how to breed english cream golden retrievers

How to Breed English Cream Golden Retriever

Do you want to know the proper breeding of English cream golden retrievers? For dog breeders who are passionate about these lovely and clever dogs, breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers may be a rewarding experience. To ensure the health and welfare of the participating dogs as well as the puppies they generate, breeding must be done carefully and thoughtfully.

We will outline the procedures for breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers in this manual, including picking suitable breeding stock, selecting compatible partners, caring for the puppies, preparing for breeding, and more. This article will offer helpful advice and insights, whether you’re a seasoned breeder or just getting started, to help you raise English Cream Golden Retriever puppies that are healthy and happy. Keep reading to learn more about English cream golden retrievers.

Breed History

White Golden Retrievers and British Cream Golden Retrievers are other names for English Cream Golden Retrievers, which originated in Scotland in the middle of the 19th century. The breed, which at the time went by the name Golden Flat-Coat, was created by mating several retriever breeds, such as the Irish Setter, water-loving spaniels, and other kinds of gun dogs.

After the Kennel Club from England approved the breed in 1903, it immediately became well-known both there and across the world. However, over time, two separate lines of Golden Retrievers appeared: the English Cream, with a lighter coat, & the American Golden, with a darker coat.

The popularity of the English Cream Golden Retriever has grown recently, especially in the United States. Other kennel associations from across the world recognize them even if the American Kennel Club does not recognize them as a distinct breed. The English Cream Golden Retriever is renowned for both its stunning, creamy white coat and its kind, amiable nature.

Breeding an English Cream Golden Retrievers

how to breed english cream golden retrievers

Breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers, often known as “English Cream” or “white Golden Retrievers,” is a specialist branch of dog breeding that aims to produce Golden Retrievers with lighter coat color. In this kind of breeding, dogs with desired physical and behavioral features are chosen, and they are bred together to create puppies with the same attributes.

It’s crucial to remember that even while English Cream Golden Retrievers are frequently desired for their distinctive beauty, they shouldn’t be bred just for this reason. Responsible breeders put their dogs’ health and well-being first, making sure they are temperamentally sound and free from hereditary problems.

Prospective owners of English Cream Golden Retrievers should conduct thorough research on breeders, seeking those who are members of respectable associations like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club. (UKC). These breeders have to be prepared to offer medical certificates for their breeding canines and to be open about any possible health problems that could harm their pups.

Additionally, it’s critical for potential owners to comprehend how much care and exercise English Cream Golden Retrievers need. They are sociable dogs who enjoy human company and require lots of opportunities to play and run about. Make sure you’re prepared to give an English Cream Golden Retriever the love and care they require to thrive if you’re thinking about taking one home.

Breeding of English Cream Golden Retriever

Careful consideration must be given to a variety of qualities, including health, temperament, and physical features, when breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers. Here are some significant instructions for breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers properly.

☑️Health Evaluation

To rule out any hereditary disorders that may be passed down to their children, it is imperative to make sure that both the male & female canines have completed health tests. Eye exams, hip & elbow dysplasia screenings, and DNA testing for prevalent breed-specific genetic illnesses are all regular health examinations for Golden Retrievers.

☑️Ethical Breeding Methods

The welfare of the dogs should always come first while breeding. Breeders shouldn’t ever breed dogs that are unhealthy, too young, or too elderly. Additionally, they should refrain from mating dogs with temperamental or health hereditary disorders.

☑️Observe Heat Cycle

The female should be kept under observation during her three-week-long heat cycle. Ovulation tests are frequently used by breeders to determine when breeding is most successful.

☑️Proper Socialization

To assist the pups to develop into well-mannered, well-adjusted dogs, it’s crucial to make sure they receive the right socialization and training as soon as they are born. Assist kids to develop their confidence and adaptability, this involves exposing them to a range of places, people, & circumstances.


Golden Retrievers with English Cream coats are renowned for being extroverted and sociable. To guarantee that their dogs will be socialized properly and trainable, breeders should make sure to select dogs with stable & amiable temperaments.

