog for you if you’re hoping for one to defend you and become hostile during a break-in aggressively. More often than not, they’ll wag their tails and approach for belly rubs.

Love Food

Big eaters and goldens will work hard for a reward. But be mindful to avoid overfeeding due to the breed’s propensity towards fat.

How to Become Golden Retriever’s Favorite Person

do golden retrievers have a favorite person

The good news is that building a deep attachment with your Golden Retriever will be simple if you’ve owned him since he was a puppy. This advice can help you form a love bond with your Golden, even if it is more mature:

Start by collaborating on their socialization and training – Your puppy will adore the attention and goodies they get during training and will start to link you with fun. Similarly, socializing is important since they like playing with other people and pups.

Claim your position as the food keeper – Your puppy will learn to look to you for the nice things if you make it plain to them that you are in charge of the treats and meals. They’ll look up to you as the alpha dog and be eager when you call them in for meals.

Every day, have fun with them – Your Golden will discover that you are the fun buddy by spending time with you in the backyard playing tug of war, practicing agility, or just playing fetch, and they will come to you frequently for attention.

Be present – Goldens want to be the center of attention, so it’s likely that if your spouse, parent, or sibling is at home all day, they will develop a close attachment to your dog. Due to their dislike of being left alone for extended periods, goldens usually gravitate towards the person they are most likely to interact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are golden retrievers most interested in?

Golden retrievers like playing and running outdoors. They often dive into the water because they like it! Moreover, Golden Retrievers like using their tongues to pull on objects, including toys and sticks. Indeed, Golden Retrievers are quite versatile.

Do golden retrievers enjoy having their owners in bed with them?

When you make them feel secure, and at ease, they like sleeping with you. Dogs and their owners form an emotional bond when sleeping together. Dogs have the same love and appreciation for you as you have for them.

Do golden retrievers understand your love for them?

Sure, your dog is aware of your affection for him. Humans and dogs have a unique affinity since they have snatched up the human oxytocin connection route that is usually only used for our infants. Your oxytocin levels increase when you gaze at your dog, like when you touch and play with them.

Are golden retrievers jealous animals?

Dogs are amazing, devoted animals. Of course, this might not mean they don’t sometimes feel envious, particularly if their partner is displaying love for someone else. Dogs are jokingly said to be a person’s best friend.

Final Thoughts

Golden retrievers are devoted to their families, extended families, and strangers they encounter on the street. They are gentle and affectionate attention seekers. They want to share their affection with everyone, so they don’t usually lean too heavily toward any one individual. But, given their love of food and desire for attention, you can find your Golden Retriever following a specific person if they often get gifts and belly rubs from that person. Do you want to know are golden retrievers good running dogs? Click Here!

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