Golden Retriever Service Dog Breeder – The Golden List!

Aside from being popular, the Golden Retrievers are gentle, intelligent, loyal, and highly trainable dog breed. They can able to perform specific tasks assigned to them smoothly. Generally, Golden Retrievers have the ability to assist people to perform out specific tasks making them good service dogs. Yet, you need to find a reputable Golden Retriever service dog breeder to ensure that you are getting a well-trained one.

In case you want to find a dog breeder, you’re on the right track and we will have you covered. In this blog post, we will give you a list of service dog breeders that you may consider. Their contact details and other necessary information are also listed here for you to be able to reach them. If ever you still want to go on your search and look for other Golden Retriever breeders, we also have here a guide on how you can able to find a reputable one.

But, before we jump into that, let us first have a glance at how Goldens make themselves qualify as good service dogs.

Golden Retrievers – How they make a Good Service Dog?

We may often see those dogs wearing uniforms with words showing “service dogs”. But, what is a service dog? Based on ADA or American with Disabilities Act, service dogs are animals that are trained individually to work on tasks and assist persons with disabilities. In general, dogs are the only animal species that are recognized to be service animals. Moreover, ADA said that service dogs are actually working dogs and not be petted at home.

There are dog breeds that are qualified as service dogs and one of them is the Golden Retrievers. It is not surprising that the Goldens may be regarded as good service dogs since they used to be excellent companion dogs. The characteristics of the Golden Retrievers that qualify them as service dogs are:

  • Strong body and stamina that offer physical support to a person with a disability
  • Ability to pick up and carry objects that are generally heavy
  • Active dog breed
  • Highly affectionate and loyal
  • Intelligent, easily trainable, and obedient

All in all, the above qualities of the Golden Retrievers may result in great service dogs or assistant dogs.

Is your Goldens qualified?

Although your dog is a Golden Retriever, it may not automatically qualify him to be a service dog right away. And, telling you, being a service dog is a difficult one and not all of them can become service dogs. Keep in mind that service dogs require a specific set of qualities and capabilities making them reliable in their work.

Take a quick look over the characteristics of a service dog:

  • Calm yet friendly
  • Assertive but not reactive
  • Can be touched by anyone even the strangers
  • Able to be pleased
  • Can follow the owner in any place most of the time
  • Have the ability to socialize in various situations and surroundings
  • Can learn fast and able to retain information for a long period

If you think that your Golden Retriever has those qualities and is qualified for this working dog task, you can sign him up. However, if you do not have a Goldens yet and you want to have a service dog coming from that breed, you may do so by purchasing a Golden Retriever.

Yet, you need to be very keen as there are lots of backyard breeders claiming this and that and may tell you that they have the best dogs in town. That’s why you need to get your Goldens from a reputable service dog breeder.

List of Golden Retriever Service Dog Breeder

If you are looking for a service dog that is well-trained and equipped with lots of skills, just look for the following reputable Golden Retriever service dog breeder:

Golden Meadows

Golden Retriever service dog breeder
Image courtesy of Golden Meadows

If you want to bring home a responsible and the most reputable Golden Retriever, don’t look out for others but go straight ahead at Golden Meadows. Within Central Ventura County in California, you can find the Golden Meadows practicing their well-established and highly excellent Golden Retriever breeding program. You could never go wrong in choosing the Golden Meadows because all of the dogs coming here have great bloodlines of champions, adorable temperaments, and astounding appeal.

For almost 25 years, the Golden Meadows has been creating excellent quality puppies of Golden Retriever. At seven weeks of age, this Golden Retriever breeder started their hybrid of programs in training the puppies. Because of that, it is not surprising that most of their Golden Retrievers products are top-of-the-line working therapy and service dogs, even outstanding family dogs.

Why do you need to choose Golden Meadows as your Golden Retriever service dog breeder? Well, they had been awarded and recognized as a well-trusted breeder of Golden Retrievers. They generally received the Breeder of Merit awarded by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Aside from that, they are also a member of different Golden Retrievers organizations in the US and even in Sweden.

