How to Clean Pitbull Ears?

Should you be cleaning your dog’s ears? The short answer to this is yes. Cleaning the ears is an overlooked part of the grooming routine of your dog. But for a majority of dogs such as pit bulls, it is extremely crucial to examine the ear for signs of ear infections regularly. How to clean Pitbull ears? Cleaning the ears of your dog is super easy to do and can even be done at home. If you have never cleaned your dog’s ears before, you may be clueless about where to start. The steps in this article can serve as your guide.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears? – How to Clean Pitbull Ears

How to clean Pitbull ears

The frequency of ear cleaning will depend on the breed of your dog. Breeds with larger ears such as Cocker spaniels and Basset hounds will require more ear cleanings since they are more vulnerable to ear infections. How to clean Pitbull ears? In the case of Pitbull’s ears, they have medium-sized ears, so you may want to adopt a regular cleaning routine. Remember to check for debris and moisture trapped in the inner ear. It may result in an uncomfortable yeast infection.

Cleaning Dog’s Ears

How to clean Pitbull ears?  When you are considering the optimum way to clean a dog’s ears, the most crucial thing to note is that your dog must be comfortable with the process. It is ideal to start cleaning their ears during the puppy stage since it familiarizes them with the process. However, this may not be possible, especially if you have a rescue dog or a senior dog that has never had an ear cleaning.

Begin by gently stroking their ears to see how your dog reacts. If they are upset by their ears being touched, stop at once and do not force it. Avoid ear cleaning sessions if they are stressed, or they are struggling. Your dog might become hurt. Instead, bring them to the vet who will give them a professional ear cleaning.


Prior to cleaning the ears of your dog, you need to prepare the following items:

  • Moistened cotton wool or cotton wool pads
  • An ear cleaner made for dogs
  • Clean fluffy towel
  • An assistant, especially if your dog is not used to getting their ears touched.
  • Tons of treats to be given in the duration of the ear cleaning

How to clean Pitbull ears?  It is crucial to avoid using cotton buds to clean your dog’s ears since they can be wedged too far into the inner ear and cause damage.

Steps to Cleaning a Dog’s Ears – How to Clean Pitbull Ears

Make sure your dog is in a comfortable position. Gently lift their ear and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Observe the inside of the ear.

Examine the appearance of the ear, and look for redness, discharge, or foul smell. The presence of light-colored wax is normal. However, if there is an abnormally huge deposit in the ears and signs of redness and foul smell, these are sure signs that they will require veterinary intervention.

Gently wipe near the entrance of the ear with a moistened cotton wool. It will get rid of excess wax and dirt.

Apply a dog ear cleaner into the inner ear. Make sure not to insert it too far. Release the liquid cleaner by squeezing the bottle.

Massage the ear’s base to help the cleaner ease into the ear canal.

Using a moistened cotton wool, wipe away any excess cleaning solution.

Repeat this process on the other ear.


If your vet has given you a prescription for ear drops, it is best to apply them several minutes after ear cleaning. It will ensure that the medicine will penetrate the ear without getting blocked by excess wax.

Final Thoughts – a Note About Pitbull Ear Cropping

Many claim that ear cropping gives benefits to your Pitbull, such as preventing ear infection. But canines with their ears surgically modified will develop ear infections nevertheless. Studies show ear infection is the same for both cropped and non-crop groups. Another argument is that the surgical procedure enhances the hearing of dogs. Keep in mind that there is no scientific basis for this. Ear cropping is done purely for aesthetic reasons, and there is no health benefit for your Pitbull in any way.


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