how to make a golden retriever coat shiny

How to Make a Golden Retriever Coat Shiny? Golden Guide 2020!

It is just a great opportunity to have a Golden Retriever as a furry companion especially if you come to see their bouncing beautiful coat. Generally, the lustrous and healthy fur is a distinct feature of a well-bred Golden Retriever. Maintaining their coat appropriately is the best way to keep it shiny and protect their skin as long as they grow. However, many pet owners find it challenging how to make a Golden Retriever coat shiny.

Guide on How to Make a Golden Retriever Coat Shiny

Golden Retrievers basically have some distinct features when it comes to their coat. It usually needs a special technique in terms of bathing and brushing. Yet, if it is done incorrectly, it may be a hindrance from maintaining the good-looking appearance of your dog’s coat. Luckily, having enough knowledge about making the Golden Retriever coat shiny and the proper way of caring for it, protecting their glamorous flouncing sheen tends to be very simple.

How to make a Golden Retriever coat shiny – Improve

how to make a golden retriever coat shiny

Initially, one way on how to make a Golden Retriever coat shiny is to improve it. Here is the detailed instruction on making their coat actually lustrous.

1. Provide a healthy and nutritious diet

In case you’ll have to buy commercially available dog food, basically, ensure that it has the correct balance of nutrients. Actually, it is highly essential to provide nutritionally-rich food to the Golden Retriever because it can be beneficial in maintaining the health of their coat. Moreover, if you want to make dog food of your own, and then make sure that it contains the correct blend of vitamins and minerals.

2. Add omega fatty acids to their diet

Generally, supplementing omega fatty acids to the Golden Retriever is one of the most important steps on how to make a Golden Retriever coat shiny. It is basically better if you opt for an omega-6 supplement or you may try to add some oils of safflower or sunflower over their food. In case you consider adding some natural oils, try to add 1 tablespoon of it in a day for large dogs like the Golden Retriever.

Another option is supplementing your dog with omega-3 fatty acids. This kind of fatty acids is generally excellent for having an anti-inflammatory effect and is highly beneficial in reducing the itchy skin of the Golden Retriever. Vitamin E is also an essential nutrient needed by the Golden Retriever to maintain the health of their coat.

3. Groom the Golden Retriever regularly

Actually, it is very important to groom your Golden Retriever every few days. In doing this, ensure to use the appropriate dog brushes or combs as those products are intended in removing tangles and dander. Aside from that, the natural oils on the fur of the Golden Retriever are well distributed all over their body. Moreover, search for dog tools in the market that suit best on the fur of your dog.

4. Bathe the Golden Retriever

One way on how to make a Golden Retriever coat shiny is to keep the natural oils within the dog’s coat thus taking him away from dryness. Through proper bathing, this thing could be achieved. Additionally, only use an appropriate dog shampoo in bathing the Golden Retriever if they only require it.


5. Look for the presence of parasites

Basically, inspecting dog’s coat for any signs of parasite infestation is a crucial step of making the coat shiny. The presence of fleas or ticks on the coat of Golden Retriever can generally affect the coat and the overall health of the dog. It is actually easier to see ticks rather than the fleas as the latter tend to be smaller and faster to move.

Final Thoughts

How to make a Golden Retriever coat shiny generally involves basic and simple steps. A shiny coat of the Golden Retriever usually begins with its regular maintenance. This is the basic step in keeping its coat healthy and shiny. This is generally regardless of whatever coat shade it is.

Moreover, bathing, proper grooming, and appropriate nutrition can also keep the shine and health of the coat. Yet, if you and your dog encounter a hair loss problem, it is actually better to consult the veterinarian. Always keep in mind that acting promptly on your Golden Retriever’s health issue can bring back the happiness and maintain the health of your Golden Retriever.

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