Golden Retriever Jumping up and Biting

Golden retrievers are renowned because of their friendly personality. However, their eagerness to please their human owners may come in the form of jumping on them. It is not a pleasant experience. You should also factor in that food is the reason your Golden retriever wants to jump on you. In all cases, a Golden retriever jumping up and biting is not something an owner wants. Fortunately, this behavior is easy to train out of them. It would help if you investigated why your dog does it in the first place. The following article teaches your Golden retriever to behave properly and stop jumping on people.

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Jumping up and Biting?

golden retriever jumping up and biting

It should be noted that dogs are opportunistic. If there is a way to get what they want, they will follow those routes. One example is the Golden retriever learning to get your attention by approaching and playfully jumping on you. This behavior starts in the puppy stage. You may find that your little fluff ball reaches for you with his front paws, and you find it irresistible and start petting them. You have just taught your puppy that they will get what they want whenever they put there are two front paws in your lap. They will continue with this behavior in the future.

If you find that your Golden retriever is only jumping on people to get attention, it is easy to mitigate this behavior. Make sure that your Golden is not rewarded for this behavior. Give him another activity to do instead that comes with a reward.

Getting Started With Training

Before you train them, you will need to prepare a few items. You might require a muzzle until the training proves to be successful. You will also need chew toys and treats on hand. Another option is to break his food into tiny pieces. Put aside 10 minutes a day for training. Make sure that the timing is peaceful and there are no distractions in the house. You may also want to purchase a deterrence collar as well as a water spray bottle. Once you have everything ready, have patience, and be optimistic. You can begin training.

Step one

Each time your Golden retriever jumps on you or other people, it is crucial that this behavior be ignored completely. The best move is to walk away. If you react in any way, such as shouting no and pushing them away, it still reinforces the behavior since negative attention is still attention. The trick for this training to work is that every person they jump on should ignore them completely 100% of the time. If one person says that they don’t mind and reward your dog, it will keep reinforcing the behavior. Make sure you lay down rules.

Step two

Many dog owners will instruct their Golden to sit. In this case, your Golden cannot sit and jump on you at the same time. There are two methods you can follow. Please wait for your dog to calm down and instruct them to sit. You may also give them the cue to sit. Reward them immediately when they respond. The reward you give should be anything your Golden was trying to get by jumping on you in the first place, such as a toy treats or a petting. From this moment on, your Golden retriever will only get what they want if they sit.

In the case your Golden has hip disease problems, your option is to call them down and instruct them to four of the floor. It would help if you waited until your Golden is standing calmly. At this point, reward them. You need to train them consistently and be patient. In the end, it works because dogs repeat behaviors when they are rewarded. For teenage Goldens full of energy and extremely excited, you may opt for a down command. It will be harder for them to transition to a standing position in spring up from a down position.

Step three

This caps the training steps. It is what you need to apply while your Golden retriever is being trained to sit for rewards. Keep in mind that this won’t happen in a short period. You might find that you are dealing with an extremely strong Golden, so make sure to have a leash handy. It is a handy tool, especially when you encounter people that encourage jumping behavior. There might also be extremely exciting situations, causing your Golden to forget his manners. In these cases, you need to control their behavior. If your Golden is on a leash, you can simply walk away with him. You can also step on the leash to stop them from jumping. You can lead him to a room so they can calm down. Once they are calm and settled, you can bring him out.

Bite Manners – Golden Retriever Jumping up and Biting

You might find that your Golden is biting playfully at you. It may seem harmless in the puppy stage, but it can be a little intimidating as adults. Start training by offering them chew toys when you want to pet them or play with them. It will keep them from targeting your fingers, feet, and toes. If you have children in your household, teach them this method as well. When you approach your pet, stroke them or scratch them, and make sure you have a chew toy on your other hand. With this technique, they will resort to chewing the more satisfying object you are offering.

Make sure to switch the hand where you carry the toy occasionally. In this way, they won’t predict which hand holds the toy and suddenly jump on it. The point of the training is to instruct your puppy that petting and people are harmless and good, and so are chewy toys. Start slow and keep training time short.

Some Don’ts

  • If you shove your puppy when they playfully bite at you, it promotes fear and defensive habits. It can show in different ways:
  • Your dog might become fearful of hands near their mouth and head.
  • They might become completely fearful of you and run and hide when you are present.
  • Your dog might become extremely aggressive and bite to stop you from hurting them again.
  • It might just excite them and make them more excited and nippier. They might get the impression that a show or smack is just playing.

Protecting Your Children From a Golden Retriever Jumping up and Biting

If you have children, they might not be able to enforce the training and behavior required to discipline your puppy. The majority of children will push the puppy or run away from them when they are bitten. The puppy will get the impression that this is just playing, and will continue the behavior. When it comes to your children, make sure they are always supervised when playing with any dog.

Final thoughts

golden retriever jumping up and biting


A Golden retriever jumping up and biting is never positive, although some people will be amused. Your Golden retriever exhibits this behavior because they are excited. It is a way of showing their affection. Make sure you are firm and consistent when you train out this behavior. Golden retrievers are intelligent and highly trainable, so they will soon adopt good manners and proper behavior with you.


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