How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair

Golden retrievers were bred in the 19th century as both hunting and companion dog. In modern times, golden retrievers continue to fulfill these roles. Goldens are the most well-known family pet in the US. They are recognized by their golden coats, which are dense and soft. They have thick undercoats and a heavy outer coat. Golden retrievers may be a challenge to maintain since they tend to shed copious amounts of hair. It is crucial to groom them often to minimize shedding. It is crucial to know how to cut golden retriever hair to make them feel more comfortable and make your home fur-free. The grooming process will include trimming for tidiness, but it is crucial to note never shave a Golden retriever’s coat.

Should You Cut a Golden Retriever’s Hair?- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair


A light trimming of your Golden retriever is fine, but giving them an allover haircut is never recommended since you will risk damaging their coats, and it does more harm than good.

Golden retrievers are distinct for their double coat, with each coat serving as a layer of defense from the weather elements.

Their coat is water repellent and consists of hairs that protect them from environmental variables such as dirt, debris, and UV rays.

A Golden retriever’s undercoat is soft fluffy. It acts as an insulation to keep them warm during cold months. The undercoat will shed heavily a couple of times each year, and in the summer, your Golden retriever will have a less dense coat, which will aid them in keeping cool.

Parts of the Coat That Should Be Trimmed- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair

It would help if you do not give your Golden retriever an all-over haircut. However, trimming the part of the hair where it feathers is a good idea to keep their coats tidy looking

it is also crucial to trim the fur around your Golden retriever’s feet and paws,  the ears as well as the feathering behind the legs, the tail, and the bum area.

If you want to cut the fur along the neckline of your Golden retriever, including the belly area, you can do so. A majority of people choose to leave the neck with long hair and use shears to thin it out.

Tools Needed for Trimming- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair

You need to utilize the right tools to help trim your Golden retriever’s hair:

  • Grooming scissors
  • Thinning shears
  • Stainless steel comb
  • Wire Pinned Brush

It is recommended that you purchase a professional grooming kit. It has everything you will ever need, and it saves you from buying separate pieces saving you a few dollars.

How to Trim a Golden Retriever’s Hair- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair?

Regardless if your trim your Golden’s hair in between grooming sessions or you’re doing it for the first time, the following are some steps to follow.

Step 1: Prepare the Coat

Always begin with a clean and dry dog. It is required that you bathe your dog, especially if the coat is dirty. Make sure that the coat is dry when you begin.

Eliminate any tangles and mats.

Choose an area that is comfortable for both you and your dog. Some owners prefer brushing their dogs outside to reduce the amount of hair indoors. You may also want to trim their hair outside as well.

Step 2: Choose the area of The Coat To Start With

Depending on the position of your Golden retriever select which part of their body you want to start trimming. If your Golden is in a sitting position, you want to start at the ears or neck.

Step 3: Trimming The Ears

The area behind the ears is where the hair can be a bit thick. You want to pull their ears gently either forward or upward and utilize shears to make the hair behind the ears thinner.

Make several snips and then brush it and see the results. You may have to do this process twice until you are satisfied with the outcome. You may not have to eliminate all the hair behind the ears. Thin it out so the ear will look nice and tidy along the neck.

Utilize thinning shears to make trims to the hair on the inside of the ear. Be careful not to get rid of too much hair since it could give them an awkward look. You want your Golden retriever to look soft and gentle.

Be careful that the hair does not get stuck into the ear canal.

Trim the hair through the outline of the ear flap to make the ear look neat and tidy. Be cautious with your shears, and don’t cut the flesh of the ear.

Step 4: Trimming hairs around the feet

How to cut golden retriever hair? If you don’t trim the hair around the feet, it will look odd. The hair will grow past the feet.

Trimming is pretty straightforward. Utilizing a brush or comb, brush the hair back opposite the hair growth so that the hair stands up. Utilizing ordinary grooming scissors trim the lengthy hair so that it is short enough and looks even on top of the foot.

You need to trim the long hair in between the paw pads. It is easy to do when you instruct your dog to lay on their side. Gently and carefully trim the area using ordinary grooming scissors.

Step 5: Trimming The hair in the Hock area

How to cut golden retriever hair? The hock is that part located behind the legs of your dog. It is the sharp angle just behind the back of the legs, and it is comparable to the human ankle.

Trimming the hock is easy as long as your dog is cooperating. You will want your Golden retriever to be standing or laying down on their side. How to cut golden retriever hair?

Utilizing a comb or brush, you will want to brush up to the hair growth and cut along the baseline utilizing grooming scissors. The hair gets thick there, so you may have to cut then brush and then cut again to get it neat and tidy looking.

Step 6: Trimming The area behind the legs

How to cut golden retriever hair? The hair on the back area of your Golden retriever’s front legs tends to get long and thick. It is best to make it look feathery, and you can use thinning shears to achieve this.

