How Much Is Labrador Retriever Puppy?

Dogs of the Labrador Retriever breed are known for their amiability and gentle demeanor around kids. They are also highly trainable, motivated, and smart. They make great starter pups for people who have never owned a dog before. It’s not hard to find Labrador puppies for sale in the United States. You can get a Labrador into your house in a number of ways, from breeders to rescue groups but it differs on how much is Labrador Retriever puppy. 

But there are different costs and things to think about with each of these options. There are plethora of Lab types, as well as mixes and other colors. Read on to find out crucial information before you purchase a Labrador. The price of a Labrador retriever, including both initial and ongoing costs.

Quick Facts About the Labrador Retriever Puppy Price

✅All throughout the world, people love Labradors as much as they love their own dogs. Puppies can cost anything from $1,780 to $2,000 in the UK. Purebred puppies in Australia cost around $2,700, and due to their high demand, there are typically waiting lists for new owners.

✅In 2009, Lancelot Encore, a well-known Labrador Retriever due to fetching a record price for a canine. He is an exact replica of the Labrador that was once owned by Otto – Nina and Edgar. On the death of Sir Lancelot in 2008, the Otto spent $155,000 to have his DNA implanted into a sterile embryo and cared for by a foster parent so that they could have an exact clone of him.

The majority of service dogs today are Labrador Retrievers. The National Registry of Assistance Animals places the average cost of a service dog at around $40,000. Service dogs are amazing animals that may give their owners a sense of freedom, but they can be rather costly.

✅In the United Kingdom, the Drakeshead Labrador is an illustrious line of Labs. Since the 1960s, dogs from this lineage have been bred to do well in field trial competitions. People who want to buy from this line are often put on a waiting list because it is so popular. These Labrador Retriever pups from this line normally cost over $2,000 each.

✅Colors seen in Labradors range from red to silver. The rarity of these canines, rather than their origin, is what drives up their price. If you are successful in locating a breeder, expect to pay $2,500 or more.

Ownership Costs

Taking care of a Labrador and raising it is really expensive. An average of $30–50 a month will be spent on food and treats. For the first 12 months, you may expect to pay around $185 monthly for vet care, insurance, and a flea treatment. A Labrador puppy may cost more than $250 a month to care for.

High-priced Labrador dog expenses include:

  • Canine Equipment
  • Meal
  • Health coverage
  • Veterinarian Costs

Puppy Supplies

Before introducing a puppy into your home, you’ll need a lot of supplies. A dog kennel, mattress, coat, leash, poop bags, dishes, food, snacks, toys, grooming tools, and dog toys are all essentials for your new Labrador puppy. Spend roughly $450 on these necessities throughout your first year of college. 

Labs can be licensed for as little as $10 and as much as $20, with the higher price going to unaltered canines. Having an unlicensed dog can get you in trouble with the law. Usually, you can expect to pay between $25 and $50 to get your pet microchipped.

Vet Fees and Insurance

Taking your dog to the veterinarian multiple times a year might add up to a hefty bill. The typical yearly cost of veterinary care for a puppy is $600.00. This covers everything from their regular checks to their vaccinations. A Labrador costs an extra $250 to spay or neuter, and monthly treatment for fleas, ticks, and heartworms costs $35.

The exorbitant cost of veterinarian treatment can be mitigated by purchasing pet insurance. A regular pet insurance policy will pay about $565 a year for accidents and illnesses. Most people can afford accident-only policies, which cost around $190 per year. Get your Labrador puppy covered by insurance as soon as possible.

How much is Labrador cost when it gets old? Since senior dogs are at a higher risk of developing health issues, they cost more to insure.

How Much Do Labrador Retriever Puppies Cost?

One should expect to spend roughly $800 on a healthy Labrador Retriever puppy. Most people spend between $400 and $1500, but how much is Labrador Retriever puppy can vary a lot depending on the breeder and where the puppy was born. 

how much is labrador retriever puppy

An increase in cost is to be expected if a purebred puppy is what you have your heart set on. It is not uncommon to spend $2,500 or more on Labrador Retriever puppies from a prize line. Those are the costs you have to pay out of your own pocket to buy and transport a puppy from a breeder. 

If you choose to buy special equipment, bedding, or veterinary services for the dog, you will have to pay more money for its care. Let’s go over the price of a Lab puppy so you’re not caught off guard. You may expect to spend anything from $400 to $1500 on a Labrador Retriever, with an average cost of around $800.

Price Tag Of A Labrador Puppy

Why then do prices for Labrador puppies range so greatly? Several variables have contributed to the outcome of how much is Labrador Retriever puppy. The breeder from whom you acquire your Labrador puppy will be a crucial determinant. We need to give this matter our full attention and do our homework.

A healthy Labrador puppy should cost at least $500 and no more than $1,000. If you only want a certain pedigree or bloodline, the price of a puppy may go up. That’s why they’re perfect for AKC competitions. Such situations may result in a bill of around $2,000 or more.

