How Long is a Golden Retriever in Heat? Basic Guide 2020

Even the canines may also experience hormonal changes and it takes place during the time of their heat cycle. Just like humans, hormonal changes in dogs may lead to their distinct behaviors that may show that they are in heat. There are lots of pet owners, especially the novice ones, who wonder how long is a Golden Retriever in heat? If you want to learn more about this natural phenomenon within your Goldies, let’s check them out below!

When is the heat cycle of the Golden Retriever starts?

Generally, the heat cycle of the female Golden Retriever usually starts during their age of six months. This applies true, especially for smaller dog breeds. On the other hand, large dog breeds may experience heat when it is already 18 to 24 months.

how long is a golden retriever in heat

Basically, the Golden Retriever, like other dogs, will experience the estrus period for every six months period. From that time on, the female Goldies will already be prepared for mating.

* Proestrus Stage

The proestrus stage is usually the first stage when the Golden Retriever starts in heat. How long is Golden Retriever in heat during this stage may generally last on an average of about 9 days. At this initial stage of the heat cycle, the male Goldies will be attracted to their female counterpart.

* Estrus Stage

Eventually, as the female Golden Retriever proceeds to the estrus stage, they will usually become receptive with the male Goldies. Moreover, the discharge will suddenly become clear and watery. This is actually an indication of the start of the day when the female dog is ready to conceive. Generally, the estrus stage may last for about 10 to 12 days.

* Diestrus Stage

This stage is actually the time when the female Goldies is not receptive to the male dogs.

* Anestrus Stage

Another stage that is involved in the determination of how long is a Golden Retriever in heat is the anestrus stage. The level of estrogen here gets back to normal between the days when the female Goldies is in heat. The anestrus stage may last for 4 to 5 months.

How Long is a Golden Retriever in Heat – the Signs

Generally, when we say that the dog is “in heat”, it means that the female Goldies is in the stage of being receptive of the canine’s sexual cycle. This is actually the time within the year that the female Golden Retriever can get pregnant.

Below are the signs of Golden Retriever that may help to determine that a Golden Retriever is in heat. Basically, these signs are noticeable within the female Goldies, especially during the proestrus and estrus stage. How long is a Golden Retriever in heat among the stages of proestrus to estrus phase is usually around 19 to 21 days.

1. Swollen vulva

When your female Goldies is in heat you may usually notice a swollen vulva of the female Goldies. Actually, this is not painful for the dog and it usually starts within a day or two prior to the occurrence of the bloody discharge during the Proestrus stage.

2. Bleeding or discharge

Generally, to be able to determine how long is a Golden Retriever in heat, try to look for any discharge. It is basically the easiest sign that indicates that the female Golden Retriever is already in heat. Moreover, it is also an important indication that the female dog is ready for breeding.

3. Unusual mounting behavior

The trickiest sign that identifies how long is a Golden Retriever in heat is the mounting behavior of the female Goldies. This is actually challenging because some female Goldies show mounting behavior no matter the stage of the heat cycle is.

4. Licking of the genitals

Basically, dogs like to lick their genitals in order to maintain their body clean. Moreover, licking the genitals means that the areas are already sensitive enough that have increased blood flow.

5. Tail flagging

Basically, female Goldies exhibit tail flagging as a behavior in which the dog holds the tail upfront to let the genitals exposed.

6. Nesting behavior

Generally, it is not unusual to see female Golden Retriever start preparing the place where she lay down her pups. Moreover, another sign of Goldies that she is in heat is her behavior of dragging toys to the place where she will have to rest and sleep.

Final Thoughts

How long is a Golden Retriever in heat usually starts from the first heat cycle that happens during their age of six months. Moreover, the estrus or heat cycle of the female Goldies usually occurs once in every six months. Yet, it still varies on some essential factors like age. The average of 2 to 4 weeks makes the female Golden Retriever in heat.

Generally, the female Goldies will not be receptive to their male counterparts during the initial phase of the heat cycle. Perhaps, the length of the heat cycle may be shorter or longer. Well, it actually depends on several contributing factors which complete the whole process.

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