How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost Per Month – The Golden Budget Guide!

Are you a potential dog owner and you found that the Golden Retriever is the one perfect for you? Well, before bringing this dog breed into your home and letting them enter your life, there are lots of things to consider here. One of them is how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month?  

Generally, owning a dog involves several expenses that should be included on the budget list of the pet owner. Training costs, medical expenses, foods, and other supplies are the ones involved here. In this blog post, we have here an estimated cost of raising a Golden Retriever. At the end of this post, we aim that this will help you in sound financial planning as the Goldens comes in.

Things to Consider When Determining How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost per Month

Generally, before you dig in to computing and identifying the amount of how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month, you need to determine first the following:

Reasons for Getting a Golden Retriever

Well, the traits and behaviors of the Goldens are the obvious reason why most people are gearing over getting a Golden Retriever. This dog breed is very eager to please and highly trainable. Because of that, the Goldens tend to be excellent companion dogs. Their loyalty, cheerfulness, and well-temperedness are the characteristics that positioned them as great service dogs.

Moreover, their goodness in retrieving is the one responsible for making them incredible hunting dogs. Nowadays, the Goldens is still a task for hunting, yet they are often used as family pets. Additionally, the good looks of the Golden Retrievers due to its golden locks are really irresistible. Aside from that, you may turn away from falling in love with this adorable dog with a golden heart.

Where to Get a New Golden Retriever

Although, finding out where to get a Golden Retriever does not only focus on the Golden Retriever cost per month and its overall cost. However, this aspect should also be given priority as there are well-known breeders having champion bloodlines. So, with this, you should have to go back on the first consideration, think back on your main reason why you need to get a Golden Retriever.

Generally, most dog owners, just want to bring home a Goldens to be an addition to their family. And the end decision is all up to you if you are going to make the Golden Retriever an excellent family dog or to use it as service dogs for anxiety. Well, the majority are not aiming to send their Goldens in specific training to be qualified as service dogs.

how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month

The point is, you do not need to find hybrid breeders with bloodlines of champions. When you do so, you will generally find yourself spending money over those Goldens titles that are not really necessary. Just go for a reputable dog breeder with good quality Golden Retrievers.

But, if you are competitive enough and want your dog to join in the AKC events, looking for breeders showcasing champion bloodlines is generally crucial. With that, you may now have a clear understanding of the letters stated at the end of the dog’s name on their pedigree.

Keeping Away from the Backyard Breeders

Regardless of the steps you take in looking for a Golden Retriever, the most important thing is to consider skip away those backyard breeders. Usually, we jump into getting our Goldens from those kinds of breeders because we are more concerned on how much does a Golden Retriever cost. But, always keep in mind the health of your dog as it is the most important thing to look at.

Generally, backyard breeders do not provide health clearances and medical or vaccination records of both parent dogs. With that, the health of the Golden Retriever puppy is not highly guaranteed.

How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost per Month – Initial Price of the Puppy

Initially, looking for a Golden Retriever puppy and determining how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month may end you up having a price range of $700 to $2,000. With this, you may get a puppy for an average cost of $1,000. If you are gearing towards a more affordable option, adoption of the Golden Retriever is the best choice. For about a fee of $50 to $500, you will bring home a Golden Retriever with you.

However, you might notice that the Golden Retriever cost per month comes in range. Well, it is because the price of the puppies may vary even if they fall under the same breed.

Factors Affecting the Price of the Puppy

Here are the factors why does a Golden Retriever puppy cost vary:

1-Breed type

Consider the breed, you will generally choose between a purebred or mixed-breed Golden Retriever. Keep in mind that if you will consider how much does a Golden Retriever cost, mixed breeds cost lower compared to the purebred ones.

2-Bloodlines and the reputation of the breeder

Puppies from purebred show quality dogs coming from well-trusted breeders generally have higher Golden Retriever costs. However, it is also worth noting that these breeders also invest money in order to properly take care of their breeding lines.

3-Registration papers or pedigree

Some dog breeders are part of different dog organizations or of the kennel clubs. Most of the time, it is an accomplishment for them if they become a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC). In case you get your Golden Retriever pups here, the breeders would already register the dogs to the club which will add up to the cost of a Golden Retriever.

4-Health examinations and medical expenses

Part of the protocol of most reputable Golden Retriever breeders is the evaluation or testing of their dogs for various medical conditions. There will also be the one to take the dogs into deworming, microchipping, and vaccination before selling them. Again, this will add up to the cost of a Golden Retriever. But, at the same time, you will guarantee that the risk of having an unhealthy Goldens will be reduced.

5-Training and socialization

Some breeders submit their dogs to training and socialization before they come to sell them out. This will generally increase the cost of the Golden Retriever puppy, meanwhile, it will also save you some money as it frees you from investing in more training. Moreover, you will be 100-hundred percent sure that your dog is a well-behaved one.

6-Popularity of the dog breed within your locality

The supply and demand of the puppies breed within a specific location generally has a great impact on its cost. For instance, large dogs that are good to be service dogs are more susceptible within areas with high numbers of people with disabilities.


When you are considering how much does a Golden Retriever costs, you should take age as one of the important considerations. Puppies that are younger tend to have a lower price compared to older dogs.

8-Color and markings on coat

Just like fashion in humans, the color trend of the dog’s coat is also subject to quick change. There are dog breeds in which a particular color is more popular than the others. As this should be taken into account, the puppies tend to be more expensive. Moreover, the rare coat colors of the pups are also on the line of expensive prices.