Labrador puppies are listed at the prices given above. Although most people’s first choice is a Labrador puppy, you certainly don’t have to get one if you don’t want to. You may get an experienced dog that already has specific training, like dock-jumping or hunting.

How much is Labrador Retriever puppy? These Labradors range in price from $2,505 to $4,500 and are considered entry-level pets.

Puppy Mills And Backyard Breeders

Getting a Labrador retriever puppy is a huge responsibility, so it’s important to select a reputable breeder. To save money, you may be willing to support puppy mills or even backyard breeders if you’re looking for a Labrador puppy.

Stay away from both of these. In order to make money, puppy mills and people who breed dogs at home often don’t care for the dogs they make. These breeders skip crucial steps like vaccinating their animals to save cash. Those animals could have a wide range of medical and behavioral problems. These people don’t give a hoot about how their pets are treated.

Rescues for Adoption

A good breeder can hand you over a healthy Labrador for less than $500. A mature Labrador may be available for adoption at your regional shelter. Given that these dogs may be put down if they aren’t adopted, the term “rescue” is frequently applied to them.

The costs associated with adopting a Labrador range from $200 to $400. You should carefully examine your decision to adopt a Labrador. The dog’s background will be unknown to you, and it will be quite unlikely that you’ll be able to tell if it’s a purebred Labrador.

You have nothing to gain by instituting it if you have dog-owning experience and don’t care if your Labrador is purebred or not. In addition to piling up your pennies, you’ll be able to help an abandoned dog in need.

How Much is Labrador Retriever Puppy on Its First-Year of Life?

One positive aspect of the first year is the high number of one-time expenses that pop up. Unfortunately, there are some hefty outlays distributed within the first year. The first adoption price you pay will differ substantially depending on where you purchase your puppy.

  • The adoption price remains at $37, according to the Carson Animal Shelter’s website.
  • The adoption price for a puppy from the rescue organization Cuddly Canines is $350 to $400.
  • We contacted more than a dozen reputable breeders and found that $1,500 was the low estimate for how much is Labrador Retriever puppy from any of them.

A purebred Labrador Retriever puppy, around 8 weeks old, is not easy to come by in rescues and shelters. While unlikely, we have seen purebred puppies listed on rescue websites. Since we plan to buy our next puppy from a breeder, we’ll use the above price as a guide. Keep in mind that the Labrador Retriever used here is a rather large dog. Some of these costs can be reduced if the breed of puppy you end up getting is a smaller one.

Cost of Feeding a Labrador

how much is labrador retriever puppy

You should budget for the cost of feeding your Labrador, as you would for any dog. Your Labrador’s nutritional requirements will increase as he or she develops into an adult. Take into account the money you have before buying dog food.

Keep in mind that Labradors are big, energetic dogs. Another annoying trait of Labradors is that they never stop eating, even when they’re obviously full. It’s advisable to estimate your Lab’s calorie requirements before filling its bowl. Your dog’s ideal food intake will change with its age, gender, level of activity, and routine.

Dry Dog Food

On average, an adult Labrador should consume about 3 cups of dry dog food each day. Dry dog food weighing 30 pounds should cost you about $35. About 40 days of feeding your Labrador come from a bag of dry dog food this size. That works up to less than a dollar per cup for daily sustenance.

The typical yearly cost of veterinary care for a puppy is $600.00. How much you spend on your dog’s food is also related to the brand you choose. A bag of premium dog food can cost as much as $75. However, high-quality dog food is affordable, even for those on tight budgets. As long as your Labrador is getting all the nutrients he needs from the dog food you’ve chosen, that’s all that matters.

Wet Dog Food

An additional dime or two will be added to your grocery bill for every can or pouch of wet food you buy instead of dry food. Once more, the price will change depending on the specific brand. To get a sense of the cost, a month’s worth of wet food is roughly $36. If you only feed your labrador one can per day, you’ll need to spend $1. Depending on how many calories they need daily, you may need to make some adjustments to this figure.

Cost Of Your Labrador In The Home

You’ve just purchased a labrador puppy and brought it home. How much money will you need to care for your new dog?

Priorities to Consider When Buying a Puppy

In preparation for your new dog’s arrival, you should load up on some necessities. Food bowls, a cage, a collar and leash, puppy pads, and basic chew toys should all be ready and waiting before you bring your new dog home.

Annual Cost of a Lab Puppy

Although there are a lot of one-time expenses in the first year, having a puppy is an expensive commitment. The following is a list of typical ongoing expenses:

Products/ Services 
Animal Care
We take our pets in for checkups once a year, on average.
Flu shots
Discuss a vaccination program with your veterinarian.
Products for Treating Pests and Fleas
For the sake of prospective reference and service animals, this is crucial.
Essential for our future guide and service dogs
The cost of the license drops significantly during spaying or neutering a puppy.
The Use of Dogs Toys
For cheap dog toys, we like to browse Amazon.
Tends to Treat
Expenses incurred due to training to treat sensitivity might add up quickly.
Puppy Chews
Dog toys like Nylabones, Bully Sticks, and Deer Antlers help train your dog to chew on safe items like these instead of furniture or clothing.
Healthy, essential puppy food is what we feed our pups.
Other Appurtenances
Most of the time, a new collar, conditioner, towels, mattresses, etc. are bought, but not as much as the first year.