☑️Physical Characteristics

A distinctive variety of the breed, English Cream Golden Retrievers have a coat color that differs somewhat from the more typical golden hue. When breeding, it’s crucial to choose dogs with appealing physical traits, such as a well-balanced physique, strong muscular tone, and a thick, plush coat.

How to Select Good Breeders

An essential step in guaranteeing that you acquire a healthy and well-behaved pet is choosing a reputable breeder. The following advice will help you choose a reputable breeder:

👉Conduct Research

Find out as much as you can about the breed that interests you and the breeders that specialize in it. For recommendations and reviews, consult internet discussion boards, breed groups, and associations.

👉Check out the Breeder

Visit the breeder’s residence or facility to see the animals up close and learn more about how they are cared for. An excellent breeder would be delighted to guide you around and respond to your inquiries.

👉Check Health Clearances

A skilled breeder must be able to show proof that the genetic disorders that are prevalent in the breed have been checked for in their breeding pool.

👉Ask For Socialization

From an early age, a reputable breeder would have begun socializing their puppies by introducing them to various people, animals, and settings.

👉Limited AKC Registration

AKC registration is typically not available to companion puppies, which includes the fact that any subsequent litter the dog has will not be eligible for American Kennel Club registration.

👉Obtain References

A reputable breeder would have contented clients who are eager to offer recommendations or testimonials.


If the breeder believes the puppy has the potential to win championships or be used for reproduction, he or she may grant a co-ownership of the animal. Because co-ownerships typically have conditions attached, this is typically not advised for owners who do not have any interest in breeding or competing. While it is a fact that these relationships frequently have certain advantages, they also come with responsibilities that might last for a long time.

👉Beware of “backyard breeders” and “puppy mills”

These breeders put financial gain ahead of the health & welfare of their animals, and it’s possible that they don’t give their puppies the care or socialization they need.

English Cream Golden Retriever Breed Information

The Golden Retriever has been one of our family’s favorite dogs for a long time and has consistently ranked among the top breed preferences. Nearly everyone has encountered a Golden at some point in their life. But what about an English Cream Golden Retriever? Do they vary in any way from “normal” Golden Retrievers? Keep reading to know more about English cream golden retriever breed information.

🐕Appearance and Size

Following the English Cream breed standard, English Cream Golden Retrievers must weigh between 55 & 75 pounds and stand between 21 1/2 and 24 inches tall from the foot to the shoulder. This is the same as the American Golden Retriever breed standard, but English Cream Golden Retrievers have a white coat, while American Golden Retrievers can have coats that range from golden orange to a deeper red.

Although the breed standard is identical, people who deal with English Creams claim that he is a little stockier than their American counterparts. Additionally, males tend to be bigger than females in terms of height & weight, just like any other dog breed.

They have a somewhat larger head as well as being significantly stockier and larger boned. This implies they have a larger, stronger, as well as more muscular neck to support it. They also have somewhat broader muzzles, resulting in a more powerful jaw. Their eyes are closer together, and their faces are rounder. In contrast to American Goldens, whose ears are positioned higher and further back, their ears are aligned with their eyes.

🐕Color and Coat

The English Cream Golden Retriever’s hue should be “any shade of gold and cream, neither red nor mahogany,” following the breed standard. The other Golden Retriever subtypes do not distinguish the cream hue. American breed standards consider Golden Retrievers with severe paleness to be undesirable.

This implies that English Cream Golden Retrievers might have a more golden yellow hue rather than always being cream-colored. However, as the light cream hue is the most popular, its cost will probably increase as a result of the greater demand.

The English Cream has a medium-length coat that is long over his neck, tail, and ears. The term “feathering fur” refers to his long hair, which is significantly thicker than the remainder of his coat. Touching his coat feels smooth and plush. He has a double coat, and we will talk about his two significant shedding seasons in the grooming part. He sheds moderately throughout the year.


Despite being less excitable than his American counterpart, the English Cream Golden Retriever nevertheless needs exercise. He requires a lot of activity because he is a typical working breed. Come rain or shine, plan to strenuously exercise the English Cream for at least one hour each day. If you are unable to accomplish this, your English Cream Retriever may likely vent his frustration on your belongings.

