How Often to Bathe Golden Retriever and Why Should You Do It?

The Golden Retriever is a popular dog breed in the United States. They are very good companions; therefore, they have to be taken care of. As we humans wash our hair several times a week, we wonder how often to bath Golden Retriever? You should wash your dog’s thick fur because it is always exposed. The dog gets in contact with mud, ground and other surfaces making him dirty.

Most of the time Golden Retrievers like to be clean and tidy. The question of how often to bathe a Golden Retriever and why this process is important is well answered by the guide below. You will have an easy time bathing your dog after going through this.

Factors to Consider When Bathing your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have a double coat of fur which is common in water dogs. The natural oils found on their fur serve as water-repellant and dirt resistant. To keep the oils spread evenly, you will need to brush your dog’s hair. This will also prevent tangling and matting.

Nevertheless, bathing your Golden Retriever is still important. The frequency of the baths will depend on a number of lifestyle and environmental factors. They include;

  • The amount of time spent outside the house. Mostly, a dog that spends a lot of time indoors gets dirty less as compared to those that roam outside throughout.
  • The frequency of swimming. Dogs are built for the wild life and they are capable of taking a dip in nearby water bodies. Frequent swimming may make a dog smell and dirty. This is well evidenced if a dog likes to swim in an algae-filled pond and dirty water bodies.
  • The rural and urban environment. Often, dogs in rural settings get dirtier faster than city dogs because they are exposed to the outdoors more often.
  • Parasite issues in the local area. If there is a parasite problem in your area, you will be forced to increase the frequency of baths.

How Often should I bath my Golden Retriever?

For this question, there is no wrong or right answer. Washing your Golden Retriever too often has adverse effects same as not washing them.

Bathing your dog too frequently may do away with the natural oils found on the skin. The coat of fur may become dull and in the end unattractive. The skin will be left unprotected and easily infected by dandruffs. You are advised to use the mildest of shampoos and soaps to avoid negative effects on the dog’s fur.

Meanwhile, not bathing enough can cause your Golden Retriever to emit strong odors. It will also generally affect the well-being of the dog.

Important Tips To Remember on How often to Bathe Golden Retriever

  1. Use a proper shampoo. Dog shampoos are different from human shampoos. There are even shampoos specifically made for the Golden Retrievers. Go to a pet shop to get more information and select the best for your dog.
  2. Make the bathing process as relaxing as possible. If you want your Golden Retriever to crave for the baths, make the baths easy on them. Be gentle on the fur and do not be harsh and rough when scrubbing. Test the water temperatures to make sure they are right. It should not be either too hot or too cold.
  3. Give your dog a treat after a bath. Dogs love being rewarded for their actions and this will encourage them to come back. You can also surround them with their favorite toys while bathing.
  4. Bathe your Golden Retriever in a bathtub or a doggy tub. Some doggy tubs can be moved to wherever you want them.
  5. Comb your dog’s fur before giving them a bath. This would help in exposing the dirt stuck too deep in the fur.
  6. Air-dry your Golden Retrievers. It is really harsh on the dog’s fur if you use a blow dry. After toweling your dog, allow the air to dry him.

Scheduled Bathing

In hotter regions, it is advised to wash your dog at least two times a month. In cold climates, it is suggested to wash your dog once a month or maintain a 90-day gap. Also, the schedule depends on the environment that your dog spends most of his time. Different conditions influence the bathing schedule.

Nonscheduled Bathing

There are some events you cannot predict when it comes to how often you bathe your Golden Retriever. For instance, you can bathe your dog now and then goes out to the muddy grass. You will be forced to bathe your dog once again. Also, when your dog gets an infestation from another dog, you have to bathe it with an antibacterial shampoo immediately.


Your environment should never be an excuse to take care of your precious Golden Retriever. Remember not to overdo or underdo it as the effects of both are devastating. Follow the above tips and guidelines on how often to bathe golden retriever to give your dog a clean life.

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