Total Lifetime Cost of a Lab Puppy

Different factors affect how long a dog lives on average. As a family, we had a Golden Retriever for ten years. Our second family dog, a Border Collie mix, also made it to old age after being rescued from the shelter. For this example, let’s assume the typical lifespan of a Labrador Retriever is 12.6 years. With that, its initial expenses would be $4,087.

To calculate the total price, multiply $1,272 by 12 years to get $15,264. So, for a Labrador Retriever puppy, the total lifetime price is $19,351.

Additional Costs

Numerous expenses exist; we are spared, but several of you will have to bear them. Think about the following expenses, too:

  • Cost of doggy daycare at the facility where we get our training: $35 per day
  • Google Search results show that the cost of a grooming session is averaging between $30 and $90.
  • Our elderly pets now take vitamins costing us $100 a year.
  • The cost of a fence to keep your puppy safe is $1,500.

The Reasons Why Labrador Retriever Puppies Can Vary in Price

Puppies from one Lab breeder can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on the breeder’s preferences and other considerations. Some instances of such are listed below.

1. The Labrador’s Age

The value of an elderly dog typically diminishes. A young Lab puppy, around 8 weeks old, will be the most costly option.

2. The Lab’s Coat Color and Markings

The cost of a Lab puppy might vary depending on its coat color. Labrador Retrievers have a double coat that can be chocolate (brown), black, or yellow (creamy). Among the three, black Labradors are typically the most costly to acquire. In addition, silver Labradors exist, but they are quite rare and hence expensive.

3. Purebred or Mixed Labrador Dog

Boradors, Bassadors, and Boxadors are just a few examples of the unique hybrids that can be created when Labrador Retrievers are crossed with other breeds. The initial investment in a mixed-breed dog can be less than that of a purebred Lab puppy, and they often have fewer health problems.

4. The Pedigree and Reputation of Labrador Retriever Breeders

Regrettably, the Labrador breed is already somewhat full. Insist on a puppy whose parents are completely unrelated. Expect to pay expensive cost for puppies bred from a champion or show-quality dog. The price of a Labrador dog will vary depending on whether the dog will be used as a service dog, a guide dog, a search and rescue dog, or a family companion.

5. Labrador Type

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the most well-known organization of its kind in the country. Puppies of the Labrador breed that have been AKC-registered cost extra.

 6. Labrador Retriever’s Registration Papers

As a general rule, the price of a female Labrador Retriever will be higher than that of a male because of their potential usefulness in breeding. However, the cost of a spayed or neutered dog, which will not be used to produce offspring, should be comparable to that of a non-fixed dog.

7. Costs Associated with a Lab Puppy’s Checkups and Care

Make sure the breeder of a Lab puppy has proof that the parents have been screened for common diseases. Checkups for PRA, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia are all necessary (PRA)

Dogs who are more likely to pass out during exercise are sometimes identified through a DNA test. The initial immunizations, crawling, tick, and flea therapies should also be considered. Reputable breeders will usually include microchipping for your pet.

8. Breed Popularity in the Buyer’s Location

Your puppy’s price will depend on the market conditions in your area, just like the price of any other product. Since Labrador Retrievers are among the most sought-after pet items, the cost of a puppy can skyrocket if there aren’t many breeders in your area.

9. Puppy Labrador Training and Socializing

Not all breeders put in the effort to socialize and teach their Lab puppies. At first, you will have to spend more money, but you may be able to make up the difference by saving money on obedience classes, socialization programs, and training in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do a Labrador Retriever cost per year and each month?

One of the most costly times to own a Labrador Retriever is the first year then you must provide for his or her basic needs as well as pay for the puppy’s vaccines and microchipping. Depending on the specifics, you could spend anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 on these expenses in the first year. Costs average $158 per month or $1,900 per year thereafter. So, expect to spend around $22,000 on your Labrador over the course of his or her lifespan.

Q: What are some great names for a Labrador Retriever?

Your Labrador Retriever could have any number of wonderful names. Your dog will have an easier time remembering and responding to a short, simple name. Max, Rover, Ace, and Buddy are some of the names that fit this category.

Names like Markey and Marley are common for Labrador Retrievers because of the classic movie Marley and Me. Names for black Labrador Retrievers include Darkness, Shadow, Onyx, or Raven; names for yellow Labrador Retrievers include Sunny, Blonde, Goldie, or Summer.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the cost of a Labrador Retriever is reasonable. Most folks searching for a sociable, obedient dog can afford a pet-quality puppy. As with most dogs, though, you may expect to spend a sizable sum throughout the course of your pet’s lifetime. 

Thus, before adopting a dog, you should carefully consider the time and money it will take. Anyone who wants to get a dog for the first time would love to add one of these puppies to their family. The Labrador Retriever may be the best dog for you if you can afford both the initial cost and the costs of keeping it healthy.

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