So, if all of these satisfy you, then you may visit them at their Golden Meadows website or reach them at the following contact details below:

Location: 12085 Clinton St., Moorpark, CA 93021

Phone Number: 805-532-2215

Email Address:

Snitker Goldens

Another name in the canine industry that is well-known for producing well-rounded Golden Retrievers is the Snitker Goldens. This is a family-owned Golden Retriever service dog breeder as they work on their breeding program with excellence and integrity. Because of that, they can generally give you a Golden Retriever with a task of a service dog, companion dog, and therapy dog.

Generally, their main goal concentrates on breeding selections, handling, and training of puppies, as well as enrichment programs. Puppy imprinting and raising are, for them, the most important aspect of growing up Goldens. This is suitable for Golden Retriever puppies aging 0-8 weeks old in order for them to establish a solid foundation for families.

Golden Retriever service dog breeder
Image courtesy of Snitker Goldens

Historically, Snitker Goldens has been doing this breeding program for almost two decades now. Having the priority to raise healthy Goldens with good temperaments, Snitker Goldens highly desires to breed Golden Retrievers equipped not only with service for others. They also aim to provide each Goldens with the opportunity to attain their individual potential to serve others.

Why do you need to purchase your service dog Golden Retriever at Snitker Goldens? Basically, this Golden Retriever breeder is tested and approved in creating a solid foundation with the pups. Proving that they are true to the breeding standard they are then developing champion pedigrees.

In case you already want to meet your Golden Retriever coming from the Snitker Goldens, don’t forget to visit the Snitker Goldens website. Moreover, here are their contact details:

Location: Waukon, Iowa 52172

Email Address:

Hope Service Dogs, Inc.

The breed is the most important matter for Hope Service Dogs, Inc. So, if you are looking for a service dog, therapy dog, or companion dog, just look for this Golden Retriever service dog breeder. More than anything, the health, temperament, and trainability of the Goldens are the most important for them.

Generally, for Hope Service Dogs, Inc., looking for the Golden Retriever breeder is not just only that. Finding for the one that already has experience of training service dogs for over 17 years is the one that matters the most. This is all Hope Service Dogs, Inc. can do for you. Additionally, this Golden Retriever service dog breeder knows exactly how to find your perfect Goldens match and successfully allows you to have a lifetime buddy.

Moreover, Hope Service Dogs, Inc. also knows the proper way of increasing the success of desperately having a service dog. Aside from that, this dog breeder can provide you with a well-raised puppy to be the very best version of the Goldens from birth up to their proper age. This all can happen due to the certified breeding program that they have that generally varies on the following:

  • Breeding habits
  • Both physical and mental health of the dogs and puppies
  • Breeding environment
  • Policies and education of the buyer
Golden Retriever service dog breeder

If you think that Hope Service Dogs, Inc. has all the excellent Golden Retrievers in town, just check on Hope Service Dog’s website to learn more about them. Moreover, you can also reach them out through their contact details below:

Location: 1990 S US 301 Sumtervile, FL 33585

Email Address:

Why do You Need to Choose a Reputable Golden Retriever Service Dog Breeder?

If you want to have a well-trained Golden Retriever, especially a tasked one like a service dog, you need to get him from a reputable dog breeder. There is a long list of dog breeders that may offer you an excellent and trained Goldens. Yet, you are not sure if they can really give you a good one. Getting assured that the puppy you will be bringing home is worth buying, purchasing from a reputable dog breeder is really important.

Here are the other reasons in choosing a reputable Golden Retriever service dog breeder:

1-Guaranteed health of the puppies

In dogs, health is inherited from their parents. This basically means that having two healthy parents, litters are more likely to be healthy as well.

2-Assurance of the puppies’ temperament

Health and temperament work similarly. They are both inherited from the parents and may pass on to their litters.

3-Prevention of inbreeding

Usually, during the breeding process, there will come a time that dogs that are closely related may able to give off unhealthy puppies. This is called inbreeding, one of the major problems found with the Goldens. If the breeder is a reputable one, they may then know the proper steps to take in order to prevent this issue.