How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost per Month

Here are some important aspects that you must have to consider when you want to determine the cost of the Golden Retriever per month:

*The Cost of Goldens Feeding

One of the determinants of getting the exact amount of how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month is the dog’s feeding cost. Since the Golden Retrievers are a large dog breed and are extremely active, they do love to eat – a lot. Once you left a plate of food for them don’t get surprised because their plate may be too clean enough after finish eating. So, take this Golden Retriever’s love into great consideration prior to getting them home.

how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month

The price of food that they will have to eat for a month will incur to how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month. The gender, size, and level of activity of an individual Golden Retriever are great factors of the feeding capacity of this dog breed. Usually, about 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 cups of quality food per day are good for an adult Goldens.

The quality dog food is averaging around $2 to $3 per pound of the dog’s weight. Generally, the dog food would cost you about $55 per month. Moreover, don’t forget the treats as it is actually important during a training session of the Golden Retriever. So, with this consideration, add an extra amount of about $10 per month for the treats. All in all, in terms of food, the Golden Retriever cost per month is around $65.

*The Price of New Golden Retriever Puppy Items

Well, bringing home a new Golden Retriever pups, the quality dog food is important. But, aside from that, there are also other items that you need to prepare for them. These items are actually essential for them as they grow. Below is the checklist of the things that they need along with the breakdown of its average prices:

  • Basic needs of a puppy – this generally cost about $67 and includes the food or water bowls, collar, leash, and harness
  • Puppy toys – the average cost per month is around $20 and the toys usually include chew toys, dental toys, interactive toys, and plush toys
  • Training supplies for puppies – $30 is the average cost of this puppy needs which highly involves the treat pouch, long leash, and clicker. However, the cost of these needs of the Golden Retriever per month may vary as the use of a clicker in training is highly optional.
  • Puppy’s confinement and housing – expect your budget to reach about $180 for these puppy needs. Usually, it comes with the crate, dog bed, exercise pen, and baby gate.
  • Grooming tools – grooming tools like the toothbrush and toothpaste, dog brush, puppy shampoo, and nail clippers generally cost around $40
  • Other items needed by the puppy – for the other items for puppy needs, the cost generally reach $125 and it involves the car harness or car crate, food storage container, pet cot, pee cleaner, and poop bags

*The Cost of Veterinary Visits

Golden Retriever is actually one of the healthiest dog breed. And it is an important consideration to take into account when you want to determine how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month. And it is really worth noting that the bills of every vet’s visit are not that cheap.

Moreover, neutering or spaying of dogs generally cost about $250 to $500. This medical process in the life stage of the dog is highly crucial and it should be done right away.

Although considered healthy, the Golden Retrievers are also susceptible to different health issues including cancer, dysplasia, and diseases of the eyes to name a few. Knowing this, you must have to anticipate for the possible treatment of your Goldens.

Here are the estimated costs of treatment for the following health issues of the Golden Retrievers:

Golden Retriever’s Health Issues
Cost of Treatment
$8,000 – $15,000
$1,500 – $5,000
$300 – $1,500
Hip Dysplasia
$1,500 – $6,000
$200 – $1,000

However, on a normal year, an annual Golden Retriever cost based on regular vet’s visit for check-ups and some health-related issues is averaging around $500 to $1000.

*Training and socialization

how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month

Training your puppy and send him to a socialization class may generally lead him to success. Moreover, the goal of this training is to avoid any behavioral problems that the adult Goldens may experience as he grows. Generally, the cost of training and socialization class is averaging $100 per year. So, how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month in terms of training is about $8.

*The Obedience Training Price

Some pet owners will generally pay professionals to train their Golden Retriever. For an amount of $1500, the dog will have obedience training which will include the following:

  • Around 6 to 7 sessions at home with a trainer
  • Unlimited succeeding sessions in the place of the trainer

So, in a month, the obedience training will cost about $125 for Golden Retriever.

*Pet Insurance Cost

There are dog owners who really invest a lot on their dog. And part of this is getting them a pet insurance. The latest report from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association states that the average cost of the accident and illness coverage plans for canines is around $565. However, you may decide to get the accident plan only for your Goldens. And for that, the price of $190 should be paid per year.

If you would pay for a monthly installment basis, the accident and illness will cost you $47 and $16 for the accident-only plan. Yet, the price may generally vary as there is a number of factors that may affect it. Moreover, there is also a long list of pet insurance companies that have different policy plans that may also have an impact on the price of pet insurance.

Another thing is that you can also get whole health coverage that is generally offered by some insurance companies. However, the expense may basically get quite higher. Although the pet insurance expense may take you more bucks, it may definitely worth it as treatment of a dog’s medical conditions can also be expensive as well.

With that, pet owners do not have to think twice when it comes to getting pet insurance. For them, they will basically do what it takes to afford the proper care that their dog deserves. Because of that, pet insurance is becoming more popular every single year.

In case you decide to get your Goldens covered by pet insurance, try to compare it based on the following:

  • Type and amount of the deductible
  • Percentage and limits of reimbursements
  • Included services
  • Start date of the coverage period

Final Words

In determining how much does a Golden Retriever cost per month, annually, or as a whole, keep in mind that there are lots of considerations to take into account. The numbers we stated here are just rough estimates and always remember that the cost of different dog’s life aspects generally varies. Yet, there are still other aspects that are not included in this Golden Retriever’s price estimation like the emergency expenses and boarding for instance.

Don’t forget that the Golden Retrievers are positioned on the third spot of being the most popular dog breed. So, bringing home a Golden Retriever is like bringing home total enjoyment and happiness into your pet life. Honestly, the cost of owning a Golden Retriever is really surprising. Yet, once they’re in, you will also be surprised by the priceless joy and affection that they bring.

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