He will also want a lot of engaging playing in between workout sessions. Given that they are the fourth most intelligent breed of dog, Golden Retrievers require cerebral exercise. Purchase lots of toys for them to play with. Or create brainteasers that you and your partner may play, like finding the ball under a cup.

🐕Living Condition

The English Cream Golden Retriever requires a busy household that can provide for his exercise requirements and keep his sharp mind occupied. He requires a family that will make the most of their precious time with him because of this plus the fact that they serve as a needy dog who seeks the companionship of his people.

Living in apartments won’t be practical for the English Cream. He needs a bigger house with a yard he can roam around in and relax in whenever he wants. Being an outdoor dog breed, they will rapidly develop cabin fever.


Instead of an edible reward, an English Cream Golden Retriever’s preferred reward is probably a tennis ball or any other item that he can mouth. It’s important to work according to what your English Cream desires because it can be different from mine. Positive reinforcement training is the practice of using them as a reward for good conduct. And this is the most efficient way to train.

Fortunately, the English Cream Golden Retriever is incredibly trainable because of his intelligence and loyalty. He is a popular therapy dog choice because of this. They is therefore suitable for a novice dog owner. He is also an excellent choice for a new dog owner because he is more composed and mature. The English Cream should be crate trained in a Retriever-sized crate. This will not only provide them a secure place to call their own, yet it will also give you comfort if you have to leave them at home.


A high-quality food diet is required for the English Golden Retriever. The same kibbles that are excellent for Golden Retrievers will be working for English Cream Retrievers because they are a type of Golden Retriever. Make sure you choose food that gives your dog a well-balanced diet by making sure it has everything he needs. High-quality animal proteins, omega fats, nutritious carbs, fiber, fruits, & vegetables should all be part of his diet.

He needs a meal that is suitable for his life stage because he is a huge breed. Due to the optimal nutrient balance in puppy food intended for large breed dogs, this is especially crucial throughout his puppy years. By limiting his fast bone development, they will either prevent or at least postpone hip & elbow dysplasia in him.

You should feed your English Cream according to its size, degree of energy, and age. But after he reaches adulthood, he’ll probably consume 2 to 3 cups per day. Follow the directions on the packaging exactly to avoid giving him too much or too little food.


The English Cream Golden Retriever has a double coat and sheds sometimes all year long. He sheds a lot during each of the two seasons when he does, which are spring and winter. You will thus need to learn how to control his shedding, which is identical to the Golden Retriever’s shedding tendencies. The English Cream Retriever sheds a lot.

You must get the proper brush for their coat to maximize the benefits of your brushing practice. He will shed less if he has a regular schedule of brushing. Similar to other Golden Retrievers of different colors, the English Cream sheds.

In comparison to other Golden Retrievers, they require the same number of baths. What kind of shampoo you require for the English Cream will depend on whether he is a delicate dog, a show dog, or dirty. Use an improvement shampoo to maintain his coat shiny if you are interested in keeping him extremely white and dazzling. You might want to think about using a shampoo designed to treat sensitive skin before skin irritation begins if your English Cream Retriever has it.

🐕Shelters and Rescue

Despite being a relatively common household pet, there are a lot of Golden Retrievers in shelters for rescued animals. However, there are few English Cream Golden Retrievers in rescue facilities in America due to the lack of English Cream Golden Retrievers in the country.

You should check specific breed rescue websites if you are having trouble finding an English Cream Golden Retriever through your neighborhood rescue organization. The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee is an excellent place to start. With all relevant contact information, they provide rescue centers by state. An English Cream is simple to recover.

Saving money on the first purchase price is another benefit of salvaging. The cost of an adoption fee can range from $50 to $350, which is less expensive than the cost of a puppy through a reputable breeder. This does imply that you are unable to verify the breeding practices of your English Cream or their lineage. However, this is a little inconvenience given that you have saved a life.

English Cream Golden Retriever Health Issue

Generally speaking, the English Cream Golden Retriever is a healthy dog. The English Cream Golden Retriever faces the following five main health issues.