4-Socialization is given priority

As dogs grow, it is really essential for them to get socialized and socialization is a part of producing healthy puppies. Reputable breeders have the responsibility to allow their dogs to socialize in the early stage of their lives.

5-Ability to cooperate in dealing with the problems

Along the way of the dog’s life, you may still encounter problems related to the health or temperament of the puppy.  A reputable dog breeder has integrity in reaching out to their clients in order to help solve any issues. This is regardless of whatever outcomes it may fall in the end. Reputable dog breeders are ready to give refunds if needed or may even replace your puppy if that is the best solution to resolve the issue.   

Ways to Find a Reputable Golden Retriever Service Dog Breeder

Actually, finding a reputable and well-trusted Golden Retriever breeder is a challenging task. This is most likely applicable for those first-time pet owners and puppy buyers. So, if you are one of them, below are some of the tips that you may consider in order to figure out the irresponsible from the good ones.

Visit the Golden Retriever Club’s website

Golden Retriever Clubs have their official website in which you can able to see list of reputable and registered breeders. This step would be the easiest way for you to find out a good one. Try to reach the Golden Retriever Club in your locality. Call them and you may also ask for a referral from them to a reputable breeder duly registered to their organization.

Although you may get a referral from them, you may still need to do your part. Search and investigate on your own before jumping into buying a Goldens right away.

Ask friends who have a Golden Retriever where did they got it

Actually, for me, another best way to find a well-trusted breeder is through referral and words of mouth. So, if you have friend who already own a Goldens, try to ask them who the breeder of their Golden Retriever is.

Search on the internet

Reputable dog breeders may also have an official website or account on social media. So, if you may find it easy and reliable to browse the web, you may do so. You can actually find Golden Retriever service dog breeders over Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Request for the dog’s medical records and health certificates

Basically, a reputable breeder may have a compilation of the dog’s medical records and they may able to show it to you. Moreover, the parent dogs may also have clearances from the OFA showing a clear health status on their elbows, hips, and heart. The eyes of the dog may get examined on a yearly basis which also has health certificates.

Reputable breeders may ask you lots of questions

Actually, reputable breeders may able to ask you tons of questions before they may hand you over your Goldens puppy.

Why do they do that? Reputable breeders honestly care about the puppies coming from them. And before they give it to you for you to bring home, the breeders will want to know if you will also provide the puppies a good home. For them to know that, they may ask you questions which may possibly be:

  • Do you already have experience owning a dog before?
  • Do you have other dogs at home right now?
  • What other pets do you have at home right now?
  • Do you have an idea that owning one needs a lot of work?
  • Why do you want to have a Golden Retriever?
  • Do you have kids at home?
  • What is type of home do you have?
  • How much time will you able to provide with the puppy?

Check on the following warning signs of irresponsible dog breeder

For you to easily find out that a dog breeder is a reputable and well-trusted one, the signs below may help you figure it out. Once you see any of those signs, it means that you land on a “backyard” breeder.

  1. Too salesy and always emphasize that their Goldens are the best
  2. Always have available puppies on hand which means that they are overbreeding and do not spend time caring for all their puppies properly
  3. Do not ask too many questions which is an indication that they do not care for the puppies after being purchased
  4. Contract for purchasing the puppy is not available
  5. The breeder does not have any references
  6. They are not open for facility visit or showing of the parent dogs
  7. No health clearances for the dogs
  8. Do not participate in any dog sports, events, and shows
  9. Give more priority to the size and color of the dog than their health and temperament
  10. Specialized in producing more than one breed

Final Words

Not all dogs can be service dogs. It may highly depend on the breed and most especially on the qualifications of the Golden Retriever. However, let me remind you that looking for a Golden Retriever service dog breeder is basically crucial. It is actually the best way to bring home a healthy pup with a good temperament. Aside from that, you will also be guaranteed that the Golden Retriever you will get is well-trained and can able to assist you or work on tasks that you or the other members of the family are incapable of doing.

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