Brush or comb the hair out and far from the legs and utilize thinning shears to thin out the fur. Repeat this until you have achieved your desired outcome. How to cut golden retriever hair?

You can utilize regular grooming shears to cut for longer feathering. You still want to retain some feathering on the leg area, but you can trim it to make it look shorter and more sculpted.

Step 7: Trimming the Neck area & Shoulders

How to cut golden retriever hair? Thinning shears are ideal to use in these areas. Most people choose to leave the hair longer in this area. Utilizing shears to trim the hair will give your dog a natural and blended look. How to cut golden retriever hair?

You may want to make a few cuts utilizing the thinning shears, then brush and see how it goes. You may want to repeat the process until you get the desired outcome. Avoid trimming too much hair in these areas, or you might end up with your dog looking unnatural.

Step 8: Trimming the Bum Area

The hair around the bum area just beneath the tail is often dubbed as the pants. This is typically the thickest surface area of a Golden retriever.

How to cut golden retriever hair? Utilizing thinning shears, you can get rid of some of the tangles and make the length shorter while still retaining the feathering look.

Guide your dog into a standing position to make it easy for you to trim this area. Begin by brushing and then make several trims utilizing thinning shears. You may want to repeat the process twice to get the best look.

Step 9: Trimming the Area Around the Belly

Your Golden retriever must have a bit of feathering on the belly area. Usually, the hair around the belly is moderately thick and doesn’t require further trimming. If you notice there is unruly hair, you may want to cut this area lightly to get rid of any scraggly hair.

Step 10: Trimming the Tail Area

How to cut golden retriever hair? The tail can end up looking bushy if you don’t cut it. You want the tail to have a nice, feathery, and sculpted look.

Instruct your dog to be in a standing position or lay on their side. How to cut golden retriever hair?

Begin brushing the tail out to get rid of tangles and mats. Once your dog is in a standing position, you can trim this area utilizing thinning shears to thin out the hair. Repeat this process.

For a tidy and sculpted look utilize ordinary grooming scissors to create an outline starting at the tail’s tip. The idea is to create a half-moon shape.

If your dog is on their side, you can place the tail on the floor. Utilizing shears to thin the hair out and brushing them after creates a sculpted look.

Can You Use Clippers on a Golden Retriever?- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair

how to cut golden retriever hair

How to cut golden retriever hair? A majority of people will say that you should never utilize clippers on golden retrievers since their hair is meant to be long. Any cutting that is required can be done utilizing scissors and thinning shears.

But many people utilize clippers for trimming their golden retriever to create a summer haircut. How to cut golden retriever hair?  If you want to give your Golden retriever and all over hair cut, it is crucial to utilize high-quality clippers. Avoid cutting their undercoats.

Never shave a Golden retriever. When utilizing clippers at home you want to ensure that you do not trim the coat shorter than an inch. Leave the undercoat of your dog intact.

If you are utilizing grooming services and require them to create a summer cut, which is also known as puppy cut, make sure that the groomer knows exactly what they are instructed.

Do Golden Retriever Whiskers Need Trimming?- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair

How to cut golden retriever hair? Whiskers grow on your dog’s cheeks, including the chin area and area above the eyes. It is vital to your dog since it helps them navigate their surroundings.

Whiskers are a vital part of your dog’s senses. It helps them in the dark and is crucial to their role in hunting and retrieving as well as other activities.

Some owners prefer not to trim their golden retriever’s whiskers since there is really no need. However, it is your personal choice. If you do accidentally trim it, you have the assurance that it will grow back.

Trimming the Nails- How to Cut Golden Retriever Hair

Some owners are wary when it comes to trimming their dog nails. They end up getting these areas serviced by the vet or groomer.

Tools you will need for trimming the nails:

  • Scissor type Clippers
  • Guillotine type Clippers

Scissor type Clippers are the popular choice. However, whichever you utilize, be sure that they are extremely sharp. Sharpen them routinely or replace them entirely.

Another option is a nail grinder. These are the choice of some owners since you can do slowly grind down the nails. Be cautious and avoid cutting the quick area.

It is also recommended to have a styptic powder ready. This can be used to minimize bleeding if you accidentally cut into the quick area.

The quick area is the nail part that has vessels and nerves. When you cut into this area it can be extremely painful for a dog and will cause copious bleeding.

Final thoughts

how to cut golden retriever hair

Your dog must look amazing. You can do this in two ways, give them proper nutrition and regular grooming. You must know how to cut golden retriever hair properly. Golden retrievers are known for their coats, which need specialized care and maintenance. Dogs use their hair differently from humans, and they cannot have haircuts simply for style. Their coats are utilized for insulation. In colder months, it must be left alone. Make sure to know the steps and important facts about cutting your Golden retriever’s hair so they will look neat, feel comfortable, and ready for the current season.

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