🔎Cardiac Issues 

The breed is susceptible to several cardiac issues, but one heart condition is more prevalent than others. The condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, causes the heart to enlarge, become emaciated, and become feeble.

🔎Elbow and Hip Dysplasia 

Here, the elbow & hip sockets don’t correctly connect to the bone. It gradually erodes the bone and ligaments, resulting in discomfort and abrasion. Most large-breeding are affected by this, and it often develops with age.

🔎Ophthalmologist Health 

The Golden Retriever is more susceptible to three eye issues than other ailments. These include cataracts, Golden Retriever uveitis, and progressive retinal atrophy. The most prevalent type of GRU occurs when the central layer of the eye gets inflamed, which can eventually result in irreversible eye loss.


This is a significant worry for the breed as well, and it is advantageous to acquire an English Cream Golden Retriever than an American one in this situation. According to research, more than sixty-one percent of American Golden Retrievers and more than thirty-eight percent of English Golden Retrievers died from cancer. The English Cream Goldens cancer rate is significantly lower even though both rates are quite high when compared to those of other dog breeds.

🔎Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 

The common symptoms of this central nervous system condition include loss of coordination, anxiety, seizures, & blindness by the time the child is 13 months old. Working with a reputable breeder that checks their dogs is vital because for a Golden to receive this, both of their parents must have it.


Several large dog breeds are susceptible to the potentially fatal condition known as bloat, which is frequently seen in deep-chested types like golden retrievers. Dogs who only eat one or two larger meals a day, exercise right after eating or even eat too quickly are most likely to develop bloat. Bloat occurs when the dog’s stomach twists, cutting off the blood supply to the heart.

The most typical signs of bloat involve drooling, drowsiness, restlessness, and a fast heartbeat. Make a quick call to your veterinarian if you see any of these signs or think your dog may be bloated. This illness can be fatal if not treated promptly.

Facts about English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Creams are friendly dogs, and they appreciate when they become taught. Let’s look into some of the fascinating facts concerning these puppies.

They Need Medical Care

The English cream retriever is typically a healthy dog. Like any purebred breed, English creams are prone to health issues. Both American & British lineages frequently have comparable health issues. Nonetheless, it has been noted that English cream retrievers usually have better health than their American equivalents. Most English Retrievers were prone to dysplasia of the joints, cancer, and eye problems.

Shedding a Lot

Contrary to common opinion, Golden Retrievers lose more hair than some other goldens. In reality, all goldens shed a quite little. They often shed more during spring and fall weather changes. Your living space will remain less fuzzy if you use good grooming techniques and bathe them around once a month.

English Cream Colors

English creams are available in the hues of Lightly Golden, Cream, and Dark Golden. The English standard was expanded to include the color “cream” in 1936. After years of meticulous breeding, these paler animals were given the moniker “English Cream Golden Retrievers.” The most common color in golden retrievers after gold is cream.


A Golden Retriever may cost anywhere between $500 and $3,000, depending on several factors, such as whether you’re buying a hybrid, the breeder’s pedigree, their reputation, and also the dog’s color. The price of the puppy from a pet store, on the other hand, can range from $500 – $1000, based on the repute of the business and the caliber of the dog’s breeding.

The price range for a healthy dog breed from a reputable breeder is between $1,500 & $2,500. A golden retriever puppy without health records or lineage information will cost you around $500 or less if you wish to adopt an English cream.

Top Therapy Dogs

The size and strength of English Creams Golden retrievers make them suitable for many tasks as service dogs are required to carry out. Also, they are kind, caring, and patient. Due to their outstanding temperaments and intelligence, golden retrievers are one of the dog breeds used as therapy dogs. English cream Golden retrievers make wonderful therapy, service, search-and-rescue, & hunting dogs, which is what they were originally bred for.

They Develop Late

Golden retrievers develop more slowly than some other breeds, even though they could start to look like adults at about a year old. Until they are around 2 or 3 years old, they will continue to behave like wild, stubborn puppies. Golden retrievers are lively puppies for life, so you can expect to spend a lot of time with them.

Require Constant Care

They require extensive care. Their owners must routinely cut their nails & wash their ears, in addition, to caring for their paws. Because of sprinting and hunting, their feet & ears are the body parts that frequently become sick. Be sure to carefully inspect their lips, ears, and paws to see if they have any infections. Also, you’ll need to brush them many times each week and wash them either once or twice per month.

They are Intelligent

English cream are clever despite developing later and acting like infants for a longer period of time than other breeds. They will quickly pick up any lesson you are trying to teach them, and you won’t need to spend much time teaching them. English cream are prone to trouble since they are so brilliant, especially if they aren’t kept cognitively stimulated. The best way to train dogs is by positive encouragement, which is rewarding good behavior with a treat, game, toy, or praise.

They Overeat Often

Anybody shouldn’t be bothered by this English creams reality because it is quite pleasurable to feed your dogs, just like feeding our baby. They enjoy eating and have a healthy appetite. They also prefer variety in their diet. Like our kids, we can’t constantly leave them to eat, therefore we have to monitor whatever they do. They may become obese as a result of overeating, which frequently results in cardiac issues.

Simple To Train

Golden retrievers are easy to teach and eager to acquire fresh commands. Keep your dog interested by teaching them simple techniques and activities once you’ve taught them the core instructions. Also, because they are compassionate, committed, and rapid learners, they need quality teaching in their early years.

Living with English Cream Golden Retrievers

It may be a really pleasant experience to share your home with an English Cream Golden Retriever. These dogs are wonderful companions for both families and individuals because of their mild and amiable demeanor. They appreciate spending quality time with their biological family and friends and are clever and simple to teach. To maintain them happy and healthy, they need to obtain frequent exercise because they are also vivacious and like playing.

It’s crucial to show your pet plenty of affection, care, and love as a pet owner. This entails adequate feeding, frequent veterinarian checkups, and routine grooming to preserve their long, glossy coat. Living with such an English Cream Golden Retriever may be a really happy and gratifying experience with the right care and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I locate a breeder of English Cream Golden Retrievers?

Online searches are the greatest location to start your search. In this method, you may look for a few breeders that you want to collaborate with. After you have identified a handful, you should conduct more research on them and check for other customer evaluations to confirm their legitimacy.

Do they make good pets for families?

English Cream Golden Retrievers do make wonderful family dogs. They are not only incredibly warm, loving, and endearing, but they’re also highly patient with kids and other animals. The English Cream is a better choice if you want a calmer dog because it is less rambunctious than the American variety.

English Cream Golden Retrievers end developing at what age?

English Cream Golden Retrievers typically attain their full height and weight at one and two years old, respectively. In comparison to American Golden Retrievers, English Creams tend to be stockier and have larger bones.

What Three Breeds Of Golden Retrievers Exist?

American, & English golden retrievers are three of the numerous breeds of this dog. Even though there is only one breed of the golden retriever, each of these three subgroups has its breed standard. The American Kennel Club recognizes the American type, the Canadian Kennel Club recognizes the Canadian retriever and the United Kennel Club recognizes the English type.

What would be the best place to purchase a retriever?

Get one from a respectable breeder who breeds for the benefit of the breed if you want one. Seek breeders who do health checks, breed for excellent temperament, & place more of an emphasis on these crucial characteristics than just color.

Are English cream golden retrievers calmer?

Compared to American golden retrievers, England golden retrievers frequently have a little bit calmer disposition. The change, though, is really small, and it does not relate to the coat color. If English cream golden retrievers are being offered for sale, keep in mind that no kennel association has officially recognized this sub-breed and that no additional personality qualities beyond those of a typical golden retriever are assured.

Final Thoughts

A thorough grasp of genetics, health testing, and ethical breeding techniques is necessary when breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers. Prioritizing the health and well-being of the parent dogs as well as the puppies they produce is crucial. You should also engage with a respected breeder that is dedicated to raising healthy, superior dogs.

English Cream Golden Retrievers must be properly socialized and trained for them to grow up to be loving, sociable pets. It is achievable to breed English Cream Golden Retrievers which are not only stunning but also healthy, well-behaved, and loving dogs that families can enjoy for many years by following these recommendations and working with competent experts. Do you want to know how big are English cream golden retrievers? Click Here!

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